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tv   Headline News  RT  October 26, 2017 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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this is. better than. the see. the world bank. sent us an email. breaking news this hour twitter targets are blocking all. the latest attack on russian media the move twitter included in its report to congress. earlier offering. pain ahead of the us elections also. in the balance. in barcelona calling for the regional government to come up with concrete on what's next. the u.s.
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will release classified files into president kennedy's assassination after a fifty year deadline passes. one of the country's darkest episodes. twenty four hour news live from moscow this is r.t. international my names you know neil welcome to the program we begin with breaking news r.t. twitter has blocked all advertisements from this channel to get more on this joins me live in the studio dan what do we know about what is occurring here it's been a pretty a pretty long. story and one still very much developing we received a message from twitter it began very positively. saying we at twitter believe in
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freedom of expression and in speaking truth to power that's how this statement began it ended with the news that they're actually banning advertising by all our platforms and also by the sputnik news agency on twitter that includes r.t. international america deutsch france u.k. the whole package is being banned now this is bearing in mind that the adverts are simply promoting r.t. as a news channel there is no breach of policy no wrongdoing no misconduct that has been . that we have been accused of engaging in and they justify this ploy by the inclusion of r t in the odio not the d.n.i. report back in january seventeenth which claims that the us election was hacked influenced middled in by russian influence whatever that may be now this is also very ironic given the history of twitter r.t. relations we can release some details now to disprove these allegations of
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wrongdoing and misconduct about negotiations between r.t. and twitter back in twenty sixteen back in twenty six theme twitter offered a special package specifically for the us election this was a customized package full of exclusive features such as better testing of new tools and products customized analytics research programs even a whole team of twitter experts to help with media strategy now this was done with the aim of creating what twitter called unbiased point of view of the us elections with an edge in utilizing the powerful to the technology of twitter that was specifically offered to r.t. with the scope of reaching a broader audience and more people in the united states r.t. of the negotiations turned the offer dubbed it came with a very have to price tag and went over all our budgets for the social media for that year. which is ironic given that twitter have also released these controversial confidential details stating exactly. how much already have spent on
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twitter advertising what's happened since twenty six the april to when he was a valued media partner to nell when it's labeled alongside bots trolls cremin hackers kremlin agents. how did this take place well we have had this wave of russian election meddling mysteria go on by politicians the mass media etc and. so twitter r.t.s. now but equated effectors news organization with bots trolls and hackers put effectively here on the same page now our editor in chief reacted to this we can take a listen to what she had to say oh well honestly i didn't believe that twitter was controlled by american security services it looked like a conspiracy theory to me but tweeter has just come fast it's a bt especially because american news outlets operate in russia will now feel the
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tenderness of russian t.v. for tough measures. twitter itself actually just last month published its own report called russian interference in the us election twenty sixteen. and misinformation which also gave mention to our twitter representatives will go up before congress just in a few days time on the first of november where they will also probably give in to our to use role in these election meddling allegations that will be very interesting to see how they talk about that side of the story that the offer was made to r.t. to have a broader scope they've turned down that offer and subsequently the reasons why exactly they felt it was necessary to block adverts which have no real direct breach of twitter's policy conditions so very much an ongoing story very interesting to see how that testimony goes dana hawkins bring us up to date with a lot of information there thank you very much ok let's keep this story going and get some reaction to this because jim i'm happy to see ed joins us live on the program jim's a u.s. diplomat from washington d.c.
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very welcome how do you rate this move by twitter to block all artes and the timing if i can just talk and not coincidence. no it's not a coincidence that twitter is in contact with the correctional congressional committees looking at russian interference in the election then you know i'm not even sure that this is following some instruction from some government agency or from capitol hill it could be the opposite actually that twitter is so eager like it like a good dog trying to please its master to show what a good citizen they are that they've taken this step on their own voluntarily despite the fact as was pointed out in the news piece that they were very eager last year to cultivate our tea as a as a media partner but now that the wind is blowing and a certain direction and we see this this utter demonization of our tea and of course in russia in general that they want to show how patriotic they are and how closely they're working with the various three letter agencies it seems to just be
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enough to for their shareholders to lose money here because we know they're not in the best the position when it comes to the share price they have been losing money another losing more it's going to hit twitter financially base i'm sure though isn't it. i don't know how much it's going to hit twitter financially just again whether how much our teen screwed next business means to twitter but i think you have to look at the other side of the ledger we know that not only twitter but facebook and google microsoft and other companies have been were working very closely with the n.s.a. and other agencies on their various surveillance programs and they get paid for their participation in these programs and they're probably looking at the other side of the ledger to say we need to stay on good terms with the people who make the policies make the laws call the shots and show that we are all in sync with this this me him about russian interference and how the the dastardly kremlin is trying to disrupt our democracy well jim can i get your take on the offer that r t
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i actually received for the u.s. election twitter coming to this channel not the other way around and they said that r t back then is a trusted unbiased source and not it's quite the turnaround isn't. in danger in a democracy where the words what's the what's what do you make of that such a turnaround in the period of time as well. it's i think it's quite simple back at that time they were acting like a business organization though as we recall they even had the same kind of personal dedicated to the of the trump campaign and we're working very closely with them they had offered the same to the hillary clinton campaign but the clinton campaign for some reason declined i think it's perfectly reasonable they were approach our team and anybody else who wanted to maximize their footplate print on their platform but now that our tea is is is a person a non grata among the washington elite they're trying to insulate themselves or
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sanitize themselves by taking this step they know very well that r.t. is a legitimate news organization but like everybody else they're following in this kind of herd mindset we've already seen some users quit twitter following the move stating that press freedom is being impeded indeed saying we've had guests on the show saying that this is bigger than our t.v. this is about freedom of the press freedom of the media being allowed to have alternative viewpoints and not just with the status quo is not something that you would agree with. i would but i say that hesitantly i used to literally what i like twitter and donald trump likes twitter a lot and what is the alternative going to be and this is where the real irony comes in that here we are supposedly talking about russian collusion and russian interference you know back during the old days during the cold war it was the soviet union that sought to protect protect its population from infection by any
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voice that descended from the dissented from the official media now we have american media companies and the american government trying to shut down dissent and make sure we could only listen to the think news c.n.n. or the think news network and we see no defense in the scenting voices at all this is a very ominous development it's not so much even r t but what does this say about what the american government the american agencies and now these social media companies are willing to do to compromise information coming to the american people would you go as far as to call this part of a coordinated attack on russia nightlights from what you've seen. i would say it's a coordinated attack on russian outlets it's a coordinated attack on freedom of speech and of the media and it's a core coordinated attack on the right of the american people to gain independent sources of information and to make their own critical comparisons let's remember
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not only are t.v. was said to be some kind of a voice for russian intelligence but remember there are hundreds of other outlets there were put on some of these lists led by people like hamilton sixty eight well like zero a hedge an antiwar dot com and ron paul institute who supposedly are simply following in the footsteps of these other russian troll media organizations this and this offensive is much broader than just against our t.v. but our d. is the tip of the spear it's an important point as well because this all began with the reports by twitter actually mixing up our t. the alleged use of online bots as you mentioned by russia. this on what basis do you think you just threw r t in there with all this what was what was there any thinking and on this at all or was it just let's all group it all together and see what comes from it. no i don't think it was an accident or or a mix up or in any way i think it was directed look one of the care of her doctors
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or contradictions we hear from these people is that nobody pays any attention to r t r t has no current credibility with its audience is very small and also it's a mortal threat to our democracy well which is it if they would not be doing this is this if they did not think that more and more americans were paying attention to our tea they're listening to what's being said saying you know what that makes more sense than what we're hearing from c.n.n. or from the major media and i think they're worried about it they want to make sure pay no attention to the man behind the curtain do not listen to what these people are saying and let's try to put the the mark of cain on their forehead and to him put a impediments on them that we can jim what do you think the reaction to this should be because as you say this is bigger than any one i've played if somebody is is tried to be hushed up from giving a viewpoint. should people come out and really make a bigger statement that this is something we're not going to stand for because
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we've seen it done the years before when you take an inch it becomes a model and whoever's in the status quo whoever is in the power tends to go along the route without much resistance once it gets done the road further. he's still the president from occurring. you know i wish i knew because let's remember a huge chunk of the american population simply believes what they're told they're simply believe what they're told by the major media by the government sources and say boy those russians are up to no good and then you have other people who maybe know it's not true and maybe pay attention to not only r t but all the other alternative sources of information from the so-called legacy media or corporate media many of which do report some of the same stories there are t. does but what are they going to do are they going to take their accounts of off of twitter and if so were they going to put them this is where you get into the problem even bigger problem to say with with google which has almost
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a share of the of the of the online search market here in united states what is the alternative one the these media companies start marching to the same drum or is the government agencies in which they are very close to have a very close ties jim thanks for coming on the program at short notice and talking about this jim jeffries former u.s. diplomat talking to us from the american capital thank you thank you well the decision to block all the advertisements for martin sputnik accounts was immediately followed by reaction online as we were speaking about some expressed anger at the move on the social media platform itself slumming it for being connected to the white house in fact some people even left it for also for a locking at news outlets that contradict its views artie's head of media relations to list what a fake twitter action could have on our t.v. . the band effectively blocks all members of the ecosystem so that's the arabic
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french german english russian and spanish channels from campaigning on nine hundred seventeen live where there is a as well from campaigning and you know getting out there and kind of trying to reach. your followers or reach new audiences we had a great relationship with twitter you know through. a partnership that was basically set up in twenty fifteen. twitter changed a lot since then as well and america has changed a lot since then so you've got to give you know you've got to have the context in place to try and understand what's actually going on it's unfortunate that some of these things get in the way but either way as a news agency twitter is the most vibrant platform in the world to be on the online news or association and everybody will tell you any news that breaks happens for us on twitter and you know that's why it's a very very important to us but at the same time it's it's really surprising. unfortunate that they've decided in this decision unilaterally to prevent us from campaigning but in my opinion it speaks it speaks more to the kind of level
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hysteria level of hysteria that is in america the actual nuts and bolts of our relationship with her. husband under pressure since a u.s. intelligence report on alleged russian meddling back in january yet no solid proof of artes alleged influence on the twenty sixteen u.s. election has ever come to light. propaganda machine contributed to the influence campaign by serving as a platform for criminal messaging using russian government funded outlets russian propaganda media outlets like r t i think it's a propaganda arm of government that is definitely not on our side reports have it that russia not only wanted to weigh in in the election with they also want to undermine u.s. confidence the citizens confidence in our electoral process and in our democratic values ok we're going to move on to more story shortly but let's just get the take of this latest twitter movement going under and host afshin rattansi speaking to us
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earlier this decision should send a chill down the spines of every editor of every newspaper every magazine every t.v. station in the world after all even the new york times family own new york times has been reporting that this decision is without precedent twitter allows promotion of any other media on its platform clearly this is targeted directly at its about media freedom in the united states as well some people on twitter commenting to jack dorsey the founder of twitter about george orwell and animal farm. i should say there are other investors there is saudi elements of investment in twitter perhaps the multi myriad investment within twitter will do something to change this this decision which is obviously caused a chilling effect on freedom of speech as it is seen in the united states and all
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around the world and will have to await with the governments right around the world will now retaliate not just against twitter but against the united states itself. the council on president carlos puts them on terms given a long awaited statement he said he will not call a snap election and many had expected him to make the spanish senate meanwhile will start debating applying article one hundred fifty five on removing council only as of ptolemy and will vote on it on friday. because you know my there are more than willing to pull forward an election as long as there's a go and see the. dates of them treated with respect has been such currency to date as. well many people have been left confused by the apartment inaction of the region's government throughout the day people have been rallying in barcelona demanding that the council on government deliver on the results of the independence referendum on break away from spain or to charlotte durban skiis in barcelona for
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us. there was much speculation that colas speech moon would use his speech on tuesday evening to class not the lecture in catalonia many people including many reports in the local spanish media had been speculating that the catalan president would make that announcement because that would be one way of stopping a very crucial vote that's due to take place on friday evening the spanish government in between that is opposed to the article one fifty five now if senators in spain vote cool off one fifty five essentially you could move to a regional autonomy that catalan has held for the last fifteen years that is a cool something that many people here are unhappy about this comes a bit stout almost a month of tensions between the governments in the trade on the government in catalonia over the feature of this country since many people millions went to the polls at the beginning of october and to teach yes even
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a referendum on independence now the president also cuts in a new colors talks about why he didn't call that snap election he said that he attempted to get more and t.'s food these elections to make them happen the city couldn't get those warranties and so therefore there was nothing new guaranteed that the justifications he wanted to cool the election would happen that he has enormous pools that snap election he did going to say that noone can say that he's not. be willing to sacrifice he has been deadlocked to looks pretty much throughout the day in fact he can see this announcement twice because he's been talking to people from all sides of the spectrum here in catalonia before he made that announcement that they will not be a snap election however what he has said is that through the measures in the dog see this crisis between the trade in catalonia will now be in the hands of the continuity of parliament and there is
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a chance that the catalonia parliament itself could decide on whether it should declare outright secession outright independence from spain that would be something that will happen to be will find out more about that in the next few days if that is something they're trying to do but for the moment this puts the ball back in the spanish court which is they are due to go to more on article one fifty five now i can tell you that we were at a protest on wednesday many people at that protest said they supported staying part of spain however they were unhappy with article one fifty five they didn't want catalonia to lose its regional autonomy so this could actually spoke even mood division here in catalonia we could see people move reaching the unionists who wanted to stay in spain actually deciding to change their vote because the way that madrid has handled this crisis. to something decades in the making later today a new life could be shared on wall of the twentieth century's darkest episodes
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donald trump's administration is allowing the release of classified documents into the assassination of president and a big but as the fifty year congress deadline passes to keep the information secret . j.f.k. was killed in dallas in november one nine hundred sixty three he was in an open top car with the first lady when shots rang out the killer was lee harvey oswald he was swiftly arrested but was shot and killed two days later while under police escort historians discussed his motive and his past and he did have an interesting if brief experience in the soviet union. being retracing his footsteps. where might you find the most drama and lee harvey oswald's life story before the events of november nine hundred sixty three well it could be his short but eventful
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stay in this city for years before he was sas unaided president kennedy. most of the places which formed part of extraordinary trip still exist like the. railway station where he arrived from helsinki in finland his last stop in a western country before reaching the u.s.s.r. . stayed right here at the hotel berlin which is now the savoy it's just a few minutes walk from. the former k.g.b. headquarters. his visa meant that he only had six days to get a soviet citizenship so he wasted no time in trying to secure his hammer and sickle passport which began with this letter i believe harvey oswald request that i be
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granted citizenship in the soviet union i want citizenship because i am a communist and a worker i have lived in a decadent capitalist society where the workers are slaves i do not want to return to any country outside of the soviet union there was interview after interview with the k.g.b. but couldn't convince officials he should be allowed that passport then back inside hotel berlin. in reality a supervisor that is assigned to every foreign visitor. inside the bag. inside one of these rooms he slashed his wrist. attempting to commit suicide doctors managed to save oswald's life he was allowed to stay and wait for mercy from a higher soviet authority with this confidence boost to the extreme asked american diplomats to revoke his citizenship then he agreed to an interview with one u.s.
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journalist i would say he was extremely superficial. very immature. and very misinformed and. it took the former u.s. marine an enormous effort more than two months to get a soviet passport only for one year the day after he got hold of the document he set off for minsk and bell reuss the capital of one of the u.s.s.r. small republics to work out a soviet factory he boarded his train ride on this station and minsk oswald met his first soviet lover but she turned down his marriage proposal because she was afraid to marry an american and just two months later he met a nineteen year old marine a person his future wife and mother of his first child yet with a drab job and nothing to do outside of work according to oswald himself he would soon make the decision to leave the u.s.s.r. for good along with his family.
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after what seemed to be disillusionment with the u.s.s.r. there was only one way home for a lost world and that was through the american embassy. ilya patrol. tracing the footsteps of lee harvey oswald and moscow. reminder of our breaking news this hour twitter has banned r.t.m. for telling all its platform the fall out from about at the top of the hour with me see that.
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what's happened with our. very close to a genocide and it's unforgiving and it should be immediately rectified and remedied where i think she stands at the moment is that if she would to condemn it she would be alex and immediately she would be put on a plane and then the hopes that people have placed in her would be. how does it feel to be a share of the greatest job in the world it's as close to being a king in the in a job that there is one business model helps to run a prison now we just do or don't like there's nobody to be the case and i don't know what comes even more we don't have to serve them anymore is. this will they want to do that knowing they don't give
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a damn if. there are actually paying us to put it back into the louisiana incarceration rate is twice as high as the us sent breach what secret is behind such success. i must say francis is been broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. coming up big point house play introducing point it's the second fork in the cryptocurrency this year the fight that point but it has now recovered somewhat we explore what this means for the future of the craft of currency. and china could set a new way to prize oil in the coming months and petrol you want would be a major step toward removing the u.s. dollars dominance in oil markets also the rich and poor in america saw their fortunes converge for
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a large amount of the twentieth century but now they're diverging my guess explains how this tactic standby start right now. behold the birth of gold lying jack allowed the c.e.o. of like a sick is the man behind the move he created a code that creates a four or a split in the bitcoin block chain and tuesday his group called the trigger on that code the idea is to decentralize bitcoin use moving it away from a small group armed with powerful computers it allows more users with less powerful computers to opt into the encrypted digital ledger connecting the bitcoin users on wednesday bit coin had a low of five thousand three hundred seventy four dollars and sixty.


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