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tv   Headline News  RT  October 27, 2017 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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r.t. america is this. apparently better than. see people you've never heard of. the. president of the world bank very. seriously send us an e-mail. with joy. parliament votes overwhelmingly to declare independence from spain madrid reacts to the move by triggering are to kill a hundred and fifty five to impose direct rule on the region prime minister roy say that the rule of law in catalonia will be restored while europe and the u.s. say they do not recognize catalonia as an independent state.
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live from moscow to the world this is r.t. international my names you know neil just after eight in the russian capital it's just after seven o'clock evening time in catalonia which is witnessing an historic day the region's parliament has voted in favor of declaring independence from spain the results of a secret ballot were released in the late afternoon a total of seventy lawmakers voted in favor of independence ten voted against. both pro independence lawmakers and crowds of people outside parliament did not hesitate. to show their relation at three
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of the. thank. i. was thwarted at the top was of the god i. was. was. our correspondent charlet dubin ski house reaction from the council on capital barcelona. from very early this morning people started gathering here in the square around the capital on palm and waiting for those parliamentarians to a rifle to decide whether they would vote on independence today one stop motion it was set to say that they would have a vote on independence actually
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a number of the members the polish actually left the chamber and decided they would not take part in not vote their parties that i generally in favor of the new seat with spain right now to those votes that put took place in secret it was a secret ballot so we don't know exactly who voted which way a hundred thirty five members of that holman's but i don't meet eighty two of the voted seventy two seats yes by ten voted no and they were abstention faced now many people out in the streets then who waiting for the reaction to what would happen what the results was with the vote and he will hear on the street see him boss alone i've been amongst people who also growing dependence that is being pushy and incredible it's very exciting at this moment and the day started got a moment for us of so years and years and years and years dreaming about leaving the spring which is not to them across it we are finally in catalonia
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a new member of the international community a republic a good trilling. to so that the peaceful pre-board. by all and all our life our parents grandparents they are waiting for the saying this is been an incredibly divisive issue since it was announced that catherine and he would be holding a referendum on october first many people here in barcelona do not want to secede comes spain and they will be incredibly unhappy with this declaration by the catalan parliament today but the reality is where we were here on paula. it was a crowd of around twelve thousand people those the think is from the national guard and those people who are riotous with joy when they did that that is going ahead however there is a long cost to go to find out if it's truly if this really is
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a conflict of cuts along with the really have been able to see from space because this is actually quite a delicate not just diplomatic matter but it delicate diplomatic. let's take a look at some live pictures now. as you were saying it's just what five minutes after seven pm a lot of people coming after work and what have been they're gathering all day long there just outside parliament celebrating parliament's decision to become independent from spain in fact of just joining us perhaps this hour let's just recap what we know the couple in parliament. in favor of declaring independence from spain on the top of the first ninety percent of capital to turn died for an independence referendum voted to leave spain we can see people with a lot of capital flags out there the old bottle of calm as well alcoholic drink of course which is produced. so you're going to be seeing scenes like this i imagine
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for a couple of hours yet as people celebrate what they see as independence from madrid we'll be keeping an eye on those live pictures all throughout the hours in the meantime to the chris had this to say about the mood. manuel raul has created in spain a. nationalist movements which is not below him to the sense in his riot police to try and stop the independence referendum it created a backlash in cats who were you with many people who had the independence the lead deciding that actually that was the only option if the spanish state was good behavior towards its own citizens so it's very difficult. what to do she said you know right who says every piece of the service will face every fire station every custom schools to take control of the borders this mass movement on the streets of catalunya as well is not going to allow this to happen just as we saw in the first of october when they allowed the intervention of
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a popular movement to load the referendum to go ahead then all hell lot of the spanish to try to minister catalunya they'll do everything they can to sabotage it . well on the point throughout their push for independence catalonia has repeatedly faced fierce opposition from madrid here's a recap. for those in charge in the government who are the protagonist in this challenge to a coexistence and i ask them to cease illegal activities they should abandon their object.
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if you need. applying to one five five because no government a tool in a democratic country can accept that the law will be ignored violated changed this has all happened under false criteria and they impose that criteria on everybody else. well just minutes after the parliament voted the spanish senate president and step approved article one five five to launch direct rule on catalonia there are also now reports that spain's constitutional court has launched proceedings against catalan independence it will reportedly give the government three days to reverse
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its decision so a lot to get in there very happy to say about that in a couple of a joins us live to talk us through madrid reaction and what we expect i suppose to . up next medina well you know we need to understand that. the fact that the majority of the spanish senate approved of the to invoke article one fifty five was really the last step for the article one fifty five to become reality now it we're talking about an unprecedented zapp an unprecedented measure that was taken by the spanish government to use this article one fifty five for the country's constitution and now indeed council on yeah might face a direct rule now coming from madrid and this is happening for the first time in the country's history we're talking about a constitution that was built back in one thousand seventy eight and that article was there but it was never used by the government and now the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy said that he warrant the catalan authorities are many times
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that this might happen. because we're asking you senators to dismiss the president vice president and members of the council and government likewise the regional parliament must be barred from electing new members. well the gatland parliament earlier voted to declare independence and that basically plunge the whole country into political chaos now that's what we're witnessing at the moment now the spanish prime minister. twit it he in his twit he addressed the nation he called for the spanish citizens to remain calm he said that what happened and cancel line is a criminal act and he promised to store the rule of law now at the moment what we
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see is that there is a certain amount of missed in terms of what kind of actual stamps the government back in the treaty can take to implement that direct rule to implement article one fifty five now what they're likely to do is first of all dismiss the top catalan government including of course the president of cats aligning and his deputies and that was voiced before by the prime minister that possibility then they can also dismiss reach new ministers and can also take control of the kaplan police now that's a tricky point here because that can lead to serious consequences and when it comes to the use of force as it remains the subject of what the central government is allowed to do and what it is capable of doing but after the police brutality that we saw on the first of october on the day of the referendum by the civil guards from the tree it is clear that the central government the spanish government has
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the guts to use the have the hands now the spanish cabinet has i believe at this very moment has gathered to decide which concrete measures to implement this article one fifty five but the overall uncertainty of the situation the political killings that we are witnessing is only increasing as we speak president to those who have said as well but in a culture thank you very much for that update from. point of view ok a couple of years referendum was pointing out there on the top of the first was marred by violence from police who were ordered to prevent the vote from taking place. it was i was that am i i was i i
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i'm gay that was. a silly. and very i mean this is not the first people that this order to say i heard and heard it taken from here by ambulance service coming from the early hours of the morning i had the sense that he is claiming that he. was asleep i think. yeah with the cattle and parliament voting to declare independence today here's a short recap of the push to be a sovereign state. by now you've surely heard about cats alone his desire to go it alone in the prosperous region in northeast spain the counter almost a fifth of the country's economy and believes it's paying madrid way more than it gets back catalonia is home to seven point five million people posting its sign
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language culture and history which is why many friends consider themselves a separate nation. but it has been in spain since the fifteenth century that steve king ferdinand and queen isabella. the origins of the modern secessionist movement let's fast forward to the twentieth century spain becomes a republic and cancelling he gets a statute of autonomy but six years later franco comes to crowd and takes that away the three decades of franco's oppression and he boasted the castle as desire for independence and off his debt and spain's transition to democracy catalonia got its autonomy. lead. when the country's constituent. claims tenacious. to the chain reaction. with protests and symbolic referendums in cities and towns across the region some
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catchments now from pressure the decades of franco to the region how would a non-binding independence fight back in twenty four about eighty percent said yes to independence but it was declared illegal. crashing head. it seems more determined than ever to be in the sand. with major decisions being made in spain there is reaction coming in from iran the world let's try and connect to see it. has been following developments all miss or maybe a little bit later the program just to recap really what we know are in fact let's talk about the region as a whole because across the border southern france the capital on president has already been offered asylum let's take a look at the look try and get some reaction of.
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the moment let's just this is there pictures again of the square there in central barcelona where people helping gathering all day long coming off to work you can see there's a concert going on there a lot of cars. in the crowd very crowded in fact the last time we saw that there was a sizeable police presence today there. and we also saw some bottles of calvey in the region being drunk by celebrating people of course the sparkling wine that is produced in. all right let's say get some reaction on this. both the pro independent side and also the other because i'm happy to say that the ruben some bully old castle and m.p. carlos props are on the program rubin is. i think first to say i'm to independents
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carlos is all of the other persuasion rubin can we can we begin with you today. catalonia votes for independence agreed approves direct rule over the region polar views heated up this fear what can we expect next. well it's difficult to. undo what is difficult to know we hold the spanish government will not use force this time. we have been offering dialogue. the last two weeks and we keep offering dialogue to the spanish government and the rest of the union in order. to solve the situation in a democrat the way seating it on a table and this kind of thing about the how do we go forward. we.
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don't have any of them are from the spanish. government and we. are quite sure that their reaction will be aggressive. and democratic because what they are trying to do is to demolition our regional government institutions. and take control even of our. social. social movement you should know that we have two political prisoners of the more money memories to responsible from the main. frame dependent movement carlists. or of course celebrations today but it's not just madrid who views. this independence declaration as unlawful according to polls the people in catalonia
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would vote against independence it does beg the question is now the right time to celebrate when there is so much helping that is against so many people in the region. well. what we've done today is to make of the. following the results of the obeying them and the from the first of october you should remember the first couple only. forty two percent of participation when we have. all the difficulties coming from the spanish go among using bio and. we have seven hundred thousand. taken by the spanish government on week with and. it would mean the participation in a couple of reach. he seeks percent. of participation of our
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society. the results where eighty percent. in favor of yes ok rubin. political scientist has been patiently standing by their let's bring you in rubin. barcelona is flooded by people celebrating independence while in madrid of course the parliament votes for article one hundred fifty five cracking down on autonomy don't you think that the voice of the people should still be heard. yeah they're most of the people it's going to hurt the program right now is the. nationalist movement the independent movement is leaving but it was not a war because they have. the people in the radio. they want to keep to remain in a spain so big on go against the heart of the. own region so that the me problem now. structure is such
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a big companies the reason is going into all the parts of the country because there is not security with the law with their procedures and with the future in the in the radio saw right now we are waiting for their measures of the national government because we need to keep their control as we need to restore their all in their constitution in the radio yet ribbit we will get the business issue a little bit but if i can just stick with you for a moment because spain is foreign minister has called article one hundred fifty five a quote atomic bomb it does beg the question maybe there are some more moderate ways to settle this issue ruben. now is not a bomb. or at least. for a fall about it is. it's too difficult to use these awards right now because there
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are to go in the constitution saying that in all their constitutions in some other parts of the other countries democracies like a spain so do use are to go it's a perfectly normal it's not it's not. but it's not in the in the laws in the european countries so it's normal to restore law and to restore a democracy because as you can see in a month from today they have all the parliament it was in there it was an outside because they don't fall in even the dead are now procedure so it's important because from the front almost two months ago even the original parliament the procedure is now. going according the original law and the procedure carlos you're shaking your head in disagreement. yes hundred percent in this everyman because you can say that these are democratic to to to listen the voice of the people and what
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we have been trying to do hearing about one year is always not being like you know if you're not the majority yes. the point is that you don't want people be expressed. their opinion on what we've been trying to do two years ago is to find the possibility for a couple in society to express this was on the first before you would try to make it impossible even though that we could do it. fifty five fifty six percent of people participated and eighty percent of the people decided yes the results. are. ninety percent of the dadaist they're going to do see on is when he was the referendum for the constitution or did you decide go so. far as a patient to see especially small three ford.
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everyone can leave to be there and to get prosperity as you know the business and did these movements until this terrible time where he was not a question. of which christ democracy and right now the story about this is not a question of companies and business what you have in madrid this is a question of democracy and you should listen what people have got on people. they want for for their future your only worried about. companies based measure ok i'm back i'll occasionally you what have you in this war let's we'll start with you . because the economy is a huge thing is it not we know that one of the biggest things running any decision like this is the economy we've already seen businesses leave the region others are worried over issues as to who they actually have to pay tax to do the pay to madrid
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do they pay to catalonia do the pay to both there's a lot of confusion here. yes sure. the situation is going to be clarified in the coming days when we have. the first of. the point is that after the first of october we decided to postpone the liberation because we wanted to. start a negotiation with the spanish government they didn't want to talk all saw it means that we had four weeks with. situation for foreign companies and also for society today and what we put on is to make sure from today on the coming days. we'll start. breaking. in whole society and companies and things have to go to develop
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but i would like to remark in the spanish government has been pushing i'm brushing up on companies to move all the more reason for from our country now mostly the spanish even the spanish has been making calls to companies you know so little time is money into their. headquarter. so the pricing. is like a bargain like say i've been to my place in order to be transferred to commentary so these are not going to hurt i don't think. this is true because the company. i am not confirming that is a company that. directly saw an economy and how the consequence is of these movements. and ribbon go ahead of the people who suffer a naive people who suffer a because if you do it is not clear well written go ahead if you are going to restore at all on the out of the. no all we have. there is no these are
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you not going to me when i was lying all the time. dad the original automation. you know was there companies were keeping their remained there that is not happening now the one that you don't want. to introduce the only part of the strike. to create was hearing spanish government using the spanish army here in barcelona what we call upon societies are really democratic and pacific. and we have been demonstrating that she has a two thousand year two thousand and ten we've been. participating in many shows and all international. community has. saw that. the international community does not support a un
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e. well let's see let's see what's going to happen the international community is not supporting you well. today you are not really bold enough to. let's go ahead we're going responsibilities. now they're both off today. less than three because. it was close it was secret and see if the what if what would you are doing it's so good what i did you would not do in freely everybody gon know. every of the deputies we have around me. ok can we just ask your final thoughts your conclusions really on what has happened today i what it will mean for the future carli is just you've got twenty seconds just to sum up your views place then we'll go to ruben. yes well
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a couple only has the clergy in their lives we'll start a constitutional process process offering dialogue to spain to the rest of the international community and we really perceive it democratic and we hope not also international community will interfere and will help us against the spanish foreign men that they are trying to use force. and to to take the control against. the majority of of society. riven you can go ahead sorry. yeah thank you yeah the problem is that anybody in the international sphere is going to give a recognition to a decent stayed and right now this money is going to mean is working to restore their constitution all their in their region and we did to protect their heart of the guy.


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