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tv   Headline News  RT  October 25, 2017 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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this is. better than to. see people you've never heard of. the. president of the world bank very. seriously sent us an e-mail. to its leadership for the next two years cementing president she's power and. place that you have drilled dollar with its own currency. and the latest shocking revelation from whistleblower edward snowden saudi arabia allegedly ordered rebels to quote light. during the syrian civil war supporting them with. v.i.p. family feuds over. the independence standoff that's causing the vision not only in spain but in neighboring from.
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coming from moscow every hour of the day vis is r t international my names you know me welcome to the program our top story there are some changes the top in the world's second largest economy with china unveiling its leadership team for the next five years president xi jinping announced the new lineup to the politburo standing committee of the party's top ruling body it is generally perceived that one of the members of the committee traditionally would be next to take the reins as chinese leader but none of the new strong men appear as an obvious successor to she all of them are in their sixty's which means in five years they may be considered too old for china's top job when she second term comes to.
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well by the end of the year abusing to pay for oil using its own currency undermining the supremacy of the us petro dollar the energy market expanding more. till now the us dollar has been the only currency with which large scale purchases of oil work conducted hence the term petro dollar but now if the idea of the petro you want that's being introduced which would of course mark a significant dent in the us dollars global dominance now the move will allow china's trading partners to pay with either gold or to convert the one into gold cutting the u.s. dollar out of question altogether and frankly it's a logical move for china because they're of course the world's largest oil importer for example just last year china spent over one hundred billion u.s. dollars on oil so in theory if they managed to make those purchases in you won in the future that would mean a huge chunk of u.s. change completely off the financial markets and one can only wonder what sort of
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effect that will have and of course it's a rather ambitious undertaking and there is some doubt that trading partners will get on board to make that possible and of course it goes without saying that after four decades of the u.s. dollar priced oil it's not a change that will happen overnight well we've got some reaction to this from the host of our report warns that the u.s. will fight back against the initiative. countries around the world are tired of funding america's military adventurism by being a party to the empire of debt as a stone around the world the us dollar and they want to split off they want their autonomy and china wants autonomy russia wants autonomy iran wants autonomy they want they don't want to be ruled over by the us dollar anymore the countries that are resistant to america's financial cartel are russia china
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iran so now they figured out you know what we're going to split off from the dollar they can do so with this new contract and they're also they're embracing crypto currency crypto currencies in this context is another way to deed dollar eyes they will fight back they will start a war they they although stop at nothing because this is the basis of the us empire it's not land based not based on material goods it's based on rent seeking it's based on lending dollars getting that income and then when countries can't pay they dismantle the assets and take them over we saw in latin america south america this is how america build a sample there is a huge split between the saudi in america right now the petro dollar which got started one nine hundred seventy nine hundred seventy one that's coming to an end. so he reappeared directly ordered syrian rebels to a government positions into muskets in the first couple of years of the syrian civil war revolution in the unverified document leaked by whistleblower edward snowden also reportedly sent them weapons
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a quantity of over one hundred tons for the assault with america details joins us live now on the program we were talking through what we have been finding out. well according to an n.s.a. document leaked by edward snowden the syrian armed opposition was under the direct command of foreign governments from the start of the war which is now claimed over half a million lives the document also reveals that the march two thousand and thirteen attacks in damascus were directly ordered by saudi prince sultan who reportedly provided one hundred twenty tons of explosives and other weapons to anti assad forces that were under the free syrian army umbrella also giving them instructions to quote light up damascus and quote flatten the airport the memo also says that u.s. intelligence had prior knowledge of the attack three days before hand to be precise and not only that but the report states that the saudi government was quote very
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pleased with the outcome let's take a look. at. oh . thank. god. but it should also be noted that these attacks resulted in heavy clashes between the two sides and prompted the u.s. to start its very own a program to train and assist rebel forces now we haven't been able to independently verify verify these documents but if proven true the top secret u.s. intelligence memo will confirm that both saudi arabia and the u.s. aided a jihadist insurgency that launched massive attacks on civilian civilian infrastructure and military targets for the eventual goal of regime change you know imagine
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a lot of fallout from this if it is for fights american live from washington d.c. thank you. lee editor of defense on foreign affairs magazine gregory copley so he's foreign governments and saudi arabia in particular played an important role in fueling the conflict in syria. there's no question that the this so-called civil war in syria began with some genuine. unrest or unhappiness with the government but it was immediately funded and solid down the protests five foreign governments particularly the governments of turkey and saudi arabia and the us a bomber of ministration actively supported that election to unseat president assad they provided opinions of major weapons to the terrorist groups which they could then claim were.
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posed by events caused by the syrian government they attacking me in the damascus suburb twenty today in for example we know involved chemical weapons may be in saudi arabia as chips into the terrorist group. now to syria what is indeed left of the city of raka the u.s. backed campaign to liberate the area from islamic state is all but over now jimin rights groups are concerned about safety there as residents try to return home. the united nations stands ready to assess people with him a tearin assistance in iraq and its surroundings however at the moment we have no access and therefore no human. convoys or assistance can reach us if the humanitarian situation is dire there is no sufficient water or health clinics
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and it's not safe as many unexploded eminence of this war still remain so that needs to be cleaned up first before any civilian can go back isis has done a lot of harm not only to the inhabitants but also to the social fabric of this city and now it has emptied it of doctors nurses teachers and all things that are badly needed by the population add to this that the u.s. the coalition has waged a year bombing campaign that have priority defeating isis over the need to protect the city's infrastructure so now the lingering questions is who will get the hospital who will rebuild it doctors maintain equipment will rebuild schools roads and all that has been destroyed and it appears that they are little to no plans for reconstruction and that is our major concern. meanwhile russia's the fence ministry
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says eyesores grip on syria has no are being cut to just five percent of the territory there have been controlled seventy percent of the entire country before that syrian government forces have been supported by rushes or a force in their operations to clear out the terrorists and the process of restoring peace in many ways is now well underway the statement to our clients that almost a thousand terrorists training camps and over five hundred munition factories have been destroyed but the battle to free syria has nonetheless come at a huge cost. and i can. read that i was more than a father to them we were friends and i always told them i supported them and i would do anything for them. and i has been used to say that if something happens to us the only thing that
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matters is that he died with his homeland to get you know. a lot of them a lot of an i pod there were times when i wanted to burst into tears in my mother's arms but she told me that i'm a man and i should be strong she says that we must all be strong men and women stations the death of me my first son i was never left alone to meet all of my family stayed with me inside wanted me that's what is called responsibility. moving on catalonia has pushed for independence is the vibing family's not only in spain but further afield to our former french prime minister who has roots in the breakaway region is concerned about the repercussions across europe. they need to dismember a state like spain this beginning gradually to dismember europe it is also progressively
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weakening europe. box to the collapse of europe. former french prime minister files that mincing no words when it comes to catalonia independence he was one of the most staunch supporters of course you have spanish unity and he was actually born into a catalan family well given his heritage some might say that on the other side argument well that's at least what his sister thinks she's feeling and that reports him. for god sake for the sake of grandfather maybe this is not democratic neither is article one fifty five since when has there been such a horrible thing as the suspension of freedoms uls isn't the only one he's been put into somewhat embarrassing situation by close relatives but catalonia to get along
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the president himself was also left red faced after his cousin chose to make a very pro independence move in the wake of the referendum mr putin is moving the headquarters of her company to madrid citing political uncertainty for dear client due to the current political situation invacare would like to inform you that we will soon be changing the location of our headquarters well we all know that nobody can quite squabble like your own family and when politics gets involved as well it may lead to some rather awkward dinners it seems that's how the vowels and the pitch to molds could end up. in skiing oxy. news making headlines by. in about ninety seconds here in our interaction.
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while the mainstream media and the chattering classes obsess over call to a gold star family the pentagon's growing footprint in africa was publicly revealed it would appear it does not matter who is president rather these except to the us will fight.
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a quarter of an hour into the program welcome back frank walter steinmeier is in moscow on his first official visit to russia is the foreign minister of germany a joint press conference with putin was held last hour both agreed that there's room for improvement in relations between germany and russia. despite the existing political difficulties relations between russia and germany have not come to a standstill and we are still ready to work together on the further development even under the various political sanctions and the subsequent decrease and by work
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through trade germany still remains one of the leading economic partners and investors in russia. even though we can change the situation that was built over the past years with one single new things however we need meetings like no one would happen today who must hold such meetings down the road and common goal to come from the great differences of the past and your whole new man to make an effort to get at some restored least a minimum of trust because i know. that well in germany a newly elected parliament gathered for the first time yesterday a right leaning a.f.d. party managed to make it into the bindis stag but not everyone was happy with that reform or earlier spoke to any f t p holmes your commuter here in moscow. you put forward three times your proposals didn't i think vice president on all three occasions they were turned down i think we can just listen and sure what exactly
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happened for the proposed candid glaus are one hundred fifty votes yes five hundred fifty votes and no twenty six abstain. for the second round of votes in the fraction has put forward mr laws or. mr gross has not achieved the required number of votes. in the third round of voting mr glaus it will be left of the number of yes votes is higher than the one of nervous. mr gaza has a campaign that same acquired majority of votes. i mean you had little support when he entered into parliament but that really just shows how difficult perhaps things could be. in former times i only could comment things i had seen on television yesterday it was my first time my first impala went just throughout my whole life so i took part in this. i'm really a little bit. offended by the behavior of the other parties because they
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declared themselves democrats what had happened before we had the alternative for term in terms of party we had to water it democratically inside the column enter a group for work and struggle or so it was a democratic quote which had taken place before an inside our parliamentary group and we have a right on one seat otherwise precedent that three times as i see it the other parties who declare themselves all super democratic they all struck to three times by their pure wish a democratic ward that had been put forward before by our party sure what sort of influence do you think you'll have on german politics i say that because i think you have ninety members to you in parliament around that figure but it's not enough to blow. policies it just wondered how you think you might be able to influence policy within germany of course now in the beginning it will be somewhat difficult
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because the the unofficial polisi but all the parties until yesterday was and if the becomes part of the poem and which happened we will treat them like some whole like us as if they did not belong to us so they always try to exclude us out of the political process but the yesterday was a decisive day because there were some awards will restrict alone for example from the vice president but there were six or so. initiatives. somber brought forward by us of them were brought forward by by the left wing by the christian democrats by by the liberal democrats and there was a very good. on the other initiatives there were some boards together all over the last and the alternative against the others then we had another ward where we bolted together with christian democrats and social democrats so as the policy to
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exclude us started to crumble yesterday in this was only the beginning. of the actions of the u.s. drug enforcement administration in honduras is in focus following the release of video footage in twenty twelve an anti drug raid there took the lives of four civilians at the time the da said they returned fire when suspected drug runners opened fire on them the video released under the freedom of information act puts that in question in this infrared footage you can see the two bullets one carrying dea agents and civilians in the other it happened after each and capture the cocaine filled canoe in a country. takes operation the incident resulted with one month to pregnant women under fourteen year old boy being shot dead. well for u.s.
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senate churches earlier address concerns over operations in honduras to the u.s. secretary of state the attorney general they say feel yours on many levels have resulted in the death and injury of many innocent civilians the da itself says that the case is still under internal refute michael hart of it's from the department of justice says there's no evidence that anyone in the passenger boat fired first the officials asserted to justice department leadership the u.s. ambassador to honduras and congress that some of the people in the passenger boat were drug traffickers attempting to retrieve the seized cocaine and that the people on the passenger boat had fired on the officers first our review found no evidence to corroborate these assertions the dean of durham law school tom bruce finds it alarming that it took so long for the video to be released. well i think it sits
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alarming that it's taken this long for this footage to be released it seems it would have helped the families who would help people know what exactly happened at that event if this had been done i don't see what purpose was served other than trying to cover up what was the story that they did not want to have come out and it seems you have some evidence of that in that seems it is still reviewing what they are doing with this and what you know with situation but they've known about this it would seem for many years. with all the nations to bottle it i took the twenty eighteen football world cup in russia close to being confirmed r.t. is readying to launch a new sports show host and former england international player stan collymore meets some of football's greats and looks at what to expect from the showpiece tournament
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in a brand new series starting here on friday november the third. the i mean simple regulate rushers a great country. many times before joining all say the world cup was announced in russia. to look at russian cities cuisine the culture. the life in russia so we did it is a droite run really before the confederations cup which was so much a scrawny very very well and a fantastic so i mean. so we thought we'd do it again we sat down with people in their own homes. in environments that i felt comfortable in and with the contacts that i have been the guy we've interviewed by all people of the greatest players who have applied the guy and up to now with the mainland are you looking forward to the world cup in russia. i think you'll be burned both them.
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do through this who hooked up. that win the world cup with france now a manager in new york what advice would you gave. also about being hosts we managed to turn the pressure. as a motivation and they would have to do that because it's not going to be easy because of the expectation most football shows are technical football shows how long the game was he played well they know messi scored three goals christiane i rebelled i scored four goals this is the stories beyond the guy so for example the syrian national team we follow. to play malaysia syria at the moment is gone through civil strife we go on the same bus after they won and they would dance and sing game we go into a team meeting before the game those are all little things that all the holy grail of football you don't usually get to say some kind of behind the scenes look at the
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guy look at various issues there's a great story from the silly islands in the u.k. which play for the world's smallest trophy which is the same size as my little finger nail so lots of big names talking about the major issues of the day hooliganism could be a cultural issues behind the scenes stories chats with some absolute football legends but we're all doing a ton of filming and we hope people really enjoy the show. and a continent can well and truly begin on the third of november when the show begins that's is all the news for dharti international check back with me and.
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how does it feel to be a share of the greatest job in the world it's as close to being a king as any job there is a good business model helps to run a prison now we just do it on my guess is no b.t.o. visitation i don't know what comes in anymore we don't have to search and many more it's cost effective that's what they want to. they don't give a damn if you do the chores among their birds we plan to put a bucket of good the louisiana incarceration rate is twice as high as the us center bridge what she is behind such success. with this manufactured sentenced to the public will. when the right wing closes and protect them so. when the crime larry go round listen to the will. we
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can all move the roots to. the real news room. that's geysers fine it will survive until they save money to develop. closer to the z. this is essential plugs for dying at the moment for the club in mind though so stop the. time when the frances is going bust broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. coming up millions of ransomware attacks billions of dollars after break into a network still sensitive information or freeze operations and then run away with cash or crypto currency my guess explains how and why this is skyrocketing also we
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take a look at infrastructure hacks canadian officials have raised the alarm and they're not alone it's a growing problem worldwide also joining us live from hong kong former u.s. trading commissioner bart chilton joins me he is the keynote speaker at finns had this week we get the latest on how tech is disrupting. the finance industry samsung must start right now. thousands of people from around the world have headed to hong kong for fin tech week fin tac is basically a technology in the financial industry everything from mobile banking all the way to ai investing it's organized by next change the financial networking site former
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u.s. trade commissioner bart chilton kicked off the event but the keynote speech he joins us now from hong kong part thanks for staying up so late actually so early to join us on this on me other side of the world outlook for those who don't know tell us about fin tech week why hong kong and what sorts of people are there. hi lindsay well yeah i mean people have really have come from all over the world this is sort of the the global fin nation in hong kong and hong kong unlike you know china itself is very proactive and trying to not only see baze business but to be a hub in asia and expanding throughout the world so we've got people from the states obviously but people from europe and people from throughout asia and it's really amazing is there are so many different people so many sorts of new exciting energetic id.


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