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tv   Headline News  RT  October 27, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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all over a party america is going to say we are apparently better than. the sea people you've never heard of love jack the. president of the world bank very. seriously. also erupts with joy is the castle and parliament voted overwhelmingly to declare independence from spain. madrid reacts to the move by voting to impose direct rule on the region prime minister says that the rule of law in catalonia will be restored. hello there comes you live from moscow you're watching r.t. international start with breaking news to you because it's been
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a story day for catalonia the region's parliament has voted in favor declaring independence from spain the results of a secret ballots were released at around three thirty local time total of seventy two all makers voted in favor of cattle an independent ten voted against and to obstruct. thank you. thank. you thank you thank. to. both independent filmmakers and crowds of people side the parliament doesn't hesitate to show their election. thank . you. and me thank you i think if god.
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was thinking thank you thank you ok we can go to barcelona and join charlotte pinsky who's covering events for us there charlotte it's been a couple of hours hasn't it since these mammoth developments just run through how this unfolded. well from very early this morning people started gathering here in the square around the capital and parliament waiting for those parliamentarians to arrive to decide whether they would vote on independence today one stop motion was set to say that they would have a vote on independence actually a number of the members of the polish actually left the chamber and decided that they would not take part in that vote they have parties that are generally in favor
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of unity spain now those votes that took place in secret it was a secret ballot so we don't know exactly who voted which way the hundred thirty five members of parliament but only eighty two of them so teach us. seventy votes each yes but ten voted no and they would choose abstention votes now many people out in the streets then who waiting for the reaction she knew what would happen and what the results was with that vote tally we'll hear on the street see in boston oh not being amongst people who also throwing depends at least being pushy and incredible say. it's very exciting this moment any day study got a moment for us of so years and years and years and years dreaming about leaving the screen which is not a democracy we are finally in catalonia as a new member of the international community a republic
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a good trilling to. do so that. peaceful people can win. by all and all our lives are our parents around parents they are waiting for the saying. that we were just listening there to some vox pops i think you did early just getting some reaction on the streets of barcelona a lot of people very happy with today's news but of course the repeal that aren't. yeah absolutely this is been an incredibly divisive issue since it was announced that catalonia would be holding a referendum on october first many people here in barcelona do not want to secede from spain and they will be incredibly unhappy with this declaration by the catalan parliament today but the reality is where we were here on parliament square it was a crowd of around twelve thousand people those the figures from the national guard
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and those people would reuters with joy when they heard that the vote was going ahead however there is a long pause to go before we find out whether it's clear if this really is a real public of cuts along with the really have been able to see from space because this is. actually quite a delicate not just diplomatic matter but it delicate legal matters to. me is ok charlotte thanks for that was charlotte dubinsky in barcelona force. well for their push for independence catalonia has repeatedly faced the opposition from madrid here's a recap. i am. back.
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to those in charge in the council on government who are the protagonist in this challenge to our coexistence i ask them to cease illegal activities they should abandon their objectives. i i. i i. mean. applying article one five five because no government at all in a democratic country can accept that the law will be ignored violated or changed and this has all happened under false criteria and they impose their criteria on everybody else. well we can't get the thoughts now of stella's kalugin he's an
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enemy pay from the greek streets but also importantly did so as an e.u. parliament of the independence fight on october the first in catalonia even let's just get you'll force first on what's been happening in spain today what is next for catalonia do you think. well next you get a little clearer what would happen. i think the leaders of the government will be prosecuted and probably the rest. for a billion. and so there will be a kind of escalation and i think margaret care would take control of everything including the from the polish to very regular television of catalonia which is very the would have a list at least of an escalation engine failure could be a violent escalation absolutely i think it could be valid. but we
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have to win is possible leaders they're playing with. we destiny of not only of catalonia or spain of but also of europe it will be a period of prosperity to start with now i think especially prime minister rock we could cover at least this week. had at least three question. to avoid the escalation when the kids are among the president of can only act of war he. does it could be it could be fined they could define together kind of solution by you know the declarative by this and no using the this famous one five five article a very. good date everything but from catalonia so we are going but get into some very dark periods of the. spanish history unit thirty's when the the president at the time of the learning declared led by the us
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and then he has been arrested and executed. by the. regime for trouble and you know it's not very far away because. recently there was this false front of the bullet. partly the part of the governor's fame imagery said that the kids are more rigid. he says she made it. the president of to the law in the thirty's so it's a very good about the situation that we having in this foundation i think that our boy tries to do the league a politically. by being as strong as the other. but you know for the rest of this brain and for europe it's a good day until king at the g.
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think he can do anything to help the situation at the moment i mean it says it won't recognize catherine independence besides it's been pretty much on the sidelines hasn't it on all of what's been going on in space. there was a great interest they named in the european union about the government got a lawyer the been some secret calls and also some. you know push for a kind of negotiation but all this respect and we. do this fein as accused. today they want to avoid any kind of decision because they're afraid that after that alone it will be probably the north of italy or belgium or corsica. in there in france so they will dog boycott and that's why they are a really they're a hundred percent support in iraq or you. gave her
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a hoard of being the green card the green light to do everything she wants and now here we are. with regard to grace and they remember that set of graces paid to leave he will fall apart a century because he said look i k we can restrict the amount of your race we're going to give you i mean it still has that option doesn't it with catalonia i mean if they have impose acts of spain could it then say well i can be careful we could restrict the amount of your face that come your way. well you know i mean. it was very clear and the beginning of this is pollution that. would not accept catalonia as a state. in the european union even if that only would be dependent. required negotiations for four entities again
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a few. years to come and the kind that only i should go away together montenegro said the other countries of europe. they are waiting to be accepted so i think. here's a moment five days he understood that the start of their duty had to cuz no international alliances. known. specially racially she usually. ok look i think we've just lost the line mess like the seller says so we'll leave it there but it's a nice to talk to be appreciated i was telling us an observer he was during the independence fight on october the first in catalonia thank you. thank you well our cattle in this referendum on an independence on october the first we mentioned there was marked by violence from spanish police who were ordered to prevent the vote from taking place.
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i was a i was was. the. was was was was taking was eating dinner and this is not the first people this was the earth and earth taken from here by ambulance so from the early hours of the morning i had to since he is claiming. i was. was. was. well just minutes after the cattle and parliament voted today the spanish senate took an unprecedented move to
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an approved an article to launch direct rule over catalonia for more on this now we're joined by in a patrol he's back in the studio it's just run through then exactly what madrid has done. and the direct rule over catalonia it is the cat one parliament voted for independence they said yes but immediately after that the senate in madrid voted to enact article one five five which is also known as the nuclear option that was something that prime minister rahul wanted and he warned about this a long time ago. we're asking you senate says to dismiss the president vice president and members of the council and government likewise the regional parliament must be electing new members thank
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you. by out of the prime minister of spain house called on the citizens of the country to remain calm on twitter he called what was happening in catalonia a criminal act and house promised to restore the rule of law in the country but there is a certain level of vagueness in terms of the actual steps that the central government in madrid can now take to implement that direct rule what they're likely to do right now is deposed the cattle and leadership the president mr. and his deputies possibly even regional ministers madrid can also take control of the capital police but that is likely to cause some serious trouble and when it comes to the use of force it is still a subject for debate for what actually can madrid do what is allowed to do what
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it is capable of doing but as we remember when it comes to the police brutality something that we've seen during the referendum on the capital and independence and that was by the federal police units clearly madrid has the guts to take a heavy hand here. a question of waiting and saying isn't it thanks that was. he would say thanks being with us tonight see we're going to take a short break we'll be back to. here's what people have been saying about redacted in the us actually just pull along awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know a lot of the really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of party americans do the same we are apparently better than booth. and see people you have never heard of love redacted
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tonight my president of the world bank so they. were. seriously send us an e-mail. for over a year we have heard nonstop but somehow in some way trump colluded with russia to win the presidential election we have yet to see the evidence of this however it appears more likely it was the democratic party who did the colluding. and you go there resist the american designers of. your review to do it in the. local mall there has been happening with the. welcome back well we've got an update on our main story today because we're getting reports that spain's constitutional court is now launching proceedings against the
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independence declaration by catalonia it will allegedly give the capital and government three days through first their independence proposition that news just coming in the decision does come just minutes after the cattle in favor of declaring independence from spain with major decisions being made in spain there is reaction to coming in from around the world in and see it you'll connect joins us live now from the u.k. to talk about this hello again nastia plenty of reaction just tell us what's been said. well andrea really all eyes are right now in catalonia certainly across the european union we've heard for one from the president of the european council donald tusk who has said that for europe quote nothing changes he's also said that the european union is going to be continuing to communicate with spain madrid directly and he has said quote hope the spanish government favors force of argument not argument of force of course in reference to some of the violence that we saw
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unravel on the october first referendum one police did crack down on the electorate on that day now in reaction to that we heard from the cattle on leader karla's which they won't say that as you know cattle always favor the force of arguments we have also heard from the prime minister of belgium who has said that a political crisis can only be solved through dialogue we call for a peaceful solution with respect for national and international order and reaction to that carl is predictable and also said that dialogue has been and will always be our choice to solve political situations and achieve peaceful solutions we have also heard from the u.s. state department's they have said that they support keeping a united and strong spain we've heard nato say that they consider the cattle on situation an internal spanish affair and also from the german government who have said that they do not recognize this unilateral declaration of independence but certainly all eyes are going to continue to be on the situation in catalonia being
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so crucial as it could potentially become a trend for a handful of locations throughout the european union of course not only has the last great britain which they didn't want to leave in the referendum but this is seen as a huge development in terms of potentially igniting more similar to pushes for independence to continue in places like italy and scotland a handful of other locations of course and so this is something that's going to be a big concern and really continuingly a headache not just for spain. despite we've seen leaders throughout the european union repeatedly in the days and time leading up to the referendum saying that it's a purely spanish issue that needs to be decided within spain but clearly this is something that affects of course the rest of the room european union in a very huge way and it's also important to kind of see what happens next not just with the way catalonia and madrid are going to be speaking to each other what's going to happen with all of these developments coming in really by the minutes but
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it's important point to keep in mind that the pro independence capsule movements have always said that they would want to remain within the european union so all of these reactions are quite crucial of course in terms of what leaders around the e.u. are saying since they have made it clear that if catalonia does decide to step out of the block they would have to get at the end of the line to get back in so really lots of questions lots of reactions a huge story certainly affecting many places around the european union and so you have ramifications that ok we'll leave it there finance thanks nasty that was a tease and see. so then in a story in spain we were across all the developments for you and we'll have more information throughout the evening watching ott.
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in other news this evening in a new report the u.n. chemical what chemical weapons watchdog says it's confident that syria was to blame for a deadly attack in the rebel held town of cancer koon in syria in april part of the documents were leaked to the media and this is how the a.f.p. reported on it you can see what they said more than eighty people were killed in the attack and the o.p.c. there were you confirm that the use of sarin gas was evident at the time the government is why do you blame two in the media although it was based on disputed evidence u.n. chemical weapons watchdog then assigned a special panel to investigate blame the incident saw the u.s. launch a missile strike on a syrian military airport which it claimed was where the chemicals had been stored . in syria has rejected all the accusations are made in the report fusing chemical weapons russia's permanent mission to the u.n. says it is concerned to buy this leak to the media it's already questioned its
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credibility and is studying its contents even a gruesome read shows that there are many inconsistences and discrepancies don't fool witness accounts and then verified evidence is still in the report it also uses the same testimony which sparked our deep concerns in the past in june after the first un p.c. debris report was released russia asked why experts hadn't visited the scene of the attack it was also concerned that the investigative team accepted samples received from third parties earlier today russia said the investigative commission didn't take into account all of their remarks it sent i discuss this with beirut based journalist martin. i don't think the time that's passed gives any credibility to the report sort of thing it does the opposite you know there's a general belief with big organizations that if you spend an awful lot of time making an investigation then the more months the pass the more credibility that you
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will final conclusion house you know i think this report doesn't have credibility the fact that it was leaked to journalists i think is row suspicious because large organizations only do that when they need journalists to support their claims so there you have this transition between assertions which suddenly become facts when journalists have to reward the people who gave them the report in the first place by complimenting the theory so the time lapse which has gone past i think goes against them i don't think that there's any credence at all i mean you've got to bear in mind that when months go pass lots of evidence gets washed away by natural resources by weather patterns by people. with president trump giving the go ahead to the release of thousands of documents related to the assassination of president kennedy there have already been some interesting discoveries let's discuss some of them today with that kind of mark and he joins us from new york hello there calipso what are some of the most interesting revelations that we've
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now learned. well as we've just heard in donald trump's tweet he wants to get all two thousand eight hundred documents available to the public this is related to the assassination of john f. kennedy the thirty fifth president of united states in november of one nine hundred sixty three now those who are unfamiliar what happened was november nine hundred sixty three john f. kennedy and the first lady were traveling in an open car through dallas texas when the president was shot by sniper fire the police then arrested lee harvey oswald said he was the prime suspect now two days later after lee harvey oswald the alleged shooter had been had been arrested he was a he was being transported by the police and he was then shot while in police custody killed by jack ruby so many questions were asked ever since the assassination took place many questions have been asked about oswald's motive what
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happened was there some kind of wider plot what was really going on in the kennedy assassination now some of the papers that have been released have prompted some very interesting questions these new files that have just come out are containing some rather interesting facts for example one of the files shows that a local newspaper in the united kingdom in cambridge was tipped off twenty five minutes before the assassination someone called a local newspaper and told them that they should get in contact with the u.s. embassy because there was going to be some quote big news and this took place twenty five minutes before the u.s. president was shot very very interesting one of the other interesting things that comes out of this report is a conversation you know there was the wrist something called the warren commission now this was the commission formed by the u.s. congress to investigate the assassination of kennedy now when speaking before the warren commission cia director richard helms was being was being interviewed before
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the commission and he's directly asked. quote is there any information involved with the assassination of president kennedy which in any way shows that lee harvey oswald was in some way a cia agent or agent he's asked this by david belin on behalf of the congressional committee the document then cuts off the answer it appears as almost if the answer has been redacted we don't know how the cia director answers this question it's left completely blank so obviously that's quite a bombshell if we could ever see one now richard helms. david how richard helms the cia director who was being interviewed whose answer is cut off he died in two thousand and two and so at the moment we have no way to know how he answered that question a lot of interesting things now there's still hundreds hundreds of files to go through quite a bit of material assembled by the u.s. government on the assassination of president john f. kennedy and all the questions raised about it we're still going through them but it
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looks like so far the information it's been revealed is only leading us to ask more questions. stuff isn't it i k callup thanks for that i was in for us in new york. before we go this hour let's get a quick recap from what's been happening in spain today because spain's constitutional court is launching proceedings against independence it will reportedly give the capital and government three days to reverse its independence decision it comes after the parliament voted in favor of declaring independence from spain that the cattle on parliament and a total of seventy lawmakers voted in favor of cattle and independents their ten voted against also so you abstained in october the first ninety percent of cattle and that turned out for an independence referendum did vote to leave. so that's how things are looking so far here in r.t. will be across the spanish story for you evening you know neil will be here at the
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top yeah. i. was i. i i i i i. i .


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