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tv   Headline News  RT  October 27, 2017 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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[000:00:00;00] live live . thank you spain's prime minister just the senate to suspend catalonia autonomy and dismiss its leader members will vote in about an hour on whether to date direct control of the region these are live pictures from barcelona where people are campaigning for independence also this hour with a target stops us from advertising on its platform in the latest attack on russian media and a multi-billion dollar cyber security industry could be about to double in value in
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the coming years under the constant threat to the internet. thanks. for the welcome you're watching r.t. international this friday afternoon where it's just two o'clock here in moscow and i will start in spain where the prime minister there has appealed to the senate to vote take control of catalonia and oppose the catalan leader members of the house will vote in about an hour on whether to impose direct rule over the rest of region in fact these are live pictures we're looking at from barcelona where people out on the streets campaigning for independence hall these request was met with approx. we are asking you senator to dismiss the president vice president and members of the cancer government likewise the regional parliament must be part from electing new members
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thank you ok well it's a cross live now to barcelona and get in touch with our correspondent there charlotte dubinsky charlotte after months of impasse it does look like today we will see some significant development. yes that's right john jr i'm inside a crash just outside the capitol on parliament many people here are pro independence this but there is a group of people who would like to remain united spain and both camps are hoping that there will be some i will come over this situation today as we know senators in spain in madrid all d. to vote on article one five five when the standard the spanish prime minister and his aides deputies voiced by primus that actually meeting at the moment to discuss
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what's going on before the vote takes place if we expect in about an hour now out of one five five has been described as the nuclear option it's part of the spanish constitution which has never been without it before and essentially it means that if they see that it's that the regional autonomy the catalyst hard for many years that would be taken away from it and betrayed respectively controls what's happening here is catalonia loving speaking to some of the people in this crowd about what they think about article one five five. you can remember what we watched the program in the first october with the police shooting people in the schools saw we know that. can happen again. despite the europe is trying to say to the hoary that this is not acceptable to buy you lunch in any situation but we assume that the possibility there will be again value lens but
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we are here so we'll continue we are going to resist because we know we will respect the law and they want to. to leave half an hour right and then is not possible anymore we are ready to fight these are to go and we're going to support the independence of kind of now we are here hoping that our president puts them on a few wolf. only the curtain the banners of and so we will be following word the presidency as well those are some of the views only streets here in barcelona mainly people from the pro independence camps of course this is a divided country with many people wanting to amaze how to spank but let's discuss some of the issues that with our guest edward two of his from the think tank out of public eye events and all and i thank you very much for joining us to this question is article one five five looks like it's going to be passed by the spanish government there is an expectation that the cleri declaration of independence here
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catalonia how to fight it is not just spain but catalonia right now. i think that there's really. a separation between the politics in spain and believe some are still innocent. people out of the side of. the right to the side of our future in the spain versus. deep. division. again. our institutions so it is a difficult it's difficult to make an agreement with parts if spain does trigger article one five five not me clear option what you think the reaction is going to be here in catalonia i think the people will defend the institutions i think spain will have a problem. because. you can only apply if you have the power he can convince people i think people it's. still follow
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the thailand government so it will be a. real earth situation we do in spain telling us still don't whatever and qatar and we'll go around saying the other things so i think people will follow the telegram and it think it's it's how we feel right here there is some confusion to find out what will happen. if article one five five be spitted owned by senators in madrid before there is any declaration of independence we don't know that that is going to happen but it is widely expected if the declaration comes after senate is voting which way it can catalonia still declare independence. that's the thing that's why today we have the same eight under perelman debating who is the first one to make an agreement one place or independence it's something important i think that we have our parliament concern concern about it and they
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will proclaimed independence because our one faith will. apply when he has been braydon in. spain of the greyman it's called of the boy and i think it will be tomorrow so i think we have plenty of time in our will to the clarion independence edward two years thank you very much for joining us that was edward from the think tank republican ia barcelona many people out in the streets now just waiting to find out exactly what will happen will there be a declaration of independence from the catalonian parliament we're expecting that session to start very soon and of course we're waiting for the outcome of that vote in madrid if senators will act that nuclear option article one fifty five which will remove the regional autonomy away here from catalonia ok thanks charlotte that was charlotte devinsky there in barcelona for us well there is a ripple effect too across the border in the south of france where there's plenty
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of support for catalan independence because for centuries the region was in fact a part of catalonia but ceded to france in the seventeenth century however it's still known as northern catalonia with its own regional language and dialect here's what locals there have to say about the independence push. of course what's happening is very serious and. elected representatives say much of this will be your neutral passive. people who claim to be democratic. we ask for donations and we'll collect a large sum of money of course but this is only the beginning we also want to show that we are here to tell our friends in the south don't worry you're not alone. when there is an oppressor and oppressed those who say nothing give their press or power work we want to present that to our part of the military and to come forward
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and to clearly say who do support. twitter has blocked r.t. from advertising on its platform in an unprecedented and the blue move to be clear that it doesn't affect any of our news accounts and you can still follow as usual but there's been plenty of reaction to this particularly in russia and to talk more about it now joined by frank elliott so what sort of response we had then in russia to this first of all we heard the press secretary of lattimer say a few things about this he says that it is very disappointing twitter's decision i mean of course mr peskov as saying that r t has become the victim of some deep prejudice against russian media twitter says that the reason for their decision to block the r.t. ad campaign on their platform is because the reason for it is that russia on behalf of the russian government interfered in the us election and they're saying they're
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basing this on the january twenty seventh report by the u.s. intelligence committee but twitter doesn't put forward any accusations of wrongdoing misconduct or breach of policy in this case but hey the most important detail in this case of course i guess is that twitter had to reach. with r t t with a special offer that included many things but it was all about boosting artie's popularity ahead of the election there were many features from hashtags and mold two different things stuff that had to do with analytics and even they suggested twitter experts helping our t. with the media strategy but. twitter thought that our team might be interested to this to expand their reach to the u.s. audience before the election and the cost was one point five million dollars with
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a bunch of extra options in there that cost could have been up to three point three million dollars. that i mentioned that was eight hundred thousand dollars so a lot of money you know a lot of money and our t. decided to decline that but you know twitter never mentioned this. you know up until this point saying he had good relations between you know his it was described as a trusted partner and they did seem to have a good businesslike relationship while by the way you can see the numbers here. as i was saying the modules cost eight hundred thousand us dollars which is of course a lot yeah and then in total there is not a leader it is three point three million that is the total of all options are included but as i was saying our t. never expected twitter to make this decision then also publish all the confidential information when it comes to cooperation between our t.
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and twitter of course we had out ads on twitter just as many other channels do but they published exactly how much we spent on these ads and just to remind you that was only two hundred seventy four thousand us dollars which is much smaller than the numbers that i just gave you right and artie's everything in chief once again stress that there was no wrongdoing when it comes to r t's twitter ad campaign. honestly i didn't believe the twitter was controlled by american security services it looked like a conspiracy theory to me but twitter has just confessed it's a pity especially because american news outlets operating in russia will now feel the tenderness of russian tit for tat measures. just to get back to this in november the twitter staff or the management will have to testify to the senate in
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a public hearing previously they never mentioned about this offer that i mentioned when they had a private briefing with members of the us senate intelligence committee and again they never mentioned that offer so we'll see what happens when there's in the public domain so let's see if they do mention it if they are going to talk they're going to talk we'll see if thank you that was combat well earlier we discussed this twitter ban with legal and media and this line who told us that is just an attempt to distract from of an embarrassing revelations this is a deliberate move to get everybody off of what's happening right now to the hillary clinton f.b.i. investigation everybody's favorite now let me get this straight r.t.d. buys an ad or ads ok like the world does what did these ads do did they survive the election did they cause or were they evidence
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of or in d.c. of colucci what pray tell did these ads are complex they made americans think and maybe caused curiosity dissension perhaps that was the collusion so that's a great move for freedom of speech way to go twitter it's disgusting. well the moves against r.t. were described as a witch hunt by the russian foreign ministry last month and they've been gathering pasting the us justice department demanded that r.t. america register under the cold war era foreign agent act moscow said that that would result in serious legal consequences google then removed premium advertising service in the u.s. without any prior notice the attacks against this channel started after the us intelligence report on alleged russian meddling back in january there's never been
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any solid proof that r.t. influence the twenty sixteen u.s. election despite a flurry of attacks in congress but one propaganda machine contributed to the influence campaign both serving as a platform for criminal messaging using russian government funded outlets russian propaganda media outlets like r t i think it's a propaganda arm of government is definitely not on our side reports have it that russia not only wanted to weigh in in the election with the also want to undermine u.s. confidence the citizens confidence in our electoral process and in our democratic values while the experts we talked to believe that twitter might have been pressured into making the move against. it's them trying to curry favor with congress before having to go before congress and i know this is coming from from from from some sector in the government we just don't
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know which one yet but i think that when the hearings take place and twitter comes up and asked to explain this and they're going to come up and say hey look what we did now leave us alone it's not they're not going to leave them alone they're going to push them even more so when the hearings take place i think we're going to find out who behind the scenes is done this again it's probably within the american intelligence community but it definitely is pressure it's just the question is from what area of the government is it coming from. of course it's not a coincidence i mean the smear in the count's me is showing clinton and trump i mean it's just another not just a bashing of a bashing russia as well i don't lot of people they look at the social media accounts like twitter and facebook and instagram and somehow believe that these are the past year ins of free speech but we're increasingly seeing censorship if anybody day is to talk out against them mainstream narrative so i understand where
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this attack has now come on and i'll come see what r.t. have done wrong to we get this unholy alliance between the force the state machine the press and the people and politicians it's not so good and it's not a healthy relationship. no i don't think it was an accident or or a mix up or is in any way i think it was directed look you know back there in the old days during the cold war it was the soviet union that sought to protect protect its population from infection by any voice that descended from the dissented from the official media now we have american media companies and the american government trying to shut down dissent and make sure we could only listen to c.n.n. and we see no defense in the scenting. says it all this is a very ominous development it's not so much even r t but what does this say about what the american government the american agencies and now these social media companies are willing to do to compromise information coming to the american people
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thanks for watching us a softening still ahead a sinister side to the internet you should know more a bank we'll have a look at that after the break as well as telling read from blue in the u.s.
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politics is becoming harder on the way the brain. and you go there resist the american design is a. risk it can be. happening . all over again the internet has long had a sinister side which few people ever experience but what should be a concern to anybody who gets online. ok.
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this is just because. well securing information held online is now and this battle with cyber crime having rocketed in recent years and it's thought the cost of countering it could double over the next five years cyber security expert barry spielman explains some of the dangers lurking at. the dark web has become a place where a lot of very bad things are going on over there it wasn't always that way and it wasn't meant to be that way the dark web was a set up originally by the united states navy to be used as a place for dissidents or people in third world countries who want to have connections with the outside world or to provide privacy and anonymity but the problem is is that the dark web has been hijacked by bad people because of the same reasons that it's providing that same anonymity and basically today you have tremendous amounts of cyber crime that are being run off in the dark with different
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sites different forums marketplaces report like look like amazon where they're actually selling things broken down into categories and i say selling things i mean everything you can possibly imagine drugs weapons pornography all the bad things you could imagine. it's also a place that is beginning to threaten organizations because if someone is breached and there's large data breaches this information could find its way for sale on the dark web or just the density of people being stolen whether it's students are universally whether it's the medicare program in australia which is rich recently so a dark where cyber intelligence company is a company like ours six that basically is analyzing information that's on the dock where and other sources like the deep web and basically providing a threat intelligence picture of the different threats that are out there and these different in these areas. that are picking which party to back in the us used to be a pretty straightforward choice but now with more than
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a few republican senators vocally turning against their own president and sounding more like the democrats it is getting tougher kalam opens be nice to new york to play the game spot the republican. in the usa it's coke or pepsi mcdonald's or burger king and we all know in politics it's democrats or republicans but now we've got three senators who don't exactly fit these categories you know you would think he would aspire to be the president united states and act like a present united states but you know there's just not going to be the case apparently a democrat sounds like a democrat democrats that that was actually senator corker a republican. say something like that to abandon the idea as we have advanced around the globe to really use the ugly gauge of international leadership and our duty to remain the last especially over her for the sake of some
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a half they sure is nation against republican and you're correct that john mccain a republican we must stop pretending that the dick degradation of our politics and the conduct of saddam and our executive branch are normal they are not normal reckless outrageous and undignified behavior has become excused in countenance as telling it like it is. when it is actually just reckless outrageous and dignified and dignified democrat actually that's a relief when they might sound like members of our classic democrats attacking trump but these are republican senators at least for the moment now at least two of them say that they're not planning to run for reelection well there seems to be a falling out within the republican party but they're not democrats so where do they fit into their new third party well they certainly have political weight i don't know if they have the popularity to form
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a third party of three represent the paul six of the old republican guard the establishment republican party and they see the writing on the wall and frankly there's no future for them in the republican party as it is being led by the president they can say what they want to about the president but they can't they can't win elections and that's why they're winning and i think senator corker and now senator flake see that the you know if they did decide to run for reelection they would probably would if they were facing a primary opponent and they would probably lose the election so at this point the u.s. senate has fifty two republicans forty six democrats plus two independents who caucus with the democrats so three republican senators marching to their own drumbeat isn't a small matter last july they played a decisive role in defeating republicans health care bill intended to overturn obamacare. now it's worth noting that both the weekly standard and the national review both of them
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ideological voices of neoconservatism are with the senators and against the president and they've even got a popular hash tag alert the day care staff so these anti trump republicans may be leaving the senate but until they do they're making sure trump doesn't get his own way cable poppen r.t. new york. ny finally this hour the has been a huge spike in the cost of a keen greedy and france's most iconic pastry the question on the bus a shortage in the country could spell the end of the delicacy with the industry and
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the unprecedented pressure. no watch out international thanks been with this often i have more news in half an hour don't forget you can keep cross with the stories plus this take. up the fight for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the
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ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money kill you narrowness and spending to do the twenty million. books it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful game but great so what chance with. the base. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around corporations corporations from washington the washington post media the media. and voters elected a businessman to run this country business equals power who must it's not business
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as usual it's business like it's never been done before. for over a year we have heard nonstop but somehow in some way trump colluded with russia to win the presidential election so we have yet to see the evidence of this however it appears more likely it was the democratic party they did they colluded. how does it feel to be. the greatest job in the world it's as close to being a king as any job there is what business model helps to run a prison now we just do it oh my guess is no big deal is the case and i don't no one comes anymore we don't have to search them anymore is cost effective this way they won't get that loan they don't give a damn if you do the job there are actually paying us to put it back into. the louisiana incarceration rate is twice as high as the us sam bridge what she could
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is behind such success. greetings in the salutation well according to the good folks at merriam webster the definition of the word distraction is an object that directs one's attention away from something else here's a here's a real world example of distraction. while the chicken hawks on capitol hill a been clucking up a storm of attention over the fact that all of us evil folks here at our tea advertised our channel on twitter. the powers that be over at the c c have been quietly stripping away protections against media monopolies you see well while they got you all afraid of russian news media the large corporate media


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