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i think it was. i. i i spain's constitutional crisis hit the boiling point as catalonia proclaims independence moves into the government and seems direct control. also to kill the top u.s. senator demands that twitter disclose his account data from wiki leaks and groups linked to it social network is to testify before congress in the investigation into alleged russian meddling in the presidential election. protests mar the french president's visit to an impoverished south american territory after he stayed eight
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saying it's not the christmas. that i welcome you watching r.t. international this saturday afternoon where it's just turned three o'clock in moscow our top story there has been a dramatic escalation in the independence crisis that's rocking spain the prime minister has sacked catalonians government and put his deputy prime minister in charge a regional election is now being called for late december and in the meantime ministries are being closed and police powers revoked madrid seize control is catalan leaders finally proclaimed independence a month after their disputed referendum today in parliament the parliament of our country a legitimate parliament to come largely expected step and largely for four step.
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citizens of cathal or any other comes a time when it is up to all of us to maintain the pulse of our country our peace our civic duty and dignity as we have always done and always will without any doubt was was . i. was i was. fishy there but here we decided to sack the president vice president and other high ranking officials in the council on government was
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was shouted to pinsky has been following developments in the capitol on capitol. the spanish government in madrid says it is now taken full control of catalonia it says it has dismissed the catalonian government as well as high ranking officials and the president. it also says it has dismissed some senior police officers including the chief of the police force in catalonia the most who is already under investigation for sedition now in addition to that these pronouncements by the government in madrid just came hours after the catalan parliament actually voted for independence and declared independence a republic here now i was in a crowd of pro independence hall just surrounding the parliament and the national guard suggested they were up to twelve thousand people there and it was like
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a sea of people they screamed in delight yes yes yes or c.c.c. in catalan and spanish when they heard that result we spoke to some people this is what they told us they are guarding our liberty or freedom we are just a country we feel like a country we feel like we are representing our our government we need to be free. what our population wants i think. people you specifically. clear that we are a nation. we will go when people is trying to explain their opinions and someone is trying to punish bad and trying to use the violence to stop that. is all about human being i feel kind of scared well spain says that the powers of catalonia will not
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be exercised by the spanish vice president but the pro independence supporters i've spoken to here in barcelona say they will not to the authorities in spain as far as they can see. they have no seceded from spain and this is an independent republic indeed that is something that remains to be said because madrid says that within the legal framework of the spanish constitution its ability to take control of what it sees as being a spanish region is illegal and it is very likely that if this goes to the courts the courts will side with the spanish government on this one so in just less than a day since catalonia declared independence it's not yet clear whether they will be able to retain that independence a tool and a stand that the some of the pro independence lobby are actually trying to draft a document which they're hoping to release within forty eight hours which will show how they plan to secede from spain but it's still clear if they will be able to
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implement that is clear though is that this crisis is everything and this remains a highly divisive issue in the society. reporting we did discuss the crisis in spain with a political commentator and also a former catholic and they did have very different views on what happened. what they are trying to do is to demolition our regional government institutions. and take control of. social movements the problem right now is there and nationalist movement independent movement is living in a part of the war in another war because they have people in the arabian and they want to keep remain in a spain you can say that these are democratic to to to listen the voice of the people and what we have been trying to do hearing about one year but it's always
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not really like you know if. the point is that you're the one people be expressed. their opinion what we've been trying to do two years ago is to find the possibility for a couple in society to express this was on the first of all over the business and did these movements and in this terrible time where he was not a question of. which crisis democracy and right now the story but this is not a question of companies and what you have in madrid this is a question of democracy and you should listen what people have got on people. who they won for for the future anybody in the international sphere is going to give a recognition to the state right now this money is going to mean is working to restore
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their constitution there in the region and we have to broaden it to protect the heart of the card balance they want to keep their rights they want to keep it remain a spanish this is very sad really in that you are just saying that you want to save fifty percent of our. in society you should care about one hundred percent of problems was either the violence or well hitting the headlines today has been the broader reaction from around the world there has been overwhelming support for madrid and warnings about similar independence movements in the european union and to see it your can a looks now at who is and who isn't backing a united spec. there's plenty of reaction coming in given these major developments happening in catalonia albeit with very few surprises we have heard from the president of the european council donald to school has said that nothing changes and that the e.u. will continue to speak directly with madrid we've seen reaction from germany of
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course the german government said they do not recognize this unilateral declaration of independence we've heard from of course the french president also showing his support and full support to the spanish prime minister mari honor of oil here in the u.k. of course also plenty of reaction we've heard from downing street saying the does not and will not recognize the unilateral declaration of independence because this vote the referendum on october first was deemed illegal by spanish courts that was a reaction from to recent but from scotland's nicolas sturgeon we have seen a reaction of seeing the people of catalonia should have the ability to determine their own future so supporting what has happened in catalonia given scotland's own sort of plight when it comes to this issue we've heard from the u.s. as well the u.s. state department has the support keeping strong and united spain together also similarly from nato so as all of these reactions are continuing to come in it's important to really remember that despite the fact that political leaders
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throughout the european union have consistently said they don't want catalonia to break away from spain to really keep the european union and tax the pro independence movement in catalonia has repeatedly said that despite the fact that they want to leave spain they don't necessarily want to leave the european union whereas throughout the year we've heard them say that if catalonia doesn't fact leave spain they're going to have to essentially get at the back of the line to get back into the european union where we spoke to the u.k. independence party m.e.p. day because you've been in he believes the push for independence to stem from a loss of power to brussels. from chatting with present you i spoke with a couple of weeks ago the the european union have no intention of interfering in spanish affairs internal affairs i think they've now got the idea with the problems though taking part in spain that maybe is for a good idea of the actually key posts of internal figures of the various countries
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because it's just a farce to many other countries in europe who have problems with the central administration spain doesn't govern itself anymore it's governed by the european union decisions are no longer made in madrid they're made in brussels maybe the city is the european union has brought this to a head and it's not just. brain problems with the boxee of the front of the the floodwalls in belgium and various parts of europe but are there problems people want to secede because people don't want to be ruled by faceless bureaucracy in brussels they want to make their own decisions locally and then have a national government as well catalonia as the richest well the rich a pots of spades so they are that's why they're feeling very upset you want to not say of course we're keeping across developments in spain throughout the day.
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then a senior u.s. senator is demanding that twister disclose his account details relating to wiki leaks and its founder julian assange and she also wants the release of direct message conversations to where dianne feinstein listed her demands in a letter to twitter founder and c.e.o. jack dorsey you can have a look at it there hey you can see it's a pretty big list too with a lot of demands and among them she wants to know whether twitter has identified the camps linked to the alleged russian meddling investigation and also its methods for doing so well of course or r.t. does get a mention to our twitter accounts are also under suspicion and as for weekly leaks here's a list of some of the counseling so that the senator does think that their private message history could actually prove vital to the investigation with more his. feinstein the u.s.
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senator from california is requesting that the direct messages on twitter sent by wiki leaks be turned over and given to the congress for their investigation you know they're asking for the direct messages of wiki leaks the direct messages of julian a songe as well as the direct messages of the hacker known as good for to who is reported to have been the person who turned over the e-mails of the democratic national committee to to wiki leaks now it's important to note that dianne feinstein who's requesting these direct messages on behalf of congress that she is certainly no fan of julian aside this is what she said about julian assange in the past well mr sun just one of my most unfavorite people in the world and i believe he's done a great discredit to this nation now dianne feinstein is not the only figure within the us political establishment who has voiced opposition and hatred for julian
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assad many figures within the u.s. government many senators congressmen leaders of the military have spoken of julia songe accused him of being a russian agent called for prosecution of julian assad called for wiki leaks to be shut down this is a widespread sentiment in washington d.c. i mean he's a tool of russian intelligence and if he's such a you know martyr of free speech why doesn't wiki leaks ever publish anything coming out of russia you should be treated as an enemy combatant we should be closed down permanently and decides we wiki leaks walks like a hostile intelligence service and talks like a hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like russia ignorance or misplaced idealism is no longer an acceptable excuse for lionizing these demons saunters a narcissist who has created nothing of value he relies on the dirty work of others to make himself famous he is a fraud a coward hiding behind a screen this guy's a traitor a treasonous and i'm not for the death penalty so if i'm not for the death penalty i want to do it. illegally shoot the son of
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a as we know on november first the owners of twitter will be testifying before the u.s. congress and this is all part of the investigation of alleged russian meddling in the us presidential elections in twenty sixteen and now we see this additional request being given to twitter just a few days before they're set to testify so one wonders is any new information going to be determined from these direct messages or is this the government of the united states in particular the congressional committee putting additional pressure on twitter in the lead up to their testimony best could have been this dave lindorff believes that the senate is requesting violates free speech. there's no indication that wiki leaks is a tool of russia wiki leaks has been major source for american journalism and british journalism for a long time but now feinstein is trying to imply that wiki leaks is somehow in league with this alleged russian effort to swing the election in the united states
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in two thousand and sixteen even if you took the worst case scenario and you said that russia was behind an effort to get people's perspectives about one candidate or the another in the election that is not a crime so to demand that is private communications on twitter when there isn't any criminality being even alleged is over the top and a terrible threat to first amendment rights in the united states still to come this hour president says he's not father christmas and that he won't be bearing state a gift is a physics french guiana we'll tell you what reaction that got that after the break . in case you're new to the game this is how it works the economy is built around
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core. preparations from washington to washington post media the media and the. voters elect. to run this country business equals. boom bust it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before . there was a transition away from public housing and government assisted government underwritten public housing and they sold off all the council estates. people bought into the units across the country and they became the land owning the new owning neoliberal gentrification under the current government and the. other socialist. government underwriting property but not for the poor people they do it for the rich people.
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the french president's trip to the territory of french south america has been met by protests five people were arrested and two police officers were injured as clashes broke out with groups against emanuel trip the demonstrations against. after he said he would not speak giving additional funding to the impoverished region he explained on twitter that he was not father christmas some french politicians they were far from impressed by those comments we spoke to the editor in chief of people magazine about. is very sure of himself in a bit of good to eat showed it recently and we are saying that he's not santa claus the people who are poor and have problems but he did it also in france recently
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using words that i wouldn't use on on the new scene or a very vulgar the french left or right it's not a matter of politics consider him as out of control ie now after several cases like that the government of course should not give away public money without really looking at what they do he was right in saying of course that the a lot of money is being spent and we are not that there are real problems but it's not a recent to to show his exasperate not to show his norns at the fact that people come back with their own problems so in this case now it's small for the unpleasantness of seeing the elite. top talking con in a condescending way to to the people or president mccrone has made a series of other remarks to that haven't well in the past here are some examples.
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but instead of celebrating the great. undercover policing has taken place the project. often used.
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to be. support. between nine hundred fifty nine. and eight. different groups and she writes organizations and. relationships with them to win their trust while working on the cover. some of the victims and apologized to. fear that such practices still continue more. put i haven't got yet is any information at all not one single scrap of detail about why these people were
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targeting them why they had their life simple trade to this extent and why they found themselves sometimes in an intimate relationship with somebody who was being paid to spy on them the reason i feel the forties so to spy on the west in general is because they consider them less afraid to. purportedly. against national security we don't actually know whether they still live for treating him but if they continue to do that and of course there is now the digital spy the. there's the digital spy desta eavesdropping the big data stuff so david you may say that they maybe don't need it anymore but i do seem to still doing. now a billionaire pharmaceutical company found it has faced serious charges in the usa but claims that powerful medicines were being myspace scribed to boost sales john
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paul is charged with bribery racketeering and fraud for his alleged role in persuading doctors to hand back to opioid painkiller called sous piece. the medicine there is hailed as a breakthrough in treating cancer pain designed for patients in the advances stages of the disease but like any strong medicine there are risks to it does come with warnings that it can cause addiction fatal heart conditions or reacts badly with other medication and in extreme cases an overdose can actually be fatal well the pain killers main component is called fenton ill and it's up to one hundred times stronger than morphine not only that but it's also ten times deadlier than heroin
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according to new hampshire police forensic lab just three milligrams in fact is enough for elisa a lethal dose of until new used properly it's undoubtedly relief pain for many cancer patients but one former company employee decided to blow the whistle after it was being given to people who don't need any there was something going on there i started doing some research i realized that i wasn't there to help people that i was actually hurting people medical workers have leaked similar instances incidences of drugs being illegally distributed in the past however it is rare that those implicated are at the very top of major drug companies john kapoor's lawyer however says his client vigorously denies any involvement before the white house spokes person believes that such abuse is widespread in the industry. this is vast it is a vast conspiracy in each company the same as the tobacco lobby did for so many
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years and got away with it it's not a matter of regulations it's a matter of and force mint and the lack of will for enforcement they have let these companies and the doctors who illegally prescribe the drugs that are supposed to be just for severe cancer and they get everybody else addicted it's not even just a matter of the of the suffering because some of the addicted people like getting high it's a matter of it's illegal and dangerous what they're doing and yes there isn't force meant what we have on america's opioid addiction crisis next that song being bust on international except for a few days in the u.k. where it's news told with george galloway the sputnik.
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moment was selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles. that you saw for the tell you that would be gossip the public let's. talk about as they tell you. like their products. that we all.
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want. there was just driving day to pick their day is basically a deal big time to be there we go off to scream this is what's food in there but they are. doing always say india. india is just becoming more and more fundamental challenge. no exclusion and they try to feel. they come to get enough to get your way a trophy on your world. the two thousand and eight economic crisis turn some countries into pigs these are the countries with we korea colonies that needed austerity policies if you are in a situation of flow bloat even the recession austerity is
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a very bad idea it doesn't work and it makes millions of people very unhappy those who are unemployed see their wages decline almost a decade how good are the results she saw all of the new joint peaceful by the people gathered in which to watch the old beat people with your daughter julie a choice to treat it be it will be she still plumbers i mean to for legal. challenge must not i was always think if they see something and not get it. while the same mission is still in place to one of the consequences is to weaken bluebirds food dismantle the will first one of this is the truth the consider is the consequences are actually quite acceptable to the decision makers.
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hi lindsey francis broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. coming up amazon is shifting gears yet again it's been granted approval to operate the whole cell pharmacy in state that number is growing though my guest explains how this is shaking up the industry and the ruling communist party in china has in shrine of the country's aggressive trade initiative known as belton road we give you a look at just how ambitious this plan actually is and voters and the region's president are at odds with one another as well as the spanish government weeks after the vote for independence from spain.


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