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tv   Headline News  RT  October 28, 2017 10:01pm-10:30pm EDT

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if teatime stronger than sarah when. you want to start a life from our moscow studio with me to do it welcome to the program catalonia is deposed president says madrid's decision to sack the regional government goes against the expressed will of the people that came in his first statement since the spanish prime minister put his deputy in charge of the government a regional election has been shy jule for late december when trade to seize control as catalan leaders finally proclaimed outright independence today in parliament the parliament of our country a legitimate parliament to come largely expected step and largely for force there. citizens of california there comes a time when it is up to all of us to maintain the pulse of our country our peace our civic duty and dignity as we have always done and always will without any doubt
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was it was i was with. was was. was there but here we decided to sack the president vice president and all the high ranking officials of the council on government was it was it was was it was rallies in support of the country's unity continue through saturday
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hundreds gathered in one of the trade squares holding up and holding national flags sell at the same time in catalonia a pro independent syndicate is calling for a ten day general strike starting on monday all teams shall have to penske has been following a bounce in the cuts one capital at the spanish government in madrid says it is now taking full control of catalonia it says it has dismissed the catalonian government as well as high ranking officials and the president called us to push him out it also says it has dismissed some senior police officers including the chief of the police force in catalonia the most squatter who is already under investigation for sedition you know in addition to that these pronouncements by the government to matric just. hours after the catalan parliament actually voted for independence and declared independence to catalonia a republic here now i was in a crowd of pro independence
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a pool just surrounded the parliament and the national guard suggested they were up to twelve thousand people there and it was like a sea of people they screamed in delight yes yes yes or c c c in catalan and spanish when they heard that result we speak to some people this is what they told us they are guarding our liberty or freedom we are just so angry we feel like a country we feel like we are representing our our government we need to be free. what our population wants i think. people are specifically. clear that we are a nation. when people is trying to explain their opinions and someone is trying to punish that and trying to use the violence to stop that. is all about human
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being i feel kind of scared well spain says that the powers of catalonia will not be exercised by this punish vice president but the pro independence supporters i've spoken to here in barcelona say they will not recognize the authority of spain as far as they're concerned they have no seceded from spain and this is an independent republic indeed that is something that remains to be said because madrid says that within the legal framework of the spanish constitution its ability to take control of what it sees as being a spanish region is illegal and it is very likely that if this goes to the courts the courts will side with the spanish government on this one so in just less than a day since catalonia declared independence it's not yet clear whether they will. be able to retain that independence tool and to stand that some of the pro independence lobby are actually trying to draft a document which they hoping to release within forty eight hours which will show how they plan to secede from spain but it's not clear if they will be able to
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implement that what is clear though is that this crisis is everything and this remains a highly divisive issue in the society we discuss the crisis with the political commentator and also a former castle and payne and they have very different views on what's happened what they are trying to do is to demolish our regional ago remember institutions. and take control of or. social movements the problem right now is the nationalist movement the independent movement is living in about a war in another war because they have of their people in the radio and they want to keep remain in a spain you can say that these are democratic to to to loosen the voice of the people and what we have been trying to do hearing about one year is always not
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really like if you let all your years. to. the point is that you the one people be expressed. their opinion what we've been trying to do two years ago is to find the possibility for a couple in society to express this was on the first before over the business and did these movements and until this terrible time where it is not a question of how do you know which crimes democracy and right now the story but this is not a question of companies and business what you have in madrid this is a question of democracy and you should listen what people have got on people. little one for the future the international is going to give erica. right now despite he's going. to restore their constitution. in the region.
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of the garden and they want to keep their rights they want to keep it remain. it's very grim of you are just saying that you want to save fifty percent of people in society you should care about one hundred percent of problems without it getting violent or hitting the headlines today has been the broader reaction from around the world has been overwhelming support from the g eight and warnings about similar independence movements in the european union and it's to see it looks at who is and who isn't backing a united spain. there is plenty of reaction coming in given these major developments happening in catalonia albeit with very few surprises we have heard from the president of the european council donald tusk who has said that nothing changes and that the e.u. will continue to speak directly with madrid we've seen reaction from germany of
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course the german government said they do not recognize this unilateral declaration of independence we've heard from of course the french president also showing his support in full support to the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy here in the u.k. of course also plenty of reaction we've heard from downing street saying the does not and will not recognize the unilateral declaration of independence because this vote the referendum on october first was deemed illegal by spanish courts that was a reaction from to recent but from scotland's nicholas sturgeon we have seen a reaction of seeing the people of catalonia should have the ability to determine their own future so supporting what has happened in catalonia given scotland's own sort of plight when it comes to this issue we've heard from the u.s. as well the u.s. state department has. they support keeping strong and united spain together also similarly from nato so as all of these reactions are continuing to come in it's important to really remember that despite the fact that political leaders
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throughout the european union have consistently said they don't want catalonia to break away from spain to really keep the european union intact the pro independence movement in catalonia has repeatedly said that despite the fact that they want to leave spain they don't necessarily want to leave the european union whereas throughout the year we've heard them say that if catalonia doesn't fact leave spain they're going to have to essentially get at the back of the line to get back into the european union is independence polity m.e.p. david coben he believes the push for independence stems from a loss of power to brussels by a new book from chatting with president young i spoke with a couple of weeks ago. the european union have no intention of interfering in spanish affairs internal affairs i think they've now got the idea with the problems i was taking part in spain that maybe it's true good ideas here actually keep each of internal sales of the various countries because it's just
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a farce to many other countries in europe who have problems with the central administration spain doesn't govern themselves anymore is governed by the european union decisions a little bit me to drink they're made but maybe the city is the european union has brought this to a head it's not just being sick bring problems with the boss see the simple look. at the flood walls in belgium and various parts of europe where people want to secede. because people don't want to be ruled by faceless bureaucracy in brussels they want to make their own decisions locally and then the national government as well as of the richest well the richer parts of spades to there that's why they're feeling very upset you know watching r.t. international on kosovo. keeping a close eye on spain as the events there continue to unfold.
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a senior u.s. senator wants twitter to disclose account details relating to wiki leaks and its founder julian assange including direct message conversations dianne feinstein she made her demands in a letter to twitter's founder and c.e.o. jack dorsey and as it turns out it's a pretty big list let's have a look at what some of the demands are for one she wants to know whether twitter has identified the accounts linked to alleged russian meddling in the u.s. presidents election and also its methods for doing so and of course r.t. gets a mention to our twitter accounts are also under suspicion as for wiki leaks the letter provides a list of some of the cards linked to it apparently the senator thinks their message history could prove vital to the investigation here's more from caleb more than. feinstein the u.s. senator from california is requesting that the direct messages on twitter sent by
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wiki leaks be turned over and given to the congress for their investigation you know they're asking for the direct messages of wiki leaks the direct messages of julian a songe as well as the direct messages of the hacker known as good for to who is reported to have been the person who turned over the e-mails of the democratic national committee to to wiki leaks now it's important to note that dianne feinstein who's requesting these direct messages on behalf of congress that she is certainly no fan of julian aside and this is what she said about julian assange in the past well mr sun just one of my most unfavorite people in the world and i believe he's done a great discredit to this nation now dianne feinstein is not the only figure within the us political establishment who has voiced opposition and hatred for julian assad and many figures within the u.s. government many senators congressmen leaders of the military have spoken of julian
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a songe accused him of being a russian agent called for prosecution of julian assange called for wiki leaks to be shut down this is a widespread sentiment in washington d.c. i mean he's a tool of russian intelligence and if he's such a you know martyr of free speech why doesn't wiki leaks ever publish anything coming out of russia you should be treated as an enemy combatant we should be closed down permanently indecisively wiki leaks walks like a hostile intelligence service and talks like a hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like russia ignorance or misplaced idealism is no longer an acceptable excuse for lionizing these demons songes a narcissist who has created nothing of value here lies on the dirty work of others to make himself famous he is a fraud a coward hiding behind a screen disguise a traitor a treasonous and i'm not for the death penalty so if i'm not for the death penalty i want to do it. illegally shoot the son of a as we know on november first the owners of twitter will be testifying before the
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u.s. congress and this is all part of the investigation of alleged russian meddling in the us presidential elections in twenty sixteen and now we see this additional requests to being given to twitter just a few days before they're set to testify so one wonders is any new information going to be determined from these direct messages or is this the government of the united states in particular the congressional committee putting additional pressure on twitter in the lead up to their testimony investigative ginnis day and the sentence requested is an attack on freedom of speech there is no indication that wiki leaks is a tool of russia wiki leaks has been major source for american journalism and british journalism for a long time but no feinstein's trying to imply that we cue leaks is somehow in league with this alleged russian effort to swing the election in the united states
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in two thousand and sixteen even if you took the worst case scenario and you said that russia was behind an effort to get people's perspectives about one candidate or the another in the election that is not a crime so to me and that is private communications on twitter when there isn't any criminality being even alleged is over the top and a terrible threat to first amendment rights in the united states. to explain chance of somali capital to sing and he's eighteen people were killed and wounded in a suicide car bombing just minutes after the first another bomb went off in a busy neighborhood up there with a story that is according to police a suicide vest was also a testament to the. islamic extremist group that. says it is behind the attacks authorities have exchanged fire with gunmen from a group who stormed a nearby hotel and this comes just two weeks after the deadliest explosion in the
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country's history which killed more than three hundred fifty people. going. around britain plaques found on buildings do often represent a place of historic interest but now some are pinpointing locations where shady undercover policing has taken place the project was launched at a book shop in london by a group of campaign is. such. they say they're opposed to police surveillance because of reported cases of abuse carried out by officers working undercover they want complaints to be fully gated and victims to receive support they're also encouraging people to come forward if they've been affected. britain's spine cops operated officially from nine hundred fifty nine until two thousand and eight officers infiltrated different groups from
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trade unionists to environmentalists some even deceived a number of women into entering relationships with them to win their trust while working undercover. london's metropolitan police apologized and paid compensation for their offices wrongdoing but the activists fear such practices still continue and want more transparency what they haven't got yet is any information at all not one single scrap of detail about why these people were targeting them why they had their life simple trade to this extent and why they found themselves sometimes in an intimate relationship with somebody who was being paid to spy on them the reason i feel the forty's so to spoil the list in general is because they consider the list for. portably. against national security we don't actually know whether they are still live for treating him but if they continue to do that and of course there is no digital spy
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the. just the digital spy dish to eavesdrop being the big data stuff so david you may say that they maybe don't need it anymore but i do seem to still doing. a billionaire pharmaceutical company founder faces serious challenges in the u.s. over claims that powerful medicines were being mis prescribed to be sales john is charged with bribery racketeering and fraud for his alleged role in persuading doctors to hand out an opioid painkiller called subsists. the medicine is seen as a breakthrough in treating cancer pain decide for patients in the advanced stages of the disease but like any strong medicine there are risks it comes with warnings
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that can cause addiction of fatal heart conditions all react badly without the medicine in extreme cases an overdose can be fatal. the pain killers that main component is called fentanyl and it's up to one hundred times stronger than morphine not only that it's also ten times deadlier that heroin according to the new hampshire police forensic lab just three milligrams is enough for a lethal dose to use properly it undoubtedly released pain for many cancer patients over one former company employee decided to blow the whistle after it was given to people who didn't need it i knew there was something going on there i started doing some research i realized that i wasn't there to help people that i was actually hurting people medical workers have leaked similar stories in the past but it's rare that those implicated are at the very top of major drug companies john cuppers lawyer however says his client vigorously denies any involvement former white house
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spokesperson bob wiener believes that such abuse is widespread in the industry. this is vast it is a vast conspiracy in each company the same as the tobacco lobby did for so many years and got away with it it's not a matter of regulations it's a matter of and force mint and the lack of will for enforcement they have let these companies and the doctors who illegally prescribe the drugs that are supposed to be just for severe cancer and they get everybody else addicted it's not even just a matter of the the suffering because some of the addicted people like getting high it's a matter of it's illegal and dangerous what they're doing and yes there isn't for cement. the friend president's visit to the embassies region of french guiana in south america has been met by violent protests demonstrators hold petrol bombs at police who responded with tear gas five arrests were made and two offices injured
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there's discontent among the territories two hundred fifty four thousand residents over neglect of the health care and school systems on twitter emanuel micron explained he was not father christmas by comment sparking anger with some french politicians we spoke to the editor in chief of the purple magazine about micron's latest phone paul. is very sure of himself in a bit of good to show that recently we are saying that he's not some good calls that people who are poor and have problems but he did it also always from its recently using words that i wouldn't use on the news you know but that he falls or the french left or right it's not a matter of politics considering as out of control we now after several cases like that the government of course should not give away public money without really looking at what they do it was right in saying of course that there's a lot of money's being spent and we are not that i'll real problems but it's not
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a recent to to show his exasperate not to show his northern the fact that people come by with their own problems so in this case now it's small for the unpleasantness of seeing the elite. talk talking count in a condescending way to to the people. to italy now a twenty fans of the football club have been rounded up by police after they posted stickers that says stadium locking and frank the girl who became a symbol of jewish suffering during the second world war. the italian club last year has been in the headlines since last sunday following a match with roma scandal broke out when anti semitic imagery was found at the stadium the next day controversial stickers depicted a victim and frank dressed in a roma jersey janitors also discovered the insignias and graffiti of an ultra right
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let's see oh fun group infamous for being nasty sympathizers. the football club itself has been trying to clear its name ever since the news broke first for the last year the president paid a visit to a local synagogue he also promised to send the ultralight fans to visit the site of the country's concentration camp nor york you feel free to visit when i go to. you are not old enough if you're still just short and it will go to your new. border but i'll be out on a golf you but his gesture was marred by an unfortunate gaffe although some members of the jewish community appreciated the move it seems not all but convinced as the grief brought by the latter your boss to all of the holocaust victims was reportedly found floating in the river tiber hours later as for the latino ultras they didn't seem to understand what the fuss was about. it was a joke it's not a crime to harangue an adversary fan accusing him of belonging to another religion . let's try to get the idea across by using the imagery of anne frank on the team's
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training t. shirt and reading out passages from the diary of the holocaust victim before matches but the ultras found a way to wreck the team's reputation once again. police now say they'll consider stricter punishment if more incidents like this take place in the future. from the provincial city of western russia showing the world of rock and pop that when you want to look great there's only one thing you need russian made mikes within a cotton of a half the story. from coldplay to radio had to shine mandas you can see this retro style microphone and old there are videos that if you know that the mikes they see are all handcrafted and the russian says you have to look two hundred kilometers from moscow by
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a company founded by two friends the war. company before the creation of this company i worked for a large western company and i liked it but i always dreamt about something else something more interesting and i wanted to work for myself pyle got his break back in two thousand and thirteen when he met david brown from the group brazzaville will organize his concert here into work it was the first one i organized and on the way to the gig we had a long conversation with discounts at the u.s. and russia that both countries have a lot to offer each other we thought it would be really exciting to combine these two worlds to get something cool out of it this is how so use microform was born i personally feel that there's a new job there and i think the potential is that because there are certain skill sets and certain resources available there that are fantastic business that they share today makes five trips of microphone and sells them around the world title
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says their biggest market is the u.s. but it hasn't all been plain the same problem when you cross the line we have problems at almost every turn the most difficult task was sexually get the business off the ground how to sell it to investors to future customers how to prove that it is an interesting product we were looking to investment funds but no one wanted to finance our idea step by step we let the world know about us well and so our microphones to different music producers and they like them they now employed twelve close family friends and when radio had a recording engineer placed an order cattle deliver it himself. nigel godrich from radio have to. our microphones i had an open you keep these so i put them in my hand luggage very carefully and went to the airport nigel was very pleased indeed it was my first sale and it still remains my dearest title sas he doesn't want to move on the contrary he wants to develop his hometown and make it
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world famous yourself you know. i'm from toula i was born here i want money from the u.s. to come here and not elsewhere like moscow or st petersburg i want the economy of this region to grow and i'm happy that i can be a part of it my jinnah question r t two last. roundup of the news this hour you can keep up to date with any developments by following us on twitter. that's called loyalty programs and coming up next i'll be back at the top of the hour with the headlines. a fight for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion
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from the fans it's the age of the super money kill the narrowness and spend the two to twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else going to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy great so what chance for. a nice minute. when i'll go. they. may know is there something i'm not to. then szell the our city. betty be theo i live in the us you know sellable created by the.


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