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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  October 26, 2017 10:01pm-10:30pm EDT

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really harmed the search results for sites like democracy now all turn the enters sabs so many others so really this episode i want to introduce my new campaign has tag boycott google search now i'm not yet saying give up your g.-mail i can on a you tube account and throw away your google glass throw it into the wind no i realize we have to do some things in in manageable steps otherwise people just give up so i think let's start with boycott google search and then hopefully if we can impact them even slightly maybe they'll stop crushing independent media maybe they'll realize it's beneficial to let independent media thrive so now if i'm asking you to do to get off google search i have to give you some alternatives right one is duck duck go which says it does not actually track your data keep track of any of your data another is he cozying up dot org in which every search
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you do helps plant trees i'm not get it so i figured let's talk to someone at eco zia and see how this all works here now is my interview with the chief communications officer at eco zero five thanks for joining me hi thank you for having me so the reason i thought it was important to have have you on is because search engines are incredibly powerful nowadays with google being the monster that's taking over the world but it causes seems to be trying to do something a little positive with a with a third rather than behaving the way most corporations do which is money over all else so explain for a minute basically the mission of a coda. well the mission is to well it's a very ambitious goal it's to plant one billion trees by twenty twenty and i think at the moment a couple of our users have taken delight and calculating this for us i think we
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would need about six hundred years if we continue the way we are. at the moment so twenty twenty is. if we keep growing one billion trees will be possible of that up until then and we just want to make sure that the trees that we do. by using our profits in various regions all of the planet that those trees really count and that the people living close to the planting sites and the animal species and the environment benefit from the trees so even if we should never reach one billion trees i think we should probably still be happy to have achieved what we've achieved so far how does a search because you know this may seem common sense to people in their business but i don't know that a lot of people understand how switching the page they started on plants and trade so can you explain how that works absolutely and so i called it basically it works like any other search engine you can look for whatever you like and next to the
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regular search results just like on any other search engine google for example or dr go etc you will see ads and as soon as a user clicks on one of those ads the search engine and in this case because the app makes revenue and we use our profits from this advertising revenue to. our cost first and then down trees in currently twelve countries all of it well to . nice or so where are those true specifically m m have you seem impact in those regions. well at the moment the trees are and in madagascar and morocco in peru if you know a hoss of several countries yeah i said it was twelve and i've been to one counting sites or one region of the pantries and indonesia earlier this year which was really really incredible it was very it was very scary it was very adventurous and
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it was pretty hard because i don't know i think it took us eight hours to cover twenty five miles to something which probably sounds like a commuter's every day life and they are new york or something but if you. think about the fact that the people who live in these areas that i don't know there are no hospitals there are no schools. there's no no possibility to to meet and talk about politics of anything of course within the communities but if you want to achieve something on a on a bigger level and for example trying to do something about palm oil monocultures which is a huge issue in the area. that's that's just really really hard and seeing that in past and driving through palm oil monoculture is alice was really scary because there is there are no insects there are no birds you don't hear anything there's just one palm oil out of the other and there are so many pesticides and fertilizers
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that nothing else survives and that's that's pretty scary but then luckily we also got to see some primary rain forests and. people living in forest areas which is really inspiring to see the people who planned our trees and to count trees ourselves and to to get to meet everyone that was really cool yeah. as you mentioned monoculture and deforestation is really gutting to the society as a it destroys our way of life not to mention you know the animals and everything that live there the nature conservancy. also just put out a study looking at the most affective ways to fight climate change and found that reforestation is one of the best i could do the equivalent of removing six hundred fifty million cars from the roads per year or what it was that they were a reason because it was initially started or wasn't a little more complicated than that what's that was the history well see thing as
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our founder christian is a very on the mystical guy but also a huge hippie i would definitely. this from from what i know about it is that i would definitely say that it was a mix of. their youth things but. i think he stopped it from the search aspect because he knew that there was a lot of money to be made and. i think the online revenue. two thousand and twenty one is estimated to be two hundred sixty three billion of something and and that's just a lot of money and he knew that such and did better not money and he wanted to find a way of using that money for something more meaningful and he traveled around and . spent a lot of time in south america in the atlantic rain forest or she's close to that and he does a lot about being for a station and the impact tree planting can have on the environment on people
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and endangered species on landscapes water cycles essential and so he tried to find a way of combining the two and then pop it up with a couple of true planting experts and people who helped and build a set engine. yeah it's pretty amazing and i think it's something like eighty percent of excess profits. go to go to tree planting and and you know what we're seeing around the world we're seeing the worsening affects of climate change just here in the united states we've had crazy fires floods and hurricanes over the past month. you would think that switching search engines is like the least we could do even like even as people's houses are flooding they could be on the cozy searching how do i make a flotation device out of an old pair of pants or whatever but if you found it's tough to make people make such a simple switch. yeah i mean we have about six million users at the moment which is cool but it's not that much so obviously if it's not that easy to combat.
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i think again it's a mix of things on the one hand it's so hard to get past google just because it's an awesome product obviously which is why people love using it that it's also google is an ism went up in it and there's just hardly any way of getting past it just because it's everywhere and it dominates everything with its feet and acts and so catching people's attention to begin with is not always easy but he usually most people. once they hear about it cozier really not the idea but then there are also many people who who think that it sounds too good to be true all who have just just don't really know how to what a search engine is and how to how to change change in their settings and some people just just sticking with a different search engine but luckily there are people who will use it because it because they they wouldn't want to use any other set engine because they appreciate the fact that we're trying to just do business
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a bit differently and using out profits for something we think is meaningful and that will help other people maybe more sustainably i could have it wrong but i think the numbers are there google about eighty percent of web searches are done through google and they're ninety percent of those stay on the first page so whatever shows up on the first page of google is you know controlling and controlling the information in the world in a lot of ways and recently they. well before i say that i think it causes powered by being with also some of your own algorithm added in. and recently google chains are sort of protocols that and it's really just decimated the web traffic to alternative independent news sources anti-establishment news sources. do you feel it's the job of a search engine to you know try and avoid crossing dissenting voices like. i think
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yeah absolutely it would need to be be transparent about that that's not what so what's so scary that most people don't even know because how they find out if such engine is a gate and all that access to the internet then how do they even know what's going on behind the scenes because the information is already being filled so i think most people don't even know to begin with and then even if they did know what would they do about it that's that's what makes the situation so incredibly complicated and dangerous and the fact that. you know that there's one provider that has so much control because it's just been able to decimate the competition is pretty scary yeah i mean i'm a proponent for really any of these searches that allow people to to get outside of the monopoly what. we've got a lot about how it goes because it is doing and sounds like it's doing pretty well
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and growing everything are there are there any projects or things planned for down the road or is it kind of just straightforward keep your eyes on the goal. well i mean it would be really cool if at some stage we could maybe take a step further and help people just make more informed decisions or make more sustainable decisions not meaning that we would make gestures or limit their choice but rather help them look at what's out there and make a decision rather than having something suggested if you like ok you know what this is the first one of the first three or five results it must be good so i'll just take it and maybe help them and this is this is the data we're presenting to you and this is the data that you have have access to and if you make this choice then this is what could happen but there are alternative sources that say otherwise just just help people get over it get a look behind the scenes and maybe at some stage realize that what they're doing or
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the actions and inactions have an effect that goes way beyond what they see every day i mean that's that's something that sounds very hard to grasp but maybe we would be able to find a way of helping people make more informed decisions for the environment for themselves for the people they interact with for the global community because it is an example of a corporation choosing to do important things to to better society with some of their profits but and i don't know if your answer to this but i'm wondering whether that's the exception that kind of proves the rule that most corporations are purely meant to profit even as the world is collapsing around us is in your experience you know we're working very cozy with other corporations you've you've talked with through them is are they are you guys an outlier in that respect. i wouldn't i wouldn't even say so i mean i'm probably also within a within a bubble because as
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a start up and the land or being of be caught we registered as because ration three years ago you old we are exposed to business models that are maybe even a bit similar to ours or people who are interested in and it's all people who say they would rather use something with a business model like ours than something else so maybe i just feel like more is happening and that regard that hopefully the fact that so many people seem to seem to be interested in it and would like to use something like it because it will help inspire others and maybe even force politicians or. other people in the tech scene to do something similar if they don't want to risk losing their voters all day users because in the end what we're doing is not going to be enough there's no way we could we could i don't know address every single issue we would like to address and we don't have to because that again then it would be creating
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a monopoly so we hope that maybe other people would be would be doing something similar and it would be easier for them to do it and in the end maybe consuming less one speech something considered an option which all whereas at the moment. it seems like that's that's probably also one of the biggest issues that everything is based on consumption and creating profits and then you can use these profits for something meaningful but maybe a solution would even be consumed less and you know again which yeah just conserving alaska could definitely help just a tad i mean it would only i think if everyone live the way we do here in the u.s. or really most wealthy countries i think we need four earths to sustain the system self unless we find one of those any day now but you know maybe maybe the next febreze the grid twitter where every time you tweet someone picks up a plastic bag off the ground and throws it out the can you guys started their players. day's
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a value thing and so much for joining me and i wish you the best of luck with the because you think you are going to have a wonderful day thank you so that hash tag again is a boycott google search we have to go to a quick break but i have a live standup comedy show coming up in richmond virginia berlin germany portland oregon and many other cities get tickets or vote for your own city at redacted tor dot com i'll be right back with more. for decades the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics. big money corporate interests that's thrown down a lot of voices that's how it is in the news culture in this country now that's where i come in. i'm ed schultz i've done are to you america i'll make sure you don't get railroad that you'll get the straight talk in the straight news.
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questionable. when i'll go. to may no is this sunday i'm not to run eventually get the message in but he feel i know there's no subtlety by the spirit of christ i'm just trying. to. yeah use on the shelf approach of the sunday times not want something to go much but i feel a lot of the behind of the out. on the she does the ground she did the militia mcgovern a real treat. could have been a moment to get his beef be done of this not just of the this debate but i mean. he
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. gets to live it up with others. in case you're new to the game this is how it works the economy is built around corporation corporations from washington to washington post media the media to cover voters elected to businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before . welcome back since you began this episode talking about the google monopoly and how they're crushing alternative voices alternative voices let's stay on that topic for a minute but move over to facebook facebook has
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a new plan to kill off independent media because apparently just suppressing my feet and the feet of anybody saying anything of value in this world. wasn't enough then really cut it so now they've started testing a system where they would move all media and independent journalists and other posts like that to a a separate section of facebook put it at the back of the box or where it where it won't be all up in your faces you know where we want to be confronted with other world views that you know aren't what the establishment tells us thank goodness we can quarantine those this new section that they're creating is called explore the explorer section so that no one would see any of our posts on their news feed you would only see it if you decided to click explore and how does facebook test
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something out well according to a company statement they roll it out first in places like sri lanka bolivia slovakia serbia guatemala and cambodia which they have already done with this explorer category basically they try it out in areas of the world they don't give a shit about the ones where that you know while screw up their business plan let's see if the slovakian teenagers get upset first and then they slowly bring this to this catastrophic bowl of home to america and the results are already had by the way one respected guatemalan journalist said the facebook explored tab killed sixty six per. cent of our traffic just destroyed it years of really hard work were just swept away and look i know a lot of you right now go on facebook. years it but the truth is billions of people
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do use it and it's hard to get traction on stories without using it on reports and videos on the things i do and so many independent journalists do so putting all alternative outlets in a separate column that far fewer people look at that you're essentially crushing those outlets even the name explore i think it's meant to decrease traffic i mean in certain circumstances exploring is might sound good right on a long high you're out on the be your own usual sexual scenarios you know then explore go for a big dead around my good friend but nobody goes online digging i have time to of wonder and aimlessly in the wilderness i just want to go through the internet will drift i'd like to i'd like to hang out in a facebook chat room called who or maybe i'll read an article
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entitled something that has been written about now people go on facebook thinking i have a few minutes and i want to find out what's the important things that are happening in the world with my friends and family and also everything cats are up to that's what i want to know anyway we need to keep. growing other platforms open source platforms we need to keep looking for ways out of facebook wall i understand that many people are still using facebook and if you're all at all concerned about the death of independent and alternative media then follow your favorite outlets by signing up to their email list and going to their sites directly don't just trust that that facebook and google and twitter will tell you what's important. speaking of things out to trust let's move on to the mainstream media people don't realize that
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a big reason our corporate media is made up of war hungry sons of be. told the government line and you know every word that comes out of their botox is just some government talking point constantly looking. every where every warhawk they encounter butyl realize a big piece of that puzzle as to why that's like that is that those reporters are fighting for access right access access to the powerful people the ones who send the poor and confuse off to battle and the more access you have the more you will move up the ranks media organizations you know especially the corporate media which is ninety percent of everything we hear see or touch in this world if we yawn young anderson cooper had a direct line into the pentagon ok young little baby energy group direct line of
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the pentagon or cia then he could get information from them for interviews from them or whatever else and then the pentagon continues to give him access give access to the people they can trust that they know will will be nice to them so then little tiny anderson cooper you know is fourteen years old already got gray hair a little baby anderson cooper moves up the ranks at c.n.n. right. and sure enough i use that i used anderson cooper as an example because anderson cooper was indeed in the internet the cia so even though he downplays his time there one can assume he made some friends while he was an intern and one can assume the cia in his early days in news when nobody knew his name when he had never been standing out there in the middle of hurricanes go through i should just blow off you know before those days that they felt comfortable giving information
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to all for more employee he had access and the more nice glowing stories he did about them the more he moved up the ranks at c.n.n. so these reporters are all fighting for access to the awful to. human garbage that run our military corporate government you know they're they're the maggots trying to get into the garbage. and this is without even going into detail about operation mockingbird into the cia program beginning in the one nine hundred fifty s. to actively influence u.s. media and place people literally place cia valuable inside u.s. media organizations and it went on for decades here's a house intelligence committee hearing in one thousand nine hundred seventy five do you have any people being paid. by the cia. who are contributing. to
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a major circulation american journal we do have people who submit these to others to american do you have any people. paid by the c.e.o. i mean who are working for. television networks. this i think gets into the kind of getting into the details mr chairman that i'd like to get into an executive session yes let's talk about the behind closed doors are the first rule of operation mockingbird is. do not talk about operation mockingbird but even though i'm sure stuff like that continues today i'm saying that even without that even without operation mockingbird the corporate state and the military industrial complex all our media here if you're
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a good reporter and say the things the cia the f.b.i. the military the white house want to year then you get access and you keep moving up the ranks and said media organization. i for example have no access cia agents cross to the other side of the road when they when they see me walking down the sidewalk so as no one mistakes them as haven't talk to me i can't even i can't even get an ex u.f.c. fighter or of past their prime porn actress on my show because they fear for their career opportunities after having been tainted tainted by my show that's right of porn star who's afraid to touch me because she might get diseased i'm like i'm like ebola for fame and you just get within smelling distance of me and your career will die of a bloody gruesome death coughing up the internal organs is losing out their ears
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i am i have no access which means i'm presenting something that our corporate state doesn't like so that's something you should look for not just in comedians but in journalists anyway that's all the time i have byte i put out a new web exclusive videos every week i did one this week text the word redacted to four four four nine nine nine to get signed up for all of those it's free and quick also you can now watch redacted tonight on directv channel three two one good night keep fighting. all the feel. of the experience.
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and you'll get it on the you'll be. according to just. come along for the. i'm a trial lawyer i've spent countless hours poring through documents that tell the story about the ugly side of. corporate media everything uses to talk about the car . i'm going to paint a clear picture about how disturbing alcool corporate conduct is because in my. these are stories that you no one else in my kept telling you post of america. question. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest race.


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