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tv   Headline News  RT  October 28, 2017 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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we are apparently better than blue. sea ever heard of. jack tonight president of the world bank we. were. seriously he sent us an e-mail. i. i spades constitutional crisis it's boiling point as catalonia proclaims independence while madrid moves into the government and sees direct control now. coming to a top u.s. senator demands the twit to disclose his account data from wiki leaks and groups linked to it the social networks to testify before congress in the ongoing investigation into alleged russian meddling in the presidential election. and clashes mar the french president's visit to an impoverished south american territory after he rules out state aid saying he's not father christmas.
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morning not am saturday morning welcome this is live from h.q. moscow with me kevin i went today we started with a big story from europe overnight then the crisis over independence in spain that's reached breaking point the spanish prime minister now sacked the catalan government overnight a snap election will now be held in december earlier on friday catalonia funny declared its independence two almost a month on from its controversial referendum that opened up some clear divisions in the country today in parliament the parliament of our country a legitimate parliament to call largely expected step and largely for four step. citizens of cathal or any other comes a time when it is up to all of us to maintain the pulse of our country our peace our civic duty and dignity as we have always done and always will without any doubt
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was was thought was. was. fishy there but he didn't think we decided to sack the president vice president and other high ranking officials in the council on government either it was or was was
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a total of seventy lawmakers in the council and government voted in favor of secession ten who were against and two abstained in protest next as he shall aduba is in barcelona following the latest when the announcement came that cutting he would be an independent republic i can honestly say as never seen anything like it she weenies i see people screaming yes you see as it is in that the line and spanish that's announcements and many people said that this was a historic day that not just themselves but previous generations their families that parents and the grandparents had been waiting for it's very exciting this moment and the day started got a moment for us so years and years and days and years dreaming about leaving the spring which is not a democracy. we are finally in catalonia as a new member of the international community republic a good feeling. to so that. peaceful people can win.
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by all and all our lives are our parents around parents they are waiting for this thing well it's been quite incredible and a moving feast throughout the day while people are still celebrating in the streets of boston for that declaration of independence senate in madrid actually passed article one fifty five not very much longer off to that declaration is independence that allows the government in the majority to take back control over catalonia and as we've been hearing thick and fast from the spanish prime minister tonight that that means he says he has sucked the catalan government he's cool to snap elections . so those fast spanish flags have been removed official buildings in catalonia and euro narrow crowd cheered outside city hall as they were big tank and despite a majority of council and m.p.'s backing the move to break away those still feel
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strongly opposed. to learn one stop being a part of spain because the spanish government will act immediately to reestablish institutional normality but i still think this is the darkest day in the history of catalonia. i think mr moore and his plane are very very dangerous game and he is only incurring the wrath of a madrid government that has already shown a propensity to unleash violence against unarmed civilians is a very very dangerous path that mr putin once said as is the path set by the government mr hali has bungled this issue from the very beginning yes the spanish constitution is inviolable but we're not constitution is used as justification for . the arm or ok. helmeted riot police against unarmed civilians the constitution is not worth the paper it is written on we have what here are two sides both under pressure manuel roy has created in spain
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a smart nationalist movements which is not below him to back off and there's this popular moon you've been seeing on the streets of barcelona and throat cancer world you know which has been pushing for independence and he's going to keep pushing those people are not going to go by the g.d. can't go back in the bottle in my belief really they have less spin and it's difficult to see what the spin can do to force them back in your occupied with military force or whatever not twenty four centuries so it's very difficult although i think this is going to play out for some months i don't see at the end really if people have decided to leave how you can force them to come back so reaction further afield or to spur to vote is a constitutional right to move in on the rest of region it's come in from across the you hitting all the headlines the been has been overwhelming support for madrid in those headlines and warnings about similar independence pushes in the blog and this is the looks of the reaction there is plenty of reaction coming in given these
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major developments happening in catalonia albeit with very few surprises we have heard from the president of the european council donald tusk who has said that nothing changes and that the e.u. will continue to speak directly with madrid we've seen reaction from germany of course the german government said they do not recognize this unilateral declaration of independence we've heard from of course the french president also showing his support and full support to the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy here in the u.k. of course also plenty of reaction we've heard from downing street saying they it does not and will not recognize the unilateral declaration of independence because this vote the referendum on october first was deemed illegal by spanish courts that was a reaction from theresa made. but from scotland's nicholas sturgeon we have seen a reaction of saying the people of catalonia should have the ability to determine their own future so supporting what has happened in catalonia given scotland's own
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sort of plight when it comes to this issue we've heard from the u.s. as well the u.s. state department has said they support keeping strong and united spain together also similarly from nato so as all of these reactions are continuing to come in it's important to really remember that despite the fact that political leaders throughout the european union have consistently said they don't want catalonia to break away from spain to really keep the european union intact the pro independence movement in catalonia has repeatedly said that despite the fact that they want to leave spain they don't necessarily want to leave the european union whereas throughout the year we've heard them say that if catalonia doesn't fact leave spain they're going to have to essentially get at the back of the line to get back into the european union you know we've spoken so you could depend as party of b.p. david coburn he believes madrid's decision initially came from brussels as the e.u. looks to tell its grip on its member states. from chatting with present as for with
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a couple weeks ago. the european union have no intention of interfering in spanish affairs internal affairs i think they've now got the idea with the problems now taking part in spain that maybe is for a good idea to actually keep each of internal sales of the various countries because it's just a farce that many other countries in europe have problems with the central administration spain doesn't govern themselves anymore is governed by the european union decisions alone get me to drink they're made to. maybe the city is the european union has brought this to a head it's not just being sick bring problems with the boss see the scenes look. at the flood walls in belgium in various parts of europe over there. all these people want to secede. because people don't want to be ruled by ceaseless bureaucracy and bubble they want to make their own decisions locally and then the top of the government as well cattle in years of riches while the rich parts of
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spain are so that they are that's why they're feeling very upset and it's all far from over yet you can count them us to be staying across the moves the mood the reactions for the day spain and the e.u. enters uncharted waters in this independence crisis. so some of the news this morning a senior u.s. senator is demanding that twitter disclose his account details related to wiki leaks and his founder julian assange including releasing direct message conversations diane feinstein listed her demands in a letter she wrote to twitter's founder and c.e.o. jack dorsey in a pretty big list as you can see as bring it out check out what's on it so far these are a few of her demands first of all she wants to know whether twitter identifies accounts linked to the alleged russian meddling investigation and its methods for
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doing so on top of that as well requests like that couldn't ignore the so-called propaganda bullhorn artie's twitter accounts are also under suspicion i said with a wry smile and here's a list of wiki leaks linked accounts as well their message history is what feinstein thinks could prove vital to the investigation there they are color mopin has more on. feinstein the u.s. senator from california is requesting that the direct messages on twitter sent by wiki leaks be turned over and given to the congress for their investigation you know they're asking for the direct messages of wiki leaks the direct messages of julian a songe as well as the direct messages of the hacker known as good for to who is reported to have been the person who turned over the e-mails of the democratic national committee to to wiki leaks now it's important to note that dianne feinstein who's requesting these direct messages on behalf of congress that she is
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certainly no fan of julian assad's this is what she said about julian assange in the past well mr sun just one of my most unfavorite people in the world and i believe he's done a great discredit to this nation now dianne feinstein is not the only figure within the us political establishment who has voiced opposition and hatred for julian assad and many figures within the u.s. government many senators congressmen leaders of the military have spoken of julian a songe accused him of being a russian agent called for prosecution of julian assad called for wiki leaks to be shut down this is a widespread sentiment in washington d.c. i mean he's a tool of russian intelligence and if he's such a you know martyr of free speech why doesn't wiki leaks ever publish anything coming out of russia you should be treated as an enemy combatant we should be closed down permanently and decides we wiki leaks walks like a hostile intelligence service and talks like
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a hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like russia ignorance or misplaced idealism is no longer an acceptable excuse for lionizing these demons assad is a narcissist who has created nothing of value he relies on the dirty work of others to make himself famous he's a fraud a coward hiding behind a screen disguise a traitor a treasonous and i'm not for the death penalty so if i'm not for the death penalty i want to do it. illegally shoot the son of a as we know on november first the owners of twitter will be testifying before the u.s. congress and this is all part of the investigation of alleged russian meddling in the us presidential elections in twenty sixteen and now we see this additional requests to being given to twitter just a few days before they're set to testify so one wonders is any new information going to be determined from these direct messages or is this the government of the united states in particular the congressional committee putting additional pressure
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on twitter in the lead up to their testimony investigative journalist dave lindorff believe that some of his requests violates free speech here it's an undercutting of democracy when the guy who is elected his staffers take it upon themselves to make the decision rather than let the actual president make the decision when asked about a possible deal with assad president donald trump told reporters he hadn't heard anything about it and julian assange is. i report try to get back to a little bit later from samir a. president next to break he says he's no father christmas that he won't be bearing gifts from the state as he. will tell you the rest of this morning's news here international. here's what people have been saying about reject. the only show i go out of my way
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to. really. john all over of our. parents better than. to see heard of. the president of the world bank. send us an e-mail. under margaret thatcher there was a transition away from public housing and government assisted government underwritten public housing and they sold off all the council estates. people bought into the units across the country and they became the land owning the new land owning. gentrification under the current government in the u.k. it's another socialist. government underwriting property but not for the
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poor people they do it for the rich. president's visit to the territory of french or in south america protests people were arrested in two police officers injured as clashes broke out with groups against a trip. only . the demonstrations against mccrone came after he said he would not be giving additional funding to that impoverished region explained he wasn't father christmas
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on twitter and some french politicians are far from impressed by the president's comment there we spoke to the editor in chief of the people magazine about my crohn's latest phone. is very sure of himself in a bit of good to eat showed it recently and we are saying that he's not santa claus to people who are poor and have problems but he did it also in france recently using ports that i wouldn't use on the new sin or but that evolved or the french left or right it's not a matter of politics considering that as out of control we now after several cases like that took off on of course should not give away public money without really looking at what they do knew he was right in saying of course that a lot of money's being spent in going on out that that are real problems but it's not a recent to to show his expression or to show his norns the fact that people come
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back with their own problems so in this case now it's small or the unpleasantness of seeing the elite. talk talking count in a condescending way to to the people. series of other. well in the past. i will be. anyway. cynics extremists.
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two years on friday with brant crude selling for just over sixty dollars a barrel when it came a saudi arabia production cut could be extended for another nine months to tackle the. prices at record lows recently in the last few years the saudis move the president. a positive step of cooperation among the oil producing countries known as opec which vienna next month. opec welcomes the clear guidance from the crown prince of saudi arabia on the need to achieve stable oil markets together with the statement expressed by president putin this clears the fog on the way to vienna on nov thirtieth the oversupply would force prices down or seeing some more dependent countries struggle real actually on the verge of collapse if each occurrence can be agreed though it could help those nations recover no
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international oil industry economist to sell him expects all prices to go even higher soon he says. dear recent rises of the oil price are above sixty dollars is due to the positive fundamentals of the global oil market in admission to the and now us men that saudia arabia and russia my agree to extend the production cuts to the end of twenty in increasing demand for oil by one point five million barrels a day year on year and rising economic growth in the global economy we see that the price of oil has hit sixty dollars and i expected to continue to go a bit further if the economy continues as it is now.
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a commemorative plaques could soon appear across britain but instead of celebrating the great and the good there instead pinpointing locations where shady and the cover police things occurred the project was launched at the london book store often used by groups who've been infiltrated by the so-called spy cops. let me tell you more the activists want to raise awareness not only of the scale of surveillance but of abuses caused by officers working undercover they want complaints to be fully investigated and. victims to receive support britain's sky cops operated officially from one nine hundred fifty nine all the way through to two thousand and eight offices infiltrated different groups and human rights organizations some even deceived women into entering relations with them to win their trust while working on the cover london's met police were forced to compensate eventually some of the victims and they did apologize for their offices actions by their competitors for those such practices still continue that's the
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catch and they want more explanation. what they haven't got yet is any information at all not one single scrap of detail about why these people would talk a thing then why they had their life simple faith to this extent and why they found themselves sometimes in an intimate relationship with somebody who was being paid to spy on them the reason i feel authorities so to spoil in the west in general is because they consider them less afraid to. portly. against national security we don't actually know whether they still live for tate's again but if they continue to do that and of course there is no digital spy. there's the digital spy desk to eavesdropping the big day test stuff so david you've may say that they maybe don't need it anymore but i do you seem to still doing. thanks for watching this morning news updates from the club also check
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facebook twitter loads of ways keep across the latest in moscow it's saturday morning it's just coming up to twenty six to twenty three minutes exactly was not of the morning are you we can't go. back again just over half of the. law. the. local blogs sell you
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on the idea that dropping bombs. brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that you don't believe the new socks credit tell you that will be gossip and tabloid biased files of the most important news today. about how you think you are not cool enough and such to buy their products. these are the hawks that we along with our audience will watch. thank you god thank you i'm going to make a good start. tonight what you aren't being told about the opioid crisis but first let me get the basic and bow out of the way and then we'll get to the center part because you know you better to get
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a little warm up connel time before you reveal the full frontal like the old wart ridden scarred up undercarriage of the situation you can leave with the whole day to night story has everything illicit drugs villain is billionaires whistleblowers dead bodies so i'm calling it all rex throgs and rock n roll. and really since that also means drugs it says drugs drugs and rock n roll and also there's no rock n roll. and prescription meds like it have caused the overdose deaths of two hundred thousand people since one nine hundred ninety six when it was first put on the market by purdue pharma a branch of sackler pharmaceuticals that two hundred thousand doesn't even include the countless deaths from people who got hope on oxy and o.d.d. on harder drugs like heroin the sackler family is worth fourteen billion dollars
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and they've plastered their name all over our institutions so between the cokes and the sackler is there's hardly a museum university hospital or theater without their call over it. it's like a nation fell asleep at a frat party and woke up with just a drawing on our forehead. so here's the story in ninety nine he produced started work on a pill containing oxy kowtowed a chemical similar to morphine and was not perdue the chicken p. . people because that would be weird you know cause guys for all your opium based on conic and chicken wing glitz so purdue pharma puts out oxy cold tone and although it was fifty percent stronger than morphine many doctors believe that wrongly that it was substantially less powerful this was good for purdue because it made doctors last frightened to prescribe it so this was this is literally big
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pharma going doctors are confused about our new product and some people are dying. why could fortune. but that's not enough greed in order to increase the number of doctors prescribing it the company's rebranded pain relief as a sacred right or universal narcotic in title meant available not only to the terminally ill but to every american and sure some people have debilitating pain and need help i get that but when you have ads that just say do you feel pain the entire row barracking population goes yeah. i hate my job husbands ass looks like an aircraft carrier but my kids are any ants my cats allergic to gluten and my dogs allergic to cats of course i'm.
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sure the sack of marketing idea was brilliant you take a problem a lot of people have and prescribe a medication which is a highly addictive so that they won't stop ever taking it this is like someone going feeling a bit depressed or anxious or a slightly part. try math. not objective at all. as the billions rolled in per do doubled their sales team and downplayed the risks one former sales rep says we were directed to lie greed took hold and over ruled everything they provided legalized bribes and kickbacks for every level of the ditch distribution chain wholesalers got rebates farmers just got refunds patients got coupons academics god grants medical journals got millions in advertising congress got donations from purdue and the sackler family it was it or g.
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for the ruling elite alright for the rich and powerful this was kind of like their version of when livin la vida loca first came out they were dancing around jumping on ten. just drive home. in the first five years the number of prescription shot up and the number of bodies started to pile up eventually purdue was prosecuted in two thousand and seven they pleaded guilty to felony charges for criminally misbranding their medication in court the company said that he was well aware of the incorrect view were held by many physicians that oxy cottoning was weaker than morphine and did not want to do anything to make physicians think that it was stronger or equal to morphine they paid some big fives and some executives did community service but still no one went to prison and obviously once community service for a millionaire c.e.o. .


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