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tv   Headline News  RT  October 25, 2017 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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r.t. america this is a. better than. see people you've never heard of. the world bank very. seriously send us an e-mail. headline stories this hour of china lezard its leadership for the next five years cementing president she's power. to replace the u.s. petro dollar with its own currency. in the latest shocking revelation from whistleblower edward snowden saudi arabia allegedly ordered rebels to quote like damascus in an attack during the syrian civil war supporting them with quite literally tons of weapons. the independence. division not only in spain but in neighboring fronts as well.
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every year tuning in from around the world are welcome to moscow and to r.t. international i mean o'neill good to up your company our top story this hour there are some changes at the top and the world's second largest the color me with china unveiling its leadership team for the next five years president xi announced the new line up to the politburo standing committee the party country's ruling body it is generally perceived that one of the members of the committee traditionally will take over the reins the next chinese leader but none of the new strong when appear as an obvious successor to she all of them are in their sixty's which means in five years they will be considered too old in chinese. to be considered for the nation's
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top job by the end of the year beijing plans to pay for oil using its own currency undermining the supremacy of the us petro dollar in the energy market explaining all the. up till now the us dollar has been the only currency with which large scale purchases of oil work conducted hence the term petro dollar but now if the idea of the petro you won that's being introduced which would of course mark a significant dent in the us dollars global dominance now the move will allow china's trading partners to pay with either gold or to convert into gold cutting the u.s. dollar out of question altogether and frankly it's a logical move for china because they're of course the world's largest oil importer for example just last year china spent over one hundred billion u.s. dollars on oil so in theory if they managed to make those purchases in you won in the future that would mean a huge chunk of u.s. change completely off the financial markets and one can only wonder what sort of
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effect that will have and of course it's a rather ambitious undertaking and there is some doubts that trading partners will get on board to make that possible and of course it goes without saying that after four decades of the u.s. dollar priced oil it's not a change that will happen overnight we took the opportunity to get reaction to this from the host of our t's cocksure report mux warns that the u.s. will fight back against the initiative. countries around the world are tired of funding america's military adventurism by being a party to the empire of debt as a stone around the world the us dollar and they want to split off they want their autonomy china wants autonomy russia wants autonomy iran wants autonomy they want they don't want to be ruled over by the us dollar anymore the cultures that are resistant to america's financial cartel are russia china
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iran so now they figured out you know what we're going to split off from the dollar they can do so with this new contract and they're also they're embracing crypto currency crypto currencies in this context is another way to do dollar rise they will fight back they will start a war they all those stop at nothing because this is the basis of the us empire it's not land based not based on material goods it's based on rent seeking it's based on a lending dollars getting that income and then when countries can't pay they dismantle the assets and take them over we saw a lot of america south america this is how america build a sample there's a huge split between the saudi in america right now the petro dollar which got started nine hundred seventy nine hundred seventy one that's coming to an end. like to damascus that's the direct orders saudi arabia allegedly sent to syrian opposition forces in twenty thirteen providing them with tones of weapons for an assault and that is the revelation and on verified documents leaked by and this
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a whistleblower edward snowden explaining more some miracle cording to an n.s.a. document leaked by edward snowden the syrian armed opposition was under the direct command of foreign governments from the start of the war which has now claimed over half a million lives the document reveals that the march two thousand and thirteen attacks in damascus were directly ordered by saudi prince bin sultan who reportedly provided one hundred twenty tons of explosives and other weapons to. anti assad forces under the free syrian army umbrella giving them instructions to quote light up damascus and quote flatten the airport the memo also says that u.s. intelligence had prior knowledge of the attack three days beforehand to be precise and not only that but the report states that the saudi government was quote very pleased with the outcome these attacks resulted in heavy clashes between the two sides.
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oh. thank. you thank. god. it's also worth mentioning that the u.s. already had its own program to train and assist rebels and these attacks prompted heavy clashes between the two sides now we haven't been able to independently verify these documents but if proven true the top secret u.s. intelligence memo will confirm that saudi arabia aided insurgency that launched massive attacks on civilians civilian infrastructure and military targets for the eventual goal of regime change. the editor of the defense and foreign affairs magazine gregory culpably sees foreign governments and saudi arabia in particular played an important role in fueling the conflict in syria. there's no question that the this so-called civil war in syria began with some genuine.
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unrest or on happiness with the government but it was immediately funded and swallowed up the approach as five armed governments particularly the governments of jackie and saudi arabia and the us bomber of ministration actively supported that action to unseat president assad they provided opinions of major weapons to the terrorist groups which they could. claim were. forced by events caused by the syrian government really tacky and in the damascus suburb twenty today for example we knew involved chemical weapons maybe in saudi arabia and chipped in to the terrorist group. or we are saudi arabia for a comment on this on will we'll bring it to
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a soon and if we kept on. catalonia push for independence is the vidame families not only in spain but further afield to a former french prime minister who has roots in the breakaway region is concerned about the repercussions across europe while his sister has more immediate concern. to dismember a state like spain this beginning gradually to dismember europe it is also a progressive route we can in europe. box to the collapse of europe. former french prime minister well files that mincing no words when it comes to catalonia is independence he was one of the most staunch supporters of course you have spanish unity and he was actually born into a catalan family well given his heritage some might say that val's should be on the
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other side of the argument well that's at least what his sister thinks she's the us and that reports him on twitter. for god's sake for the sake of grandfather mcgee this is not democratic and neither is article one fifty five since when has there been such a horrible thing as the suspension of freedoms bulbs isn't the only one he's been put into a somewhat embarrassing situation by close relatives but catalonia gets along the president himself was also left red faced after his cousin chose to make a very pro independence move in the wake of the referendum. is moving the headquarters of her company ridge citing political uncertainty. dear client due to the current political situation invacare would like to inform you that we will soon be changing the location of our headquarters well we all know
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that nobody can quite squabble like your own family and when politics gets involved as well it may lead to some rather awkward it seems that's how the vowels and the pooch could end up. in skiing aussie. german president frank walter showing meyer is in moscow on his first official visit to russia the country's former foreign minister met with them or putin earlier in the day both agreed that there is room for improvement when it comes to relations between germany and russia. because you know if you have the ability to hear despite the existing political difficulties relations between russia and germany have not come to a standstill and we are still ready to work together on the further development of even under the various political sanctions and the subsequent decrease in our troop trade germany still remains one of the leading economic partners and investors in
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russia should be a common goal to come from the great differences of the past is your holy man to make an effort to get your thoughts on this story at least the minimum of interest because. well in germany a newly elected parliament gathered for the first time yesterday the right leaning alternative for germany party mileage to make it to the bundestag but not everyone was happy with that and reformer spoke to the f.t. m.p. here in the studio were you when. you put forward three times your proposal was sydney for i think vice president on all three occasions they were turned down i think we can just listen and show them what exactly happened to the proposed candid alberg laws a hundred fifty votes yes five hundred fifty voted no twenty six abstain. for the second round of votes in the of the faction has put forward mr clause or.
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mr glass has not achieved the required number of votes. in the first round of voting mr clause it will be left to the number of yes votes is higher than the one of no votes. mr goelz has a campaign saying the acquired majority of votes. i mean you had little support department but that really just shows how difficult perhaps things could be yesterday it was my first time my first impala went through of my whole life so i took part in this. i'm really a little bit. offended by the behavior of the other parties because they declared themselves democrats what had. before we had the alternative for truman truman did party we had to water it democratically inside the column into a group to forward this to the larger so it was a democrat to quote which had taken place before an inside our parliamentary group we have a right on one seat as little as possible and that three times as i see it the
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other parties who declare themselves all super democratic they all struck to three times by the of pure wish a democratic world that had been put forward before by our party sure what sort of influence do you think you'll have on german politics i say that because i think you have ninety members and human partners around that figure but it's not enough to block policies it just wondered how you think you might be able to influence policy within germany the yesterday was a decisive day because yesterday there were some wards where we stood alone for example from the vice president but there were other six or seven initiatives somber brought forward by us brought forward by by the left wing by the christian democrats by the liberal democrats and there was a very good mix. of the other initiatives there were some boards together off of the left and the alternative for
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a new party against the others then we had another ward where we will two together with christian democrats and social democrats so the policy to exclude us started to crumble yesterday in this was only the beginning. of the actions of the u.s. drug enforcement administration in honduras or in focus following the release of video footage in twenty twelve an anti drug raid there it took the lives of four civilians at the time the da said they returned fire when suspected drug runners shot on them the video released under the for. information that's in question in this infer red footage you can see the two boats one carrying a agents civilians are in the other it happened after agents captured a cocaine filled canoe in a country context operation the incident resulted with two pregnant women and
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a fourteen year old boy being shot dead. four u.s. senators earlier address concerns over operations in honduras to the u.s. secretary of state and to the attorney general they say that failures on many levels have resulted in the death and injury of many innocent civilians the da itself the case is still under internal review michael horovitz from the department of justice says there is no evidence that anyone in the passenger boat fired first . the officials asserted to a justice department leadership the u.s. ambassador honduras and congress that some of the people in the passenger boat were drug traffickers attempting to retrieve the seized cocaine and that the people on the passenger boat had fired on the officers first our review found no evidence to corroborate these assertions. the dean of durham law school tom brooks finds it
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alarming that it took so long for the video to be released well i think it sits alarming that it's taken this long for this footage to be released it seems it would have helped the families who would help people know what exactly happened at that event if this had been done i don't see what purpose was served other than trying to cover up what was the story that they did not want to have come out and it seems you have some evidence of that in that seems it is still reviewing what they are doing with this interview with situation but they've known about this it would seem for many years. ok to syria and what is left of the city of rock out although the u.s. back campaign to liberate the area from islamic state is no all but over human rights groups are concerned about safety there as residents try to return home. the
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united nations stands ready to assess people with him in theory and assistance in iraq and its surroundings however at the moment we have no access and therefore no human. convoys or assistance can reach. the humanitarian situation is dire that there is no sufficient water or health clinics and it's not safe as many unexploded eminence of this war still remain so that needs to be cleaned up first before any civilian can go back isis has done a lot of harm not only to the inhabitants but also to the social fabric of this city and now it has emptied it of doctors nurses teachers and all things that are badly needed by probably should add to this that the u.s. the coalition has waged a you have bombing campaign that have priority defeating isis over the need to
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protect the city's infrastructure so now the lingering questions is who will get the hospital who will rebuild it doctors maintain equipment will rebuild schools roads and all that has been destroyed and it appears that there are little to no plans for reconstruction and that is our major concern or. you know this comes as russia's defense ministry says that grip on syria has not been cut the just five percent of the territory there and i put thought in contrast to earlier seventy percent of the entire country was on her at the terrorist command syrian government forces have been supported by rushes or a force in their operations to clear out the terrorists and the process of restoring peace in many areas is now well underway the statement to a client that almost a thousand terrorist training camps and over five hundred munitions factories have been destroyed but the bucket to free syria has nonetheless come at a huge cost. and i
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can. buy that i was more than a father to them we were friends and i always told them i supported them and i would do anything for them. i am she and her husband used to say that if something happens to us the only thing that matters is that he died with his homeland to get you know. a lot of the militias of an i pod there were times when i wanted to burst into tears in my mother's arms but she told me that i'm a man and i should be strong she said that we must all be strong men and women stations the death of me my first son i was never left alone all of my family stayed with me inside wanted me that's what is called responsibility.
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ok switching gears now and let me paint the picture the russian sar up to kate's provisional government seizes power and the bolsheviks stir up a rebellion on october twenty fifth one thousand nine hundred seventeen a revolution in russia change the course of the twentieth century parties. given you the chance to follow those world changing events in real time with the twenty first century here's daniel hawkins to explain we may not be able to travel back in history quite yet but what if you could combine the past with the present and relive real live events which shape the whole world we know today meets our t's prize nominated project nineteen seventeen live we look at the revolutions and wonder what it twitter existed a hundred years ago. so we set up dozens of real twitter accounts for the names of historic figures from the g.b.
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then into the russian embrace them from factory workers to soldiers we've brought you coverage of all the key events in russia since february nineteenth seventeen now it's crunch time for the key players in this historic power grab but the latest developments of red october played out in real time here so you should follow to make sure you don't miss out lenin is back in russia and this time it's serious now we must get technically ready to start the rebellion seize upon any excuse to rise up now soon to be the last monarch of russia tsar nicholas the second but his family are in exile and to having lost his grip on power it's now within the provisional government and the soviets as to who will lead the country all the breaking news the exclusive interviews and inside knowledge brought to you by r.t. that's the russian telegraph and the best thing to just sit and watch get involved and join the revolution use the hash tag nine hundred seventeen crowd to create
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your own account historic persona and join others in jumping into the events which shaped twentieth century history. one hundred years ago october witnessed the final stages of the russian revolution with a switch of calendars the october revolution will happen in november and it's just a matter of time until nine hundred seventeen live turns red don't miss the grand finale. as daniel mentioned anybody can take part in one thousand and seventeen live one is
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there were known brazilian or third. he's behind a twitter timeline documenting the last days of the first world war. no less mutter hari it includes emotional messages as the clock ticks down to her execution by a french firing squad one century ago. also the get even more of immersed in the events of that time we bring you our teaser revolution three sixty project the incredible panoramic videos are online now are giving you a unique opportunity to put yourself in the heart of the action you'll find them on r.t. dot com slash three six. so. that science can be tough to master like. the soldiers are beginning to lose their fighting spirit the belief that such policies. discontent is growing but it will soon attribute great revolutionary changes.
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just how the jack of britain who travel to syria to fight for islamic state is now looking for a way back to the u.k. or to spoke exclusively to his parents who say the u.k. government has left him to rot and the meter tree he's beat out of isis territory he's been so i would now like now i can explain it that's him equate the friends who like against isis from the inside they have to address the issue that it is immoral and illegal to leave somebody. in a hole with no trial no process no charge what he did why he did all that kind of thing with those questions he cannot say but he can only answer them if there's a proper process and a proper kind of trial in questioning the way he can address those things that at
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the moment he's being an option of am they've thrown away the key and he's just been left to rot. well you have a jack's real name is joan let's see twenty one years of age and travel to fight for islamic state in twenty four dean but after his arrival in iceland held syria he was eventually imprisoned by the terrorists he managed to escape some reports say that he was then captured by the kurdish militia in iraq. according to british authorities more than eight hundred citizens have traveled from the u.k. to join islamic state with a lot of information there so who should authorities seek the return all the civilians who fought for is the question we will try and get through because i'm happy to say we got social commentator and one's our own political commentary david vance on the program to go through this you're both very welcome and david can we start with you this hour what do you make of the statement that we just heard from
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jack's parents should due process not be upheld get them on trial in their home countries courts and decide justice that way. well the story put forward by his parents is so ludicrous that i actually had to check the date to make sure it wasn't a real the first the notion that this guy went to syria to infiltrate islamic spirit a kind of a modern day james bond is laughable and painful under no circumstances should this terrorist be allowed back into the u.k. he left this british to join islamic city it on in a previous story which you've just run you've shown that islamics be it or on the run in syria i'm like a raft he's on the run with them and he wants to scurry back into the u.k. and i simply say no he's made his bed let him lie in a mole according to his parents jack wants to return but if he was indeed fighting
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for ice or taking part in let's not forget let's just go through because we can sometimes just talk about things without actually remembering what i was doing the force and slave of women the rape of children just some of the horrific crimes that this person may have been directly involved with this the u.k. government not have the option to say you turned your back on her country in the most shocking way we don't want you back i think is very very clear that they were all going to be united and show united front this evening and agree i think somewhat the. absolutely disgraceful and shocking and inhumane and not anything other than disgraceful terrorists the next question is and if david is correct jihadi jack has been if david is correct and jihadi jack has been in fact fighting with them then absolutely he
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should rot in prison he should face all kinds of some regional it's not just the we don't know it's you can be interesting we've got a consulate general consensus was fighting absolutely i'm just pointing that out. well the interesting thing is just yesterday just today it was announced the death of jack holmes who was i'm in i'm sure he's just down he was from almost just down the road and he was killed in iraq of fighting with the y.p. gene now the p.k. k. who were the former. turk kurdish sorry the turkish terrorist organization were designated terrorist by the un and by the us and by the e.u. and by nato now the p.k. k. then morphed into the i.p.g. and then suddenly we have brits going out there to fight with organizations in the upper tension terrorist groups and it may well have been that we saw the likes of jack holmes and jihadi jack facing each other across the battlefield in iraq and
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we've got brits on both sides fighting in iraq in syria right now potentially with terrorist organizations i just think we need to have the rule of law this is an idea that we just because people are muslim or fighting for one side or another that we suddenly brush aside any kind of rule of law any kind of trial any kind of hearing an evidence i think that's unconscionable i think his parents are being very strong to use this issue but they're striking at outside some polls they're protesting out there we need to hear the evidence is. what the evidence is clear this individual abandoned the united kingdom he joined islamic state it and therefore he made his bed with islamic state that it's really that simple the notion that the u.k. should have any obligation to any such individual is bizarre and to furthermore to the point it's just been made you know we have these individuals leaving the u.k. to fight abroad none of them want to join the british show.


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