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tv   Headline News  RT  October 26, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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oliver of arc to america is. apparently better than. the see. heard of. down the. road the world. will reveal the details of a special advertising deal proposed by twitter to promote our coverage during the twenty sixteen presidential election that is twitter is set to testify to congress including r.t. in its report on alleged russian meddling. i . also catalonia future is in the balance thousands gather in barcelona calling for the regional government to come up with a concrete answer to what is next. us will release classified files into president kennedy's assassination after a fifty year deadline passes the lid on one of the country's darkie step as.
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well i welcome you watching r.t. international now in the coming days twitter is set to testify before congress on claims of russian meddling in the us presidential elections in twenty sixteen that after it was included it included r.t. in its report on the matter but r.t. has revealed that it was in fact twitter that approached this channel with an advertising offer to promote our coverage of the campaign let's get more details with dan hawkins who joins us from central moscow dan what more do we know. well i'm going to give you a bit of background before it was twitter of course that a member of september released a report it was titled russian interference in the twenty six election what's missing from. ation
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a very dramatic sounding title there that contain references to of course those allegations of russian interference in the us election and more specifically confidential private contract information and how much exactly already had spent on marketing and advertising on the social media platform up some came to around two hundred seventy thousand u.s. dollars over the course of last year twenty sixteen as part of a strategy which is widely used by many international media outlets to promote themselves on social media now as you said twitter representatives will be testifying before congress on the first of november with regards to those allegations of russian interference in the u.s. election no doubt r.t. will feature in that testimony as it featured in that report which forms a wider part of increasing pressure that america finds itself in the united states this is what saw editor in chief to say on the matter just a little while ago. and you don't have even till recently active missions except
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this time getting a reputation has been taken against us in the us. new around simply every experience the kind of pressure that week today in the us to the point eventually being forced out of the country now in light of that situation r.t. took the decision today to release some details of its own regarding negotiations that took place between the channel i'm twitter that really did take place in the run up to the u.s. presidential election last year they began as early as april twenty sixth even during those negotiations r.t. was actually offered a exclusive special custom made package by twitter marketing and media representatives that would enable them to reach a fall wider u.s. audience and spread the message to many more people the aim of releasing this information of course is to dispel any of those very thinly veiled allegations of wrongdoing and misconduct that have been leveled off because of their spending now
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back to this package this package would have included many special features special special him o.-g. hashtags research and analytics about how tweets of being read by who they're being read media strategy guides all sorts of special impact features which would have enabled. a really to reach a far bigger audience on social media platform twitter than it did itself last year now this off by two words that offer the goetia oceans was rejected by simply because of the very high price tag that went over all social media budgets the shuttle had available in fact this year twenty seventeen reduced their budget for advertising on twitter because of perceived satisfactory results last year twenty sixteen so quite a bit of interesting information for you there of course the funny thing about the story is that while twitter you know level these accusations that r.t. about spending on influencing the election on reaching us audience specifically and keep. topics in the united states it does seem that they themselves the ones to
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offer a special exclusive package to r.t. in the first place so quote what r.t. is accused of doing wrong here is. now as already there and see what he had to say what i've posted on twitter just over the last day or two she said she does hope that in their testimony to congress twitter representatives will mention the fact that they were the ones to offer a far bigger audience reach a far bigger influence on the social media market the only would have otherwise had without this offer actually turned this offer down effectively limiting the audience reach they had to start with it remains to be seen of course what will actually be said in that congress testimony yeah sure does ok thanks dan that was said dan hawkins there with the update. now elsewhere british lawmakers have revived attempts to find any trace of russian interference in the outcome of last year's breaks it referendum with more on this his and the chalk and. well the anti
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russia hype continues now here in the u.k. following the brave but quite futile example of this we've seen in the us of trying to implicate russia in election results that were seen as a unfavorable now we do know that here in london a committee within the house of commons had sent a letter to the c.e.o. of facebook mark zuckerberg asking him to provide details on russian ads linked to not just the bracks it referendum but also the last u.k. general election now this is part of an investigation being carried out by this committee an inquiry on feek news trying to determine whether or not foreign actors are getting involved by using online platforms to interfere in elections now the russian ambassador to the you can exonerate prevent go so he was surprised to see this kind of reaction from the u.k. given that the brits at referendum was called of course by the previous conservative government he's asked a question of it's not clear who the british government is if russia is able to
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influence these kinds of things now this comes just days ago we saw a labor m.p. within the british parliament also say that it's important to enquire into any participation by russia in terms of interfering in western democracies and really all of this is seen as a sort of repetition of this having been carried out on a also quite wide scale in the us facebook had said that russia linked accounts had bought one hundred thousand dollars worth of ads but obviously this was seen as largely seen as very little proof of anything given the multi-million dollar of budgets when it comes to the election campaigns in the us so really all of this despite block of any tangible proof really showing us that the show must go on considering russia has become everyone's favorite bad boy it seems.
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later today you could. we shared on one of the twentieth century's darkest episodes donald trump's administration is allowing the release of classified documents into president kennedy's assassination that is the fifty year congress deadline passes to keep the information under wraps kennedy was killed in dallas in november of one nine hundred sixty three he was in an open top car with the first lady when shots rang out the killer was lee harvey oswald he was swiftly arrested but was shot and killed two days later while under police escort now a story in the long discussed his motive and his past and he did have an interesting brief experience in the soviet union retreat retracing those steps his . where might you find the most drama and lee harvey oswald's life story before the events of november nineteenth sixty three well it could be his short but eventful stay in
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this city for years before he was sas unaided president kennedy. most of the places which formed part of extraordinary trip still exist like the ski railway station where he arrived from helsinki in finland his last stop in a western country before reaching the u.s.s.r. . stayed right here at the hotel berlin which is now the savoy it's just a few minutes walk from. the former k.g.b. headquarters. his visa meant that he only had six days to get a soviet citizenship so he wasted no time in trying to secure his hammer and sickle passport which began with this letter i believe harvey oswald requested that i be
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granted citizenship in the soviet union i want citizenship because i am a communist and a worker i have lived in a decadent capitalist society where the workers are slaves i do not want to return to any country outside of the soviet union there was interview after interview with the k.g.b. but couldn't convince officials he should be allowed that passport then back inside hotel berlin his russian guy in reality a supervisor that is assigned to every foreign visitor. inside the bag. inside one of these rooms he slashed his wrist. attempting to commit suicide doctors managed to save oswald's life he was allowed to stay and wait for mercy from a higher soviet authority with this confidence boost to the extreme asked american diplomats to revoke his citizenship then he agreed to an interview with one u.s.
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journalist i would say he was extremely superficial. very immature. and very misinformed. it took the former u.s. marine an enormous effort more than two months to get a soviet passport only for one year the day after he got hold of the document he set off for minsk and bell reuss the capital of one of the u.s.s.r. small republics to work on a soviet factory he boarded his train ride on this station and minsk oswald met his first soviet lover but she turned down his marriage proposal because she was afraid to marry an american and just two months later he met a nineteen year old marine a person his future wife and mother of his first child yet with a drab job and nothing to do outside of work according to oswald himself he would soon make the decision to leave the u.s.s.r. for good along with his family.
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after what seemed to be disillusionment with the u.s.s.r. there was only one way home for a lost world and that was through the american embassy. ilya patrol. tracing the footsteps of lee harvey oswald and moscow. tensions are rising over catalonia his push for independence you can see live pictures here from barcelona where crimes have rally demanding a firm decision from the region's government that comes to the capital and president cancel the speech he was due to give a bit earlier and he was expect. to dissolve parliament the spanish senate meanwhile will start debating applying article one five five on removing catalonia autonomy and vote on it on friday with more info now from barcelona we're joined by shelley devinsky who's been following events for us the story always moving quickly
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isn't it just bring us up to speed what's happening. well as you mentioned there andrew catalan personally called the screen was due to hold an address earlier the softly and he cancelled it not once a but twice that many people have gathered here in the center outside the city hall and parliament there in barcelona because they are waiting for him to give that speech which is now expected later this evening thursday that many people have said that they will came to come out to declare outright independence many people saying that that is exactly what they want because they're not happy about this idea that senators in madrid the spanish government are discussing article one fifty five which they do to vote on tomorrow article one fifty five is passed tomorrow it will strip the autonomy from the catalonian regional government effectively bringing it
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back under the control of ministers in madrid and many people here are unhappy about that i'm a lot of people who are independent this they want that declaration of independence to be declared today however they say they're not happy about article one fifty five nor are they happy about what is being mooted speculation rife in the spanish media that call a speech you want is actually going to announce a snap election this evening when he addresses the public here people say they don't want that i that they want him only to declare independence now why would he decide to declare a snap election there are a number of reasons first of all if he does that it will prevent the senators in madrid from voting on article one fifty five it's all. also when people go to the polls potentially could strengthen the mandate for the independent schools which could give them a strong reason to say we absolutely will have a catalonian regional government take the regional this will be a republic of catalonia but it could also go the other way you have an election and
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you roll the dice and quite frankly could also see a split in the independents camp with many people today deciding what side of the fence they're on so saying they drove out right independents including the vice president of the party who said that it's the only way forward and others who think that the election is the way forward so at the moment people here are waiting they were unhappy about all of this speculation and they want to know exactly what is happening to catalonia only get independents or will there be regional elections once more. ok thanks charlotte there was a show there for us live in barcelona oh. well a bit earlier i spoke with and rick fold he's from the catalan solidarity for independence movement and he believes that if. hold back much longer he will lose the people's trust. but this isn't from the morning it's such a surprise for all the people which today was expecting to be really clear for
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their independence problems with the morning make these. with. a big tree is one of of the population because. you must understand that the people was voting in a very difficult position in a very difficult democratic way. more than two million bolting people deciding to declare the independent and in spite of this decision of the political single political cannot be taken individually must be taken listen and the people well just like the cattle and society the regions police force is also deeply divided on the issue of independence pictures of cattle and offices from the day of the referendum have been making the rounds ever since. i feel they disobey the orders from madrid and refused to use force in the day the independence referendum they conduct was seen
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by some as praiseworthy and by others as treacherous. the catalan police they do say they will serve the whole community despite the apparent divisions within its ranks. at the moment castle and society is deeply divided and that's a fact that would be hypocritical to deny the same division can be seen inside the
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police but first of all we want to say that we remain calm of course we will continue to do our everyday work no matter what happens and we want the cost one place to stay as the police for all catalans. you watching our taste to lead this our fact checking problem i from c.n.n. does get a lot of attention but not perhaps the kind that channel had in mind would have the details and a couple. of white for many clubs over the years so i know the gaming sorry guys. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the super manager kilian erroneous spending suited. twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy great
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so one more chance with. the basics this minute. i live. live. live live. live. out again now the u.s. secretary of state is cold on pakistan to wipe out the terror groups undermining political stability in the region. too many terrorist organizations find
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a safe place in pakistan for which to conduct their operations and attacks against other countries we have extended to pakistan shortly expectations we have of their government and their leadership to deal with in particular these organisations the leaders of these organizations well the day before rex tillerson gave that statement america's top diplomat didn't receive the warmest of welcomes of the military airport in pakistan relations between the two countries have dipped after washington the key to slam a bad of allegedly providing safe havens for taliban militants not so i did meet with the retired pakistani general said that i need to discuss u.s. pakistan relations you can watch the full interview here on r.t. international this friday. stumbling point with americans and pakistanis is taliban so why do you think why does it it's so hard to keep them up from pakistan why should. there not against us and there is one element there do
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fruit remain supported. one can sure that the americans would leave america call someone a terrorist and they go after them it has oversight consequences foresters american drone strikes on your soil they have been getting some people who do not like or just to give a message to us but. there was a stage when we decided enough is enough you've done enough of this. so. for seven months. now fact checking is the bedrock of news and c.n.n. is currently taxing its credentials with a new promo but is to santiago looks now he looks at a few examples of when the american news channel may have taken its eye off the
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ball. c.n.n. put out a promo with a hash tag facts first wow this is an apple. some people might try to tell you that it's a bit even start to believe this is a banana. but it's not. this is an apple. you see c.n.n. things that you can convince the public that something is a banana when in fact it's really actually just an apple while good going c.n.n. that recipe does seem to work well for you cut the banana into pieces and put it back together to make it look like an apple that's exactly what happened when c.n.n. selectively edited a protester presenting her as someone who was calling for peace after riots in her neighborhood its sister calling for peace. to be good when in reality she was simply suggesting to take that violence to
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a different part of town. another way to cook the banana apple is to exaggerate the banana until it morphs into an apple like when c.n.n. was accused of exaggerating the st mary's medical center's infant mortality rate and was dragged to court for it c.n.n. was acting recklessly with regard to the accuracy of his reporting with actual malice then you can actually turn a banana into an apple by sprinkling some anonymous sources on top magic remember when c.n.n. stated that congress was investigating the ties between the russian investment fund and trump ally anthony scaramucci right before the now you ration by the way c.n.n. cited just one source an anonymous source of course later they had to retract the article and the journalist responsible resigned and this banana sprinkling with anonymous sources to make it an apple seems to be the most common practice over at c.n.n. these days i mean come on i'm going to get any more anonymous. last week we knew
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according to sources this is what we're getting from a transition source to c.n.n. all your sources watch out according to sources an anonymous high ranking source according to this source who spoke on the condition of anonymity by the way this facts first promotion by the c.n.n. got quite a wave of hilarious reactions. they might scream. over and over and over again this. is an apple. i personally think that it is just a little sort of not exactly sure what or who they're talking about they might scream news news news you might even start to believe that this is a real news network but it's not this is c.n.n. perhaps this sort of journalism can be just out with a little bit of yellow if you'll francis and thiago r.t. . now before we go this hour let's just bring you some breaking news and
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a development on our top story because twitter has blocked advertising now in all accounts owned by r.t. on its platform revealed that it was twitter that approached this channel with an advertising offer to promote our coverage of the u.s. elections campaign in the coming days though twitter is set to testify before congress on claims of russian meddling in the us presidential elections in twenty sixteen news just in i'll be back with more on this in half and. you may know i must use this. the not to run intentional it would be
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theo i know there's no subtlety. yeah he was on the stool for the. company the most part of the a lot of the. she just that she didn't need the militia or governmental. denim of him to get his b. food out of this bunch of the this got to be but i mean. did. you. get to live it up with other. politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to. have to go right to be cross with what them before three of them or can't be good. interested always in the waters in the holidays. there should. only be tasty but also dead to the ship. it was suggested. and a fairly strong one there were two thousand. and the study it's a very extensive study done by a well respected scientists. do chemicals that the advertising really increase the risk of cancer and i chose a means of known to infuse damage in the launch of tests is it a sham skepticism they do not believe that. this is true by
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independent scientists so did the industry paid you for this. station through my time as was the others why is that the meat lobby definitely do like what we've been doing and if you want to learn more you'll get a definite on the outflow the only. thing. is it big business against health. this is starting to show. what's happening with. very close to genocide and it's unforgiving and it should be immediately rectified and remedied where i think he she stands at the moment is that if she would to condemn it she would be alex and immediately she
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would be put on a plane and then the hopes that people have placed in her would be. oh hey there i'm x. kaiser this is the kaiser report let's talk about credit markets going nuts. it's almost like you peeked over here and looked at my first headline let's talk about it. this is what it looks like when credit markets go. yeah like this right now at this moment this is a first also you.


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