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tv   News  RT  November 7, 2017 1:00am-1:29am EST

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this is r t headlining now revelations of global offshore tax avoidance by the super rich become a gold mine for the mainstream media which chooses to root out russian links is the big story. in south korea on the second stop of his tour of asia inside the diplomacy he's also drumming up business for the u.s. arms industry amid high tension on the korean peninsula. when he completes the purchase of lots of additional military equipment from the united states. and russia marks one hundred years since the socialist revolution which fundamentally changed not only the country but the entire world are special coverage looks at the dramatic events of one thousand nine hundred seventy.
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life worldwide tuesday the seventh of november my name calling bray and this is r.t. internationally if you've ever had a big tax bill prepared to see red there are plenty of excuses and embarrassment swirling among some of the world's wealthiest people and companies right now in the wake of the leaking of a massive trove of financial files the paradise papers have exposed where the richest are hiding their money and swerving around the tax system.
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from popstars to big tech the reach is far and wide but it's about more than the money for the mainstream media who've been scanning the files to get a political scoop another member of the trump white house is now under scrutiny for his ties to russia there ought to be hearings and if he fails to provide a convincing and compelling explanation he ought to resign it probably won't surprise you that a lot of news outlets have been searching out some key woods among the millions of paradise papers filed to link name and shame businesses to potential russian interference done holkins looks at how they've been trying to put the pieces together. it's one of the biggest leaks of private documents in the world revealing the financial dealings of the super wealthy and powerful four royal families to global corporations but for most media the focus has been east putin's cronies
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kremlin meddling team trump's ties to putin's family all the elements to grab the reader's attention so let's break it down meet wilbur ross u.s. commerce secretary and investor now he has interests in a shipping company called navigator and one of that company's clients is russian energy for c war now two of the shareholders there are fish alley and u.s. sanctions with another claim to be putin's son in law and those alleged ties to the russian president and his family could create a conflict of interest for ross now the commerce secretary himself left navigator's board back in twenty fourteen having joined it two years before that he's adamant he's done nothing wrong well i think the media has made a lot more out of the than the deserves i had nothing to do with the negotiation of the deal i don't know any of those individuals and never met them now it's important to note siebel as
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a company is not subject to sanctions and it's been left pretty buffel by the reaction cyberwar itself was not there in saying sion is earnings and so there's nothing wrong with the fact that it happens to be a russian company does not mean that there is any evil in it sieber expresses it surprised at the politically charged interpretation in certain media publications of regular could push an activity over many years which from the outset were reflected in the company's published accounts now if all this sounds complicated and confusing it's meant to be off. dealings through third parties often aim to avoid regulation and taxes but that's not the main thing find a connection any connection to russia and you have a catchy headline now if you're still with me the evidence of russian influence
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goes even further from these airlines one might think the kremlin all but owns these social media giants but again let's take a closer look to banks controlled by the kremlin provide the cash to third parties or investment vehicles to buy stakes in some of the world's biggest companies russian tech investor you remailer is a key link in these operations and also invested in cards that's a start up founded by donald trump's son in law surely there's a smoking gun on russian meddling but here's what the protagonists in this conspiracy have to say themselves we announced via an august twenty first that d.s.t. global lead a round of investments in twitter they have since divested their interest from twitter in me twenty four toon it is worth noting that as a passive investor d.s.t. themselves had no voting rights or board seat the investment was made eight years
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ago and d.s.t. global has since sold all of their holdings in facebook their stake ended five years ago when we went public this to global davis the disposition in facebook in twenty thirteen and into it in twenty fourteen shortly after each of those companies initial public offerings and will be for the twenty sixteen us elections and if russians apparently influence your social media do they also control your music taste and your holiday bookings d.s.d. global funds have invested in including air b. in beast but if i j did that come as a lander and. offshore financial market nations are seen by many as morally questionable at best this doesn't stop the wealthy and influential from engaging in them but money has the final say business is business unless you have any link to russia then it's political. and organs there while the sensational revelations made enough of a noise for the u.s. democrats to call for an inquiry into wilbur ross his business dealings british
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economist keith boy field told us he believes the mainstream media would draw their own conclusions no matter what's revealed. newspapers and media outlets are trying to blow this story out of proportion for their own ends they get very anxious about the what they discern to be connections with. russia and they are keen i suspect to jump to certain conclusions they've kind of made their own conclusions before any of these revelations so-called revelations came out about the paradise papers. or trumpeters in south korea on the second stop of his asia tour his first of course was japan and while there he boosted u.s. military spending in support of his strategy against north korea he asked congress in washington for an extra four billion dollars for missile defense in hansoms to
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counter the north korean threat and another billion to support his plans for the wider region he also stressed the need to quote detect defeat and defend against the country's use of ballistic missiles against the united states r.t.s. america has more on top. after meeting with trump the japanese prime minister said it was time to apply maximum pressure on north korea suggesting that intercepting pyongyang's missiles was possible through coordination to which trump responded that if tokyo purchase arms from the us they'd be capable of shooting him down he will shoot him out of the sky when he completes the purchase of lots of additional military equipment from the united states he will easily shoot them out of the sky why because north korea is apparently in dangerous states most importantly were working to counter the dangerous aggressions of the regime in north korea. the regime continued development of its unlawful weapons programs including
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its illegal nuclear tests and outrageous launches of ballistic missiles directly over japanese territory are a threat to the civilized world at international peace and stability. we will not stand for that the era of strategic patience is over while this is expected to be a major theme on his sweeping asia tour and it all sounds too familiar in essence almost identical to what he said throughout his middle east if it really is the here and we will be sure to help our saudi friends to get a good deal from our great american defense companies this past summer trump signed the largest arms deal with history saudi arabia worth one hundred ten billion dollars but who's the enemy in this scenario for decades around has fueled the fires of sectarian conflict and terror threatening the region and causing so much
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of by alliance all nations of kant's must work together to isolate if there is a growing realization among your arab neighbors that they have common cause with you and the threat. posed by iran and it is indeed a threat there's no question about that so the solution sounds fairly simple by u.s. weapons and the world would be a better place i would love to be able to get along with everybody right now the world is a mess but i think by the time we finish i think it's going to be a lot better place to live but selling weapons as diplomatic outreach has been an age old tradition of u.s. presidents the question is doesn't it just add fuel to the fire. samir khan marketing washington d.c. . adding to that some of the experts and activists we've been speaking to in the past twenty four hours think that trump's moves are more about military profits than securing peace in the pacific. well it seems to be done with trump's idea of
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how to bring peace to make sure that everybody buys their weapons from me nineteen states of america. it's good if you can get the business i mean we should remember first lady there is now a big build up in the pacific which is very serious there's massive rearmament going on and a missile shield in south korea so yeah i think this is the part with saying it's not it's not one which is promoting peace this is the time when the world needs to say no we don't want more weapons being poured into this area the trumpet ministration is trying to take all measures necessary at its end to be able to protect it so we should view this not from a strategic deterrent spur spec serve and more from war fighting for specter of feeling is not serious often and for washington but the fact of the matter is that there is fair possibility that the united states might wish to initiate if force strikes on north korea sometime within the next six to eight months i don't see any
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reason why congress will not support the president's request for funds with regard to as a ship of civic strategy. it's november the seventh and for russia that marks the one hundredth anniversary revolution led to the creation of the u.s.s.r. and forever changed. now you may be wondering why we're talking about what you know possibly as the october revolution in november it's because soviet russia adopted a new calendar after the bolsheviks took power on the twenty fifth of october at nine hundred seventeen which is november the seventh according to the gregorian calendar which is now used in most of the world here's how events unfolded on that fateful day. it's october one thousand nine hundred seventeen and russia is fast
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approaching one of the most radical turning points in its history the country had been turned upside down by the february revolution and exhausted by the first world war the whole country floundered in a cold and of anarchy enormous russia bearing the new world rived in pain zonday calista second living in exile in siberia with his family following his abdication seven months ago the provisional government occupying the russian monex main residency the winter palace moderately liberal and aiming to create a new constitution then their friend a meese the petrograd soviet group formed of workers and soldiers the two institutions are supposed to share power but in reality are competing for it and that's where the bolsheviks and vladimir lenin come in. it must be explained to the masses that the soviet of workers' deputies is the only possible form of revolutionary government place power in the hands of the proletariat and the poor
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a structure of the peasantry the bolsheviks promises essentially boiled down to this power to the soviets peace to nations lands of peasants and bread to the hungry it took them just two days to come to power on october twenty fourth and twenty fifth they swiftly seized post offices key railway stations the state bank the port and other strategic locations across the city at a quarter to ten pm a blank shot fired from cruise aurora signaling the start of the storming of the winter palace by two am on the twenty sixth of october the revolutionaries occupied it and arrested the provisional government the new bolshevik government was formed with lenin at the helm. the revolution affected everyone in the country the youngest children depicted them in their drawings at the time here the events
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through their eyes. in the evening when i was doing my ham like we had shots later i learned that with the revolution. we slapped fully dressed my father and another man were on duty with revolvers. one of the time we had little bread but now it's even last.
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i here's where you come in you can get fully immersed in all this we've got a unique online project reconstructing this critical moment in russian history if you follow the hash tag nine hundred seventeen live on twitter you can witness the events as they unfolded and if you pay a visit to nine hundred seventeen dot r.t. dot com you can experience the revolution in pioneering three sixty degree video. of. some of the ideology that inspired the russian revolution seems to be gaining
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ground in the minds of many young people in the west caught up open reports from new york. when asked about what kind of country they would prefer to live in forty four percent of millennial said that they would prefer socialism calmly forty two percent favored capitalism in the united states where free market ideology practically grows on trees it's certainly mind boggling to see socialism be more popular than capitalism among the youth so why is it that millennial zur leaning away from capitalism it might just be used thing from like economic dissatisfaction in the wake of the financial crisis and people are just demonizing bank a lot of young people just don't really think that capitalists thinking is not great i don't disagree with them this early but like it's you know i don't know if there's like greed and all that sort of stuff associated with it so yeah i mean ism socialism capitalism or fascism isn't socialism so why do you think millenniums favor socialism. because they want everything paid for. they want their college
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paid for they want everything paid for they want to they want the government to help them furthermore one out of four americans said that they consider che guevara the latin american guerrilla fighter to be a hero while more than ten percent said that they consider marx lenin stalin nicolas maduro and kim jong un to be heroes we spoke to new yorkers about the ideologies that defined the twentieth century it's something that a that a twenty year old would say it's if it's a very fashionable response it's not grounded in reality at all these are interesting characters they don't only confuse the war is going crazy so it's hard to tell whether american young people feel betrayed by the current system that it's working against them or whether they just feel like it's time for a change regardless the trend is here seems like what american politicians have fought so hard against is back open r.t. new york. and all collection looted during the second world war is buying back for the public to see finally one of the details about after the break.
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same wrong. just don't. get to say power. and in. the trail.
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find themselves worlds apart. to look for common ground. welcome back the world is finally able to view a collection of works hoarded by one of hitler's art dealers during the nazi era of paintings by artists like monet renoir says on road being shown for the first time since the second world war as part of exhibitions in switzerland and germany.
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twenty ten the son of the art dealer was investigated by tax authorities when part of his father's collection was discovered in a house is that he had a son who died in twenty fourteen left most of the artworks to a swiss museum the rest of the collection is caught up in a legal battle between the museum and the family shot to do reports from exhibition in the swiss capital but. their discovery stunned the art world for almost eighty s. around fifteen hundred paintings some vices and more ne casso and with hundreds of millions of viewers with thought to have been lost to the world instead it emerged in two thousand and thirteen that they think hoarded by cooley himself was found pennies to the pound from those fled to nazi germany's for many families it became a sort of departure tax they sold their most precious possessions in order to be
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able to leave the country some one the finest switzerland. an ancient tribe in the heart of brazil's amazon rain. they live in the heartland of the amazon rain forest that territories in the north of brazil near the frontiers of french guyana but in august the brazilian president
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michel tan i get permission from mining in the four point six million hectares ecological zone why ampere determined to preserve their way of life. no one this mining on our land we would never want it we're here this nature is ours. in the forest you can find a lot of medicine to cure it when it says it is because of this that we want our forests to stay as it is and for us to live peacefully on our land without the forests the way up the indians wouldn't be able to live well after pressure by campaigners the president retreated on his old a reinstated the protected status of the rain forest the country's environment minister backed the move saying they would greater exercise greater responsibility in the region despite that tribal rights campaigner sheriff fears that pressure on indigenous people there will only grow. we are seeing. indigenous territories being invaded and stolen left right and center as more and
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more of the amazon rain forest and other forest areas in fact in brazil are destroyed the pressure on indigenous territories is intensifying because often these are the only places where valuable hard words for example still remain because the indigenous peoples have been looking after them so well so it is absolutely unacceptable for the brazilian government to try to open up these territories for further invasions when we are already seeing the hugely disastrous impacts of illegal invasions in these territories a matter of morality and of up holding national and international law that these people's lands be protected for their own good and for the good of of all humanity in terms of. protecting these incredibly biodiverse areas. sure day for this hour we're online twenty four seven for the latest news as it
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happens while you're there don't forget to look up the hash tag nine hundred seventeen live follow the russian revolution as it happened a century ago in real time. and this is an audience. with lawmakers manufacture consent instant of public wealth. when the ruling classes to protect themselves. with the flame and larry go around to lift certainly the one percent told. us to ignore middle of the room signals. to lose the real news is. the world.
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about your sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself in taking your last wrong turn. your attitude up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry for me i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each other. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was again still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one quite different i speak tonight. yes there are no other takers. challenge that
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mainstream media has met its maker. six world. lead. i'm lindsey francis broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. coming up it's an unprecedented string of round ups in the rescued saudi arabia business leaders and members of the royal family are taken into custody the government says it's to stop corruption will oil bre-x.
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prices hit a two year high as investors look on with worry and how effective are our antitrust laws they're supposed to keep big business from gaining a monopoly in preventing competition my guess weighs in on how effective they are against media giants and the relatively new business data and the paradise paper's conservative t.v. and radio host steve malzberg joins we take a look at the damage and leak it details the money hidden in offshore accounts by big names we look at the political fallout which is sure to come. through bastar right. ties with united states fourth largest goods trading partner saying quote we want fair and open trade but right now our trade with japan is not fair and it's not open and quote he's referring to u.s. trade deficits with japan of sixty eight point nine billion dollars in two thousand and sixteen with a total of one hundred ninety five point five billion dollars in goods traded
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between the two last year the top item on this visit you guessed it is to solidify support for thwarting the nuclear threats from north korea.


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