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i know. i. spoke prime minister urges the country senate today to suspend catalonia is autonomy his plea to senate is came just an hour ago as they prepared to make a crucial vote on taking direct control of the region. to its targets blocking our other counts in the latest attack on russian media will tell you all about that. on the multibillion dollar cyber security industry could be about to double in value in the coming years a situation so bad under the constant threat of the internet where.
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very good afternoon just turned one of the afternoon moscow time this friday the twenty seventh of october a busy news day thanks for watching out international with me kevin oh it is starting in spain where just over an hour ago the prime minister there appealed to the senate to vote to take control of catalonia and depose the current cantle and leader members of the upper house will vote in just a couple of hours now that it's really crucial day today on whether or not to impose direct rule on the rest of region money on a request was met with prolonged a poor applause just an hour ago here it is. they pretty much all students because we're asking you senators to dismiss the president vice president and members of the council and government likewise the regional parliament must be part from electing new members of
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the thank you so pretty easy i guess by that opposed to estimate where it's going to go but how's it going to go down in barcelona let's go there shall do brain scans on the same it's not going to go down well is it if the vote does go that way that we think it will. absolutely kevin i mean the middle of the road if you want to take it's rally everybody hates how much very much i mean like i see them to behave now because i was talking and that's because the future members of this column is all going into the parliament where they start a session in the next few minutes as you heard there in that clip the spanish prime minister imagery it is said this article one fifty five must be passed today that this is being described by many as a nuclear option it's part of the spanish constitution which has never been used before and essentially if it is passed it will mean that the regional autonomy that
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the catalonia government has will be removed because raw is also called for. the primacy of spain has also called for the removal of carlos about who is the council land president and we've been speaking to people in the crowd here this pro independence rally and getting as sense of what they make about the one fifty five and what that would mean if it's passed today. you can remember what we watched the program in the first october with the police hitting people in the school bus so we know that. up in again. despite the europe is starting to say to the holy that this is not acceptable to buy you lunch in any situation but we assume that the possibility there will be again your lens but we are here so we'll continue we are going to lose east because we know we live respect the law
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and they one tool. to leave after our right and then he's not possible anymore. well as you might be able to see there is a large crowd gathering here outside the catalonia parliament and it's actually been a barricaded off the parliament by the police in fact the entire perimeter has been barricaded off since last night that's because the catalonian parliament are due to discuss a possible declaration of independence now they've already signed a motion to discuss that today that's going to be to page it in the chamber and the reason that that is taking place is because yesterday the catalan president refused to call either a snap election or to call for outright independence take a listen to what he said on thursday. more than willing to put forward an election as long as there's a go and see the proposal could probably be to them treated with respect there's been no such currency to date as. we've been
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speaking to people not just here in the crowds but some of the politicians in barcelona who are all quietly confident that they will be a declaration of independence today in fact some of the newspapers are already saying that one of the local newspapers which is clearly pro independent saying united declaration of independence and by reference that to the same people by to space that is not definitely going to happen we all waiting many people here hoping that they will be a declaration of independence of course their independence is that's what they want however there is a lot that could possibly happen to. eating bad food it would read them article one of the divine of course a lot of people those will want to stay out of spain as well or i will is sold to watch them over the coming hours we. learn of it as the afternoon progresses and we spoke to a counselor member who is pro independency told us he believes the regional parliament will push to break away a bit later and things therefore may turn ugly with madrid but what the catalan did
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was quite a clever move with the catalan president the. clever move because devolved the decision to move a cattle parliament now as you know that is pro independence majority there so obviously that points in one clear direction that probably will have a vote in favor of an internal unity that things might get very ugly here with the repression of the spanish government we are a peaceful people we are civic we are for so obviously you can expect some massive resistance from the catalan people because we are a very proud nation now we're not more than any other nation but we're not less than any other nations we have our rights we have the right of self-determination and we are going to support that we're going to defend our rights now there's another side to this is the ripple effect across the border to the south of france
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where there's plenty of support for cattle and independents big reason to for centuries that region was part of catalonia and ceded to france in the seventeenth century but is still known as northern catalonia it's got its own regional language and dialect is what locals there have to say about potential independence now in this push for it. so what's happening is very serious and sadly i find the elected representatives say much of this day neutral beyond neutral passive boring for people who claim to be democratic. we ask for donations and we'll collect a large sum of money of course but this is only the beginning we also want to show that we are here to tell our friends in the south don't worry you're not alone. when there is an oppressor and oppressed those who say nothing give their press or power work we want our representatives and our parliamentarians to come forward and
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to clearly say who did support follow this big story today across all our platforms as this one to actually our next was concerning us twitter has blocked this channel from advertising on its platform twitter was still there they will tell you more it's not unprecedented out of the blue move now to be clear it doesn't affect news feed accounts are you can still keep in touch as usual but there are big ramifications that tell you hawkins explains next. a story where the plot thickens and develops almost weekly r.t. has received notification from twitter it began positively we believe in freedom of expression and in speaking truth to power it ended ironically with the news that all r.t. accounts on our brand from advertising any content on the social media platform twitter has made policy decision to or board advertising from all accounts owned by russia today and sputnik according to twitter r t on behalf of the russian government attempted to interfere in u.s.
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elections as claimed by the us intelligence report back in january twenty seventh seen no clear accusations of wrongdoing misconduct or breach of policy now this turn of events is almost comical given that last year twitter offered to deliver an unbiased point of view of the us elections through an exclusive ad campaign aimed to promote artie's election coverage and bring it to a wider american audience ortiz released some details of the election collaboration offer to provide a clearer picture now this special offer included many features from customize the mode to analytics and research solutions even a dedicated team of twitter experts to help with media strategy now this had the specific aim of having a bigger reach to american voters and viewers why would twitter have offered this to a kremlin propaganda tool seeking to control the election after the negotiations r.t. didn't take up the offer because of the hefty price tag it went over all social
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media budgets what happened over the last year and a half how has r.t.e. gone from trusted media partner to being on par with mysterious russian bots and trolls here are the facts r t never violated any rules while advertising on twitter r.t. has never dealt with and will never deal with bots or any other compromised tools on any so. media platform r t has never spread any sort of deliberate misinformation if this had not been the case r t would have been banned by any social media platform in question as all of them have strict rules for policy violations however twitter included this channel in their report russian interference in the twenty sixth elections it even went as far as releasing confidential information on adverts spending on the platform a marketing strategy used by most international news outlets by the way in this day and age but again no proof of real misconduct the unprecedented actions of twitter
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might end up backfiring all media outlets as artie's editor in chief has warned. honestly i didn't believe that twitter was controlled by american security services it looked like a conspiracy theory to me but twitter has just been fast it's a pity especially because american news outlets operating in russia will now feel the tenderness of russian tit for tat measures in the twitter officials will testify before congress on russian election meddling no doubt r.t. will be given a mention and while our tear happy we've played by twitter's rules and twitter say they've avoided by the very principles of free expression they say they believe in . done exploding a bit more there were let me tell you a bit more since two it has already disclosed confidential data let's face it it was about the contract they had with us it's kind of gloves off a bit let's get it all in the open in twenty sixteen twitter made a special us election offered to our tea with quite
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a hefty price tag it would have cost us one point five million dollars of a just four months is a lot of dos but with a few more bolt on options it could have gone right up we could have ended up spending three point three million dollars what you get for that kind of money well i can tell you one thing you get a customized emoji very nice that would set you back eight hundred thousand dollars artie's management decided to very politely decline to it is kind of. well it's he said the social media told andrew farmer earlier about how to decision is come nonetheless is a big shock a disappointment we've never broken a rule on it and i dare say given the climate in america right now how do our team broken a rule would be very quick to hear about a right now but we haven't quite clearly and both it seems to me like that there's a certain desire to squeeze us a little bit in terms of you know how to reach across the digital they've never really expressed concern about the content or any of these concerns that they've
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expressed today no there were there's been no can no expressions of concern about our content on the contrary you know we've always tried to be very innovative digital publisher it's it's really surprising. unfortunate that they've decided in this decision unilaterally to prevent us from campaigning but in my opinion it speaks it speaks more to the kind of level hysteria level of hysteria that's in america from our point of view as a really important part from for us we certainly deeply regret it were shocked by it we deeply regret that you know we could've spoken about this before hundred least given given each of them heads up and you know quite clearly adamantly you know stand our ground in terms of the integrity and the quality of the products that we publish on our platform we're bloody good at this is a deliberate move to get everybody off of what's happening right now to the hillary clinton f.b.i. investigation everybody's favorite now let me get this straight r.t.d.
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buys it ad or ads ok like the world does what did these ads do did they survive the election did they cause or were they evidence of or in d.c. of colucci what pray tell did these ads are complex they made americans. i think and maybe caused curiosity dissension perhaps that was the collodion so that's a great move for freedom of speech way to go twitter it's discussed. there will these moves against were described as a witch by the russian foreign ministry just last month and they indeed have been gathering pace let me give you a potted history the u.s. justice department demanded that the american register under the cold war era foreign agents recently moscow said that that would result in serious legal consequences if it happened google then very recently removed you choose preview an
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advertising service in the states without any prior notice to this company the attacks against this channel started after january's u.s. intelligence report on alleged russian meddling there's never been any solid proof that r.t. influence the twenty sixteen us election despite the ongoing flurry of attacks in congress but one propaganda machine contributed to the influence campaign by serving as a platform for criminal messaging using russian government funded outlets russian propaganda media outlets like r t i think it's a propaganda arm of government that is definitely not on our side reports have it that russia not only wanted to weigh in in the election with they also want to undermine u.s. confidence the citizens confidence in our electoral process and in our democratic values the experts we talked to believe twitter might have been pressured into making this move against us. it's them trying to
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curry favor with congress before having to go before congress i know this is coming from from from from some sector in the government we just don't know which one but i think that when the hearings take place and twitter comes up and asked to explain this and they're going to come up and say hey look what we did now leave us alone it's not they're not going to leave them alone they're going to push them even more so when the hearings take place i think we're going to find out who behind the scenes is done this again it's probably within the american intelligence community but it definitely is pressure it's just the question is from what area of the government is it coming from. of course it's not a coincidence i mean the smear in the count's me is showing clinton and trump i mean it's just another not just to bashing out a but bashing russia as well i don't lot of people they look at the social media accounts like twitter and facebook and instagram and somehow believe that these are
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the past year ins of free speech but we're increasingly seeing sentient if anybody dead told how to gains that mainstream narrative so i understand where this attack is now come on and come see what r.t. have done wrong or to we get this unholy alliance between the fourth the state machine the press and the people and politicians it's not a good and it's not a healthy relationship. no i don't think it was an accident or or a mix up or is in any way i think it was directed look you know back during the old days during the cold war it was the soviet union that sought to protect protect its population from infection by any voice that descended from the dissented from the official media now we have american media companies and the american government trying to shut down dissent and make sure we could only listen to c.n.n. and we see no defense in the sending. choices at all this is
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a very ominous development it's not so much even r t but what does this say about what the american government the american agencies and now these social media companies are willing to do to compromise information coming to the american people this is a thank you for watching we're proud to be a hope you continue to do so as well on the way in the next fifty minutes among the stories well there's a sinister side to the internet you should know more about all of us know more about and also why it's hard to tell red from blue in u.s. politics these days so if this eighty second break. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around core. corporations from washington to washington media the media the. voters elect who's going to run this country business because.
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it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. for over a year we have heard nonstop but somehow in some way trump colluded with russia to win the presidential election so we have yet to see evidence of this however it appears more likely it was the democratic party. and you go there resist the american design is a. risk it can be. that has been happening. on. the internet so long had a sinister side which ever experienced but which we should all be concerned about.
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this is just. and it's no surprise now that securing information held online is an endless battle against tough crimes rocketed in recent is it thought of the cost of country it could double over the next five years alone sub security expert barry spielman explained some of the dangers lurking out there. the dark web has become a place where a lot of very bad things are going on over there it wasn't always that way and it wasn't meant to be that way the dark web was a set up a originally by the united states navy to be used as a place for dissidents or people in third world countries who want to have
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connections with the outside world or to provide privacy and anonymity but the problem is is that the dark where has been hijacked by bad people because of the same reasons that it's providing that same anonymity and basically today you have tremendous amounts of cyber crime that are being run off in the dark where different sites different forums marketplaces reflect like look like amazon where they actually selling things broken down into categories and i say selling things i mean everything you can possibly imagine drugs weapons pornography all the bad things you can imagine. it's also a place that is beginning to threaten organizations because if someone is breached and there's large data breaches this information can find its way for sale on the dark web or just the dennehy of people being stolen whether it's students at a university whether it's the medicare program in australia which is bridge recently so a dark way of cyber intelligence company is a company like ours six killed that basically is analyzing information that's on
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the dock where and other sources like the deep web and basically providing a threat intelligence picture of the different threats that are out there on these different and these areas. scary next picking which party to back in the u.s. used to be pretty straightforward but now more than a few republican sen has a call so vocally turned against the president the sounding more like democrats it is getting tougher out there cullum open has been out in new york to play a sport of spot the republican. in the usa it's coke or pepsi mcdonald's or burger king and we all know in politics it's democrats or republicans but now we've got three senators who don't exactly fit these categories you know you would think he would aspire to be the president united states and act like a present united states but you know there's just not going to be the case apparently a democrat sounds like a democrat democrat so that i was actually senator corker
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a republican. say something like that to abandon the idea as we have advanced around the globe to really use the ugly gauge of international leadership and our duty to remain the last especially hold over her for the sake of some a half they sure is nation against republican and you're correct that john mccain a republican we must stop pretending that the dick degradation of our politics and the conduct of saddam and our executive branch are normal they are not normal reckless outrageous and undignified behavior has become excused and countenanced as telling it like it is. when it is actually just reckless outrageous and dignified and dignified democrat actually that's a real they might sound like members of a classic democrats attacking trump but these are republican senators at least for the moment now at least two of them say that they're not planning to run for
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reelection well there seems to be a falling out within the republican party but they're not democrats so where do they fit into their new third party well they certainly have political weight i don't know if i have the popularity to form a third party of three represent the paul six of the old republican guard the establishment republican party and they see the writing on the wall and frankly there's no future for them in the republican party as it is being led by the president they can say what they want to about the president but they can't they can't win elections and that's why they're winning and i think senator corker and now senator flake so you not only you know if they do decide to run for reelection they would probably would they were facing a primary opponent and they would probably lose the election so at this point the u.s. senate has fifty two republicans forty six democrats plus two independents who caucus with the democrats so three republican senators marching to their own drumbeat isn't a small matter last july they played
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a decisive role in defeating republicans health care bill intended to overturn obamacare. now it's worth noting that both the weekly standard and the national review both of them ideological voices of neoconservatism are with the senators and against the president and they've even got a popular hash tag alert the day care staff so these anti trump republicans may be leaving the senate but until they do they're making sure trump doesn't get his own way cable poppen r.t. new york. you know somebody was once said never go shopping when you hungry. are you a fan of the pastry stunt of the supermarket. the might be a problem in future there's a huge spike in the cost of a key ingredient in france's most iconic pastry the cost so there's a shortage in the country that could spell the end of the delicacy for the industry and precedent and pressure.
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but she news they saw by the way just cut to the to clamp down thing on us is
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really important point she was still of course on twitter as usual so you can follow your news as usual with the usual updates as they happen from us such for tea or any of our correspondents really good to know that you follow us i'm going to let you know next time to pharmacy with the next lloyd bulletin from r t h q mosco in thirty. one else seems wrong but i. just don't.
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get to shape out to stay. active. and engaged equals betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart. she's to look for common ground. can confusion bitterness and infighting within the g.o.p. and that's just this week alone d.c. seems messier than ever we're going to try to find out what's going on on this edition of. politicking on larry king quite a week in washington republican stalwarts bob corker and jeff flake u.s.
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senators from tennessee and arizona respectively have announced they were in time it's rather than go through with a ring primary battles back home both have exchanged shots with the president on twitter and in interviews and their announcements this week leave their g.o.p. counterparts split over the ways in which donald trump has conducted himself since assuming office by the way all of this political drama plays out in a time when north korea stands on the brink of achieving nuclear weapons four americans are killed in an ambush in nigeria and while former top adviser steve benen promises more political casualties in his promised war against the g.o.p. so what's the latest what's likely to happen next let's talk about that with eleanor clift political commentator and author and columnist for the daily beast eleanor joins me from washington eleanor what do you make of the corcoran flake flake out.


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