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tv   Headline News  RT  October 27, 2017 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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thanks spain's prime minister the senate to suspend catalonia autonomy and dismiss its leader this is thousands demonstrate for independence in barcelona and at the same time in the catalan parliament m.p.'s are preparing to vote on independence. from advertising citing alleged russian meddling in the us election despite the fact the social network itself pitched a multi-million dollar ad campaign to r.t. ahead of the election to report to the western media un chemical watchdog chemical weapons watchdog says it's confident the assad government playing bridge deadly attack in april despite russia voicing serious concerns over its credibility.
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but i welcome it's just turned four o'clock here in moscow you're watching international start in spain today where the prime minister has appealed to the senate to take direct control of catalonia and the regions. we're asking you. to dismiss the president vice president and members of the cancer government likewise the regional parliament must be electing new members thank . you meanwhile the cattle and regional parliament is expected. vote any minute on
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whether to declare independence or not these are live pictures from there to show that dubinsky has been gauging the mood in the catalan capital barcelona. but inside a crash just outside the catalan parliament many people here all pro independence this but there is a group of people who would like to remain you guys in spain and both camps are hoping that there will be some i'll come over this situation today as we know senator is in spain in madrid or do you to vote on articles one five five a win to stem the spanish prime minister and he's a deputies voiced by prime is that actually meeting at the moment to discuss what's going on before that vote takes place if we expect in about an hour now oh the cuban five five is being described as the nuclear option it's part of the spanish constitution which is never going back to the pool and essentially it means that if they see that it has that the regional autonomy that is not full when he's going to take it away from it and treat respectively controls what's happening here is that
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you know you love me speaking to some of the people in this trial about what they think of us on one life i can remember what we watched the program in the first october with the polish people in the schools saw we know the. country up in again. despite the europe is starting to say to the holy that this is not acceptable by us in any situation but we assume that the possibility there we again value lens but we are here so we continue we have learned to resist because we know we respect the law and they want to. believe half our rights and then it's not possible anymore we are ready to fight these are to go and we are going to support the independence of kind of now we are here hoping. that our president puts them on if you will find me the courage in the
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friends of i'm so we'll be following what the president with those are some of the views only streets here in barcelona mainly people from the pro independence camp of course this is a divided country with many people wanting to remain whole to spain but let's discuss some of the issues there with our guest edward two of his from the think tank out of public i.e.e.e. basle dollar i thank you very much for joining us thank you for this question is article one five five looks like it's going to be passed by the spanish government there is an expectation that declaring declaration of independence here catalonia how to fight it is not just spain but catalonia right now. i think that there's really. a separation between the politics in spain and believe some or so innocent . people with the family or institutions i think spain can probably go up by one point five because. you can only apply if you have the power here
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can convince people there is some confusion to find out what will happen if article one five five be spitted on by senators in madrid before there is any declaration of independence say we don't know that that is going to happen but it is widely expected if the declaration comes after senate is going to madrid can catalonia still declare independence and that's that's the thing that's why today we have the same eight and the parliament debating it who is the first one to make an agreement one place or independence it's something important i think that we have our parliament concerned concerned about it and they will have proclaimed independence because i want to take i will. apply when he has been brighton in the paper of spain. of the great men it's called of the boy and i think
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it will be tomorrow so i think we have plenty of time in order to declare independence edward two years thank you very much for joining us that was from the think tank republican bus alone or many people out in the streets now just waiting to find out exactly what will happen will there be a declaration of independence from the catalonian parliament expecting that session to start very soon and of course we're waiting for the outcome of that vote in madrid if senators will act that nuclear option article fifty five which will remove the regional autonomy away here. but we are hearing that the catalan parliament voting on splitting from spain in a secret ballot previously lawmakers from the socialist party the people's part of me cuidado north party had left the parliament chamber when the vote was being. now there has been a domino effect across the border to even the south of france where there's plenty
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of support for cattle and independence for centuries the region was a part of catalonia but ceded to france in the seventeenth century however it is still known as northern catalonia with its own regional language and also dialect is what locals there have to say about the independence push in the region. what's happening is very serious and sadly our fund elected representatives say much of this will be young neutral passive. people who claim to be democratic. we ask for donations and we'll collect a large sum of money of course but this is only the beginning we also want to show that we are here to tell our friends in the south don't worry you're not alone. when there is an oppressor and oppressed those who say nothing give their press or power we want no representatives of the military and to come forward and to clearly say who is the poor. look at other news now in twitter has blocked our taking from
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advertising on its platform in a number dented and out of the blue moon to be clear though it doesn't affect any of our news feed accounts which you can still follow as usual here is he's been following the story for us to tell us them what sort of reaction has there been to this move by twitter sure andy well a lot of our putin's press secretary had a few things to say about it twitter's decision is disappointing he says he has become a victim of deep prejudice against the russian media going back to twitter's accusation the problem was apparently that r.t. interfered in the u.s. presidential race there citing the u.s. intelligence committee's report from january although the tech giant didn't put forth any clear accusations of wrongdoing misconduct or breach of policy twitter did publish confidential data of how much r.t. spent on ads on their platforms so we decided to reveal something else which might
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change how everyone sees the story twitter's own special offer to boost our on their platform ahead of the vote and where that r t would have delivered and unbiased point of view of the us election there were many inciting features suggested from. special moggi hashtags to stuff on analytics and research solutions plus a team of experts to help with strategy and tactical support that brings us to the cost one and a half million dollars with a bunch of extra options three point three million you will see it on this screen the priceless right now the customized montes that i mentioned eight hundred thousand bucks alone while we chose not to except now when twitter management took part in a private briefing with the u.s. senate intelligence committee they never mentioned this special offer they had for
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t.v. or at any other point as the spokesperson for the committee told the reporters are the turn in chief thinks it's not that simple when it comes to how twitter is dealing with american officials. honestly i didn't believe that twitter was controlled by american security services it looked like a conspiracy theory to me but twitter has just confessed it's a pity especially because american news outlets operating in russia will now feel the tenderness of russian tit for tat measures. in november twitter will publicly testify before the u.s. congress will the tech giant mention their special offer of this storm once again i want to stress that we declined it and then a year later twitter published confidential data on how much we spent on ads that was much smaller solemn compared to their business proposal less than three hundred thousand dollars now they banned r t ads even though it was twitter that once
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suggested we can use their platform to get more involved in covering the american election. ok thanks and it was. earlier we did discuss this twitter ban with legal a media analyst line who told us that it's it is just an attempt to distract from the embarrassing revelations this is a deliberate move to get everybody off of what's happening right now to the hillary clinton f.b.i. investigation everybody's favorite now let me get this straight r.t.d. buys it ad or ads ok like the world does what did these ads do did they survive the election did they cause or were they evidence of or in d.c. of colucci and what pray tell did these ads accomplish they made
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americans. sync and maybe caused curiosity dissension perhaps that was the collodion so that's a great move for freedom of speech way to go twitter it's discussed. without a now and still ahead for you i believe paul claims that syria was to blame for a deadly gas attack in the country back in april but there are concerns about its credibility we'll have the details after the break.
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for over a year we have heard nonstop but somehow in some way trump world colluded with russia to win the presidential election we have yet to see the evidence of this however it appears more likely it was the democratic party that did the colluding. hello again now in a new report the u.n. chemical weapons watchdog says it is confident that syria was to blame for
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a deadly attack in the rebel held town of conscious in syria in april parts of the document were leaked to the media and that this is how the a.f.p. reported on it more than eighty people were killed in the attack in the p.c. w. confirm the use of sarin gas at the time the government was way widely blamed by governments and the media although it was based on disputed evidence u.n. chemical weapons watchdog then assigned a special panel to investigate the instance where the u.s. launched a missile strike on a syrian military airport which it claimed was where the chemicals had been stored russia's permanent mission to the u.n. says it is concerned by the leak it's already questioned its credibility and is studying its contents. even a kusa read shows that there are many inconsistences and discrepancies doubtful witness accounts and then verified evidence is still in the report it also uses the same testimonies which sparked our deep concerns in the past. well in june after
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the first un p.c. w. report was released russia why experts hadn't visited the scene of the attack it was also concerned that the investigative team excepted samples received from third party well let's bring in now beirut based journalist martin j. good afternoon to you martin thanks for your time today according to the lake this latest report does say it's confident the syrian government was to blame how confident can it be given all the questions that were raised about the fact they didn't visit the site for example and also questionable third party evidence. just because believe i don't think there can be any confidence. i think the word very usefully were very loosely used you know we the fact that no no she went to the site the fact that it was so many inconsistences proxies were used to do the
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job for them. and you know it's by their own admission if you actually read the report you know there are there are quite a number of inconsistences which are really quite alarming one particular one is just a reference to force jets in the region there's conflicting evidence to which jets were passing over that particular time so i don't know where they get this word confidence from i think it's i think what they've done is they've done the diligence you know to satisfy the members of the press and the public at large you know they left an awful lot of time to pass not to build credence around the theory but it still you know just just millions theory which has been pushed and pushed very hard by those in the west to have an agenda in which you then expect to see governments like the media has done sort of jump on this report and say look this report is claiming that is irrefutable bashar al assad is to blame we're looking at media reports today in the affectively that is that. yeah and that starts been
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the media of just following the big guns in europe in britain and france from the from the very early days from just when this originally happened you know boris johnson british from france secretary said the fact. that the the assad regime was responsible for this chemical attack we have similar statements from from washington and from trump people what would happen with that with no evidence of tools so i think now we've we move further on down the line media have. given up and say and sort of put a kill frame around these assertions and of course that just fuels now other countries in the u.n. who were perhaps in the sidelines perhaps weren't convinced. to actually perhaps go along with us. apart from looking at all the evidence you've got to look at the motive to just briefly martin mean what could have been to gain what could have a sad again from launching such an attack. i don't think it was
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anything to gain i mean this this is one of the arguments that america in the west don't like to spend too much time mulling over you know there really wasn't that much to gain by a chemical attack at this particular stage of the syria campaign he was way ahead i mean he's been way ahead since september fifteenth when the brush and gave them the support they needed you know there was no real need to screw it all up and take such a risk if that's what. if that's what the assertion is you know i don't believe that is the case but this idea that's bandied about that we needed to teach these sunni insurgents in this particular region a lesson to break them or it's it's a it's a pretty weak one a more civil reaction would you expect from the west now given that we saw military action didn't we from the us straight after this gas attack on a syrian airfield would you anticipate further military action perhaps.
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unfortunately that's the sad outcome of all this is that that's the direction that we're heading as no i mean trump's people of hinted over a sustained period nikki haley us are going bust said just a few weeks ago that assad must go remarkably you know that same sort of narrative is coming through from other people and there are some there are some other particular disturbing statements today coming from america about the regime and above making specific. and taking on the task of hitting assad wherever possible i mean that's that's where we're heading we're heading toward now a clash of confrontation whereby america or all the u.n. countries the one along with this can point to this report and say well this is what we posted on you know this these this was the u.n. inspectors but you know the use of. the p.c. w. is not all objective it doesn't have a very good track record neither in two thousand and thirteen where it won a nobel peace prize and so today i don't think that today's report is going to win
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the prize is certainly not for objectivity ok martin that we'll leave it there for now always good to talk to you that was there martin a beirut based journalist thank you. the internet has long had a sinister side which few people ever experience hidden from public view it is called the dark web where the internet's illicit activities reside. ok. this is just. well cyber crime has rocketed in recent years with online attacks becoming more sophisticated day by day and it's thought the cost of kind to ring it could double
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over the next five years cyber security expert barry spielman explains the dark web was initially created by the u.s. navy with good intentions ah. the dark web has become a place where a lot of very bad things are going on over there it wasn't always that way and it wasn't meant to be that way the dark web was a set up originally by the united states navy to be used as a place for dissidents or people in third world countries who want to have connections with the outside world or to provide privacy and anonymity but the problem is is that the dark web has been hijacked by bad people because of the same reasons that it's providing that same anonymity and basically today you have tremendous amounts of cyber crime that are being run off in the dark where different sites different forums marketplaces reflect like look like amazon where they're actually selling things broken down into categories and i see selling things i mean everything you can possibly imagine drugs weapons pornography all the bad things you could imagine. it's also
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a place that is beginning to threaten organizations because if someone is breached and there's large data breaches this information could find its way for sale on the dark web or just the density of people being stolen whether it's students are universally whether it's the medicare program in australia which is rich recently so a dark where cyber intelligence company is a company like ours six that basically is analyzing information that's on the dark where and other sources like the deep web and basically providing a friend teligent picture of the different threats that are out there in these different. areas. now picking which party to back in the us seems to be a pretty straightforward choice but now with more than a few republican senators vocally turning against their own president and sounding more like the democrats two it is getting a bit tougher more pain has been. gauging opinion on the streets of new york.
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in the usa it's coke or pepsi mcdonald's or burger king and we all know in politics it's democrats or republicans but now we've got three senators who don't exactly fit these categories you know you would think he would aspire to be the president united states and act like a present united states but you know there's just not going to be the case apparently a democrat sounds like a democrat democrat so that that was actually senator corker a republican. say something like that to abandon the idea as we have advanced around the globe to really use the ugly gauge of international leadership and our duty to remain the last especially. for the sake of some a half they sure is nation against republican and you're correct that john mccain a republican we must stop pretending that the dick degradation of our politics and the conduct of saw in our executive branch are normal they are not normal reckless
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outrageous and undignified behavior has become excused and countenanced as telling it like it is. when it is actually just reckless outrageous and dignified and dignified democrat actually that's a real they might sound like members of our classic democrats attacking trump but these are republican senators at least for the moment now at least two of them say that they're not planning to run for reelection well there seems to be a falling out within the republican party but they're not democrats so where do they fit into their new third party well they certainly have political weight i don't know if they have the popularity to form a third party of three represent the paul six of the old republican guard the establishment republican party and they see the writing on the wall and frankly there's no future for them in the republican party as it is being led by president trump they can say what they want to about the president but they can't they can't
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win elections and that's why they're going to and i think senator corker and now senator flake see not only you know if they do decide to run for reelection they would probably would they were facing a primary opponent and they would probably lose the election so at this point the u.s. senate has fifty two republicans forty six democrats plus two independents who caucus with the democrats so three republican senators marching to their own drumbeat isn't a small matter last july they played a decisive role in defeating republicans health care bill intended to overturn obamacare. now it's worth noting that both the weekly standard and the national review both of them ideological voices of neoconservatism are with the senators and against the president and they've even got a popular hash tag alert the day care staff so these anti trump republicans may be leaving the senate but until they do they're making sure trump doesn't get his own
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way cable poppen r.t. new york. ok well an update on our top story this. because right now. he's counting votes for secret ballots and whether or not to split from spain needs a live pictures from the parliament there well ahead of the vote some will make his did leave the parliament chamber in private test meanwhile in madrid a vote is expected to take place shortly to implement article one fifty five from place catalonia under direct rule and the regions leader so significant votes taking place in spain right now of course for across this for you here at r.t. and we'll let you know seeing is anything happen. today more news chief you in just over half an.
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eye i. i i i. i. i i i. i i. thank. you of the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles. you socks for the show you the gossip the public but. i. think you are not cool enough by. the hawks that we all. walk.
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just manufacture consent to stick to the public will. when the ruling close is protect them so. when the flaming. lips and we the woman. we can all middle of the room sit. under margaret thatcher there was a transition away from public housing and government assisted government underwritten public housing and they sold off all the council estates as they're known people bought into the units across the country and they became the land
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owning the new land owning neoliberal gentrification under the current government in the u.k. it's another socialist scheme of government underwriting property but not for the poor people they do it for the rich people. low and welcome to cross talk we're all paying for it considered i'm peter lobo for over a year we've heard nonstop but somehow in some way trump world colluded with russia to win the presidential election though we have yet to see any evidence of this however it appears more likely it was a dem.


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