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time and i care to admit. i've got. your tricks. coming up on our t.v. classified government documents around the j.f.k. assassination are expected to be released but the question remains when will we finally see the documents. and thousands of children across the nation are in correctional facilities how the state of florida is pushing down its youth incarceration rate. and then the ban by twitter now affecting this network we'll explain later in the show. it's thursday october twenty sixth five pm here in washington d.c.
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our national banks than you're watching our team america we begin this hour remembering that it's been a fifty four years since president john fitzgerald kennedy known as j.f.k. was assassinated in dallas texas nearly three thousand documents work spectum to be released today regarding the thirty fifth president's death as we joins us live from los angeles now dr it sounds like this release has been delayed. yeah that's right ashleigh unfortunately doesn't look like we'll see those documents released today at least not the majority of them as we were anticipating and as far as our reporting the cia is asking for more time so that more documents can be redacted and the assassination of president john kennedy has long been a mystery and it's something that's fascinated so many for so many decades now but the question remains once his documents are in fact released or you really know the truth of what happened while americans are still seeking the truth about what
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happened on november twenty second one thousand nine hundred sixty three did lee harvey oswald acted alone as the warren commission arbitrated the following year or congress to form the assassination records review board requiring the government to release all of its files on the assassination in twenty five years however of the president would have the authority in blocking its release president trump announced he walk on the release of the files even twenty wednesday long anticipated release of the j.f.k. files will take place tomorrow so interesting and so today was supposed to be the day but of course we are still waiting for those documents but even before these files were supposed to be released john judge to hi i'm who served as the chairman of the board that compelled many of the documents about the president's death said while he fully supports these documents being released well he wasn't sure if the documents of the national archives had all the documents now that is for us it may have been destroyed years ago long before we took office to resume as
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destroyed after we began were we. identical copies so nothing was destroyed during the late ninety's. where they were for example the central intelligence agency is found they did not disclose to us. i suspect is no i think you're into which the saline may be. could still be missing. interestingly enough according to one of the president's advisers roger stone cia director my pump a.o. has asked for a further delay in releasing these documents a twenty thirteen gallup poll shows that only three percent of americans believe that oswald acted alone the other seventy percent point to other theories ranging from the cia the mafia to fail castro leslye judge to haim sought release of the records was so vital to the american public and everyone abroad anytime there is
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still records that are hidden needed particularly when so. interesting to people and so concerning to. show that i mean after the fact you're going to leave an impression that there simply isn't that big from the people. so the question remains once these documents are released will they put to bed any theories against oswald acted alone well only the public can decide ashley thank you so much and talk to us we'd first thing on top of that story the photographer reporting in los angeles thank you. for more on the j.f.k. documents getting released from the white house i spoke with andrew krag an investigative reporter who organize a conference of top experts on this matter at the national press club and i asked him why are the document slated to be released now it's not the third is any what we call smoking gun evidence that it's not as if anyone ever wrote
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a memo talking about assassinations that would be clear cut evidence but in law and i'm an attorney who's followed this circumstantial evidence or contacts can be very important in both crime solving but also to citizens to understand what's going on and it's likely that experts and scholars can connect many dots that are quite embarrassing to. not only government agencies but those that they worked with in the private sector now if the government is to release these documents today do you believe they will release all of the documents surrounding j.f.k. the thousand probably not because there's an exception in this law and others for national security reasons which is. often invoked and typically in this kind of case to remove some areas that may affect
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arguably national security but also just pure embarrassment so we can look for a lot of blacked out and other redactions do you think any think that stance will come from this really if. i do if the documents are released we will further fit in the jigsaw puzzle. where we pretty much know the outlines already from four million pages of previously released documents over. two thousand five hundred books and many witness accounts so if you think of it as a puzzle we know most of what's going on but these missing sensitive pieces of the jigsaw puzzle will be very revealing and i'm sad to say that if significant parts of them are kept back that will be excruciating lee revealing that there are so
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loews who want to thwart. our system of government where congress ordered these documents released. four years before kennedy's assassination lee harvey also want to take a trip to the soviet union he was hoping to get soviet citizenship but was alternately tonight are to go retrieve some of all the old steps and ma. where might you find the most drama and lee harvey oswald's life story before the events of november nine hundred sixty three well it could be his short but eventful stay in this city four years before he is sas unaided president kennedy. most of the places which form part of extraordinary trip still exist like the. railway station where he arrived from helsinki in finland his last stop in
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a western country before reaching the u.s.s.r. . also stayed right here at the hotel berlin which is now the savoy it's just a few minutes walk from the kremlin and the former k.g.b. headquarters. his visa meant that he only had six days to get a soviet citizenship so he wasted no time in trying to secure his hat. cicle passport which began with this letter i believe harvey oswald requested that i be granted citizenship in the soviet union i want citizenship because i am a communist and a worker i have lived in a decadent capitalist society where the workers are slaves i do not want to return to any country outside of the soviet union there was interview after interview with
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the k.g.b. but couldn't convince officials he should be allowed that passport then back inside hotel berlin his russian guide in reality a supervisor that is assigned to every foreign visitor. inside the bag. inside one of these rooms he slashed his wrist attempting to commit suicide doctors managed to save oswald's life he was allowed to stay and wait for mercy from a higher soviet authority with this confidence boost to the extreme asked american diplomats to revoke his citizenship then he agreed to an interview with one u.s. journalist i would say he was extremely superficial. very immature and very misinformed. it took the former u.s. marine an enormous effort more than two months to get
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a soviet passport only for one year the day after he got hold of the document he set off for minsk and bell reuss the capital of one of the u.s.s.r. small republics to work on a soviet factory he boarded his train ride on this station and minsk oswald met his first soviet lover but she turned down his marriage proposal because she was afraid to marry an american and just two months later he met a nineteen year old marine a person his future wife and mother of his first child yet with a drab job and nothing to do outside of work according to oswald himself. he would soon make the decision to leave the u.s.s.r. for good along with his family. after what seemed to be disillusionment with the u.s.s.r. there was only one way home for oswald and that was through the american embassy.
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tracing the footsteps of lee harvey oswald and moscow. today president donald trump officially declared the opioid epidemic and national public health emergency. families communities and citizens or groups or country are currently dealing with the worst drug crisis in american history and even if you really think about it world history however critics say this move falls short of recommendations he received from his commission the declaration will reportedly last for ninety days but will not provide additional funds needed to fight the crisis that's according to the department of health and human services says the public health emergency fund currently has a balance of just fifty seven thousand dollars since one thousand nine hundred nine the nationwide opioid problem has quadrupled the number of overdose deaths resulting from prescription painkillers and heroin but c.d.c. reports overdoses claim more than ninety lives a day and that's not all pharmaceutical companies are raking in
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a record profits to the tune of billions of dollars a year meanwhile several lawsuits have been filed against the very pharmaceutical companies that manufacture and distribute prescription opioids for more on this i was joined by dr andrew tarski an addiction psychologist and a clinical advisor for the office of alcoholism and substance abuse service in new york state and founder and director of the center for optimal living and new york city is also the author of the book harm reduction psychotherapy a new treatment for drug and alcohol problems i first asked him why is the u.s. facing fudge a huge opioid crisis important for us to consider that their black and brown and poor communities have been struggling with problematic substance use for decades and unfortunately it's taken this problem to you know seep into white middle class and working class communities for the nation to wake up and
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recognize that there is a problem i think that the problem is multiplying determined i certainly think that the veil ability of opioids is one. contributor but i also think that we as a nation have oversimplified view of addiction we tend to look for like the magic bullet or the you know the demon cause so in this case we're looking at the drug the availability of the drugs and i think that we need a much more comprehensive complex understanding of addiction the nature of addiction that considers that you know social context decline. you know economic status the in these communities is a major contributor to suffering and we need to take adopt what i call a psycho bio social understanding of addiction that considers that psychology you
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know of suffering the biology of the substance and social context all come together to express themselves in addiction and so not only do we have an inadequate understanding i think we have an inadequate treatment approach which by and large dumb downs over simplifies the problem and we need you know a much more comprehensive approach to treatment. you know to address this problem and your president trompe is acknowledge the u.s. faces an opioid crisis but he doesn't plan to allocate new funds to combat it even when state officials say it's critical to respond to the drug app and to make it in that way so what's your response to that. my response is that this you know on the one hand his chest is potentially a valuable symbolic gesture to acknowledge that this is a serious problem that needs serious attention but the inadequate funding is
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a major major contributor to the problem that we have we do not have enough treatment in this country we need to make a total shift in our allocation of funds to make treatment available to that is comprehensive treatment along the lines of what i was talking about available to everyone who wants it regardless of their ability to pay and you know i think another dominant part of the problem is the the misunderstanding of why people use drugs and get into trouble with drugs that is kind of infused by stigma the stigma maybe you know contributes to an inadequate response in adequate emphasis on comprehensive compassionate treatment for all who need it. on any given day approximately fifty thousand children in the u.s. are held in correctional facilities according to the a.c.l.u. america has the world's highest rate of juvenile incarceration now
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a new report shows the state of florida is both succeeding and failing at diverting kids from jail aren't even reappear in iowa reports for six years morris copeland has been at the forefront of miami's juvenile justice reform what you don't want to do is saddle children with arrest records for the rest of your life in the last fiscal year miami dade county has reportedly seen a twelve percent decrease in juvenile crime and the largest decrease in youth arrests in the state of florida copeland credits the county's civil citation initiative applied to those under eighteen who commit mr minor offenses taking the arrest record away but also making sure that those children are held accountable for what they were doing be beat. pay restitution maybe do apologise to victims or doing whatever needs to be done going to. a treatment mental health treatment experts say replacing jail time with community service and counseling has successfully kept first time child offenders from cycling back into trouble while
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miami has become a national leader of using civil citations to divert kids from jail the same cannot be said about the entire state of florida according to a new study three quarters of florida's sixty seven counties are failing at issuing juvenile civil citations while only two counties earn and a grade while florida's rate of issuing citations reportedly increased ten percent in twenty sixteen the majority of law enforcement agencies in the state continue to rely on arresting kids for low level crimes like underage drinking and disorderly conduct florida's sheriff's association and prosecution attorneys association have fiercely objected to a statewide juvenile civil citation mandate arguing it would tie the hands of law enforcement in the meantime advocates say counties implementing civil citations as an alternative to jailing juveniles should receive increased funding for her
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rehabilitating america's most vulnerable population. r.t. miami. nuclear tests are so we're not out of the question for north korea as the country has threatened to detonate a hydrogen bomb over the pacific ocean a north korean official says this warning should not be taken lightly i met a slew of threats between the u.s. and north korea a president trump a scheduled to visit south korea during his trip to asia next week it's unclear whether trump will visit the korean peninsula demilitarized zone and recent months north korea has not only carried out test near its surrounding neighbors but has now the right to fire missiles now the u.s. pacific territory of guam. today twitter made a major decision regarding the berry network it has banned our t.v. and websites but nicked from advertising on its platform aren't ya hawkins had more this is a story which has a plot that thickens and develops almost on
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a daily basis that i received notice from twitter which began positively that twitter believes in freedom of expression i've been speaking truth to power and ironically ended with the news that are all related accounts are now banned from advertising any content whatsoever on the twitter social media platform the justification according to twitter was artie's inclusion in that january twenty seventh team u.s. intelligence report on allegations of russian interference in the us presidential election there have been no clear accusations of wrongdoing no proof of misconduct or breach of policy now this turn of events is even more ironic given twitter's previous relationship with r.t. this channel has decided to release some information just to dispel some of those. allegations of misconduct against the channel now back in twenty sixteen in the run up to the election twitter offered r t an exclusive package specifically for that
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event the aim of delivering an unbiased point of view of the u.s. election now this exclusive special offer included many features from customize the mood you has tags to analytics research solutions even a whole dedicated team of twitter specialists to help with media strategy now this according to twitter had the specific aim of reaching a wider american audience or viewers and voters to deliver artie's coverage of the elections now why would twitter have offered this to a kremlin propaganda tool seeking to somehow manipulate or control the election i guess that's a question for twitter. after the gauche asians r.t. didn't actually take this offer. the price tag for the all these exclusive features was simply too high it went over all the budgets for two social media strategy what happened over the last year and a half when r.t. went from valued media partner to being equated to put on par with bots and trolls
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which by the way the channel has never used or had any gauge with what so ever if he had been involved in violating terms of use or spreading misinformation or taking part in misconduct it would have simply been banned from social media platforms a long time ago now we've seen a wave of thinly veiled accusations on his theory against both russia and r.t. over the last eighteen months or so twitter action included some of these in their september report which they titled. russian interference in the twenty six the elections. misinformation again and no actual proof or evidence of misconduct or engagements of r.t. using these sorts of bots and all these sorts of tactics now in november twitter officials will go before congress to testify on russian meddling in the u.s. election no doubt r t will get a mention there as well part of the wider pressure that the shuttle has faced over
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the last few months as described by our editor in chief margarita simonyan honestly i didn't believe the tweet was controlled by american security services it looked like a conspiracy theory to me but tweeter has just come fast it's a bt especially because american news outlets operated in russia will now feel the tenderness of russian t.v. for talk measures that was the scandal takes new twists and turns it will be certainly very interesting to see what the twitter representatives do say in their testimony before congress and if indeed they will mention previous offers of collaboration to this channel in the lead up to the u.s. presidential election for more let's bring in legal and media anna was flying all over the line or now i know what are your thoughts on that. well let's look at the timing of this shall we first we have over a year head. and komi moller and talk about marco liasson fusion g.p.s. sendai ca's ok being bought purchased of the tune of what six nine million dollars
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. to the mainstream media why to make trump look bad now the last time i checked that looks kind of sorta like you're involving yourself in trying to affect an election then you have all of this going on plus you had people who were calling for donald trump jr a while back this is tim kaine who called for him to be charged with treason because he dared meet with this mysterious russian lawyer ok that's over here all of a sudden they heat really picking up and they don't know what to do not to mention hollyweird is crumbling gibraltar will fall anyway that's destroyed so what happens wait a minute there sure thing it works every time the dog whistle. our t. that we look at those are t.
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is selling ads ads that were some less sitting by twitter ads that twitter wanted to sell and our t. bought these ads what did these ads do what did they do they caused americans to think to same and to question to ask and to perhaps be a little bit confused the kind of stuff that information does well guess what happened mission accomplished we'll see but how should we went from this on hillary's seventieth birthday today we went from talking about this to this i mean serious stuff. other virgins are russians and all you do is sound the alarm the r t dog whistle boom it's like everybody stops coincidence i think so so why not how do the play out with american fit offense. american citizens i'm sorry to say and i wish it wasn't true love to read headlined
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headlines bumper stickers that say it just means r t do you know how many times this organization has been brought up invention it every conceivable way without any proof not to mention the subgroup brick of russian russian interference russian collusion without one they don't prove yet isn't that interesting and also is an interesting right before twitter's about to testify for whatever they say oh i'm here what will will do will just get rid of our tea will throw them under the bus now what better way to tell the world that says our great country freedom of speech say whatever you want. to it or a global platform come on board we won't deny you your right to speak. by our advertising oh that looks terrific thank you very twitter your gear when the
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meal over and you read it what does this tell the rest of the world and by the way actually is our t.v. only foreign agency network news platform that only is magic isn't there just think all b.b.c. isn't the only foreign news platform on the planet apparently salo the only one that makes people think may be following its own instruction of questioning more airline and we're going to keep it right there thank you so much for and say about fly no why no media thanks again thank you. well bad for now for more on the stories we cover to go to you tube dot com r.t. america and check out our website r t v dot com slash america you can also follow me on twitter and actually banks underscore r t n don't forget to question more. mark when you said it's easier to wall people than to print them. that could be why america is so divided because people have been fed breaking news feed for by
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corporate interests to beat you down until you believe they're very. well here's a story. and that's. why the mainstream media is very clearly biased against president trump it also loves him why because he's saving their jobs that's why and politico just came out with a new report to back that up they found that in the trump era among lenny else are subscribing to old school news outlets in record numbers more so than any other age group they cite figures from the new yorker as evidence they've seen more than
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double the number of new millennial subscribers this year as compared to before trump got elected they have one hundred six percent more new subscribers from eighteen to thirty four and one hundred twenty nine percent more new subscribers aged twenty five to thirty four politico also cites numbers from the atlantic reporting that they've seen a hundred and thirty percent jump in millennial subscribers not to mention a boost of gen xers to even the wall street journal reported that its students subscribers doubled in the last year the economist also said they're seeing millennial drive new subscription. and political also talk to representatives from the washington post in the new york times who also said there's the growth in millennial subscribers so millennia old are actually paying these old school news outlets for subscriptions more now in the trump era these are young people who are supposed to be internet savvy i mean you'd think they'd be able to figure out that you can read all the way paul you want if you just click the little x.
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in the address bar or you think they go to new places for news since these are such new times but nope they're actually paying these old school outlets instead in fact according to a reuters institute report the us is the only country in thirty six that saw a major increase in people willing to pay for online news this was true across all age groups with millennial being the biggest driver and of course another common factor among new subscribers was that they lean left so while the media continues to bash the heck out of the president he is clearly saving their business he gives them analysts material for them to use to vent their pent up misplaced rage and hate which terrifies the kids the day right into paying to read their biased shot at least source of again it's so obvious that the media is profiting off their hate in fear mongering right now in a feeding frenzy trump is literally saving their businesses right now take.


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