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tv   Cross Talk  RT  October 27, 2017 9:29am-10:01am EDT

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land owning the new land owning neoliberal gentrification under the current government in the u.k. it's another socialist scheme of government underwriting property but not for the poor people they do it for the record. low and welcome to cross talk we're all paying for it considered i'm peter labelle for over a year we've heard nonstop but somehow in some way trump world colluded with russia to win the presidential election though we have yet to see any evidence of this however it appears more likely it was a democratic party that did the colluding. cross
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talking who actually colluded i'm joined by my guest robin by row in atlanta he is a former obama campaign regional director. we've just interrupted our programming there to bring you some breaking news here on r.t. because. this is coated in favor of independence from spain the results of the secret ballot released just minutes ago we're looking at scenes now in the streets of. the landmark decision has been reached after that will make it secretly putting in the ballot box before that will make is were opposing the opposing this decided to leave the chamber where these live pictures. from barcelona in spain the
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capital of catalonia hope to speak to our correspondent charlotte been ski he's there for us really should be saying though that opinion is deeply divided in barcelona over this issue of independence yes we know that the independence referendum took place just a few days ago. and overwhelmingly the people who voted in that ninety percent i think voted for independence although it was only a turnout of forty two percent so you can sense there may be divisions there meanwhile in madrid they're thermally against this independence movement and right now as we speak they are voting we understand on whether to implement article one five five in that article which effectively shewn control of catalonia so will power would return to madrid now quite had this will play into the fact that catalonia has just declared independence according to that secret ballot. in catalonia is still unclear and if madrid then decided to try and issue in control
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quite how easy it would be for them to do that given the fact there are large numbers of people in catalonia who would not want that to happen might make it very difficult so a lot to discuss with now inside. the capitol and parliament i understand just after that secret ballot was taken and ananth clearly people happy about that but we also know that as soon as this vote was announced there were politicians in that chamber who decided to leave in protest again showing the divisions there. these live pictures from the catalonia parliament. but there are still many questions here to be answered quite what this means for catalonia and how it will be able to implement independence is a big big question because it is against the spanish constitution it says it is.
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against the law and madrid is now currently voting as i said earlier on whether to direct control over catalonia. but anyway for the moment is inside the land parliament but we can see they're very happy with how things have turned. this after many days of indecision people were expecting the cattle and prime minister president sorry to make it clear yes or no whether he was declaring independence in fact he decided today to push that see what the cattle and parliament to make the decision and they have. so many cattle and flags as you'd expect out on the streets of barcelona in among them we hope to go to a city charlotte somewhere correspondent bastogne hopefully she will be giving us an update but it was interesting to hear what she was reporting just last hour because she was speaking to politicians there and those involved in this political movement for independence and even they are not sure what happens next given the
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standoff between catalonia and madrid. let's just give you a bit of history bit of background of this because the movement to secession catalonia from spain as it is nine hundred twenty two after almost one hundred years of struggle a landmark decision has been made by the capital and it's been said and as yet we haven't had any reaction from madrid let's get reaction from charlotte been skipping talking a lot about over the last couple of minutes and i think we're going to go to a live. law say i hope you can hear me just tell us then what's the reaction there given the latest news of this ballot. ok look we're trying get an. connection there was charlotte the line clearly was
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very bad earlier prime minister we can tell you because it had appealed to the senate take direct control of catalonia and ash the regions leader this is what he was saying to politicians there a little early. pretty much we're asking you senators to dismiss the president vice president and members of the council and government likewise the regional parliament must be far from electing new members thank you i would say so that was the spanish prime minister there mariano jorge asking for people to vote in favor of that article one five five there has been a domino effect across the border to you in the south of france where there's been plenty of support for cattle and independence because for centuries the region was
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a part of catalonia but ceded to france in the seventeenth century however it is still known as northern catalonia with its own regional language and also dialect is what locals there had to say about the independence push in the region. of course what's happening is very serious and sadly i find the elected representatives say much this will be your neutral passive. people who claim to be democratic. we ask for donations and we'll collect a large sum of money of course but this is only the beginning we also want to show that we are here to tell our friends in the south don't worry you're not alone. when there is an oppressor and oppressed those who say nothing give their personal power we want. our problem in terence to come forward and to clearly see who is the poor. ok so reminded then of our top news this. parliament has voted in
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favor of independence that was done through a secret ballot within the last few minutes so we're keeping a close eye on events in spain for you this afternoon in fact we're looking at back to live pictures there of the capital and parliament where that secret ballot has been take place and the result was that people voted in favor of declaring independence from this breaking news here on r.t. at the moment. ok now meanwhile in other news twitter has blocked r.t. from its advertising from advertising on its platform in an unprecedented and out of the blue move to be clear though it doesn't affect any of our news feed the catch there which you can still follow as usual is a trend has more on the reaction. putin's press secretary had a few things to say about it twitter's decision is disappointing he says he has become a victim of prejudice against the russian media going back to twitter's accusation
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the problem was apparently that r.t. interfered in the u.s. presidential race there citing the u.s. intelligence committee's report from january although the tech giant didn't put forth any clear accusations of wrongdoing misc. in the door breach of policy twitter did publish confidential data of how much are spent on ads on their platforms so we decided to reveal something else which might change how everyone sees this story twitter's own special offer to boost our t. on their platform ahead of the vote and with that r t would have delivered and unbiased point of view of the us election there were many inciting features suggested from special moggi hashtags to stuff on analytics and research solutions plus a team of experts to help with strategy and tactical support that brings us to
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the cost one and a half million dollars with a bunch of extra options three point three million you will see it on this screen the priceless right now the customized montes that i mentioned eight hundred thousand bucks alone well we chose not to except now when twitter management took part in a private briefing with the u.s. senate intelligence committee they never mentioned this special offer they had for tea or at any other point as the spokesperson for the committee told the reporters are an attorney in chief thinks it's not that simple when it comes to how twitter is dealing with american officials. honestly i didn't believe that twitter was controlled by american security services it looked like a conspiracy theory to me but to it has just confessed it's a pity especially because american news outlets operating in russia will now feel the tenderness of russian tit for tat measures. in november twitter will publicly
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testify before the u.s. congress will the tech giant mention their special offer of this storm once again i want to stress that we declined it and then a year later twitter published confidential data on how much we spent on ads that was much smaller solemn compared to their business proposal less than three hundred thousand dollars now they banned r t ads even though it was twitter that once suggested we can use their platform to get more involved in covering the american election. that if we did discuss this twitter ban with the media and this line who told us that it is just an attempt to distract from the embarrassing revelations this is a deliberate move to get everybody off of what's happening right now to the hillary clinton f.b.i. investigation everybody's favorite now let me get this straight r.t.d.
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by using ads or ads ok like the world does what did these ads do did they survive the election did they cause or were they evidence of or in d.c. of colucci ed what pray tell did these ads accomplish they made americans. think and maybe caused curiosity dissension perhaps that was the collusion so that's a great move for freedom of speech way to go twitter it's disgusting. the moves against r.t. were described as a witch hunt by the russian foreign ministry last month and they've been gathering pace to the u.s. justice department demanded that r.t. america register under the cold war era foreign agents act in moscow said that that would result in serious legal consequences google then removed r.t.
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you tube's premium advertising service in the u.s. without any prior notice the attacks against these channels started after the us intelligence report on alleged russian meddling back in january there's never been any solid proof that r.t. influence the twenty sixteen u.s. election despite a flurry of attacks in congress run propaganda machine contributed to the influence campaign both serving as a platform for criminal messaging using russian government funded outlets russian propaganda media outlets like r t i think it's a propaganda arm of government is definitely not on our side reports have it that russia not only wanted to weigh in in the election with the also want to undermine u.s. confidence the citizens confidence in our electoral process and in our democratic values the experts we talked to belief that twitter might have been pressured into making the move against dot. it's them trying
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to curry favor with congress before having to go before congress and i know this is coming from from from from some sector in the government we just don't know which one yet but i think that when the hearings take place and twitter comes up and asked to explain this and they're going to come up and say hey look what we did now leave us alone it's not they're not going to leave them alone they're going to push them even more so when the hearings take place i think we're going to find out who behind the scenes is done this again it's probably within the american intelligence community but it definitely is pressure it's just the question is from what area of the government is it coming from. of course it's not a coincidence i mean the smear in the count's me is showing clinton and trump i mean it's just another not just have bashing out say but bashing russia as well i don't lot of people they look at the social media accounts like twitter and facebook and instagram and somehow believe that these are the bastions of free
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speech but we're increasingly seeing censure and if anybody dead told how to games that mainstream narrative so i understand where this attack is now come on and come see what r.t. have done wrong or to we get this unholy alliance between the force the state machine the press and the people and politicians it's not a good and it's not a healthy relationship. no i don't think it was an accident or or a mix up or is in any way i think it was directed look you know back during the old days during the cold war it was the soviet union that sought to protect protect its population from infection by any voice that descended from the dissented from the official media now we have american media companies and the american government trying to shut down dissent and make sure we could only listen to c.n.n. and we see no defense in the sending. oyster's of all this is
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a very ominous development it's not so much even r t but what does this say about what the american girl with the american agencies and now these social media companies are willing to do to compromise information coming to the american people . ok let's have a recap then on that breaking news this hour because the catalan parliament has voted in favor of independence from spain the results of the secret ballot were released just minutes ago in total a total of seventy two lawmakers voted in favor of land independence ten voted against we already got reaction from madrid where president a whore called on spanish to remain calm amid proclamation the proclamation of independence he also claims that the rule of law in catalonia will be restored the movement for succession of catalonia from spain has its roots as early as nine hundred twenty two after almost a hundred years of struggle the landmark decision has been made by the cattle and
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parliament it all started on october the first this year when more than ninety percent of catalans voted on independence in the following days hundreds of thousands took to the streets to both hail and protest the independence movement as for now that sport we know will have more details and hopefully some live reaction from barcelona coming up. now the internet has long had a sinister side which few people ever experience hidden from public view it is called the dark web where the internet's illicit activities reside. this is just.
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well cyber crime has rocketed in recent years with online attacks becoming more sophisticated day by day it is thought the cost of countering it could double over the next five years cyber security expert barry spielman explains the dark web was initially created by the u.s. navy with good intentions. the dark web has become a place where a lot of very bad things are going on over there it wasn't always that way and it wasn't meant to be that way the dark web was a set up originally by the united states navy to be used as a place for dissidents or people in third world countries who want to have connections with the outside world or to provide privacy and anonymity but the problem is is that the dark web has been hijacked by bad people because of the same reasons that it's providing that same anonymity and basically today you have tremendous amounts of cyber crime that are being run off in the dark where
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different sites different forums marketplaces were flipped like look like amazon where they're actually selling things broken down into categories and i say selling things i mean everything you can possibly imagine drugs weapons pornography all the bad things you could imagine. it's also a place that is beginning to threaten organizations because if someone is breached and there's marge data breaches this information could find its way for sale on the dark web or just the density of people being stalled whether it's students are university whether it's the medicare program in australia which is rich recently saw a dark word cyber intelligence company is a company like or six that basically is analyzing information that's on the dark were and other sources like the deep web and basically providing a fresh intelligence picture of the different threats that are out there on these different in these areas. ok so back to our breaking news this hour the catalan parliament has voted in favor of declaring independence from spain the results of
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the secret ballots were released just a few minutes ago. ok had let's get some more reaction to you from our correspondent in barcelona devinsky who joins us now live charlotte i think we can just see behind our many screen there so tell us what's been happening in barcelona significant developments this afternoon. well as those votes were being counted every time there was a yes vote the crowd which the national guard's here in boston estimates to be around twelve thousand strong still leaning yes every charming here and move it was a huge that was the sense of atmosphere getting here when it was announced that the vote was indeed for independence catalonia a state of catalonia separate from spain that was literally went crazy here and people shouting screaming bursts of song coming out saying in so in essence this is
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a crowd of very true independents that is not the whole story many people would be very unhappy with this vote from the couple in parliament and it is unclear whether they spoke would be binding given the state over. what's been happening with drift in the fact the senate is there have been discussing and due to vote an article one five five which removed the regional autonomy from the castle on parliament this is absolutely unprecedented in the modern history of spain this is a situation that many catholics have been fighting for now for almost a hundred years and here they have it's a declaration from their parliament that they will be an independent republic but there is still a long road to go and we have to find out exactly whether that vote will be accepted first of all by spain and madrid the government that they've said in the past no it won't be and also whether then that means catalonia will remain a member of the european union we know that when the scottish referendum was being
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held a few years ago in the u.k. the scope of the european parliament it's out right said if scotland votes yes to independence it will no longer be a member of the european union so while many people are happy know that this independent declaration has been made there is still a lot of unknowns questions about what will happen to absolutely. ok and charlotte can i just ask you if article one five five is invoked going to be very difficult practically to assume control over catalonia given the fact that so many people who are know some people don't but so many people there want independence. well yes that's right so many people who do want independence and many people don't want independence it's a really difficult situation now in terms of article one five five if not stated on that itself will also be unprecedented it's called all the spanish constitution it
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has never before been enacted a many have described it as being the nuclear option because according to the article one five five that would actually mean that catalan would lose its regional autonomy that many people in in here. also learned and in the rest of catalonia we resist article one five five we've been speaking to many people on the streets today that say they will resist it with every means that they can but that resistance will be a peaceful resistance andy and that's because they want to show that what they want is independence they want they democracy to be respected this is what people have been telling me today and they say that you know they talked about when the referendum was held back on the first of october that the violence that they say they witnessed was from the police that came from the rest of spain and what they say is they will resist with every opportunity but it will be peaceful but of course it will be incredibly difficult to put spanish rule on
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a part of spain that is well essentially no longer is participating if that declaration is accepted. ok charlotte thank you very much for the update will be back here on shore over the coming hours to the show that you can see for us in barcelona. let's look at some other news in the meantime picking which party to back in the u.s. used to be a pretty straightforward experience and choice but now with more than a few republican senators vocally turning against their own president and perhaps sounding more like the democrats it is getting a bit tougher than is been i've seen new york to gauge opinion and play sport the republican. in the usa it's coke or pepsi mcdonald's or burger king and we all know in politics it's democrats or republicans but now we've got three senators who don't exactly fit these categories you know you would think he would aspire to be the president united states and act like
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a present united states but you know there's just not going to be the case apparently a democrat sounds like a democrat democrat so that i was actually senator corker a republican. say something like that to abandon the idea as we have advanced around the globe to really use the ugly gauge of international leadership and our duty to remain the last especially. for the sake of some a half they sure is nation against republican and you're correct that john mccain a republican we must stop pretending that the dick degradation of our politics and the conduct of saw in our executive branch are normal they are not normal reckless outrageous and undignified behavior has become excused and countenanced as telling it like it is. when it is actually just reckless outrageous and dignified and dignified democrat actually that's a real they might sound like members of our classic democrats attacking trump but
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these are republican senators at least for the moment now at least two of them say that they're not planning to run for reelection well there seems to be a falling out within the republican party but they're not democrats so where do they fit into their new third party well they certainly have political weight i don't know if they're have the popularity to form a third party of three represent the paul six of the old republican guard the establishment republican party and they see the writing on the wall and frankly there's no future for them in the republican party as it is being led by president trump they can say what they want to about the president but they can't they can't win elections and that's why they're going to and i think senator corker and now senator flake so you not only you know if they do decide to run for reelection they would probably would they were facing a primary opponent and they would probably lose the election so at this point the u.s. senate has fifty two republicans forty six democrats plus two independents who caucus
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with the democrats so three republican senators marching to their own drumbeat isn't a small matter last july they played a decisive role in defeating republicans health care bill intended to overturn obamacare. now it's worth noting that both the weekly standard and the national review both of them ideological voices of neoconservatism are with the senators and against the president and they've even got a popular hash tag alert the day care staff so these anti trump republicans may be leaving the senate but until they do they're making sure trump doesn't get his own way cable poppen artsy new york. well remind of breaking news the catalan parliament. voted in favor of declaring independence from spy so that the secret ballots were released just a few minutes ago a total of seventy two lawmakers voted in favor of independence ten days of against
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staying it's already the reaction to it from madrid where present before he called on the spine of the future remain calm he also said that the rule of law in catalonia will be restored didn't elaborate that the movement for secession of catalonia from spain has its roots as early as nine hundred twenty two and after almost a hundred years of struggle then the landmark decision has been made by the cattle and parliament on october the first ninety percent of cattle and that turned out from independence referendum to folk to leave spain and in the following days hundreds of thousands did take to the streets to to buy in by price and against sentiment on the streets of council like. ok that's the latest we'll get reaction to the life too in barcelona and a couple of top minutes talk. back
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manufacture consent to public wealth. when the right wing closest protect themselves. with the flame of. the sun. we can all middle of the room see. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the senate it's full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to punch you know what it is that really packs a punch. yap is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently
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better than. a c. people you've never heard of love jack tonight president of the world bank so take . me seriously send us an e-mail. because land parliament votes overwhelmingly to declare independence from spain madrid reacts to the move with prime minister the holy saying that the rule of law in catalonia will be restored. i welcome you watching out international got breaking news this hour to you because it's been the story for catalonia the region's parliament has voted in favor of declaring independence.


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