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tv   Politicking With Larry King  RT  October 27, 2017 1:29am-2:01am EDT

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comments by senators corker and flake will accelerate the disintegration of the republican party and encourage more people to come out and speak against president trump the attacks against him this week were more about his character and the way handles the office senator corker said he's he will very be remembered for d. basing the presidency it's not as much about policy differences senator flake did say that there's no room in the republican party for someone like him who believes in immigration and free trade so he brought an element of issue differences into his decision to run again but he can't he can't win a primary and you now have the republican party looking at trying to remake itself
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in trump's image as though there are all these charismatic populists around the country just waiting to be called into service they go for the candidates debate and has come up with are pretty sorry bunch that could. still vote with the majority think they did yes yes and you note a tax cut is the only real policy proposal that's on the table and senator corker has said he wouldn't support something that blew up the deficit so he might not be a guaranteed yes vote but i wouldn't be at all surprised if senator flake of voted for tat for tax cuts so yeah you look at their percentage of voting with the president and they're well over ninety percent so it's not so much about issues it's about the i think the embarrassment. caused
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by mr trump and the way he has gotten into arguments with the gold star family and the way he's taunting the leader of north korea and i think there's genuine concern celestial larm that that doesn't make things better and as senator corker said some weeks ago could be putting us on the path to a third world war i won't call them flake both be replaced by people to the right of the. yes except if they if the people nominated in republican primaries are so far to the right that they can't win nationwide and you have the republican leader mcconnell reminding republicans that there were four senate seats they lost that they should've won in two thousand and ten when you had one candidate in missouri say there's such
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a thing is legitimate rape and if that happens the woman's body shuts down and pregnancy doesn't occur and you had another candidate do it in a ads that started i am not a witch you had and those were those were seats there were four seats that. would have been in republican hands except the candidates chosen were deemed you know so far out of the mainstream that they couldn't win statewide why do you think . president trained gets into these passions personality hassles with his own party members and. i some people think it's all part of a grand strategy to distract from the ongoing russian probe but i think he reacts emotionally. and the republican talking point is that he's
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a counter-puncher and when he's attacked he hits back but he spoils for these kind of fights and. he has it in his head that americans dislike weakness they like strength and so he will never apologize he doubles down i mean the misunderstanding with the gold star mother could easily have been made better with a gracious phone call saying he didn't mean to offend. her. he he like most people don't know what to say when they're confronted with such an enormous loss he could have made that better in an instant instead he with the with the help of his chief of staff on my day ed instead chose to. do some character debasement of
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a democratic congresswoman and then in maintaining that the widow didn't really give an honest recollection of the phone call me that is such an unnecessary fight and that anything i said during battle between the only sanders group it's aggressive and the democratic mainstream. yes it has not burst out into the open with the same ferocity as it has on on the on the right but there's a very critical governor's race coming up in virginia an early december and bernie sanders has refused to endorse ralph northam who is a. physician a pediatric neurosurgeon who currently attending governor whose who's running for governor against ed gillespie a former you probably remember him from time here no that's right and so.
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that that's a race that the democrats really should win but they're having trouble getting the excitement among the base and getting people to turn out in bernie sanders could be a big help there if he chose to so far he's chosen not to will we have a new tax. i i don't think we should even dignify what the republicans are trying to do by calling it tax reform it's really basically just a tax cut that they're trying to cobble together and they want it so badly that they might get it but there are so many divisions already erupting. they don't know how to pay for it they were thinking of you know fiddling with the rules around for a when kazan president trump to his credit tweeted that don't worry you're for
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a one k.'s going to stay the same. that disrupted the republicans who need to get money from somewhere they're also looking at the duct ability of state and local taxes which people on either coast both coast don't like in the handful of remaining republicans in the northeast are fighting that so they've got divisions within within their own ranks and they don't have any margin for error because whatever they do they're going to do without any democratic support turbulent times saying so is over right thank you eleanor clift columnist for the daily beast. earlier by the way i spoke with two veterans of political campaigns and the legislative process for their reaction to the latest tumult in d.c. nina turner's the former ohio state senator and president of our revolution described by the way is the next step for bernie sanders movement she joins me from
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cleveland. and lenny in land he was in san francisco that he's a research fellow at stanford's hoover institution and a former staffer in the george w. bush administration he was also an advisor to marco rubio's twenty sixteen presidential campaign here's that conversation watch was still with you lanny arizona senator jeff flake announced that he will not seek reelection he said we must never adjust to the courses of our dialogue with the tone set at the top. of the breidbart people who are already taking credit for this what do you make of it lanny well it's too bad you know jeff flake was one of those voices that i think was trying to get toward consensus always trying to figure out a way to find an answer but in this era of politics he's a little bit of an accurate as i'm larry quite frankly so i think it was probably the writing on the wall he probably figured there was no way that he was going to
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be able to beat kelly ward and other challengers who were going to be running against him in the senate in arizona next year and so he stepped aside but it is unfortunate because i do think he's a good man i think he was quite a good senator. as an army he is an ardent conservative do you expect him to vote against many of the bush. proposals for the rest of his term. larry i don't know that he will i mean on tax reform for example a lot of the views that he has are reflected in the tax reform package that's being developed now between the president in the congress so i think on that count i see him being supportive of the president's agenda he was supportive on the repeal and replacement of obamacare effort i expect that that will not change i think really what jeff flake is speaking out against this is speaking out against the tone and the tenor and the way in which the message is conveyed as you said in his message the coarseness of our politics but from a policy perspective i think in many ways he will still be very much in lockstep
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with mitch mcconnell on the republican leadership on these issues are nina what are your thoughts on all of this. lanny's point he brings up about the coarseness and what senator flake is saying i think he's dead on i mean but when you have a president that tweets all day long he goes after people personally you know this is not just about issue disputes which is that's what we are cussed accustomed to in the body politic your side believes one way our side believes another name even within political parties themselves you have people a little more conservative than the people who are a little more liberal but to have a president that is constantly attacking people personally this has become problematic in our political debate and the fact that even though i probably would not agree with not even one thing with senator flake in terms of policy positions what he is talking about regarding the buyer mitt of politics and the fact that it
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has become so detrimental so deadly so vicious i think he's right this illusion. the president a truth. about bob corker colu competent a lightweight really couldn't get elected don't catcher in his home state court threw accused troop of debasing our nation. if you see right larry i mean he and don't forget now senator corker support it now president trump and what a difference eight or eight or nine months make or he's going after this senator in such a way just because he is voicing his concern about the tenor and tone that the president has set even before he got elected so i want any everybody to be clear president trump was never of the republican party so people are saying that this is make it harder for tax reform or make it a more course within the relationship between the republican party in the present
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he was never one of them i mean he was and he beat out sixteen other people to become president of the united states of america and he didn't do that by being a quote unquote republican more were gone political panel right after this. about your sudden passing i phone lee just learned you were yourself in taking your last turn. to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry. so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each spring. but then my feeling started to change you talked about more like it was again still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never like it said one does not leave the funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with this one to. speak to us there are no other
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takers. claimed that mainstream media has met its maker. i've played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money kill the narrowness and spending shouldn't twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else i want to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy
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a great chance for. peace. anyone any goal that traditionally american design is a terrorist. may be a terrorist today it can be. a model that has been happening. without a body and knowledge. about
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politicking before the break i was speaking you would mean the turner former ohio state senator and president of our revolution and former advisor to marco rubio's twenty sixteen presidential campaign lenny chen who's also a research fellow at the hoover did at stanford's rather hoover institution and here's the rest of that conversation lenny. it's very if you were for george w. bush last week you made an extraordinary speech. he was talking about trump you didn't mention from but it was obvious where he was going what's going on in the party that you're a member of well look i think parties have these really difficult divisions and it happens from time to time i think we've seen it in the republican party in the past we've seen it in the democratic party in the past as well one thing about george w.
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bush that's funny larry how many of my friends who are progressives now are saying to me boy i really miss torsen w. bush that really says something about the politics of our time you know george w. bush i consider to be an extraordinary man i thought he was an extraordinary president in a lot of ways for him to make those comments which look i don't think anybody can doubt that they were directed in part at least at that the current president for george w. bush to make those statements really kind of demonstrates how far down the rat hole we've gotten in terms of the political dialogue and really an effort to elevate it back to hopefully an area where we can have civil disputes because that's not where we're at right now nina do you think we're going to reform the tax code. certainly don't agree with the way that the republicans are doing it i mean to give the one percent and even less than the one percent more tax cuts meanwhile the majority of the people especially the working poor and middle class bear the burden of that to starve out government in that way and not use the people's money for the
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benefit of the people i don't necessarily think that that is the way to go at all so i'm not sure and the republicans are really looking for a win you know i don't support their win but they're looking for one legislative when they have not had any but this president certainly does it doesn't make it easy for republicans and what he's proposing does not make it easy for many of the democrats to support i believe that the democrats put out a letter to the president august the first if my memory serves me correctly in terms of the things that they want to see in the tax reform plan let me do do we know what's in the plan. we don't know exactly larry there's been a lot of discussion about different kinds of provisions you know we had this idea a couple days ago floated that they might try to curb benefits to for a one k. plans which of course are personal retirement plans that employer sponsored i think that would be an unfortunate idea i think the president very i think correctly said that would not be a good way forward but what we do know larry is that overall they're trying to see
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rate reduction on both the corporate side and the individual side they're trying to figure out a way to get all this money that's parked overseas to bring that back home and they're trying to figure out a way to raise wages for the average american worker by cutting the tax burden so we'll have to see what actually happens but you know larry we've seen these fights before the devil is always in the details. nina trump has said that if they don't pass some tax reform they'll be dire consequences for the republican party you agree do you think they have to pass something. they need some type of legislative victory dire consequences i mean the president is he threaten the party even before he became president even before he ran as their nominee and so i'm not surprised that he is threatening them now i mean he his approval rating is at an all time low but within the faithful faithful part of his base they still believe in what he's doing so you know this dowsing back and forth with the president about who will
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have a consequence and who will not we will see we we know that he is he's a fighter in that way and so when he makes that kind of threat he'll be out there doing in between him and bad and who knows what's going to happen to the republican party let me ask you you abandon is he a plus or a minus shows you shoot all right now i think he's he's disruptive he's talking about potentially taking on some of the incumbent republican senators i recognize what he's trying to do is to channel some of this populist energy but it's not helpful right now when we've got a number of speaking on behalf of republicans we've got a number of republicans who are up for reelection in very difficult states we've got opportunities in other states to potentially pick up additional seats in a republican majority and to create a centrally intra party fights to create fights between republicans in states like indiana or missouri or west virginia where there are potential opportunities for republicans i think is problematic but we'll have to see you know i mean bannana
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still trying to decide which candidates he's supporting where he's going to play i think it's too early to tell but so far at least the signs don't seem particularly positive to me switching subjects a little mean a double from sun a personal check twenty five thousand dollars to the father of corporal dillon baldrige a u.s. soldier killed in afghanistan in june and you make of that is it appropriate. i'm not so sure so he picks this in and condolences to the family and for all of our men and women who are out there on the front line for us but is this family today with family will it be tomorrow when you do that kind of thing you make it hard because how how will he decide not to do that again for some of the family so i'm not so sure that it is appropriate because if he's not going to do it for all you know why would you do it for one lenny what do you think yeah look i mean i think this whole discussion you know over the last couple of weeks particularly around
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the operation and me share and what happened there i mean there's a lot of big question marks about exactly what went wrong but clearly something went wrong we have the last tragically of these brave men who served in our military and in this particular situation like i think of the president decided he wanted to help out he's certainly entitled to do that i don't see a problem with that i think the question becomes going forward how do we prevent this from happening again how do we make sure that our brave men and women who are put in harm's way are are well equipped and they're ready to go and don't face a situation like this one where apparently they were ambushed i think that's a question we all need to be focusing on not whether the president cut a check to some guy or not what do you make of the fact that so many in congress didn't know about a thousand members of the u.s. military in nigeria. they should know and so hopefully they're going to have the hearings to really get to the bottom of this there's no way that that should be going on in any country in the world and the congress not know about it. and the
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american people need to know about what happened there in a deeper way let me john mccain who is to the troop legally is calling for a war powers debate in the aftermath of nigeria you think you get that. i don't know if he'll get it but i but i think senator mccain's absolutely right we have to take a careful look and this is not just by the way a trump thing this is something over the last several administrations where you have arguably president sending men and women into harm's way without proper authorization i do think this is something that the congress needs to take a serious look at they need to figure out where do their powers and authorization stop and word of the president's begin and i think it's an appropriate discussion to have but larry again is one of those things a substantive argument which i don't think we're going to get to because we're too busy arguing about the other stuff the stuff that arguably doesn't matter nearly as much as the bigger questions around the scope of power and military deployments and
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who ought to be doing what how do you think nina he will do on the twelve day trip to asia. only god knows i mean the president certainly has not invoked confidence or any of our war world leaders whether they be in europe africa or asia one can hope that it goes well but with mr cuomo you never know. lanny all five living presidents recently gathered in texas raising money for hurricane victims. did a special tape for it a new at times published an interview with jimmy carter who said he's willing to go back diplomatically the north korea why not take that shot. well look i enjoy jimmy carter you know as somebody who served in a number of different roles sometimes well sometimes not as well i think if there's an opportunity the president should absolutely take him up on it i don't see any reason why we wouldn't want to deploy people regardless of their political party
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regardless of their persuasion in solving difficult problems i think the challenge with north korea is that we've got to wonder if jimmy carter's got the right point of view on this and i think that's something that the president's going to have to determine but i appreciate that the former president wants to get involved and i don't see any reason why you've got good people you wouldn't want to want to send him out to do things to improve our likelihood of having for example a diplomatic resolution with north korea or in other cases around the world they're using the oh absolutely at some point this is really about america and it's about humanity all across the world so if president carter wants to do that and president trump sees that as useful he should definitely take him up on that and i do commend president jimmy carter for being willing to be part of the solution here because that is rare especially in this politically charged environment where people are just trying to get one up on each other instead of trying to find a solution so i applaud president jimmy carter or not i do hope that president trump will take him up on that let these see the republicans passing some major
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legislation in the months. well they're going to have to larry before december eighth deal again with the debt ceiling and the financing of government so that's one thing i do think that there is momentum there for tax reform or tax cuts wherever they end up because they realize that unless they get something done to the question you asked earlier there will be some significant electoral results and electoral issues that will be raised if they can't get something done between now and next year so i do tend to think that there will be some activity exactly what remains to be seen but i do think there are opportunities that they're going to need to seize on if they want to have a good twenty eight hundred term cycle meaning as a major supporter bernie sanders where you see you party going in the twenty eighteen elections. well hopefully progressive i mean senator sanders is still right now the most popular active politician in the country across all groups whether it's people of color african-americans hispanics women overwhelmingly
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democrats overwhelmingly by eighty percent and so we're seeing lots of progressive movement especially on the local levels we just won a big victory in the south larry in birmingham alabama what randall would run in as a progressive a young african-american millennial running as a progressive and we're seeing that kind of stuff happen all over the country on the local level and hopefully we can take that to the state level and federal level and beyond me god knows the democrats have their share of problems right now but i am hoping that we will continue to push a more progressive agenda to lift the women men and children of this country lenny what do you expect in twenty eight. i think it's going to be a very competitive election cycle i think both parties have some internal issues that they're working through now i think a lot of this though frankly larry it is going to come down to the public's perception of the president and i think if president try if the economy and president trump if the perception there continues to be that there are problems i think that will trickle down to the republican candidates for congress i think if
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there's a perception that things are going better then i think things will be better for them but i do think that in midterm elections particular that first midterm election of a president's new term which is what we're coming into now a lot of it is a referendum on the president and what the president has or has not been doing you know lenny thank you both so much for your time today thank you thank you thanks for joining me on this edition of politics remember you can join the conversation on my facebook page. again use the politics. and that's all for this edition of politic. about your sudden passing i found we just learned you were yourself taking your last term. we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath
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. but then my feeling started to change you talked about more like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral in the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one difference i speak to now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. how does it feel to be
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a share of the greatest job in the world it's as close to being a king as any job there is one business model helps to run a prison now we do stuart on marcus is nobody you know visitation i don't know what comes in to them or we don't have to serve them anymore there's the fridge if that's what they want to do that as long as they don't give a damn if you need to charge them out there are actually pretty enough to put it back into. the louisiana incarceration rate is twice as high as the usa bridge what she could is behind such success. for over a year we have heard nonstop but somehow in some way trump world colluded with russia to win the presidential election so we have yet to see the evidence of this however it appears more likely it was the democratic party the difficult. under margaret thatcher there was a transition away from public housing and government assisted government
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underwritten public housing and they sold off all the council estates. people bought into the units across the country and they became the land owning the new land owning neoliberal gentrification under the current government in the u.k. it's another socialist scheme of government underwriting property but not for the poor people they do it for the rich people. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us in the long. the only show i go out of my way to. really packed a punch. is the john oliver of r t america's. we are apparently
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better than. the c. people you've never heard of. jack tonight president of the world bank. because we're going to. send us an e-mail. blocking our ad to kansas in the latest attack on russian media. come up today a big day for council over near the spanish senate set to vote on whether or not we trade will take back to the region as the president rules out a snap election himself. and the multibillion dollar cyber security industry could be about to double in value in the coming years under the constant threat of the internets.


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