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tv   Headline News  RT  October 27, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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i wanted. to write. a short. report to get. you to see the water. coming up on our shift in the mood in the streets of barcelona as spain's prime minister moves to dissolve parliament we'll bring you the latest from barcelona. and a new poll finds that more than half of white americans say they face discrimination will discuss in today's race in america. then this question is there a wife or dad is life or death really clear cut a new study suggests there may be some gray areas we're going to doctors take later in the show.
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it's friday october twenty seventh five pm here in washington d.c. i'm military and you're watching our team america we begin today with history being made in spain spanish prime minister marianna rai just moved to dissolve catalonia as parliament a few hours after it voted yes for total independence from the rest of the country . as you can see here we're looking at live pictures there in marcello thousands were gathered outside of the cattle on parliament in the city where they were celebrating earlier but now with this news the mood was slightly changed our to use charlotte dubinsky has the latest for us from barcelona must be an incredible day beginning a friday morning many people were waiting with bated breath to find out whether the cuts alone would actually declare independence when it did we witnessed thousands of pro in. dependant supporters who were surrounding the cattle in parliament you
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all had their all news in the air and all was shouting yes yes yes some people then broke into spontaneous song some people were crying and in the moments after that. declaration of independence we spoke to people who said that this is something that they had waited for their entire lives and not just themselves but their parents' lives their grandparents lives because for many catalonians this struggle for independence has been going on for many generations almost one hundred years now into the night in barcelona people have been celebrating they've been concerts taking place but this all amidst of course what we're hearing from madrid and this is that in spain the spanish government has decided that it will dissolve the council on parliament and it will also remove the chief of police here and it will now call snap election so many people just been to a couple people came on and asked them what do you make about and they said look we don't recognize what the spanish government is saying we know that they've been
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active this article one five five which is unprecedented in spain it's a part of the constitution that allows them to strip the powers from catalonia but they're saying it didn't happen until the catalonian parliament had already made its declaration of independence so they will not recognize it but of course many people in catalonia would like to remain with spain and for them this declaration from the spanish government that they will how will these new elections is actually a glimmer of hope that charlotte it looks like the crowds have been pretty jubilant mostly peaceful i think that still the case there yes absolutely that's still the case one of the things that really resonates from this entire situation this weeks and weeks of uncertainty about the future of catalog is the fact that today outside the parliament they were pro independent supporters as well as those who are pro unity and want to remain with spain and they were standing side by side catalans all say that they do not. societies to be ripped apart by indecision this tension
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between the madrid government and the catalan government what they want those who want to remain with spain of course is to remain with spain but the pro independence say that they want to have a democracy they say and they will do everything peacefully to resist what is about to do next or what they expect me to it is about today next charlotte this is absolutely history in the making we know that barcelona and the cattle on region as a approximately twenty percent of all of spain g.d.p. so i doubt that my dread is going to let barcelona and the go very easily what do you think might happen next. well in all honesty this is unprecedented territory article one five five has never been acted in almost forty years the spanish constitution this is the first time it's been enacted it was also in the uk the day after the declaration by the council on parliament so the reality is nobody knows
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what the legal situation is here the catalan parliament of the people who support independence say independence has been declared they now want to form the secede from spain those who are in madrid in those who support spanish unity so you know article one five five has been inactive madrid has been able to take control away from catalonia in fact this is incredibly uncharted waters and we will have to see now in the weeks and months what will actually happen with those elections will go ahead and of course. the fact that the regional police force here their chief of police has been sacked from his job and many people think that that will mean madrid will send in their place and people are rather concerned about it all right thank you so much profiling that report artie's charlotte dubinsky live for us out of barcelona. and to talk more about this we're being joined now by thomas harrington he's a professor of hispanic and iberian studies at trinity college thank you so much
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for joining us professor first what do you think of taking vote was it legitimate. that's a very interesting question it depends how you define legitimacy and in fact this is the central problem that we have in the catalan conflict where does legitimacy reside according to the people who are pro independence it was legitimate because they had a legitimate majority in the catalan parliament for others that legitimacy is is is cancelled out by the fact that there are a number of people in that same catalan parliament who walked out and considered the the move toward independence to be rash and over and overstepping of prerogatives and do not in any way consider it a legitimate vote so now here we are in madrid has triggered article one fifty five aiming to impose direct rule in catalonia and scheduling snap elections for i guess a new catalan government for december how can we expect tatooine people to react to
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this. i can forsee any way in which this new government is going to be perceived as legitimate the party supporting the intercession in the catalan affairs from the central government constitute forty percent approximately forty percent of the sitting out on parliament i do not and i do not think that the rest of the parties are necessarily going to go along with this and participate in those elections i think there's also going to be the quick the issue of civil disobedience i think the spanish government may find it's not as easy to impose their will as they think it is at this point they're talking about shutting down t.v. stations as your reporter correctly pointed out of of deposing the present president and people are already talking about surrounding the parliament surrounding the presidential palace and making sure that this doesn't happen. is there is there any
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way for the people to stop the spanish government to stop madrid from moving forward with with article one fifty five and the consequences thereafter. i don't know that they can stop the forces use i don't know that they can stop it forcefully in fact as again your reporter correctly pointed out this movement has always been peaceful and sees peaceful demonstration as its hallmark can they impede that takeover i think so i think civil disobedience has a long history not only in catalonia but in other places especially in eastern europe where other places declared independence so this is not this is new for spain but it's not necessarily new for the world these things have been done in other places and have succeeded i guess a lot depends on the sense and among catalans as to how many of them want to put themselves on the line to impede the imposition of force from outside from from
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madrid and now given that given your expertise in this area do you foresee. madrid deploying perhaps deploying troops to the catalonia area over the next few months. i think it is not out of the question that they should they would do so but i also think they are aware that doing so would probably provoke even greater dislike of them from the people who are already alienated from them in the cat in the cattle on autonomy's community so it's going to be a very delicate question i also think for all of the fact that the european union has not been terribly supportive of the catalan movement i do think that european union would apply pressure so that gross armed force is not used against catalonia but then again we're talking about a government that has a pedigree from franco is in a certain sense at least it's sociological lineage comes from franco ism and the idea of my way or the highway is very much a part of their way of thinking so it can't be ruled out either so what do you
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think if you brought up franco as them what would you make of the future the fate of the cattle on elite. i'm not sure i understand the catalan elites if they become malignant yes there and if they become independent what becomes of those those people and versus the common folk. the class has been a long issue within catalan nationalism throughout the twentieth century and one of the cliches that is often used is that catalan nationalism has always been a movement of the bourgeoisie to get greater financial concessions from madrid and there's a degree of truth to that but i think what we're seeing now is a much more transversal movement that has transcended that old class boundary and there are people from a across the political spectrum across the class spectrum who are now very much interested in having a much greater greater degree of independence from the jihad so classes there but
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you can't be as strict and about talking about it as you could and in times past and real briefly on the subject of finances we know that the cattle on region. is about twenty is almost twenty percent of spain's g.d.p. if they were somehow able to secede from spain what would become of the spanish economy. i think that's one of the major underlying concerns here catalonia along with the basque country are the two wealthiest areas of the spanish kingdom and spain i think is very worried that they're going to lose this economic powerhouse should catalonia. become independent that said the cattle on independent us have been very clear in their desire to have a very smooth working relationship with spain should independence become a consummated fact so the economies are currently integrated and i think the idea of the catalan independent is despite all you might hear coming out of madrid is
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that they continue to be largely integrated one with the other definitely fascinating stuff thank you so much for sharing your expertise and insight with us professor thomas harrington professor of hispanic and iberian studies at trinity college thank you so much professor. thank you very much. yesterday a u.n. subcommittee ruled that chemical weapons say aren't to be exact was used against civilians and shake alcuin back in april by the syrian government this is the first time a neutral body has concluded one side or another was responsible for any specific attack the syrian government of course denies such actions and says they disposed of their chemical weapons stockpiles years ago in a deal brokered by russia and the u.s. the use of sarin or any chemical agent is considered a war crime however no evidence or methods used to arrive at this conclusion have been made public by that u.n. subcommittee. a brief twenty four hour cease fire has been ordered in the disputed
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northern territories of iraq between the kurdish minority and the iraqi government iraqi prime minister a body ordered a suspension of military operations the first of its kind since the kurdish independence referendum vote about a month ago set forth fears of a looming civil war the kurds have aided the u.s. and western allies in pushing back isis militants across the region however today the u.s. led international coalition issued conflicting reports on whether or not hostilities between kurdish and iraqi forces have actually ceased so for more on this let's bring in investigative journalist and author max blumenthal hey there max good to see that to see you so when there are these mixed reports coming out of the u.s. led coalition right is the face fire really actually in place where there are discussions right now and there is sort of a cessation of hostilities right now the question is what happens later this week and we can get into that but the background here is that the kurdistan regional
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government has been dealt a punishing blow in kirkuk by hyder all the body and you know a lot of people have attributed a body success to iran and all sorts of other factors but what we have to understand here is that a body has a domestic constituency to address he's up for elect. next year and his decisiveness in removing the kurdish forces from kirkuk which is a mixed city and actually restoring the the state of iraq's control over q cooks oil supply has made him immensely popular and won over all of his critics and those critics are pushing him to go even further the fact that the k r g m a suit barzani are actually asking for a cease fire in the u.s. and you know here in washington they're begging for a cease fire really speaks to the weak position that the kurds are in right now and so does body press his advantage what we're going to see i mean if this cease fire
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really is truly happening like a body says though could this be appropriate a prelude to perhaps peaceful diplomacy and peaceful talks that independence or do you not see them letting their grips go. you know it's very unclear because we have another situation at the area where the turkish syrian iraqi borders converge around the town of bor which is sort of been under u.s. control of the control of the coalition through the kurds since one thousand nine hundred one this area is critical right now because the iraqi government has restored control over the oil fields of kirkuk which were previously under kurdish control since two thousand and three they need to export that oil and that oil had been previously exported through fishhook bore so by friday. body has said that he's going to move on that strategic town in order to begin exporting this oil which is another key priority for baghdad so we're going to see conflict there and then that raises questions about what's happening on the syrian side rebel us is
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supporting the kurdish s.d.f. and kind of getting in the way of the iraqi government and i'm glad you brought that up because i have over the past few weeks since that referendum vote i've spoken with a lot of experts on the subject and i get the distinct impression from experts on both sides of this conflict that they believe the u.s. will simply use the kurds for the war against isis at least in syria but when it comes time to support the kurdish independence in iraq. that the u.s. government will have no choice but to back the iraqi government what do you what do you make of that thing is the kurds or the kurds all over the place well you know you're you're not you're not going to be a u.s. ally unless you eventually get sold out so i mean at some point in the future the kurds are going to be sold out by the u.s. but they're very needed right now on the syrian side and it's because of the control that a body is restoring it's because of what you know is regarded in washington as the
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shia crescent the iranian crescent of influence that stretches all the way to southern lebanon that the u.s. has prioritized the s.d.f. as a kind of blocking mechanism and so if the u.s. is using the s.d.f. in iraq they intend for them to stay there and they're there sensually going to use them to fragment syria until the u.s. gets what it wants we have to listen to the words of secretary of state rex tillerson really carefully he made this absurd statement that syria has cannot proceed with its future with bashar assad in power we all know it's twenty seventeen assad has never been stronger this is not two thousand and eleven but what tillerson also said is that syria can be whole in unified without us so basically the s.d.f. and the kurds in syria are a bargaining chip for the us to continue putting pressure on damascus and obstructing what would be a natural development in the region where iraq has this con contiguous route through syria all the way to the lebanese border max thank you as always for
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sharing your insight and expertise on this next well and all investigative journalist thank you thanks for having me president trumps phone call to a mother and a widow of an american soldier recently killed in africa has dominated headlines but the news media has done relatively little to explain why and where u.s. troops are operating on the african continent r.t. america producer joseph ricci takes a closer look. on october fourth four u.s. troops were ambushed and killed by isis militants and in the african nation of me share the attack has raised uproar on capitol hill but the over arching question is what are we doing in the circumstances that happening now is what is the scope of our involvement they are doing and authorization of these military force but the u.s. has troop presence throughout the african continent american soldiers and bases are currently in thirteen sub-saharan countries under u.s.
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africa command the french also have a significant presence in africa particularly in the country's former colonies the map of africa is once again starting to resemble the colonial situation in the nineteenth century but what role our foreign troops playing in africa you know game of the stated goal is fighting terrorism i think the real goal truthfully is you know geopolitical spanish and of the u.s. which seems to be a goal in enough itself to essentially rule the world you know it's about a thousand military bases in the world in about one hundred thirty eight countries and of course the goal is to be able to secure and control africa's best resource it's now to the dismay of military planners in washington the chinese our permanent military presence in africa just this year the chinese opened their first foreign military base in djibouti generally speaking what every say about
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china. there are intervention there that's what you want to call it is much more peaceful than the us that is to say yeah they want resources to they want some corporate penetration in africa it's but instead of shooting their way to get it they built hospitals bill grows but american military interventions on the continent have failed to bring the promised ability to africa and in fact new was nails destruction of whom are gadhafi is government in libya which led directly to the rise of isis in the share if you look at a map niger. jason to libya. and we know that again after that you girls and eleven invasion by the western. eyes gained. control over libya and then spread to other countries like niger u.s.
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africa is now expanding its operations against isis and boko haram in africa all this means the news media might soon be talking about africa as the new middle east joseph rechy reporting from washington d.c. for r.t. now on to new revelations being brought to light following the release of thousands of files detailing events surrounding the assassination of president john f. kennedy according to vs documents just twenty five minutes before president kennedy was shot a cambridge reporter reportedly received an anonymous call advising him to reach out to the u.s. embassy for some quote big news while records show at least forty journalists had been employed by the cia allegedly doubling as undercover agents other pages details possible methods of assassination that could be used to oust famed cumin cuban leader fidel castro and in one nine hundred sixty the cia reportedly
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considered staging terror attacks in miami to denigrate public opinion on the communist government of cuba among some of the most heavily redacted documents were lists of individuals in contact with dr martin luther king jr details on his relationship to various communist movements and how his international legacy carried on following his assassination however many questions still left unanswered wiki leaks is offering a one hundred thousand dollars reward for the files that are not yet released and we spoke with the host of the world according to jesse jesse ventura for his thoughts on this take a look. well you know donald trump's always says one thing and does another that seems to be his forte he doesn't worry about misleading people very often. my view is this first of all why would if lee harvey oswald is who they told us he was
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a little marine private too became a marxist leninist or whatever hated our country defected to russia came back and then decided to kill our president why would anything need to be locked up if you were told the truth but because they've locked up these thousands of documents that tells you one thing you don't lock anything up unless you're hiding something now do i think a smoking gun is going to come out no because you can bet there's stuff but vetted you can bet this stuff i think what you will learn from it though is this i think you'll learn excuse me that leads were not followed that it wasn't really an investigation because if the clue did not lead to oz wald they ignore it and that's exactly what the warren commission did and i believe that's exactly what you'll learn from these documents that there were plenty of clues that probably lead to other directions but they were completely ignored so therefore they had to lock
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them up so we wouldn't know about them interesting perspective as always and i got to i got a switch gears here with you a little bit. obviously yesterday also the president decided to finally make opioids a national emergency of epidemic but we know that you've written a book concerning marijuana and a lot of the benefits to it we have also found that. in states where marijuana is illegal opioid death and addiction are down what do you make of that. well i make it's another lie that's been perpetrated on the american people for years and years they told us that cannabis was the stepping stone to heroin well clearly the facts you talk about right now show just the opposite cannabis is the stepping stone away from heroin and away from opiates so i was pleased to
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see the polls the other day sixty four percent of americans are now for the legalization of cannabis and wait till you hear this fifty one percent of republicans now of republicans are now for the legalization of cannabis so can the bears could be a cure for the opiates the national football league now is considering taking cannabis off the restricted list because of their fear of the opiates so if the n.f.l. does that that's more powerful the drug the congress and the supreme court put together wow that that is shocking speaking of the republican felon glad you brought that up because we want to switch gears again here to politics let's talk about the g.o.p. infighting there seems to be two g.o.p. factions here would you say that this internal with infighting will prevent things
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from getting passed and if so how is this going to affect twenty twenty are we are we going to see a way paved for a third party candidate a viable one pot possibly but i'm going to avoid that question and talk about both parties what you're seeing today is something that i've been preaching about for twenty five years both of these parties are as corrupt as each other and you're seeing it now through the russian investigation they're both involved in other words until the and i'll say this until those stupid people. the united states come to the realization that the democrats and republicans have their own best interests in mind and not that of the country how many times do i have to tell people stop voting for democrats and republicans vote for anyone else i've been saying that for twenty five years so i'm ecstatic over this latest stuff because it shows that both
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of these parties are completely corrupt and they will do anything to win and they put themselves before the country that's the thing you have to remember the republican party puts the republican party before the country the democratic party puts the democratic party before the country the country needs to come first not the political parties read what john adams said about political parties you know governor you are certainly the only man on television that i know of or that i can even think of that can get away with making that sort of statement and not have people throwing tomatoes that you have and one last thing tell us what's coming up on your next episode or next few episodes of the world according to jeffy. well we we did interesting interviews with these burn pits i don't know how many people know about these but halliburton dick cheney's company of which he made eighty
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million dollars off the iraq and afghan afghanistan war created these burn pits over one hundred thousand of our military veterans are now suffering health trouble this is agent orange being repeated agent orange from vietnam being repeated today with iraq and afghanistan again our country is turning its back on its veterans when they come home once they've used them in war they don't give a damn about it when they come back to the united states and i just saw a phenomenal movie and i'm going to pick up a piece of paper here so that i get it right i want people to go to this movie and it's called delay deny and hope you die didn't delay deny and hope you die people need to see that film all right i'm going to have to google that one all right we are certainly looking forward to the next episode of the world according to jesse thank you so much that was our tale america's jesse
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ventura former governor of minnesota and host of the world according to jesse which you can catch right here every friday at seven thirty pm eastern and again it ten pm thank you so much governor thank you. and over now to new york where the n.y.p.d. is reshaping its crisis intervention program the department has long been criticized for how its officers responded calls involving emotionally disturbed people otherwise known as e.v.p. now many are calling for big changes are to try the child as has more on the story . mental health advocates and community members are pushing for changes on how the n.y.p.d. handles e.d.p. calls now although the department has restructured its crisis intervention training many are saying that more can be done. response is not enough for two years. the police are doing their bit in training
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what we need other avenues a response to. training was first implemented in memphis almost thirty years ago and finally arrived in new york as a part of an action plan issued in two thousand and fourteen by mayor bill de blasio task force on behavioral health and criminal justice but has since concluded the n.y.p.d. adopted the approach in june two thousand and fifteen and has since trained at least sixty three hundred officers yet since two thousand and fifteen seven quote emotionally disturbed persons also known as e.d.p.s have been shot and killed by n.y.p.d. officers part of that is not enough here two officers have been trained part of that is that we don't have a way to get to see if you are sort of to the scene quickly and part of that we need the mayor to force to be revived to come up with non-police alternatives it was last october sixty six year old deborah danner was shot and killed by n.y.p.d. sergeant hugh berry after she experienced an emotional episode danner who suffered from schizophrenia first raised a pair of scissors at the sergeant and then
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a baseball bat barry then struck her with two shots in the chest a situation some say could have been avoided with the help of a peer specialist it would change that whole dynamic. in the g. of the whole situation. let the officers step back and let the peer specialists step in and let him have control of the whole situation put that knife on the floor and on september sixth the n.y.p.d. released this body camera video captured by four police officers who initially responded to a wellness check at the apartment i'm again richards in the bronx when officers arrived richards was armed with a knife and a hidden object later identified as a fake gun. after repeated commands to drop his weapons over a seventy minute period one officer deployed a taser and two others fired their weapons. killing the thirty one year old what happened to the officer who was bonding clearly did not have the training they were going under the old training which is fully in the world which is true you try to
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get compliance by shouting you're stating and showing threat of force and that doesn't work for a person in distress the n.y.p.d. says that nearly seven thousand of its officers have received crisis intervention training and another ninety of its officers go to that training every week however with an average of twelve thousand calls made to the department every single month many believe the effort needs to be taken to scale we need social workers riding with the police or therapists psychologists meeting the police at the see or hear the actual meeting the police at the scene the n.y.p.d. told r.t. that so far this year they have received over one hundred forty six thousand calls and rabinowitz hopes that the new training that has been implemented by the department for results in fewer deaths and less injuries reporting in new york turn to be job as our team. coming up later on our team more than half of white americans say may face discrimination according to a new poll that and more coming up in the race in america what actually makes you
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want to miss the. mark when you said it's easier to walk people than to going to the. that could be why america is so divided because people have been fed the fake news paid for by corporate interests they beat you down until you believe their fairy tale well here's a story for it's called big and it's full of bad fiction. what politicians do things. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so what you want to express and should. somehow wanted. to do i believe that's what the four million people are. interested
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in the why is it. there should. i think the average viewer just after watching a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories that are critics can't tell and you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth parties able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and
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you know what they're working. all right a time now for our weekly segment race in america with ashley thanks hey there actually what do you have on the docket today i'm an l.l.b. talking about a recently released poll which shows that a white americans believe they face discrimination and the u.s. according to a poll conducted by n.p.r. the robert wood johnson foundation and the harvard school of public health fifty five percent of white americans believe whites are discriminated against here in the nation but while majority of whites who participated in the poll believe they are being discriminated against those who actually experienced discrimination were very few a small percentage of whites believe they are discriminated against when it comes
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to applying for jobs being p.t. equally or considered for promotions and when it comes to applying for college and p.r. spoke to temper hirshman a sixty eight year old participant and asked him if he believed discrimination against whites existed today in america he said quote absolutely it's been going on for decades and it's been getting worse for whites although the majority of the poll participants agree with hirshman eighty four percent of the participants also agree that discrimination exists against a racial and ethnic minorities and america joining me now to continue this conversation is your who williams professor of history at the university of st thomas thank you so much for joining us you who are now why do you think the majority of white americans who participate in this poll believe they are being discriminated against. i think they've been fed a steady diet particularly with the election of donald trump and this belief that
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somehow white americans are now disadvantaged or have been disadvantaged by gains by minorities in the last half century when you consider that since the civil rights movement in the past did the civil rights act of one thousand sixty four the voting rights act of one thousand sixty five african-americans have made tremendous gains and those those pieces of legislation have created or tried to equal the playing field there are a number of people who feel like white americans who feel like they've lost privilege as a result and you're seeing that narrative now really take shape under donald trump's presidency it's interesting you say that because the poll it shows that mostly white men believe they were being discriminated against however the washington post pointed out white men are actually dominating the business where all of the an analysis by fortune magazine shows men to hold eighty percent of the leadership roles at sixteen fortune five hundred companies and seventy two percent of those men are white so where do you think this is a viewpoint is coming from. well and that's very interesting to ashley and that was what was quite intriguing about hirshman comments the sixty eight year old that
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n.p.r. talked about talked to really there's this idea that the american dream has that generation of whites perceive it is a fixed pie and the idea that any gain by any other group by definition is a loss for that group so if they're african-americans to by virtue of affirmative action in their narrative are making gains in terms of employment or latinos who are making gains in terms of gains in terms of employment that's going to be a loss for the that job that an african-american or latino or woman occupies by definition is a job that they've lost because they have a right to it but now they're being discriminated against because they are white and those entitlement programs as they call them are meant to insure and create opportunities for racial minorities that really is not discrimination it is actually in reality this sense on the part of white men in particular of a loss of privilege. and that's really what you're seeing here is them not having the language to describe what's really going on it's not an assault on white people
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and reverse discrimination what it is is an assault on white privilege and the belief that whites are somehow entitled to white men in particular are entitled to hold those jobs by virtue of the fact that they're white men and here point in another quote hirshman had said that when it comes to getting aid it's harder for whites to get it but it's easier for blacks to get government. obviously just prove that point wrong while the majority of white americans they believe they are being discriminated against eighty four percent of the white participants think minority groups are also being discriminated against so what do you make of that. i think was the most important thing to come out of that survey because what it is is an acknowledgement on the part even of those white respondents that racial discrimination in this country toward minorities is real when you compare that with the seventy eight percent of native americans seventy folks are excuse me seventy eight percent of latinos seventy five percent of native americans who also talked about discrimination against racial ethnic minorities it's very clear that most
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americans agree that we live in a highly racialized society and that persons of color are disproportionately the victims of that racial discrimination overall out what do you take away from this poll what significance if anything does it holds. i think everyone's been kind of intrigued by the fifty five percent of whites saying they perceive discrimination against whites i think what's more important what's more intriguing is the numbers that came out that show that african-americans have experienced discrimination in health care you've got thirty two percent of african-americans say may have experienced discrimination as they were seeking medical help twenty two percent who say that they may not access health care in the future because of those experiences those are kind of the embedded jewels in the study which really point to real problems and structural inequalities that need to be addressed thirty seven percent of latinos who perceive as opposed to twenty five percent of african-americans. discrimination in terms of governmental services and these are real serious problems that need to be addressed and that's really where our focus should be even
5:41 pm
though that fifty five percent which is really the illusion and again this narrative that's floated by you know people like donald trump that somehow whites are victims of discrimination the real inequalities are what's happening in minority communities to people of color here who are one last question we have about thirty seconds to live do you think anything's going to come out of this poll and do you think we're going to see any changes and not at unfortunately actually i think the change that we'll see is going to be with this narrative taking fire and actually helping to promote donald trump in the next election cycle this is a very real phenomena that we're watching here in this white minority as you're as you're looking at the numbers and people are saying by two thousand and forty four is the white majority begins to diminish and really though they will no longer have that numerical majority we're going to see this narrative strengthening and you're going to see efforts to roll back some of the gains that were made for minorities in this country and that's really what's frightening about this this poll thank you
5:42 pm
so much for your and say you who are williams professor of history at the university of st thomas it's always a pleasure thank you so much. thank you. a center piece that evolved during the protests of the dakota access pipeline is now on display at the smithsonian institution's national museum of the american indian here in washington d.c. the twelve foot tall mile marker post was constructed by protesters to display the distances they had traveled from around the globe to north dakota for the twenty sixteen protest twelve thousand activists and hundreds of native nations gathered together to protest against the building of a three point eight billion dollars pipeline that would transport oil from north dakota to illinois the protesters say that the pipeline violated rights of native americans the camp was forced to disband in february and the centerpiece was donated to the smithsonian well that's it for race in america i'm ashley banks follow me on twitter and actually banks underscore r t don't forget to question
5:43 pm
more back to manila. and as it gets more difficult for the establishment press to prove russia gate through any direct collusion between the trump campaign and the russian government they've now turned to allege a different kind of election interference on behalf of the russians now a slurry of stories of surface claiming social media accounts quote a link to the russian government stirred racial tensions here in the united states by promoting events connected to the movement for black lives r.t. correspondent on your part bill spoke with one woman caught up in the media frenzy . towanda jones has held a rally demanding justice for her brother tyrone west every wednesday since he was killed by police on july eighteenth two thousand and thirteen her case is well known in baltimore and by activists who organize against police brutality nationwide but according to a recent article in the guardian she's a victim of
5:44 pm
a russian troll operation the guardian reports quote black to vista social media account corden eating and promoting a march jones spoke at in april two thousand and sixteen was not run by black american activists but instead it is now believed it was operated by an agent of russia attempting to interfere with u.s. politics oh i'm so basically i was told that the russians actually for traded what group online called black the best and they basically got everybody charts up to go to a protest i was in real well to me that was really profound i'm think a line oh really just you know because i actually thought we were protests i was like the told the guardian i was told that like their own russians were doing a lot of things politically wives who are you know the campaign when the president you know was good in the north in think basically north throughout the you know process of the candidates getting huge market and things of that nature jones
5:45 pm
a story is just one of many alleging the russian government used to black activist accounts to quote so division in the united states welcome to bargain rooms necessary here on radio sputnik in washington d.c. per year it was short black men it was always sweeter god to come back to the political social and economic movements shaping the world around us but radio host for sputnik news and activist eugene per year says the lack of evidence makes this narrative very dangerous for movements what it creates is a loyalty test kind of atmosphere and it actually really desperately really seriously hurts the movement for black law. the movement for climate justice because many people will then become concerned well is this controlled by russia can i trust us to vent should i donate to this organization not because of anything that organization has done but by these essentially completely unfair fide unsourced claims about who is doing what where and i think it's important to recognize even if something is linked to
5:46 pm
a russian troll farm that actually doesn't actually mean that it's connected to the russian government at all it could just as easily be you know hackers trying to game in from people to steal their identity. and even if the allegations were true does jones think the russian trolls impacted the movement in any way rather go now you know and like i say my side it's always been against police brutality. because that's real to me like we live in a city that nobody still held accountable for my brother not are still held accountable the key favors journalist was on of the victims so that's not funny because we have enough of that one normal and without question you know are out are all like are fake helicopters responsible and the last some are those are not russians that killed my brother behind the headlines the frenzy over alleged russian interference has a human face a woman known on twitter as charlie peach spoke exclusively to r.t. web reporter alexander rubenstein saying she's been banned from the social media
5:47 pm
site accused of being a russian bot account for years says ultimately the effort to blame russia for racial divisions in the united states is nothing new this is the oldest story of the book as a concerned black liberation i mean the abolitionist movement according to slave owners was governed by haiti and the u.k. we've certainly seen that what happened in the civil rights movement we saw the negative things as well allegations of japan was behind the unrest of black people and now we're seeing it again with russia i think we've seen again and again and again conservative forces even some that are not so conservative the don't want to deal substantively with the issue of black oppression in the united states always look to blame anyone but the conditions. in the united states but people are concerned about issues of racism being manipulated by anyone in this country or anywhere else in the world there's one using solution here fix the problems that exist with racism in america in washington on your parm hill party. a crowd source stock rating site has downgraded twitter's rating from strong buy to hold the site
5:48 pm
known as better estimates the stock's target price will drop more than seven percent this despite the social media site stock rising nearly five percent since yesterday the stock rating change comes a day after twitter announced it will ban ads from accounts on my r.t. and sputnik. fascinating new scientific study reveals that human consciousness may continue even after death at least for a short time the study the largest of its kind concluded that over two thousand people who suffered cardiac arrest and were clinically dead but were successfully resuscitated later forty percent of those who survived were aware that they were dead or dying before their hearts were restarted by medical staff so to discuss this a little further we're being joined now by the lead researcher dr sam parnia director of critical care and resuscitation research at new york's and why you lingo in school of medicine dr thank you for being with us today so we typically associate
5:49 pm
the time of death with when people lose their heartbeat the heart stops working does this research then imply that we might have to kind of rethink how we currently view time of death. i think it's important to understand what death is this occurs when the heart stops beating there's no doubt about that and because when the heart stops beating a person has no blood flow and they stop breathing immediately and their brain shuts down it stops functioning that's why people lose consciousness they become lifeless motionless and what we describe as being dead however what's important to understand is that although we used to think of death as being an absolute moment and that is the moment it's used to give people the death note a time of death. however it's actually only after a person has died that the cells inside the body start to undergo their own process of death and that can take many hours and that is why even though people have died it's and there's no doubt that they have died but it is possible to try to
5:50 pm
resuscitate them back to life again for quite some time tens of minutes or maybe hours of time after they have met the biological criteria for death wow well the studies show that there's a sudden burst of brain activity when the body dies which leads scientists to to conclude the person on some level knows that they've died before their brain actually shuts down have you actually said that the evidence suggests that in the first few minutes after death consciousness is not annihilated so what does that imply for the nature of human consciousness itself. i mean so this is a very difficult question to answer such a short period of time but i think if i may i need to just go back a step to the our own study i don't think it was quite described correctly so we carried out a study of more than two thousand people who had met the criteria for death had a cardiac arrest and they were able to resuscitated back to life unforeseen most of those people are not successfully resuscitated they don't come back because they're
5:51 pm
so ill however among those who did survive forty percent had a perception of having had awareness but they couldn't have any recollections they just thought they had been aware but interest in the ten percent had a very vivid mystical religious transformative experiences from their period of death and then two point five percent of the survivors had full visual and auditory awareness they were able to describe events that were going on in the room even though from our perspective they were dead and interesting only one case was verified to have been conscious for at least up to three to five minutes after their determination of death so that is really fascinating and what it seems to tell us is that the human mind and consciousness that thing that makes us who we are our self does not become a neither do when we've gone beyond the biological threshold of death how long it continues for of course we don't know but you know death is a fascinating area that we're all trying to explore wow so if it is a very small minority of those who survived then that could create a kind of explain what they had gone through and so just just as the brain is
5:52 pm
designed though for life and for a living does your research then bring up the possibility that it may also be designed on some level designed for death and dying. well of course you know my role i'm an intensive care doctor my job is to save people's lives and prevent them from dying but unfortunately it happens all the time and we try to resuscitate them successfully and what we're now able to do for the first time is to go beyond that threshold of death in order to bring them back safely without brain damage without disorders of consciousness study what happens to the brain in that period of course it's a whole area that's evolving for us as part of our research into saving the brain of course it is a part of the death process and it's amazing how it still is not fully annihilated even after we've gone beyond the threshold of death this is just absolutely fascinating so real briefly dr what in your view. is the most significant
5:53 pm
implication of the findings in the studies that you've just conducted. there's a couple of very important implications one is that if we can optimize the methods by week by which we tape people and for example try to save the brain by using cooling technologies various other methods we can actually bring a whole person back without brain damage but what's also fascinating is of course this whole question of what makes us who we are the self the mind the consciousness the psyche whatever you want to call it the mind body problem has been going on for thousands of years and here we have a model in which we can test what happens to human mind and consciousness when the brain has shut down and it appears to be that the consciousness does not become annihilated the part that makes us who we are does not become annihilated when we've gone at least in the first period after death how long it continues afterwards of course we don't know and i would also just like to add for people listening this doesn't mean that people are wide awake that when they've gone to death they really are dead it's that entity the thing that makes me who i am the
5:54 pm
self that we're describing not that they're wide awake and able to see things they have a perception that their self is detached from the body and they're able to watch things and they don't feel any pain they don't feel a discomfort there and compete piece they know they're being declared dead but they have no distress about it and they're watching everything wow just mind blowing stuff here absolutely fascinating thank you so much for sharing your expertise and your study with us your research dr sam parnia director of critical care and resuscitation research at new york's n.y.u. langdon school of medicine thank you so much dr my pleasure thank you for having me . are you watching the hawks is coming up next here on r t tabitha wallace is joining us for a sneak peek of what's to come a tad what you got for us on tonight's me watching the hawks we're going to examine the controversies surrounding donald trump's flip flop on the release of the j.f.k. assassination documents what former minnesota governor jesse ventura and then we discovered just who was lee harvey oswald in our interview with his lover and
5:55 pm
author judyth vary baker finally we preview this week's hilarious and thought provoking to have a sort of r.t.s. hit comedy new show redacted tonight you don't want to miss it i mean the other woman she's got to have some good stuff to say thank you so much for that tabitha. guys that does a print out for more of the stories we just covered go to you tube dot com for its last r.t. america check out our website r t dot com for a flash where you can also follow me on twitter at military and remember to always question or have a great weekend. i. a
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big trend among people who identify as liberals and work in the media right now is to go out there in the fly over states of america and talk to trump supporters or other simple americans to find out what happens generally so far their efforts have been completely sanctimonious and disingenuous take sarah silverman she's got a new show called i love you america where she goes around to places in america to discuss issues with americans to try to figure out where she went wrong now she's the one who famously told bernie sanders supporters to grow up at the democrats' convention last year remember so yeah i wonder where she went wrong anyway everyone keeps telling liberal hollywood they live in a bubble and are condescending rich people so serious supposedly making this new show to open a dialogue with the other side now i was hoping it was going to be good because i used to love her old show but this new show is just as condescending and
5:57 pm
sanctimonious as that for it almost feels like she's trying to convert them like she's on a christian mission in africa or something anyway to me it felt like just another b.s. attempt from media elite to act like they want to open their minds and get out of their bubble when really all they want to do is why. i so i was pleasantly surprised when i read a piece in the new york post recently by former n.p.r. c.e.o. ken stern he did it too for an entire year he decided to pull out then you're out from my overwhelmingly democratic neighborhood and engage republicans where they live work and pray now already to me it's kind of think the moment yes and dismissed the thrown in the parade to stereotype all republicans as christians which isn't true and he also goes through more stereotypes like hunting and guns but after reading through the whole article i was pretty much left with the feeling that stern actually did manage to open his mind a little and to realize that there is more to the truth than what c.n.n.
5:58 pm
manufactures because turn actually expresses regret for not opening his mind while working at n.p.r. saying he learned just how grossly skewed the media really is and that he regrets being a part of that he also said he's skeptical the rest of the media like silverman will actually be genuine about listening to people who disagree with them because he also recognizes that the media is gaming from their left leaning bias through increased viewership but it's stern's conclusion i applaud the most he writes that in the end both trump and the media are the short term winners and that in this disgusting partisan fight going on right now it is the public that's the long term illusory. it's.
5:59 pm
mark twain said it's easier to fool people than to prince them for that could be why america is so divided because people have been fed fake news paid for by corporate interests they beat you down until you believe their fairy tales well here's a story for you it's called big and it's full of facts not fiction it's just. what you have for breakfast yesterday why would you put those through the faces your wife. what's your biggest fear. in the bin on the hay ride when celeste read a book you say if you ever miss the things the best quote about. exploring the topic that doesn't belong in the piece now i've had to do due to the question more
6:00 pm
. gratings and salutation is cowardly is a term i rarely use hawk watchers but sadly i can think of no better word to use when describing the actions of president donald j. trump and his now broken promise to release all of the long suppressed j.f.k. assassination files earlier this week president from boldly tweeted the long anticipated release of the j.f.k. files will take place tomorrow so interesting.


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