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tv   Going Underground  RT  October 28, 2017 9:29am-10:01am EDT

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boss every time he wants to develop a new airplane model because boeing doesn't get any money for its weapons programs from the us taxpayer right in fact this week's boeing results are arguably a testament to state subsidy which makes for a circular argument many more areas space workers are employed by boeing in the u.k. the body able to resume need to bone body aging maintain relations with her coalition partners the former paramilitary link buddy claims that makes up ten percent of northern irish exports someone pretty knowledgeable about for what causes britain uses its weapons whether british or american is britain's foreign secretary john sweeney is telling u.k. politicians not to come on this show despite his own father appearing and he continues to call out the government in syria for the alleged use of w m d well joining me now to help us is award winning journalist dr gareth porter who is by the white house in washington d.c. garrett welcome back to going underground so foreign secretary boris johnson here in britain has been in between telling politicians not to appear on this network r.t.
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has said yet again definitely syria used chemical weapons what have you been discovering about this is a legit chemical weapon used by the us government well i decided to commit several weeks a number of weeks to doing my best to piece together a coherent sense of what happened there and what i did really conclude very firmly is that the official viewpoint that there was a certain attack by this air force in country corn simply could not have been the case because primarily they couldn't come up with the parts of a weapon that should have been there right at the alleged site of this attack which was a crater or a hole in the middle of the road and they admit they have nothing they they can't come up with any explanation for that and until they come up with an explanation one has to try to come up with. different understanding of what happened there and
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i did provide an alternative understanding based on a pretty serious investigation of all the facts that have come to light we don't have really time to go into the details of that but basically there is a lot of evidence that the syrian air force did bomb the. a house in consequence which was not that far from the site of the of the alleged point of impact of a sarin bomb but but several hundred yards a few hundred yards away and that that released an agricultural chemical which then caused phosphate in to be released into the air but that is consistent with basically the symptoms and signs that were exhibited by victims in the city so so that that's the substance of my story and on the country current affair so when british foreign secretary boris johnson speaks here all when officials are on that
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lawn behind you speak with such certainty about syrian chemical weapon use it might as well be bush and blair talking about w m d in iraq well exactly i mean look we know that the united states and its allies are committed to this point of view for reasons that are complicated you know there's no point in even going into the reasons but but they do have an interest in that narrative and they're going to stick to it regardless of what the facts really turn out to be of course one narrative we never hear about in britain is that britain was involved in killing twenty percent of the population of north korea what do you make of the fact that boris johnson said this week that we must be able to envisage attacking we must have that on the tape just like donald trump that of maybe annihilating the country right i mean this of course is the official position of the trump administration and of course the u.k. government is going to necessarily go along with that in support. and i must say i
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find this the most worrisome thing about u.s. foreign policy today that the trumpet of ministration is pushing this threat of a essentially a not a preemptive but a preventive strike against north korea unless they cease their testing of nuclear weapons and they're there longer range missiles and this is a form of traditional u.s. coercive diplomacy it's very clear that's what they're after i don't believe that they intend to do any such thing but the real worry here the serious problem is that we know the north koreans are very sensitive to any sign that the u.s. might very seriously be ready to strike against north korea we know that in the one nine hundred ninety s. for example the clinton administration was preparing to carry out. a set of severe sanctions against north korea through the u.n. and the u.s.
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military was extremely upset about that they were very worried about it because they knew that the north koreans might well consider that to be a prelude to a u.s. attack on north korea that the north koreans would regard any particular particularly any move by the united states to evacuate civilians from seoul which was being contemplated in conjunction with those sanctions to be a proud to an attack on north korea so it's a very very sensitive matter it's very tricky to draw the line precisely the right place and i'm worried that this administration will go too far in this regard russia and china have been expressing concern ironic you mentioned clinton because they again the british foreign secretary this week said he loved it the old days when russia was complying with a with a clinton administration symptomatic of some ideas in washington that they like it when roger is a kleptocracy. the run by the i.m.f.
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well i think what they're are longing for is are the days when they had a yeltsin in power who was let's face it he was more or less a u.s. lapdog during the time that he was he was in power in russia and you know that was a very comfortable time for the united states they were they were feeling like they could do whatever they wanted with regard to russia so we're now facing the consequences i think of that unfortunate period when the u.s. really set out to. push the nato front here right up to the russian front here and that they could get away with it unfortunately did not consider the possibility that a more nationalist administration would inevitably come to power later on and that's what we've seen in more recent years of course in russia now i know both of us know iran a fair bit what's your reaction to trump policy on iran because i mean i don't know whether to get the tragic humorous way is trump not doing everything iran once by
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canceling cia funding for is the mists in syria backing the iranian backed iraqi government and now reneging on the deal and bringing to have run so much closer to easy to capitals let alone most go in beijing well first of all of course the objective situation in the middle east is such that us real interests of trying to stabilize situations which were completely destabilized by past u.s. policy is really coincident to a great extent with the policies and interests of iran that's that's absolutely true and in fact my colleague bob perry consortia news just published a story in which he says that source that that is well informed in side the u.s. government told him that trump actually signed off on a policy that was in fact continuing that that policy trend of trying to stabilize things which which was in fact coinciding with. the policies of iran across the
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middle east and that would imply and did in fact imply supporting the continuation of the j c p o a nuclear deal and then according to this source as perry quotes the source the policy suddenly changed after trump met with netanyahu. when netanyahu came to the united nations in september there was a sudden shift in policy now you know no one knows exactly why that happened but my guess is that trump you know is somebody who basically does not have his own principles does not have a firm grasp of the objective situation and basically responds to various people who he talks to and change his mind based on netanyahu is. presentation of the situation but i must say that there are very stark similarities between the trump policy as he finally presented it publicly toward iran and the policy of the george
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w. bush administration support for the eretz israel greater israel a very aggressive israeli military policy in conjunction with an aggressive u.s. military policy in the region so so that's why you know i think there is a very strong parallel between the trump administration policy and the bush administration policy but just finally and very briefly what are your sources saying about the fact that at least trump curbed obama's support for isis and al-qaeda linked so-called rebels in syria which ghibli were allied to israeli policy yes i think that that really represents a position that is shared within the u.s. military leadership and the pentagon who were concerned about the situation in syria and you know really we're not eager for the united states to be allied with the. al-qaeda folks in in syria and you know we wanted
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a policy that would be more consonant with the realities of the situation there and so that is again consistent with the view that that the military the pentagon wanted to have a policy that would support the j.c. p.-o. a. and to try to continue the stabilization rather than rather than the reverse that and and support a policy that would be not in keeping with with u.s. interests in the region what a thank you in a previous segment we made reference to boeing we contacted them and they said this is a commercial dispute with somebody a which has sold a c. series airplane in the united states as it said the low price is made possible by major injection of public funds in violation of u.s. and global trade laws own body chose to violate u.s. trade law and your thoughts as have taken
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a preliminary decisions in forced tariffs boeing is following the long established process for setting trade disputes and we'll see where the facts lead boeing welcomes competition but we should all follow the rules. after the break fashion icon vivienne westwood on why she shouldn't have to go to jail for protesting fracking in britain is no sign of communism from u.k. pm tereza may despite her wearing a bracelet made up of pictures of legendary mexican communist frida kahlo at this week's pm cues all the small coming of a but two of going on the ground. there
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what is driving day to day day is basically a do big company tend to be demagogued screaming this is what food to put them. do and always say and is used. in these these becoming more and more of a fundamental challenge the ninety's they show. no exclusion and they try feet. they come to get enough and they got you we each of you on your world. how does it feel to be a sheriff the greatest job in the world it's as close to being a king as any job there is what business model helps to run a prison now we just do or don't like is there no b.t.o. visitation i don't know one comes anymore we don't have to sarge them anymore it's cost effective that's what they want to do that long they don't give a damn if you do the chores or not there are actually paying us to put it back into
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the louisiana incarceration rate is twice as high as the u.s.n. breach what secret is behind such success. but. the ship between. it was suggested. and a fairly strong one there were two thousand. and the study it's a very extensive study done by a well respected scientists. do chemicals that the advertising. really increase the risk of cancer. known to them in the. skepticism they do not believe that this is true by independent scientists so. this. compensation for my time as well as the others why is that the meat lobby. didn't like what we've been doing
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and if you want to learn more you'll get a definite on see the flood. back to. big business against health. welcome back there's arguably nothing that concerns british antipoverty campaign has more right now than something called universal credit it's being rolled out by minority government to raise the may according to labor leader cool been paul images voted against it the house voted by two hundred ninety nine zero. to close the road of universal credit will the prime minister respect the will of the house the prime minister replied like the question can send cat food
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four out of five nine to ten full of fine people are satisfied very satisfied with the. we'll have more on universal credit on monday's show but called. and was obviously not impressed by the answer just as he's not impressed by dresden made plans to celebrate the both a declaration which catalyzed illegal occupation of palestinian land in the middle east that's not the way zionist labor and tory m.p.'s celebrate with troy our small national contribution to the creation of a democracy in the middle east sharif for those who suffered from anti-semitism and fear its rise again and in the state of israel a true friend of the united kingdom mase reply ritually came within an hour that israel announced illegal jewish settlements in the heart of a palestinian neighborhood of east jerusalem we are proud of the role that we played in the creation of the state of israel and we will certainly mark the
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centenary with pride of course it is the creation of israel which fostered islamism in the middle east israel after all funded them us the belfer declaration would also help to cause havoc going to a region rich in fossil fuels but a different kind of fossil fuel havoc was addressed by the s. and p. at this week's pm cuse the scottish parliament voted by ninety one votes to twenty eight to fracking in scotland. the prime minister why she wouldn't consider following school and introducing an interesting a moratorium in the rest of united kingdom in order that could be a field of valuation of the health and environmental consequences of this controversial technology and in order that the public can be consulted drazen may made clear her unstinting support for the technology which causes climate change this is an issue on which he and i simply going to disagree well someone who doesn't agree with the woman who lives in this house behind me and three activists a nine year old boy named all of the fashion icon vivienne westwood and son the
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designer joe cora i'm going to go and see them at the gates to downing street. it was back in january that nine year old all of a greenwood wrote to u.k. prime minister tourism a about his fears of anglo swiss petrochemical giants seeking an injunction to prevent any protests from the village. to resume herself did not respond next weekend he also will seek an all encompassing injunction over one point two million square acres preventing and potentially imprisoning anyone objecting to its plans to frack in the u.k. . vivienne westwood and sun designer joe corey heard about all of his letter and told us that they arranged to hand in another letter to number ten downing street but the police at the gates stopped them we spoke to vivienne westwood. beside all of the gates of number ten downing street why haven't they let you in to talk about fracking with the prime minister or even to deliver a letter well i don't know but i've just been reading all of those late it's so
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good you need it all himself in exchange between still really needs. and that the country will turn into a gas like sack and it's mother's been upset and anyway it's so well written it's fantastic if you've been to the communities affected by all of those families and friends knowing and literally unanimously the entire village turned down any of their mounts because this joint petrochemical company has been terrorizing with the most strict company an injunction that i think they've been granted in history of being the high court next week to defend their. situation we find ourselves in at the moment. this country is now literally surrounded by from scotland the republic of ireland of fracking
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we have moratoriums in northern ireland and. england. randi by countries that the band and the conservatives are now isolated as the only major political party still pro fracking in the us deny that they're terrorizing anyone and it's for the safety of the protestors they should be banned from demonstrating against fracking. and their p.r. companies on the fry you are involved in organized professional lying and that will be exposed i hope in the next what is the mood in that community you are in in the past twenty four hours and they frightened even a grandmother making tea could be said to jail but generally this injunction stretches beyond even that it stretches to people making comments on social media that they don't like. to people talking or interfering with their supply chain who are not even. on the injunction. it creates an imprisonable
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a faint something that is a minor structure and actually parts of our human rights and civil rights to put to peacefully protest they're trying to turn people into criminals they had to do it at a secret court hearing supplying these ordinary people live would say it's and i can tell you i met them last night if you want to talk about spirit any also a bit off more than they can chew this isn't it they're not going to be frightened by this but they've been trying to terrorize people that have been serving in the police force for thirty years as a bronze commanders public. protest can understand this injunction and think it makes their job more difficult not more. but on the other hand the state of israel mean vivian the law have been frightened of you in the past think it's a multinational paying off the law in this country. fracking kills that's what i
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want to say and this you can't say that where all of our lives. yeah i could go to jail if you protest well i don't know no idea what i'm going to say anyway and find out but but i wanted to present this report. for teresa to read because it absolutely proves that fracking is much worse than calling for the environment and they have been lying and pretending that fracking something that's kind of ok apart from the fact that it's just such an old idea and green energy is is so much change and it'll just then financially it's a disaster for this country if we act on. the health issues are just you know people are getting killed after the health issues everything is just
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me d.q. to see dick and it's ridiculous ok well you mentioned the police there have been allegations of the police using excessive force against protesters in woods. hill. new road in particular that we've had problems with the police the police stood by and let private security come out on to the public and bashed. aggressive behavior and tactics actually. i mean mark. there is no fracking sayen. there's no welfare all there is is an empty field and that field has now been. seized all the way round cameras everywhere and the injunction. even contest or try to find out what this injunction is about you will be liable for costs and if you read the wording on it it's.
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winnowing discovered the truth about this in junk. that this is what was happening i asked to see a copy of i had to provide my id my name and address too in your suits lawyers they sent me a seventeen hundred page document legally. and at the same time they put me down as the name defendant on the injunction just for asking to see the injunction now we have a right in this country to make sure that we put ourselves on the right side of the law in this case you need to understand what that injunction mean if you will a newspaper eventually persuaded any australis one doorkeeper that said there's a real risk for the protesters that's why they shouldn't be able to protest fracking. i'm afraid from the company. to protect themselves from these. chemical company and in the end let's face
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it what does this company want to do with scarce and all this misery that it wants to bring on the british people it wants to turn into plastics. there's only learns the size of texas. and. how brave this is all over i think is stunned by the fact that despite you pre. free allowing yourselves into downing street jail allow the letter to go forward you don't allow the frightened of all over of the. oh i think it's wonderful the t. cell response to such a young age for what everybody should be responsible for because. it's a killer but i want to say i'm so proud of just my son joel he's my son and both activists and speciality and without a head i just think you know the protesters have been the most important of course
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thank god we've got all these people protesting eighty percent of the country don't want to give police. machineguns not allowing you three and to deliver a letter what would you say to activists who want to protest. given there's an injunction and they make themselves liable for prison i mean the injunction hearing three day hearing is happening next week in the high cool we are seeking to remove it and to have its running out by the judge we think it's fundamentally wrong in little. country big human rights to protest. and there's lots of problematic issues with these two persons on they might as well have addressed it to the. you know. comfort in this we will fight this for the people who would say it's will fight this fight and we're not going to have this this monstrous industry unleashed on to the british people this scene here from woods is the community coming together this is going to be
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repeated believes the village they're not going to be scared of white family. any also going to lose this but. we don't want the spread we don't need we want renewable energy we want a future for our children. not armageddon with fossil fuel no i mean if it was right ok over revealing just tell you that all of the thanks so much it means i read a bit of your letter talking about it i'm not letting it is safe and this is the second leg oliver sent its release in may and he says i wrote on the eighteenth of january two thousand and seventeen and you did not write fact actually i feel disappointed because a lecture i got from felt like a letter you would give to any person asking a question about fracking you did not say i could come and see you fracking will bring that a value of houses down number one and then you close on the plan it will turn into
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saturn like that she said gas plan that is in k. . and it's made me think that. tracking costello. will go into the top more than repopulate. the population of england will go. sorry. about the allegations made in this interview and they replied. twice he supports people's right to peacefully protest and it's important to make clear our injunctions do not prevent this however when become unlawful we have to do all we can to ensure the safety of everyone on and around all sides including the
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protesters themselves blocking traffic including emergency vehicles is dangerous place resources placing is dangerous in these circumstances i'm responsible to see these injunctions and we are pleased that the courts a great. announces on this program a new parliamentary group to tackle one of. two hundred years to the day. venezuela the country now with a lot of oil in the world.
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you may know it's this and that i'm not to run denzel. but. i'm just. yeah he was on the show for. something to the most part of the a lot of the behind of. the she just accounts he didn't need the militia. killed in a moment to get his beef be done of this done so be this not be but i mean. look
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you. get to live it up with. how does it feel to be a sheriff the greatest job in the world it's as close to being a king as any job there is one business model helps to run a prison now we do this do or don't like i said nobody over the place and i don't no one comes anymore we don't have to serve them anymore it's cost effective that's what they want to do that as long as they don't give a damn if. there are actually paying us to put it back into. the louisiana incarceration rate is twice as high as the u.s.n. breach what secrets is behind such success. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the sixty's full on. the only
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show i go out of my way to talk to you know what it is that really packs them. better than. to see. the world bank. i. play games independents moves into the government and seize direct control also the us senate pressure is twisted to disclose messages and they can by wiki leaks the social network is set to testify in congress on alleged russian meddling in the u.s. election. bribery racketeering and.


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