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tv   Headline News  RT  October 27, 2017 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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this is. better than. the see heard of. the world bank they. sent us an email. barcelona with joy. parliament votes to declare independence from spain. madrid reacts to the move by triggering article one fifty five to impose rule on the region prime minister roy the rule of law. will be restored. by europe and the usa they don't recognize. a sovereign state.
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in the world this is our international my names you know no need to have your company only one place to start this hour is witnessing an historic day the region's parliament has voted in favor of the clearing independence from spain the results of a secret ballot were released in the late afternoon the numbers of which say that seventy lawmakers voted in favor of independence ten voted against to abstain. pro independence lawmakers on kreutzer of people outside parliament did not hesitate to show their relation. how in the instant she
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says she. did. i i. i. i. i. more of what we saw develop today in catalonia i'm joined live by our to charlotte dubin ski who is in barcelona just before we get to the reaction where you are how did that vote on full today. when it was an incredibly tense couple of hours thousands upon thousands of people camped outside the parliament square as they were waiting for bob to take place
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basically this morning a motion was put forward to discuss and photo on catalan and pendants i would not have been and that was accepted to go ahead today i'm many members of the catalonia parliament to use to want at the moment to secede from spain much to the left the building and decided not to take part in not whatsoever however that vote was then held in secret and the results came out each of those votes was where it was a yes no an abstention getting a reaction from those thousands of people who were outside the parliament building the result in the end was seventy votes to yes ten to no a substantial that makes eighty two votes to the possible one hundred and thirty five is missing votes was coming from those members of parties did not wish to take place in this vote when. they wanted to have an independent after that to make up space the reaction was from the catalan president one of absolute
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axiomatic fields used to report independents to this country let's have a listen to it tell us who she wanted to say. we're going to do the castle only in parliament approved something in the opinion of a majority of people not only goes against the law but it's criminal today in parliament the parliament of our country a legitimate parliament took a largely expected step and largely for four step. citizens of cathal or any other comes a time when it is up to all of us to maintain the pulse of our country our peace our civic duty and dignity as we have always done and always will without any doubt . but that was the leader of the council on parliament expressing his happiness that
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was the leader of the catalan parliament expressing his happiness that very took place it was of course a vote for declaration of independence however not everyone was happy as i mentioned some of the makers in the catalan parliament left and decided not to take part and not vote and that she some have declared that declaration of independence is something that should not have happened and they've been tearing it down take a listen to what some of the opposition will make us happy and say. if you can see more and i guarantee ninety eight this will. you that i know should know about it. you sometimes think you know obama happened to be the. charlotte it's getting noisy where you are is there a sense among the people that this is no i don't deal as it was because parliament has occurred independence that really there's no way back no forward trade that independence will occur.
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well there are many people as you can hear behind me celebrating on the streets tonight these are people who supported the movement for independence people told me that for generations they've been trying to struggle for this moment for this opportunity to declare a republic of catalonia and people are ecstatic the reality is though that it may be setting in tomorrow that not all this is easy and they would like it to seem as we've heard from many across the world that they will not accept this vote of independence and there is a lot of legal procedures now to make place of people here. celebrating this is what they were telling you something when they got their knees that declaration of independence happy makes. it very exciting at this moment and the day study got a moment for us years and years and years and years dreaming about leaving the spleen which is not to them across it we are finally in catalonia a new member of the international community a republic
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a good trilling. to so that. peaceful people. by all honest on all life on our parents around town and they are. waiting for the saying what the hell did i from the streets of course alone or a noisy bar still r t charlotte devinsky thank you very much ok we can get some analysis to this from dr nicholas charice research fellow from the european institute the university of east anglia you're very welcome to the program so there we have a little bit of a stalemate going on this near you got the council on parliament declaring independence while madrid has triggered article one fifty five to revoke autonomy how do you see this playing out. so today we have another. in the constitutional crisis that long ago. now out of the cold war in barcelona but
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actually this comes. back in two thousand them and i would have been saying two thousand and six when they wouldn't go see a very new start before going on with traveling or so this is not something that would happen over and over and this is something that has actually boy. and now we have nick grant's moment because now both communities both governments that carville and one of us have actually put themselves in the corner and they have gone to really extreme solutions. i think that the only way that these think i'm actually deescalate the crisis can be escalate this by dialogue between the two governments but clearly at the moment he seems very very difficult dr let's talk money from an economic point of view where does catalonia it's got a fifth of the g.d.p. of spain a lot of tourism money but you've got other europe america saying that they are not going to look at poland catalonia as an independent state will the region hold on
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to its industries and its wealth. well first of all let me say that. america academic lawyer should have been pretty does a lawyer so i feel it was a pretty long time to discuss the economics but what i can say is the following i mean clearly. however i mean it's it's well known that if it becomes independent and given that a number of companies have already said that they've got a number comes and i'm not going to move. there would be a crisis how about if you speak with at least with a member of the what they would say is that actually they wanted to bend although they know that these will have an economy car. i mean the argument goes as it goes here in the u.k. when they speak about brics i mean there are a lot of people who have they would sacrifice. some kind of economy for the high end ideologues they understand which is in the payments and because of. breaks in the case of the king. you have got
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a region though with with so much input in terms of money tourism. but then you've got other parts of spain which are you know some areas are on the verge of poverty they need they say catalonia has help to get those regions back up the drains in a tough place here what do they do. i think. that he has to actually understand. that he's a very very serious constitutional and political problem any plans to deal with it as a political problem especially the government the government of the popular lot of the book about poverty had many many seems two thousand and a more effective way the crisis however they chose to remain for political loser i mean let's not forget that actually the. very very best of spain the. obvious so i think the popular vote is them are actually stand
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the problem. by a political solution and a political negotiation so i understand that some of the of but i'd wear the has become a very bad finale issue however this is the same to actually go in that negotiated . discuss with the couple and this is the only way that the unity of the spanish stays by the state will be preserved yes summing up perfectly the issues on both sides first dr charice research fellow from the university of east european institute i should say thank you very much. wealth right there push for independence catalonia has repeatedly faced fierce opposition from madrid let's take a look at some of what has gone in the polls. to
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those in charge in the government who are the protagonist in this challenge to our coexistence i ask them to cease illegal activities they should abandon their object . if you need. one five five because no government a tool in a democratic country can accept that the law will be ignored violated changed and this has all happened under full script syria and they impose their criteria on
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everybody else. well just minutes after the council on parliament voted the spanish senate took an unprecedented step approved article fifty five to launch direct rule only and there are also now reports that spain's constitutional court has launched proceedings against council on independence will reportedly give the government just three days to reverse its decision for more madrid reaction i'm joined by media here in the studio from madrid this is something we haven't seen before medina and it is something that we haven't seen and indeed this this moves that was made today by the majority of the spanish senate so the fact that they approved as the introduction of the article one. fifty five was really the last step before this measure of becomes reality and it was indeed an unprecedented step and unprecedented measure made by the spanish government and now council on the only
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face and direct rule coming from the treats and may actually may actually lose stuff autonomy and this is happening for the first time in the country's history now this article is a part of a nine hundred seventy eight constitution of the country and it has never been used before and now the spanish government has decided to use it to tackle this ongoing crisis now the spanish prime minister. said that he warned several times the us or it is that this is going to be the reality. we are asking you. to dismiss the president vice president and members of the council and government likewise the regional parliament must be barred from electing new members.
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now the catalan parliament voted to do clear independence and that basically plunge the whole country into political chaos that's what we're witnessing at the moment now spanish prime minister address his nation well he tweeted he and his tweets he called for the spanish citizens to remain calm he said that what happened. is a criminal act and he also promised to reste or the rule of law now at the moment there is a certain amount of vagueness in terms of what kind of steps the government. can take to implementing direct rule under the article one fifty five and what they are likely to do is well first of all the dismissal of the top of salon government including of course the president of his deputies and then secondly they can also dismiss regional ministers now can also take control of the castle and
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police and that's a tricky thing here because this step can actually lead to some serious consequences now when it comes to the use of force it remains the subject of debate what the central government is allowed to do and it is capable of doing but after the police brutality that we witnessed on the first of october on the day of the referendum by the civil guard it is clear is that it has the stomach to use the have the hand now the spanish cabinet has gathered to decide on which concrete measures to implement under the article one fifty five but so far what we see is a true more complete. and an unprecedented level of uncertainty and spring. is being lifted on both sides as well something has to give it does seem like medina cost of bring us up to date on madrid reaction. with the parliament voting to declare independence let's take a look at a short recap of the push to be
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a sovereign state. by now you've surely heard about cats or learned desire to go it alone the prosperous region in northeast spain to counter almost a fifth of the country's economy and believes it's paying madrid way more than it gets back catalonia is home to seven point five million people boasting its own language culture and history which is why many cats once considered themselves a separate nation. but it has been a lot of spain since the fifteenth century courtesy of king ferdinand and queen isabella for the origins of the modern says sation its movement let's fast forward to the twentieth century spain becomes a republic and cats are learning against the statute of autonomy but six years later franco comes to power and takes that away three decades of franco's oppression and he boasted the catalans desire for independence and after his death and spain's transition to democracy catalonia got its autonomy back but not enough
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as many locals believe when the country's can stitch new course limits on cancer and claims to nations that it started a chain reaction. with protests and symbolic referendums in cities and towns across the region some catalans now compare madrid pressure to the decades of franco dictatorship the region held a non-binding independence vote back in twenty fourteen about eighty percent said yes to independence but it was declared illegal by spain. democratic the catalonia is pressing ahead regardless and seems more determined than ever to be in the sand. well with major decisions being made in spain there is reaction coming in from a run the world. brings us up to date on that aspect there is plenty of reaction coming in and given these major developments happening in catalonia albeit with
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very few surprises those people within the port. stablish men throughout the european union and the world really who didn't support the idea of catalan independence continue to not do that despite this declaration that has now come out of catalonia now let's kind of walk through what we've heard throughout the day as catalonia did go ahead and proclaim its independence we have heard from the president of the european council donald to school has said that nothing changes and that the e.u. will continue to speak directly with madrid we've heard from the president of the european parliament who has said that no one within the european union is going to be recognizing this declaration we've also heard from the prime minister vell jim who said quote a political crisis can only be solved through dialogue we call for a peaceful solution with respect for national and international order we've seen reaction from germany of course the german government said they do not recognize this unilateral declaration of independence we've heard from of course the french
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president also. showing his support and full support to the spanish prime minister mariano or of oil we also heard from the french foreign ministry that have said paris will not recognize independence and will have dialogue only with madrid we have heard the e.u. commission president john claude say it's a process within the spanish government and the spanish government's decisions are respected now here in the u.k. of course also plenty of reaction we've heard from downing street saying they does not and will not recognize a unilateral declaration of independence because this vote the referendum on october first was deemed illegal by spanish courts that was a reaction from theresa maine we also have seen boris johnson say that the u.k.'s position remains unchanged in terms of not supporting independence but from scotland's nicolas sturgeon we have seen a reaction of seeing the people of catalonia should have the ability to determine their own future so supporting what has happened in council. given scotland's own
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sort of plight when it comes to this issue we've heard from the u.s. as well the u.s. state department has the support keeping strong and united spain together also similarly from nato that they consider catalan situation an internal spanish affair obviously seeing it as something to be dealt with by madrid so as all of these reactions are continuing to come in it's important to really remember that despite the fact that political leaders throughout the european union have consistently said they don't want catalonia to break away from spain to really keep the european union and tax the pro independence movement in catalonia has repeatedly said that despite the fact that they want to leave spain they don't necessarily want to leave the european union whereas throughout the year we've heard them say that if catalonia doesn't fact leave spain. they're going to have to essentially get at the back of the line to get back into the european union. to more world news this
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hour twitter has blocked r.t. from advertising on its platform to be clear it does not affect any of the news feeds occurrence which you can still follow usual the big generals and also independent reporters journalists as well well following reaction to twitter's move he's in the studio. a lot of our putin's press secretary had a few things to say about it twitter's decision is disappointing he says and r.t.e. has become a victim of deep prejudices against the russian media going back to twitter's accusations the problem was apparently that r.t. interfered in the u.s. presidential race they are citing the u.s. intelligence committee's report from january although the tech giant didn't put forward any clear ickes ations of wrongdoing misconduct or breach of policies twitter did publish confidential data on how much our teeth spent on ads on their platforms so we decided to reveal something else which might change how everyone
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sees this story twitter's own special offer to boost our team on their platform ahead of the vote and whether that r t would have delivered an unbiased point of view of us a lections there were many and features suggested from special moggi hashtags to stuff on analytics and research solutions plus a team of experts to help with strategy and tactical support that brings us to the cost one and a half million dollars with a bunch of extra options three point three million customized him agin us eight hundred thousand bucks alone well we chose not to accept now when twitter's management took part in the private briefing with the u.s. senate intelligence committee they never mentioned this special offer to r t or at any other point out a spokesperson for the committee told reporters are it is there and she thinks it's
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not that simple when it comes to how twitter is dealing with u.s. officials. honestly i didn't believe that twitter was controlled by american security services it looks like a conspiracy theory to me but twitter has just confessed it's a pity especially because american news outlets operating in russia will now feel the tenderness of russian tit for tat measures. and november twitter will publicly testify before the u.s. congress will the tech giant mention their special offer this time once again i want to stress that we declined it and then a year later twitter published confidential data on how much we spent on ads that was a much smaller saw compared to their business proposal less than three hundred thousand dollars now they are t. ads even though it was twitter that once suggested we can use their platform to get more involved in covering the american election. in
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a new report the u.n. chemical weapons watchdog sees its confident that syria was to blame for a deadly attack in the rebel held. in syria in april parts of the document were leaked to the media here. reported on it more than eighty people were killed in the attack on the w confirmed the use of certain gas at the time the government was widely blamed although it was based on disputed evidence the un chemical weapons watchdog a special panel to investigate the incident so all the u.s. launch a missile strike on a syrian military airport which were the chemical. toward syria has rejected all accusations made in the report of using chemical weapons while russia's permanent mission to the u.n. says moscow is concerned by the way it's already questioning the documents credibility on this studying it's come out. even in the read shows that there are
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many inconsistency and discrepancies don't fool witness accounts and then verified evidence is still in the reports it also uses the same testimonies which sparked our deep concerns in the past. well in june after the first u n o p c w report was released russia why experts hadn't visited the scene of the attack it was also a concern that the investigative team accepted samples received from third parties earlier today russia said the investigative commission did not take into account all the remarks it sent beirut based journalist martin j. spoke to us on the story. i don't think the time that's passed gives any credibility to the report sort of thing it does the opposite you know there's a general belief with big organizations that if you spend an awful lot of time making an investigation then the more months the pass the more credibility that you will final conclusion have you know i think this report doesn't have credibility the fact that it was leaked to journalists i think is row suspicious because large
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organizations only do that when they need journalists to support their claims so that you have this transition between assertions which suddenly become facts when journalists have to reward the people who gave them the report in the first place by complimenting the theory so the time lapse which has gone past i think goes against them i don't think that there is new credence at all i mean you've got to rip bear in mind that when months go pass lots of evidence gets washed away by natural resources by weather patterns by people. with donald trump giving the go ahead to the release of thousands of documents related to the assassination of president kennedy there have already been some interesting discoveries artie's killer bob in talks us through them. as we heard from donald trump earlier today in a tweet he says he wants to get all two thousand eight hundred files available to the u.s. public this is related to the assassination of john f. kennedy the thirty fifth president of united states in november of one nine hundred
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sixty three now those who are unfamiliar what happened was november nine hundred sixty three john f. kennedy and the first lady were traveling in an open car through dallas texas when the president was shot by sniper fire the police then arrested lee harvey oswald and said he was the prime suspect now two days later after lee harvey oswald the alleged shooter had been had been arrested he was he was being transported by the police and he was then shot while in police custody killed by jack ruby so this is led historians and all kinds of people throughout the united states to ask questions why would lee harvey oswald shoot the president why would the shooter then be killed two days later these new files that have just come out are containing some rather interesting facts for example one of the files shows that a local newspaper in the united kingdom in cambridge was tipped off twenty five
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minutes before the assassination someone called a local newspaper and told them that they should get in contact with the u.s. embassy because there was going to be some quote big news and this took place twenty five minutes before the u.s. president was shot one of the other interesting things that comes out of this report is when speaking before the warren commission cia director richard helms was being was being interviewed before the commission and he's directly asked quote is there any information involved with the assassination of president kennedy which in any way shows that lee harvey oswald was in some way a cia agent or agent the document then cuts off there's still hundreds hundreds of files to go through quite a bit of material assembled by the u.s. government on the assassination of president john f. kennedy and all the questions raised about it we're still going through them but it looks like so far the information it's been revealed is only leading us to ask more questions.


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