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it's been seventy years since the united states military last added a uniform service with the creation of the air force after world war two but now congress wants to change that. the house of representatives just passed legislation under the national defense authorization act that would direct the department of defense to create a new space corps the agency will operate under the umbrella of the air force if passed by the senate we may soon see war in space gov the u.s. military depends on space for satellite g.p.s. and weather information but do we really need to militarize it. well in a perfect world i'd like to say no you know i really think that it's detrimental that we can't go out there without militarizing space here's the problem as i see it it's one thing to go out in space like star trek you know we've all seen star trek where you go in from world the world in where no man has gone before because
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you might run into the clay non-user you might run into some entity out there in space but what i see the problem being is we're going to use space to wage war back out ourselves whoever controls space will control the earth or could likely have that capability that scary weapon should not be taken in space that can fire back towards earth i think that's asinine and insane and as a world we shouldn't allow that to happen space should be for exploiter exploration and for taking man as they say in star trek where we've never been before it shouldn't be used to wage war but the fact is what is reality you can damn well bet we will get weapons in space and who knows what the world will be like van all right in one thousand nine hundred three president reagan proposed the
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creation of a strategic defense initiative star wars program basically space based missile defense systems now do you think this kind of defense system should be a law. out in space. i don't know you know is there a way to deploy it on the ground rather than space i would much rather see it deployed here on earth than to be put up in space and deployed up there because it's going to be like cancer once you get the first weapon out there it's going to spread like cancer then all of space is going to turn into nothing but a weapons system it can't be good for mankind for that to happen because we can't trust ourselves that we won't destroy ourselves with that not some space alien or the clay non's. all right well if the arms race on earth isn't bad enough nations are now starting to weaponize space while it's illegal to do so under the algiers
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outer space treaty of one nine hundred sixty seven governments are getting creative china for example has experimented with a satellite containing a robotic arm officially the arm will be used to pick up space debris on officially it could also be used to kidnap and any satellites meanwhile the united states military has also developed weapons the first phase throne now its official purpose of course is a very usable space craft that could carry payloads into space but on officially it could one day be used as a fighter jet in space and of course russia has its own suspected space weapon as well dubbed the kamikaze which can cozy up to a satellite and destroy or disable it now if war is a profitable racket governor then who is going to profit from war in space. well version of the same people probably that profit from war down here war profiteers are war profiteers regardless of where the war is i'm sure halliburton no get
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a foothold up there i mean may have profited unbelievable through the these ridiculous wars we've fought in dick cheney's. worse so much money now with his halliburton stock scepter leading us into war for his own personal gain are you kidding me the same people the same organizations that are war profiteers down here on earth you can bet they will likewise be war profiteers up in space war profiteers know no boundaries i don't think that's i can about profit with the space program already being so expensive how much will militarize space costs for taxpayers and how much of that is going to be a hit on the economy. who knows i mean you're gone beyond bergy to what i can tell you you know i don't know how much it'll cost look at what the defense bill is here right now only we shouldn't call it a defense bill we should call it what it truly is
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a war bill like dennis kucinich and i a both agreed upon should not be the department of defense should be the department of war because that's what they do is wage war and unfortunately now they're going to look at space as possibly the next or new battlefield i'll tell you you know it makes me worry man's biggest enemy is him self exactly and governor by the way this may not be the frontier where we see actual physical war for a while it could also be a place where nations attack another nations satellite communication systems. oh yeah i mean it's not a limitless you know it could be a war a cyber space war a computer based war it could be a war and fought on multiple multiple fronts when you're dealing with space why can't we you know go up there with a flag with a p. symbol on it make everybody salute that you know that wouldn't be as controversial
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as cap or nic a flag would have peace symbol on it. as a soldier governor do you think it's a viable to attack another nation's communication systems. isn't viable certainly in war there's an old cliche vergina anything goes in war you know it's he who is left standing at the end wins doesn't matter how you end up standing at the end there are no rules govern a war has been an engine of progress do you think that maybe having weapons in space will give a push for space exploration. i don't know you'd have to talk to them about that i think that the basic concept of putting weapons in space is wrong and bad i mean we can't even control our weapons down here on earth we're now going to put them up in space and who's going to be in charge of all that i mean we had
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a president shoot rockets into syria there was no declaration of war the united states has never declared war on syria yet we fired rockets in there right and they try to tell us it's for peace i've never met a rocket for peace they blow up and kill people now if we can do that arbitrarily if a president decides he wants to pump fifty rockets into syria what's going to stop that same president from using some type of technology from outer space if he or she gets upset or over something i think all weapons in space can only lead to disaster well leading into the next question do you think that war in space is inevitable. i don't know if it's inevitable but if man's involved it might be you know it just seems inevitable that we're always going to go to war nothing is ever accomplished really by war yet we keep doing it over and over isn't that the
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definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and over again in hopes of getting a different result well war. or is it insanity because we do it over and over again with the same old result nothing we rely more and more on technology during this time in history battle robots remote control tanks auto turrets as a man of military do you find this trend worrying or how. well it's certainly helpful if it can keep people out of out of aim and out of you know the fact of danger if you can keep people out of danger that's a good thing but like everything we as man will abuse it when you have a good thing what's the first thing we do abuse it so when you come up with a good defense mechanism at some point it will be used off and sadly it will no
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longer be used for defense and like dennis care senates said so wonderfully i was a third string quarterback in high school but i still knew well the difference between off and some defense all right there are reports that the cia and the pentagon work together with hollywood and i actually know this because i have friends who are writers they definitely consult with people in the government to write accurately do you think that hollywood is going to help spur more desires to have a military and forth in space with all these five my movies i don't know i don't know what hollywood will do if they've already been infiltrated they can't they can't do a motion picture without clearing it through our government otherwise the government won't allow them access to military things that they need for their film so it's a system of bribery that's going on it's a system of extortion of the government against hollywood and it's also counters our free speech in first amendment when they're interfering like that you don't
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have free speech and first amendment rights in that particular situation so call me paranoid but i never trust the government always remember governments made up of people and people can be evil all right governor it's time for a break when we return we sit down with jim cantrell c.e.o. and co-founder of vector space systems we'll be right back. here's what people have been saying about redacted in the navy seals exactly just full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know a lot of the really packs a punch at least yampa is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than flew past that and see people you never heard of love
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redacted tonight not the president of the world bank though hate him because many seriously he sent us an e-mail there's a real irony going. east oh boy i'm laughing at a responsible choice anymore and there is always what i thought it was always c.n.n. surrealistic to hear last call for airing out wholesale surveillance you feel you have already while those who tend to socialize and try has used social media well i always thought the story goes it's garbage real genuine. mark twain said it's easier to fool people than to complaints them to them for that could be why america is so divided because people have been fed fake news paid for by corporate interests they beat you down until you believe their fairy tales well
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here's a story for you it's called big and it's full of facts not fiction just. watch the hawks founded by three young americans who love their country but we have to constantly question our government watching the hawks brings the stories the give voice to the voice. we dig a little deeper we get the stories that everyone else is afraid to touch is afraid to talk about because they don't want to upset their corporate sponsors or interrupt their government access now is the time more than ever but we need to question more. we're in this post truth world where world words have to matter. about educating people and giving them contacts instead of telling them what the
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dialogue is far more valuable than to be. no more. serious. and asked then we sat down with jim cantrell c.e.o. a vector space systems to learn all about the next frontier jim was on the founding teams of iran must face x. and the moon mining company moon express he has also worked with nasa take a look at our conversation jim you're younger than i am how can you be so involved in the aerospace industry at your age age is a relative thing jesse so i never really actually wanted to be in the space industry the only thing i ever knew i wanted to do for sure with my life was to race cars so during college i bumped into a poster in the hallway at nasa had a program where you could help design spaces and to go to mars and it was just
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a just a class so that led me into a job with the french space agency eventually and i worked on a soviet french mars mission back in the late eighty's and met a lot of famous people like carl sagan yeah and i became a bit of a soviet expert and when the soviet union dissolved in one thousand nine hundred one i was actually there. i knew my program was done i came back to the u.s. and was considered a bit of a persona non-grata because i'd worked with the french and the soviets and then i then i got recruited by our intelligence agencies to go back into russia put money in to stop the brain drain in the in the materials that were being sold of the koreans in the in the iranians and all these rogue nations now the united states government has gotten out of the aerospace industry and basically turned it over to the private sector. is that good well you know the private sector has a motivation of doing things and making money at it which is an inherently understandable motivation i would submit to you the government doesn't have those
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same understandable motivations furthermore it takes your money and my money as taxpayers and misuses it so in my view the military industrial complex and the masses kind of part of the same thing has become an inefficient use of our taxpayer money because it resembles more the soviet economic system leave the russians gave up and us they're still holding dearly on to this this economic model five year plans the commercial space industry is making real actual progress in the world we're producing a living breathing cloud imaging clouds of the earth with commercial satellites and in fact even the d.o.d. is using these to monitor what's going on in north korea that's come out in the news where they've used planet labs imagery with the private sector isn't this isn't one of the benefits that this opens up space exploration to people outside of the government makes it more accessible to everybody yeah i think that's a very powerful thing to have happen because now we have more transparency and it's not just the government that's controlling what's done in space private citizens
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are involved corporations are involved now governments can hide from their citizens citizens can live from the governments from each other governments from governments transparency is always been something the tended to bring a lot more stability to our human societies i think it's a force for good how about a little hypothetical let's look into the crystal ball what do you see five to ten years out on the horizon for us i think you will see the first man on mars or woman on mars whichever it may be or the first couple on mars be private citizens and representatives of a government what are we talking about here a decade or last technology is there the money is there the will to get it done is there and it's happening to go to moaners go to mars oh no stopping us and our. one once we reach mars and once we colonize mars the most famous human being in all of history with the first one born there so we have the international space treaty is that going to be honored or are there going to be weapons in space so there's there
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is a treaty called the outer space treaty i believe in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven and it defined essentially a couple of things one national sovereignty stops at one hundred kilometers number two all signatories agree not to put weapons in space now at that point in time they were thinking nuclear weapons so that then you have to ask yourself is is warfare itself in space like destroying other people's satellites the equivalent of a weapon because it's not quite nuclear weapons in light of the private sector going into space now what's to stop a war from occurring in space the reality is there are weapons going into space now the chinese destroyed one of their own satellites in two thousand and seven january two thousand and seven we did a experiment where we show we could do the same thing with an s m three several years later those are all weapons in space examples and so you could take the argument that one side does of the other side has to do it it's a big problem that we don't know how to solve can the space speed used as the place
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to fire back at earth absolutely so i'm going to suggest to you that space is going to be a lot like the american frontier was that wars will be fought there over over the property over the over the territory over the resources over the prestige over the well man itself hasn't grown beyond man not my experience the wild west you mean it's going to be like bat masterson and wyatt earp and the fastest draw is going to win out in space that's what it's going to be like the first real settlers of this country were representatives of the english court they were actually merchants that came here my ancestors were merchants in the early sixty's hundreds that came at the same time of the pilgrims they came here searching wealth and freedom and those are going to be the people to go out there in establishing. the first presence there and the war will follow because humans are part of that are i gem give me a positive give me something my viewers can look forward to and have a good outlook on the future so number one the most important human achievement of
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all history i believe will be the first human born off of this planet that represents in terms of our evolution of our biology the most masterful accomplishment that we have made forget about cell phones forget about nuclear weapons forget about all those things you have a rocket you have whatever it is you're going to take into space. what type of approval do you need to do this and how much in advance do you have to gold to get that approval so do get the original approvals it's like a year but a year ahead of time to see if you're landing now or planning you've got a plan a year ahead of time with at least lynch and each launch you know takes weeks sure typically since we're talking about launching with my company five hundred launches a year we're trying to change the process so they they both approve our our individual launches so yeah the coolest thing we're working on a vector is actually something we call galactic sky so we're building the rocket
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which is to get more of these these commercial assets these satellites into space and do it economically we're charging a million and a half for a launch which is more the size that small companies can afford but to further that whole barrier to access to space lowering the galactic sky constellation we're going to build and put up well users to make an app just like you would for a mobile phone place in the space so you don't want to have to build the satellite layer to get your data from space so what we ideally want to do is put the equivalent of a cell phone network as a space layer those available to anybody with with a few thousand dollars and bright enough to come up with an idea that might work with the functional equivalent of a cell phone i think that this is a great liberty producing capability i think it's something that will produce great economic value i'm not smart enough to know what all the apps are i'm smart enough to put an infrastructure together that people can exploit thank you gem space how did they say it the final frontier star trak william shatner it's all in our
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future people. the lord. yes. genius runs in the cantrell family jim son collin cantrell is also working on some pretty innovative projects now collin is the founder and lead developer of the cryptocurrency nexus he is also the creator. the next is earth conference where we filmed all of this month's episode colin and his dad are currently working to create the world's first the centralized internet here's why he says this groundbreaking technology is so important now if we've looked at the proliferation of the internet we've seen that it's brought a whole movement of things to get i mean information is free now of course are trying to censor it with google and other things but we actually have the ability anybody can go out they can put their content out they can get word out and anybody can access that but there's some concerns with peas in the infrastructure of it
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being used to kind of can choose control information again china has what's called the great firewall of china we joke about it with all the traffic in and out of china is filtered they can't let certain things in so a decentralized internet think about it instead of it being the grid and their grid their telephone poles their roads their we can build their own devices that talk to each other and we can all talk to each other as peers instead of having to go through their grid and paid subscription fees and then with that we tend build the network ourselves and so everybody having a cell phone would talk directly to each other set of cell phone towers and then that can talk to cars that may have messed devices in them and then they can talk to satellites they can go across continents so in a way it's a more robust infrastructure as well because it can't be tampered with it can't be changed it can't be manipulated because it's own by the people for the people and it's literally built from the people so in order to shut it down shut down free information you'd have to shut down every single device you'd have to destroy
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everything. all right we're almost out of time but before we go governor we asked your fans to weigh in on plans to militarize space here's what they had to say oh say says it's stupid space offers infinite possibilities for our species the last thing we need is the most destructive force in history up there when you think about that. i agree wholeheartedly i can add anything to that keeping weapons out of species is a good idea because you can't trust me with a weapon. all right steve h. says we need a space based missile defense system for sure because the north korean threats keeping that the system is top notch is important. well theoretically that would be wonderful but theoretically is that all we would ever use it for can we really be
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trusted that well i mean after all we did drop two atomic bombs we didn't need to one would have gotten the job done the other was done for theatrical importance to try to scare russia now we sacrifice all those millions and hundreds of thousands of people who died in the second nucular blast just to make a point with russia so how do you trust us not misusing the very technology that they tell you we have to defend ourselves well defense in off fans in our country has become very shaded you can't tell the defense from the off and say we are no longer with the department of defense it should be called what it was originally the department of war governor any final thoughts on space what surprised you most about our con our conversation with jim canter a. well how how what surprised me the most is how this is on the horizon
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so quickly and that it is going to become a reality certainly well within my lifetime and i'm no spring chicken anymore. all right that's all we have time for today thanks for tuning in everyone send us your comments on facebook and twitter next week we're taking on wall street with patrick bernd c.e.o. of overstock patrick has exposed financial corruption of the highest order only to be smeared by the media and labeled a conspiracy theorist. and always remember when. the truth becomes a trader state. yes the. world.
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you are watching. for decades the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics. big money corporate interest test drowned out a lot of voices that's how it is in the news culture in this country now that's where i come in. i'm michel. martin america i'll make sure you don't get railroad you'll get the straight talk in the straight. question. i think the average viewer just after watching
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a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories that are critics can't tell and you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth parties able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working. clearly we are a nation divided between those who fret that the president's tweet suggest he's crazy and undaunted supporters who reckon he's crazy like
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a fox i'm holland cook in washington this is the big picture on our team america. this past week as president trump and senator corker swapped twitter insults on route to the g.o.p. unity luncheon no less his press secretary declared that it's always a benefit for the president to speak directly to the american people always many wondered as mr trump prolonged an awkward exchange with a gold star widow and got personal and he said she said with the congresswoman consoling the widow joining us to discuss trump temperament twitter and the twenty fifth amendment or presidential historian doug we white house advisor to two pres.


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