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and does not leave the funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with this reply to. a speech you just don't know what they're takers. claimed that mainstream media has met its make. i've got to do just that if you're watching. swash jake. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us is it actually just full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs a punch at least yampa is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than blue best. and see the people you never heard of love
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redacted the night president of the world bank. because we're going to seriously send us an e-mail. greetings in the salutation well according to the good folks at merriam webster the definition of the word distraction is an object that directs one's attention away from something else here's a here's a real world example of distraction. while the chicken hawks on capitol hill been clucking up a storm of attention over the fact that all of us evil folks here at our tea advertised our channel on twitter. the powers that be over at the f.c.c. have been quietly stripping away protections against media monopolies you see while while they got you all afraid of russian news media the large corporate media
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titans here in the states and their small minded yes man at the f.c.c. chairman. are in the process of destroying local media diversity representation and control on tuesday this week the f.c.c. voted to eliminate a seventy seven year old rule requiring that t.v. and radio stations operate a visible studio in the areas where they're licensed as f.c.c. commissioner manion cliburn wrote in her dissenting vote by eliminating the main studio rule in its entirety for all broadcast stations the f.c.c. signals that it no longer believes those awarded a license to use the public airwaves should have a local presence in their community in other words your or your local news could no longer be made locally like your food your clothes your jobs and just about everything else that the corporate hand touches and coming coming this november
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from the good corporate shills at the f.c.c. is the potential overturning of rules that prevent one single company from owning both a full power t.v. station and daily newspaper in the same market at the same time because because i guess i believe that there there is no better example of a free market than a corporate monopoly which is why we are watching the hawks. as. to. what they like that i get. welcome we're going to watch in the dark side i robot out of the lawless. so yeah
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it seems strange because there's all this talk about the license away from c.n.n. or whoever when cable networks don't really have licenses that way but in this instance where those licenses that that really should be looked at and really are sacred are kind of being just. thrown away they don't really mean anything the reason that there were rules about that why those rules were in place why there were you needed to have a license was because a certain amount of your work and sort of the amount of your stuff the things that were put out by these stations are supposed to be for the public good or to the news comes from there if you are not serving that local area of them why should you have a local license to cover the local though this is exactly exactly i mean look. looking at this and kind of going over to see really understands that they basically shut down the rule that required t.v. and radio stations to maintain a studio in the communities that they serve so you know a giant corporation could own you know multiple different stations in multiple
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different cities but they actually had to have a station there the rule was created nearly eighty years ago to priscilla according to the rules to priscilla tate input from community members and the stations participation community activities basically to keep the station you know locally grounded you know service reporting news locally or whatever maybe local to serve the local good the f.c.c. is republican majority claims that eliminating the rule this is why they did it through to vote eliminating the rule bring you read it to cost savings to broadcasters that they could use to improve their programming newsgathering and make equipment upgrades so they say by not having to not have you have to have a station there you don't have a building in a studio there then that will save them money that they can put into newsgathering equipment where are they going to news gather if they're not going to. there this is the thing that every like said just that gets lost in the shuffle because in this world of c.n.n. fox news that i mean we we talk about sort of a large swathe of news but when you're talking about
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a local news it's really important whether it's for safety during weather as well whether during you know when the police need to get in touch with the border there's a story going on it is really important local municipal politics are one of the most corrupt places in our government right now it is where everyone learns how to be shady before they get to capitol hill and that money comes out of the poorest out of the hardest working people and small towns and a lot of those small towns are only serviced by news that is in their area here exactly exactly and you're not alone in that criticism you know there's a lot of criticism about this that the changes actually are saying it's going to make it easier for stations just to abandon those towns which is whatever everybody complained about the trunk got elected it's because we've abandoned our small towns and anything that isn't over a few million people so news that media c.e.o. christopher ruddy actually predicted predicts that local news production could be moved to places such as new york and washington as the big networks buy up local
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stations so we're going to have as a stations will still have your the regulator those so have to give a toll free number is staffed during normal business hours which is kind of interesting but doesn't really answer the question who wants to get there i mean it's be like you know the company you know owns c.n.n. saying we're going to buy up like you know the pittsburgh market cloud minnesota and our lives will you know that and then we'll just read the news out of atlanta for their local market it's ridiculous it's all received at radio but now it's looking forward to november because another big vote the f.c.c. pushing another big vote in november because he wants to eliminate the f.c.c. rule that it currently bars the company from both owning city newspaper and nearby broadcast stations like you can own both right now he wants to resign revives these strict restrictions on owning multiple broadcast outlets. in a single market party told congress quote if you believe as i do that the federal government has no business intervening in the news then we must stop the government
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from intervening in the news business these are two different things the news business and the news i know that can be confusing at times because of the arabs and money and all that but they are two separate things and i think it's more dangerous having a news monopoly yes it would be created under this we already know this lesson yalit certain hearst taught us that last i don't write so when you own all the outlets when you control the entire you don't just control the narrative you control the bullhorn coming out of and it's the only bullhorn people have access to that's that's not a free press and i want to get this in before we go all of this is playing into the potential sinclair broadcast group three point nine billion dollars purchase of tribune media which with the rules as they are in place now that purchase would buy local media over ownership. structure because it's like basically they put ten cities there so that's why you're seeing all this happen because it clearly was that was monopoly knowledge apologises yaml the open door for monopolies. according
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to scientific consensus in the united nations special repertoire on torture any imposition of solitary confinement beyond fifteen days constitutes torture or cruel inhuman or degrading treatment which is why the us federal government broaden their use of other forms of isolation and torture they're called sams or special administrative measures they include things like gag orders against prisoners and families limiting prisoners access to current news the monitoring of communication even between a prisoner and their attorney a new study from the center of constitutional rights and yale law school's out alaric a low incidence international human rights clinic found that around fifty prisoners nationwide were imposed assam's as of june twenty seventeen most of them muslim and some of them not even convicted of a crime according to the studies say i. those are the darkest corner of the u.s. federal prison system combining the brutality and isolation of maximum security units with additional restrictions that deny individuals almost any connection to
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the human world now to be clear sams have been used for decades but their use became much more common after the september eleventh attacks and it looks like the criteria for imposing a say on the work predicted and work predicated on a prisoner's likelihood to call communicate dangerous information but by their religion there was a the result has been one of increased mental illness and trauma from the physical social spiritual and information isolation imposed but what makes it all the more nefarious is that a prisoner on the administer special administrative measures is prohibited from speaking to the media as are their attorneys and family members. secrecy as we have seen time and time again invites mistrust oppression and abuse three things that should never be wielded by a government against people no they should not be no they should not be in this sam's is exactly that i mean you see it plain as day now you know when you're when you're looking at this and you know i know this is the thing but i'm saying let's not pretend like this is a. new administration no no this was something that was done the obama
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administration used it plenty and no one had a problem with it until now over twenty years it's being used at least half of that was by the obama administration and now they're only concerned because trump's in office and at this point it's using you now you have democratic leaders using republican tactics while simultaneously claiming this idea that they're all about social justice and i find it sort of morally better on the road i'm going to war you know we were all set up for you know turnkey fascism in germany to the right person but it was already put in place and nobody coming up decided to roll back on that they were using it because all we all like this person they're a nice guy and we somebody gets in office that we don't like something as almihdhar terrible and we were all paranoid and conspirators like everyone you're a racist little our everyone. has the say. it smells.
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the cia. the u.s. attorney general has repeatedly lifted sam's after a dip in the pleaded guilty to basically using it to force someone to plead guilty you know what isolates george or that tore basically torture you to plead guilty a senior attorney for the starter for constitutional rights points out just as the cia used isolation sensory deprivation as one method to elicit learned helplessness from detainees it appears the government has used the same isolation of sam's as a tool to coerce dependents into cooperating. look let's be honest the fate of these prisoners is in the hands of your buddy and the attorney mr jeff sessions right and you were an interview thing for a say yeah hey hey tyrrell do you think that jeff sessions will will step back on the torture of of muslims in our prisons oh of course jeff would do the of course
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given jobs track record he'd be all about the border ministration he said bring back torture the president has said more torture maybe even threaten to go after the terrorist families and things like that you know something you know i don't think you're going to see sam suddenly disappear no but i say within ten years there will be a landmark lawsuit where the federal government will have to pay a lot of people educate a lot of people like they've done in chicago and other places when you look back and say this this was not right well it's like this is with this this was disgusting and they're going to end up paying for it down the i mean it's like we're seeing with everybody you know it's like we're seeing with the with the lawsuits against the folks the torture doctors the toyota call just involved with the cia tortured all that and it's sad when you see that brought to our own shores you know i don't want to see that happening overseas by the cia nor do i want to see it being done by our own justice department our own prison systems you know that to me is ridiculous and there's some really terrible cases of this too and you know without judging the people that were in this case you're talking about people
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some of them were just waiting to go on trial there was one gentleman one of the bigger cases that they looked at was all the off the mat you might know one because he was one of the brooklyn gentlemen rest in brooklyn that were helping financially give money to al shabaab and somalia so he was kept in isolation from about twenty thirteen to twenty fifteen and the only reason he was let off see on these i was part of it was when he was inside is on the rare occasion he was allowed which wasn't very often as soon as he was done with it was taken away and destroyed so these prisoners that are under sams are not allowed to treat it once a book has been used it throws it away and the other one. and so he was banned from reading anything about anyone who has ever been in a federal prison and now let's remember to these are in this case in other cases they've used us as people before they've gone to trial yet it's not people who are guilty in the systems abusing them after they were found guilty these are people who haven't even had their fair trial yet and last time i checked i believe this country was about innocent till proven guilty got to go to trial and get made
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guilty first before they can torture you i guess would be they shouldn't torture at all really but anyway as we go to break cock projects don't forget to let us know what do you think of the topics we've covered on facebook and twitter see our poll shows that are dot com coming up sean stone talks with investigative journalist toby godling about what is being left out of the coverage of recent terror attacks in europe and then our team. tells us just what miami is doing to fight the school to prison pipeline stay to watch the whole. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us actually does belong on the only show i go out of my way to times you know a lot of the really packs a punch in the yampa is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than the blue. sea people you never heard of love redacted tonight president of the world bank so he doesn't really mean it seriously he sent
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us an e-mail and i hope we'll. use this and then i'm going to run. but he feel i know there's no subtlety but honestly i'm just. yeah use of this will support you sometimes i want something to go much but i want to be part of the right. she gets the car she did it yes i know this is the right. to live then i'm all in it is being done of this don't deserve this not to be but i . do
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a. good thing they were number one. and the terror attacks and now permanent states of national emergency across much of europe attention would normally drift to the intelligence and security services that are put in place to prevent exactly such things but alas when it comes to questioning our national security establishment especially in the u.k. and the e.u. we've heard crickets even after time and again news breaks that a terrorist suspect was known to law enforcement prior to an attack where they started revelations that the terror cell behind this maze concert bombing in manchester was not only on the radar but very also on the payroll of british intelligence services a modern news cycle seems to simply move past the jarring facts and we're twenty four hours later returning to its default mode of reporting on the latest gossip
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and touting new aircraft carriers and sensationalizing drug busts but a breakthrough that while the deafening silence investigative journalist tony gosling joins johnstone from the u.k. to shed light on what the mainstream media would rather gloss over. well. chills shoot great cheese on archie quite a bit you don't seem all that baby see he's a former army officer for the special branch and we were chatting about in manchester a chance and he said well there's really no need for a militia oh it's not so domestic security services here are completely unaccountable by the way. britain and m i five don't need a press office because all of the home affairs correspondents pretty much every single one in the london press all their press offices so they just tell you whatever m i five the line is on a particular subject and it doesn't seem to occur to them to ask questions about when there's a terror attack well hang on a minute the ringleader of this terror attack was cold somebody funding to the m i
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five hotline so you got to watch this guy he's a potential terrorist and of course they just don't do it you know they just paula and it almost seems to me now he says it's maybe stretching a point sure but it almost seems to me that that m i five terror hotline if you think there's a terrorist in you'll know somewhere near living near you or working with you it seems to me to us a kind of terror recruitment line that the people that are reported into there often seem to then appear as terrorists i don't know maybe m i five isn't doing security properly but somebody seems to be getting hold of these people and actually helping them to do terror attacks. if they found it so yeah i think we're dealing with it and it was so in the past the b.b.c. where i was working in the early one nine hundred ninety s. it's quite clear there the b.b.c. were being vetted by m i five so employees were being checked vetted by the security services and so i mean if they're involved with some of these attacks as many people think they are in other words letting them happen not necessarily
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perpetrating the but certainly infiltrating the gangs and then i am going to happen then this is a very serious thing in the face if there are also interfering independent journalism at the b.b.c. because we've got potentially brilliant institution it just seems to me that it's being stymied by interference from the security services you think they've got some sort of democratic mandate but the intelligence and security committee don't do any proper really investigations into them i mean for example the attack we had weekly repeat here in britain a couple years ago actually it was the security service that brought the attack of into the country the kenny. secret services city sure all you want these guys but no they brought them in anyway and and then they went on to attack and kill a serving soldier so these security services really do need to be reined in and certainly any connection between them vetting people who work at the b.b.c. needs to be absolutely caught once and for all. i was speaking of the terror
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attacks that obviously raises the issue of the muslim immigration into europe i mean at this point there is no there is no major european country that has more than ten percent muslim population in fact most of them of about five percent so it's so it's what's so striking is that there is this very there's there is a certain sense of islamophobia that's that's taking hold within europe because of the as the terror attacks it would seem to me but what is your take on the actual driving force behind this in islamophobia. well i think actually the joint force behind it is linking back to the nazis i mean we saw the attack on the jews back in the one nine hundred thirty s. and 1940's absolutely horrendous you know basically just because of your faith your rounded up you're stuck in a concentration camp you're dead within months weeks whatever and you know rhetoric situation i think we're seeing exactly the same kind of attack on islam now the real driver behind the migration by the way is the math here and the european union
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and doing absolutely nothing about it but the math here are very strong s. as if one knows it italy and the map here also has a very good article in newsweek about the mastermind of the migrants and it was actually the final ever edition of newsweek year a guy called alex perry perry i'm quite sure of any weight brilliant article anyway saying is look the guys who are bringing people across africa and giving them boats will selling them boats and bring them across the trainees the map here and then when they get to italy you'll find that they're put up in camps that are run by the math so the public a paying for all this and the e.u. and the torah he should be stocking it of course weren't. on any given day approximately fifty thousand children in the united states are held in the correctional system and according to the american civil liberties union no country has a higher rate of juvenile incarceration in the united states now a new report from the nonpartizan caruthers institute shows that the state of florida yes the land of elephant sized alligators and cannibalism and drugs and
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that florida has had a record setting success of both keeping kids out of jail and also putting them there how is that possible you may ask well our team is more important iowa tried to find out for six years morris copeland has been at the forefront of miami's juvenile justice reform what we don't want to do is saddle children with arrest records for the rest of their life in the last fiscal year miami dade county has reportedly seen a twelve percent decrease in juvenile crime and the largest decrease in youth arrests in the state of florida copeland credits the county's civil citation initiative applied to those under eighteen who commit mr minor offenses taking the arrest record away but also making sure that those children are held accountable for what they were doing may be paying restitution may be apology that is to victims or doing whatever needs to be done go into. a treatment mental health
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treatment experts say replacing jail time with community service and counseling has successfully kept first time child offenders from cycling back into trouble while miami has become a national leader using civil citations to divert kids from jail the same cannot be said about the entire state of florida according to a new study three quarters of florida's sixty seven counties are failing at issuing juvenile civil citations while only two counties earn and a grade while florida's rate of issuing citations reportedly increased ten percent in twenty sixteen the majority of law and. foresman agencies in the state continue to rely on arresting kids for low level crimes like underage drinking and disorderly conduct florida's sheriff's association and prosecution attorneys association have fiercely objected to a statewide juvenile civil citation mandate arguing it would tie the hands of law
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enforcement in the meantime advocates say counties implementing civil citations as an alternative to jailing juveniles should receive increased funding for her rehabilitating america's most vulnerable population marina. miami. as you were just saying you know seeing kids in jail sometimes in handcuffs just consists of stuff yeah that's not right it is and it isn't and i think that you know that's we're really has to so we talk about reforming the criminal justice system in this country and our jail system in this country that has to start with you know our hearts alone would have to say it's got to start of the juvenile level yet but we have this idea of like you know you know no no excuses that's one thing and you're going to be you're going to follow this for the rest of your life and and when you're talking about children children you can't treat children like a like adults they're not adults it's our job as i was saying it's our job as adults it's your job in the criminal justice system it's your job as
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a politician not as parents and teachers everything to help that is a call for help you know when a kid gets in trouble and it's our job to to guide them not throw them away but that's what they want to do that we do that with human beings we throw them away and say you can't be by anybody else you're not good enough for humanity and what starts when their kid does start when they're kids and you know what we what i what i would love to see and i don't what i really liked about that report is that of them talk about hey let's try to get them in the programs where they feel they learn the consequences of their not actions but then are able to grow be on them so it doesn't it doesn't forever you know stain not only their their you know government document records of just being a citizen but also. their psyche in mind and their soulful are better you know because look if a kid gets thrown in jail we've seen time and again time and again we watch mine hunters on netflix recently you see time again when you incarcerate institutionalize a child they're not going to come out rehabilitated in fact it probably makes you
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no more hard the criminal you know you would get serial killers a lot of them are institutionalized at some point as children and then came out far worse than when they went in because it is it's traumatizing it is wrong why you cannot put a child who is already confused about the world they live in trying to figure it out and then treat them like an animal you know they just i mean we treat them in a way you wouldn't treat a man exactly and that's the thing they're just there's a lack of humanity in our criminal justice system there is a lack of heart and i there is no way to move forward as a country until we take notice of that because those children are in fact our future and i don't want to see them spend the rest of their lives struggling and in prison because we put them on that i don't want to see them barcoded just so the corporate prison industrial complex could make money off them later on in their life that's what i don't want to see i don't want to see that school to prison pipeline exist anymore i think that's something that we all can step back a society and say let's put it into this now and actually try to rehabilitate the kids if you look you might not be able to rehabilitate the forty five year old who
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commits a crime but you could probably rehabilitate the thirteen or fourteen year olds that are absolutely. hercules and his mortal twin brother if this were a study and heroic contrast the hercules supernatural strength and courage came from his dad and the milk of hara where ethically is gained his bravery through his own mortality and the dangers that that brings so whether it's gods or radiation twins have a unique opportunity to teach us what makes to one of a kind in spades and a new study from nasa shows that twins specifically twin astronaut scott mark kelly could hold the key to make an. long term space travel save for humans being held is one of the most comprehensive views of human biology ever dated observations were collected from both brothers mark on earth and scott at the international space station what they found was that on a molecular level the human body changes like fireworks going off the minute it
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goes into space and those changes often persist when they were term this data will make it possible for scientists not only anticipate the threats posed to the human body during long term space travel but to develop ways to mitigate that damage it looks like even science wasn't perfect prepared for the two things that break all the rules. and soon will be something arnold schwarzenegger and danny de vito in the space. i want to watch let me write the sequel to where i'm sure i get the characters are separated they remember everyone in this world we are not told you above the flood so you all know i am i robot the turtle and i'm out of the wall keep on watching those hawks so they're very very good. in case you're new to the game this is how it works the economy is built around. confirmations from washington washington the media the media the.
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voters elected to run this country business equals. boom bust it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done. most people think to stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to
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stand out in the news business you just need to ask the right questions and demand the right answer. question. i. was in the league camp so you probably heard maybe even from me that google's new surge protocol is designed to crush independent and anti establishment media it's impacted us but it's also severely harmed the search results for sites like
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democracy now all turn the enters so many others so really this episode i want to introduce my new campaign has tag boycott google search now i'm not yet saying give up your g.-mail i can a you tube account and throw away your google glass throw it into the wind no i realize we have to do some things and in manageable stepped otherwise people just give up so i think let's start with the boycott google search and then hopefully if we can impact them even slightly maybe they'll stop crushing independent media maybe they'll realize it's beneficial to let independent media thrive sell now if i'm asking you to do to get off google search i have to give you some alternatives right one is dr go which says it does not actually track your data keep track of any of your data another is it cozier dot org.


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