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tv   Cross Talk  RT  October 28, 2017 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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barcelona rupp's with joy as the parliament votes to declare independence from spain. madrid reacts to the move by triggering article one fifty five to impose a direct rule on the region with the prime minister. deciding to sack the government and call snap elections. while europe and the usa if they do not recognize. that. we will be back in sixty minutes no one will have the day's top stories for you but first now examines who really
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did in the two thousand and sixteen us election that is next they were. low in welcome to cross talk we're all things considered i'm peter labelle for over a year we've heard nonstop but somehow in some way trump world colluded with russia to win the presidential election though we have yet to see any evidence of this however it appears more likely it was a democratic party that did the colluding. cross knocking who actually colluded i'm joined by my guest robin by row in atlanta he is
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a former obama campaign reach and. director in los angeles we have ha goodman he is a columnist and journalist published in the huffington post salon the hill and other publications and in london we crossed alexander me curiously as a writer on legal affairs as well as the editor in chief of the duran dot com all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciated ha i always go to you first because you get up early as first for this program i hope you had your coffee here we go it seems that the the news flow here though you will see too much in the liberal media that there's more and more evidence that there was collusion but it's more the democratic party there's so many different things to talk about the fusion g.p.s. dossier which now it's become evident that the democrats actually paid for the f.b.i. offered we don't know for sure if they actually paid christopher steele for continued information being developed in this dossier and then we have the whole rainy and one thing and there's
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a lot to cover here gentlemen ha where is this going here because it seems like it's kind of flipping upside down the more they look at this the more it goes into a different direction go ahead ha. well i have a book out on amazon and it's number one in this category it's called debunking the trump russian myth first of all the d.n.c. never gave its computer service to the f.b.i. after numerous requests the d.n.c. kept its computer servers the most important piece of information in an alleged hack so the n.c. never gave its computer service to the f.b.i. they were allowed on one firm crowd strike and magine of trump said well i'm going to just rely on one for and u.s. foreign policy has to be based on what this corporation states crowd strike had to backtrack on its initial assessment so when you see the intake when you hear the intelligence community say well you know there's an assessment and they're moderately to highly confident there's only three agencies the f.b.i. cia and n.s.a. right the f.b.i. and cia are highly confident the n.s.a.
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is moderately confident when asked for direct evidence james clapper dianne feinstein maxine waters jackie spear even jay johnson former secretary of homeland security has stated there is no evidence of trump russia collusion there's no evidence the d.n.c. was hacked there's no evidence at all that wiki leaks worked with russia because they didn't. this is what took place it was a leak not a hack there's actually evidence of a leak we know from the work of elizabeth voss an amazing journalist and this will be a media cyber security analyst the friends of kate and adam carter we know that bill binnie ray mcgovern. veteran intelligence professionals for sanity have stated these are former intelligence officials that it was a leak not a daily because of the i know i know you know yourself and i have agree with you because you've been here before let me let me let me go to robin here in the kind of gets the story a little bit closer to the president here i mean now we have reports coming out with and it's the floodgates are opening here when we look at like paul manna for
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you know the mother when he was very interested in on this character he was the former chairman of the campaign at the very beginning of the campaign and now there's evidence that you know he was working very closely with the destiny brothers and they they are the ones that had a lot more contact with russian entities and this is kind of you know mushrooming you know i know you won't hear it on c.n.n. but you know what about this here because you know now you know people are saying the trump team colluded with the russians but now you look at the democrats well they were just looking for opposition research see how they kind of switched the word they're go ahead robin. it's funny when you say opposition research because it takes me back to. junior when he said that to debunk the trump russian myth so i'm i'm definitely not going to say the same thing because i would look ridiculous but what i will say is that i disagree i know that ha. matter expert on
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this he probably knows a lot more about this than i did because he published a book but i do think it's disingenuous to say that there's no evidence right now because these meetings are occurring be kind of closed doors we're not privy to the information that's coming out and these investigations are so wide range and scope i just want to remind you look at what. and back in the ninety's with the investigation into bill clinton and that started off as an investigation into whitewater and i had the and we ended up at it anyway at the monica lewinsky and it would ended up with a blue dress ok alexander you know one of the things that i find find very very disturbing here and you know i don't i would really want to know the truth here ok that's really what i'm interested in here you know i don't know kerry for water for trump i could care less about hillary clinton you know but i would really like to know what's happening here because i think media journalism is so dirty to its hands and its reputation and all this and another thing that i really worry about is that look at the people that are involved with this so-called trump collusion
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story and they almost every single person to a character was involved in the uranium run story which is still kind of developing as well there was a cover up on that you had you have an informant that was gagged i think as we speak that ag gag order is being real resend it i mean it seems to me that there's a lot of corruption in the state here and if it's the f.b.i. is that they're the ones that are covering up or covering up for some people i think that really disturbing that's even far worse than quote unquote collusion because there's no evidence of it yet go ahead alexander or can i first of all deal with the question of collusion in the election what we now have is an admission from the democratic national committee or rather we've had an admission that in fact it was the d.n.c. that ultimately paid for all the dossier that was produced which made all kinds of salacious allegations about donald drum that dorsey air is said to being produced
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on the basis of information coming out of russia and the most russians were involved in making it that he's cool enough if you like between the d.n.c. and people in russia and he's telling it. and british intelligence. also and reason intelligently is it. so we actually now do have evidence of collusion with russia is pointing in the other direction now if we turn to you reining in one of course this was not about the election it happened before it's a very tangled story about russian russians buying a new reign in company there's been all kinds of allegations of bribery of corruption of this being kept under the carpet here we're proud of you she answers whoa we were prosecuted his words were not in it and plea bargains in other words
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people pleaded guilty and nonetheless this thing was waved through and there are allegations that some of the people involved paid money into the clinton foundation all very interesting all very all very worrying to my mind it is it is a sign of the sort of things that naturally go on in the world there is corruption out there yeah there is called a let me let me go to n.g.o.s of the great talkers ha here you know i'm going to be very ignacio about this here ok influence peddling is universal everybody does it and you know when you talk about somebody bribing someone there's always that person that takes it to woodstock to get about the other party here what i worry about i don't care about hillary clinton i think she's been corrupt for decades that's my personal opinion the fact that this happened isn't a really big surprise what does surprise me or worries me is that you have you have
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state agencies covering this up for political purposes and ultimately to overturn a democratic election in the united states go ahead ha. well when you take a step back the interesting thing about the democratic party blaming russia is that the d.n.c. cheated bernie sanders this all stems from the d.n.c. cheating its most popular candidate and losing one point two billion dollars with hillary clinton clinton outspent trump two to one she then lost the election then you have allegations or accusations of trump working with russia to hack the d.n.c. there's zero evidence of that. and then when you look like you said when you investigated the array there's a there was a bribery and racketeering scandal the f.b.i. actually convicted somebody for forty eight months right a russian energy official while hillary clinton sat on the committee on foreign
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investment with eric holder they signed off on the deal twenty percent of us you're rainy and capacity then the defenders say well you know you're a mean one doesn't have the export license in the new york times article this ship the trucking companies were shipping yellowcake uranium which could be used for an atomic weapon outside the us into canada your anyone was using the export license of the trucking companies to ship uranium outside of the united states while president obama was in office and this was all during the time that the clinton foundation received millions of dollars from your a.t.m. one officials and bill clinton met with vladimir putin and got it got a half a million dollars for making a speech ok it robyn let me five when robin let me give to you i mean we found out just recently we all knew about the uranium one deal that's not the surprise here but it's the seemingly allegedly
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a cover up to keep this story behind wrapped up and gagging someone not to be able to speak about it i mean congress has the right to speak to anyone they want and hopefully that will be resolved and again like i said get the truth out i mean let the chips fall where they are go ahead robin does this bother you that we saw this kind of cover up going on go ahead what what bothers me is that russia was not licensed to take this uranium outside of the united states so initially this was a safe deal but this uranium did end up outside of the united states we need to find out how because this was blessed by c.f.i. us under the attorney general under the secretary of the treasury secretary of defense secretary of commerce and secretary robert home archly and others just couldn't. terming what i think we're all saying here there are laws and they're being broken here ok this deal when i do have that afterwards consistent with who was signed off by all those people there and they knew there was illegality going on they know where crimes were being committed but they signed off on it anyway and
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oh by the way hillary clinton got a lot of money for her foundation quid pro quo all right gentlemen i have to go to a hard break and after that hard break we'll continue our discussion on who actually colluded stayed with our. local blog selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles. that you saw to try to tell you that would
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be gossip and probably fell. off the bad guys and tell me you are not pulling out by product. of the hawks that we all. want. how does it feel to be a sheriff the greatest job in the world it's as close to being a king as any job there is what business model helps to run a prison now we just do or don't like us there's no b.t.o. visitation and i don't no one comes anymore we don't have to serve them anymore is cost effective that's what they want to do that loan they don't give a damn if you did so it doesn't matter they're badly painted to put it back into the louisiana incarceration rate is twice as high as the u.s.n. breach what secret is behind such success.
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welcome back to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing how russia gate has evolved. let me go back to alexander in london and i brought up you know british meddling interference in the us election here that's against the law and i think everybody knows that ok a foreign country now everybody likes to paint russia in the darkest pictures ok i've lived here for twenty years i mean it's nonsense but anyway that's that's how these narratives work here i mean but i thought britain was our us friend here and
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you know the allegations made in this dossier which some people still give credence to there was no verification of it i mean christopher steele it looks like he was on the money train i mean they keep wanting more and more he actually came here to moscow oh i bet they sold him a lot of stuff because they got paid for it too i mean everybody was making money here and then at the face of it you look at it i mean i remember when james komi old lordi remember him i mean he gave me the impression that he actually believed the dossier that is what i think is really astounding go ahead alexander well it is a stand to hear what is actually not just astounding but also very interesting is that the two foundation reports of the whole russia gate scandal the report into the hacking by crowd strike and this report the trump dossier that we are just talking about were both paid for and commissioned by the d.n.c.
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. but coming back to the british role the british i think there were a lot of questions to ask to answer there are reports that christopher steele again. permission from the british government from the british will solve it is to contact the u.s. authorities that this went all the way up to ten downing street that all sorts of people within the intelligence services of the foreign office. and probably the cabinet office were involved as well we don't have very much information about this but again if we are talking about foreign involvement by how power in the united states election in order to affect the course of that election then that is over this leigh a matter of concern and may i say there are other countries too which will also interested in the election frankly if i have to be if i have to say what i think
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don't forget about you seems to be the one that was least you know you were many people forget about ukraine is well i mean it's amazing the shorter a attention span people have here that would definitely a political interest you know ha ha one of the things again i'm looking in i've been doing this unfortunately for a year i hate that story because there's not much that you want into except for the last maybe two or three days we're actually people have broken the law people have been put in prison people made a plea deals i mean real things you can talk about here but each one of the things i find very disturbing is that the f.b.i. outsourced at least on two occasions crowd strike and with this dossier we went to see the f.b.i. start doing that kind of thing i've never ever heard of at the cia does it all the time i've never heard of the f.b.i. doing this go ahead or the unbelievable aspect of all of this is that the united
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states government if the n.s.a. the cia the same people who use disclaimers so there are two reports one from the department of homeland security and one from oh d.n.i. they all have disclaimers warranty disclaimers stating the information within these reports accusing trump and wiki leaks should not be taken there's no parents he's with that there's the i should not be taken as fact there's no guarantees within the report. the the reality is that wiki leaks is a publisher the d.n.c. and possessed the e-mails were published they have their sources just like the washington post the new york times have their sources the corrupt words of donna brazil hillary clinton debbie wassermann schultz did them in they they typed the words on d.n.c. computers and the clinton campaign in protest to computers. instead of the democratic party saying my goodness we cheated bernie sanders we deceived bernie
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sanders voters of two hundred million dollars then use that money to pay fusion g.p.s. and crowd strike and instead of saying we have to clean house and we have to change the way we conduct our affairs they doubled down they then blamed russia with zero evidence and i call it a giant group therapy session people who voted for clinton want something to believe in they can't possibly. admit that hillary clinton is a failed candidate wasted one point five billion dollars so they blame russia hillary clinton lost to reality t.v. host it's really extraordinary here let me go to robin and she outspent but only one way and the media was completely on her side ok we all know that here robyn again i want to get to the kind of the structural things here. if you look at the people that were involved in the uranium one deal and again this the cover up is being exposed about the illegality that was going on and i share the same concerns that you do but you know can we can we trust these people i mean we have mole or we
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have mckay we have rosenstein we have these people were involved in any one they're involved in in looking at trump i mean i am very worried that we will never find the truth because you have paul man of fort he was working for he's buddy buddy with the desta brothers i got a feeling everybody is going to collectively cover their back and and they'll find a scapegoat that's what my worry is what's yours go ahead robert. peter my worry a couple months ago was that donald trump was going to fire miller but right now i think the best thing that he's doing as allowing this investigation to proceed if just so that we can leave no stone unturned because like i said these things can go anywhere what i do know is that as far as the donations to the clinton foundation those those came from and they sold their stake in that in two thousand and seven that was eighteen months before secretary clinton became secretary of state so i
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don't think there is an issue they are but like i said leave no stone unturned we need to whether donald trump thing if there isn't rub it into this that we have stakeholders and you raney him one is already of known fact they contributed large sums of money to the to the clinton foundation that is already an established fact here it was covered up ok now we know it here i don't you know is it an innocent transaction i don't know i'm not going to be an irresponsible person like people in american media i'm not going to say one way or another because i don't know and i've for one year i've been asking for facts to talk about not this endless accumulation of these endless sermonizing and demonizing that only hurts us russian relations and it really damages america's democracy and journalism alexander reflect upon that as we radically want to thank you i want to be fair to you ok
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alexander we'd like to put on what i had to say go ahead yes well there's two things first of all what i think you're absolutely right to be concerned that we're not going to get the whole truth because it is absolutely the case that we have. elite the pully investigating themselves. all of these people as you're absolutely right you say mckay. were involved in the premiss investigation and i do think it is disputed that the rain and. affair was not given the kind of publicity perhaps that it should have been and again i'm not prejudging it and not saying you know that this happened or that it was wrong whatever but it didn't get the condit publicity perhaps it should have done if we're turning to the f.b.i. . and to the fact that he sourced all these things i think the important thing to remember about the f.b.i. is that it is also primarily a police agency but it sure seems to be
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a small little engine so if needs to be age of british political it should be apolitical and as a police agency which is required to put evidence that has to be placed before a court of law it should carry out its own investigations it should not outsource them to other people i have never heard in my life of anything like that happening i am sure it doesn't happen anywhere else. and i think you know i think all of us would agree on this program that we live in the age of unbelievable ball here we have never in every single step of the way ha let me go to you and i don't want to be flippant here but i am going to propose something to you and i want your reaction how would you feel if bernie sanders were asked to head a special commission a special prosecutor to look at all of this including mohler what would you say to
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that i think bernie would do a good job go ahead he would do a great job but the united states government needs to a have possession of the d.n.c. servers so they can conduct forensics on their own not. really i think wires company do you think they still exist in one piece after all this time do you believe that. probably not now because that's the thing that i was going to see that i'm sorry i'll be partisan here you know democrats intent and technology hammer smash hammer smash and i'm just saying that based on facts what people have said here ok and i really worry that this tampering of evidence has occurred and again in the hands of the authorities you know robin this is what i worry most you know presidents come and go candidates come in go but when we see these agencies so politicized or seemingly politicized that is the greatest danger here not
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outside meddling from other countries or one hundred thousand dollars in facebook ads or twitter i mean i think that is just ludicrous ok i worry about how the institutions of the country are eroding because your candidate didn't win really go ahead robin yes this is my greatest concern also this is an american concern and this is not actually a partisan problem what i'm actually most and what i think it's larry is that this is being taken seriously airy participial this is where it taken seriously i mean you know robin was c.n.a. i don't. i mean and you have so different worlds right now i worry about that too nobody wants to talk about the same group of facts anymore to twenty seconds robert my friend go ahead. donald trump denied for a lot of for the longest time and said that russian meddling was a hoax right now i think we've got exhibit a that we need to take this seriously it could be occurring on both sides we don't know so let's leave no stone unturned ok
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but when we use a hoax we should have evidence to say yes or no and we still don't have it yet we're going to stay on this story and many thanks to my guests in los angeles atlanta and london and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.t. see you next time and remember. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around . confirmations from washington to washington post media the media the voters elected to run this country business because.
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it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. when i'll grow. big. you may know my ass is this and that unbeknown to rant and then she'll get the deficit in betty b. theo i don't know how to book it but i was scared out of his temperature. yeah i use a little for the sunday times not for myself indeed i must but if you have a lot of them behind about you must on the c.d.'s that our cd any of the militiaman got a very real. killer denim of them to get is the food
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out of this not because of the this that we but i mean. look at your d.d.'s. get delivered up with a. field goal at three hundred kilometers from new orleans far away from tourists jazz and mardi gras the small town is the gateway to state prisons in a city of seven thousand and seven hundred arrests in two years a very large number of federal authorities investigate through this mayor john came back. some. was up but. it was a. no again.


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