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tv   News  RT  November 8, 2017 12:00am-12:31am EST

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full of systemic deficiencies russia slams an investigation into a chemical attack in syria accusing it of bias against the assad government. underestimated. and. try a tour of asia move to china after a stop warning to north korea. and dozens of royal figures and ministers are detained in saudi arabia and what riyadh holes in the corruption push of the u.s. president though surprising some by expressing his support of the.
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just twenty eight o'clock here on wednesday morning in moscow thanks for joining us on r.t. international we have your latest world headlines. russia has slammed a joint report by the un and a chemical watchdog on a deadly sarin gas attack in syria in april saying it is full of systemic deficiencies moscow warns that if nothing changes the work of the joint investigative mechanism will turn into an. tool will be used. we believe that the joint investigative mechanism which isn't trusted with such high responsibility cannot go on working in the same way without a comprehensive change it will become a tool for settling political accounts with the syrian authorities. well the report issued two weeks ago concluded assad's government was behind the attack which left over eight hundred dead russia has voiced their concerns over the work of the joint
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investigative mechanism saying that because samples were obtained from parties it's unclear how they were transported or who even collected them in the first place. reports the russian ambassador spoke to the meeting of the un security council and he was less than enthusiastic about the report he pointed out to many problems with the report in many aspects of the way the investigation was done relying on third parties as being rather on satisfactory. the investigators carried out their work remotely the report is full of omissions and consistencies and discrepancies a very mediocre quality there is a question as to the samples collected by third parties and whether they are from syria toll it is unclear how the syrian was transported and used also a visit to sharon to air base would be crucial to prove it's there and was there and to find out who was responsible for the attack in other words it was the gym's
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task to find this out well immediately after hearing the report from the o.p.c. w. we heard from nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the united nations now when she spoke she praised the joint investigative mechanism or the gem of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons the o.p.c. w for their report and then she went on to urge the council to pass a new resolution prolonging their work investigating chemical weapons in syria she said that she was open to working with russia and china on drafting a new resolution to prolong the investigation and the o.p.c. w jim jim report not only identifies those behind the chemical attack it also explains how it reached its conclusion it makes note of any irregularities it found in the information obtained from the investigation. many developments are in the works there's talk of a new resolution russia and china working together with the united states to draft a new resolution but as of yet it's not clear what's next for the o.p.c.
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w or the joint investigative mechanism as they continue their work in syria. russian military experts said that the attack could not have been carried out by a syrian jet as none were within range also aerial bomb fragments were found the russian explosive experts argue that the chemical attack was likely improvised and that a bomb had been placed on a pavement now despite russia's concerns the west was quick to point the finger at damascus alleging it carried out the attack even before the u.n. o.p.c. report's conclusions and we spoke to investigative journalist rick stirling who says the report does have major flaws. they've got a very shaky conclusion and even that report indicates that a number of various irregularities is definitely an understatement so i had to report it sick knowledge that there were fifty seven victims transported to five
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different hospitals before the attack even happened. so how do you have a victim of an attack the floor it happens they acknowledge in the report that they cannot confirm that there were a syrian chair over a country it couldn't at the time of the incident which nobody you know showing syrian jets the syrian air force says they were not quite shake the and they were another town and actually that u.s. radar tracking converts that syrian jet fighters past no closer than five kilometers from conseco so in addition to that any investigation an essential component of it is looking at motive who has a motive for a chemical weapons incident in syria obviously it's the opposition and the syrian government has every motive to prevent or never to have that happen. saudi arabia has detained dozens of royal figures and the ministers and what it calls an
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anti corruption push. these arrests do not represent the start but the completion of phase one of our anti-corruption push eleven of princes four ministers and many ex ministers were detained by the saudi anti corruption body the us president has expressed approval for the controversial move despite the fact that one of his former business partners was reportedly among those detained. jacqueline further explains. riyadh's ritz carlton became the impromptu site and luxurious prison for some of saudi arabia's most wealthy and powerful over the weekend it was a serious fall from grace for those runners up including princes ministers and business people who had to make do with sleeping on the floor in the five star hotel. it's all part of an unprecedented anti-corruption purge decreed by the king and put into motion by thirty two year old prince mohammad the sweeping arrests are thought
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to be the young saudi heirs gamble to stamp out political rivals and clear his way to power and on that way he is ready to shatter decades of royal traditions by breaking saudi arabia's addiction to oil we will not allow our country ever to be at the mercy of commodity price volatility or external markets we have developed a case of oil addiction in saudi arabia and his rise to power principal home it has also forged a close relationship with the trump administration. so it perhaps came as no surprise when trump gave his backing to the so-called corruption purge on twitter i have great confidence in king solomon and the crown prince of saudi arabia the new exactly what they're doing some of those they're harshly treated have been milking the country for years. so who exactly is as donald trump claims milking saudi arabia dry one person is sixty two year old
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prince all what we'd been told all an internationally known businessman holding shares in several u.s. companies like apple twitter citi group and time warner funding early enough trump himself has ties to bin talal who reportedly helped bail out the tycoon turned president twice in the ninety's but their relationship seemingly fell apart in two thousand and fifteen you are a disgrace not only to the g.o.p. but to all america withdraw from the us presidential race as you will never. do prince. wants to control our us politicians with daddy's money when i get elected apparently that doesn't always apply to saudis pouring money into america trump is now pleading for the gulf states national oil company to float its shares on the new york stock exchange so while term criticizes those arrested for milking saudi arabia it would seem the u.s. president has nothing against milking riyadh's coffers to fill washington's will
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nato is backing up donald trump's recent promise to a boost america's military presence in afghanistan by sending three thousand troops to the war torn country daniel hawkins picks up the story. it's groundhog day for afghanistan an official announcement confirms another troop surge in the war torn country and while previous increases have involved american troops this time it's a combined nato job we have decided to increase the number of troops we will not go back in combat operations the current level this around thirteen thousand the new level would be around sixteen thousand a role train a system of the wise advise reassure assist boosting security notas usual russian oil for sending troops across the globe a variation on its european deployments designed to reinforce the fences in the face of russian aggression europe is close to a more assertive russia we are implementing the biggest force them to and click to
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the fans responded in the proportionate measured way by increasing our military persons in the eastern part of the alliance a few hundred troops here a thousand there with nato expanding its troop numbers across europe eastern borders every little helps now u.s. troops often make up the bulk of these missions but aside from the obvious places american soldiers can be found even further afield such as africa from jew booty to egypt there are over six thousand combat equipped troops in eleven different countries across the continent and if you didn't know the full extent of those the problem and don't even top us politicians sometimes seem to lose track of where exactly their soldiers are at any given moment but i didn't know there was a thousand troops in niger you heard senator graham there he didn't know we had a thousand troops in the air did you know i did not nato was a stablished for something entirely different however its mission has changed they
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solve the think that nato members saw that it's all mission basically had become obsolete and that they had. undertake something else and another approach if they want to remain relevant in the world and as we saw earlier when nato had had more troops in afghanistan they stayed predominantly in safe areas even though some some of the nato members particular from germany were killed that's going to be the political. decision. with the hope of trying to show a a us a picture of unity of nato forces. working on the afghan problem when in fact just working on troops per se as i said earlier is not necessarily going to be an effective remedy and harnessing security and stability sounds like a good mission and also an irrefutable justification for increasing military
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influence around the globe. it's been three years since the genocide of the yazidi a kodesh religious minority in syria and iraq and the u.n. has now acknowledged the genocide is ongoing auntie's party boy who investigates. these were the images that shocked the well david three years ago thousands of easy days trapped on mountain jar in northern iraq. to even. the media told the harrowing stories of the use e.d.s. persecution at the hands of jihadists they show i shot them and then they cut the heads over mood over the room make people trying to jump on board the crowd on board the helicopter burst into tears the united nations has called i sells attempt
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to wipe out the religious minority group genocide the genocide is i'm going and remains largely unaddressed despite the obligation of space party to the convention on the prevention and punishment of the crime of. an aside of nine for eight to prevent and to punish the crime three years old the public's attention has shifted elsewhere but the z.t. struggle continues the genocide is still ongoing our people have been suffering in camps for over two years i solicit all holding every three thousand years of the people in our area has been completely destroyed now the community cannot return home we want the international community to support us in rebuilding our area and returning our people in two thousand and fourteen for reader abbas was a child living in a year in northern iraq well i so attacked they murdered her father and her brothers and they took her and the rest of the women as prisoners. living under
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eisel captivity was terrible they separated mothers and children young girls and killed the man i tried to escape twice to talk to each attempts the courts me and beats me the third time i succeeded and fled to the main highway i went to the first house i saw around people there helped me but the minority group wants their cause back in the international eye and for more action to be taken we haven't seen much from international. interest to meet their villages. along. with the caliphate of terror in syria and iraq on the verge of collapse the end of its brutal reign could pose new challenges for the region but the biggest concern for this minority group is that with no international attention or protection will anyone even notice if they just become a collateral footnote in
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a victory over i sell poly boyko r.t. london. quarter past the hour here in moscow no trump. no war but what's the message to the american president from protesters in seoul ahead of his speech to the south korean national assembly in his address trump described north korea as a quote hell that no one deserves while also issuing a stock warning to its leader. when i say to the north do not underestimate us and do not try this we will defend our common security our shared prosperity and our sacred liberty. meanwhile russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov commented that the war of words will only lead to anything good and the next leg of president trumps ajor trip is china a much anticipated visit us american reports as donald trump arrives in china on
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his five nation asia tour that's now the chinese president's turn to roll out the red carpet just six months ago the chinese leader came to washington and the two hit it off bonding over chocolate cake but trump couldn't help but be a bit fiat's recalled during the dinner topping the magnificent dessert with a show of washington's military might we had the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you've ever seen and president she was enjoying it so what happens is i said we've just launched fifty nine missiles heading to iraq and what were you headed to syria yes heading toward syria trump loves his weapons so much he thinks they're the solution to every problem and when the threat is as serious as north korea all the other countries in the region must be armed to the teeth and prepared to respond well that's the idea he's been trying to sell on his asia trip so far in both japan and south korea japan is going to be purchasing massive amounts of
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military equipment as he should south korea will be ordering billions of dollars of that equipment we make the best military equipment by far we make the greatest military equipment in the world the f. thirty five fighter which is the greatest in the world the greatest in the world missiles of many different kinds whether it's planes whether it's missiles we make the best the greatest military equipment by far in the world be purchasing it from the united states. thank you very much. now trump is counting on the chinese president to back him up as he puts pressure on pyongyang president where we will leave tomorrow china has been very helpful well for. i doubt how helpful soon but he really has been very very helpful well it's often said that diplomacy is merely seduction in another guys so the question is will trump's efforts to seduce the chinese leader carry over and will he be able
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to strike a sweet deal for the u.s. said mayor hahn r t washington d.c. . to discuss a trump visit with china i'm joined now by a victor garber an international relations expert thanks for joining us here on the program today the last time they met donald trump and thank you using ping well they seem to get on quite well that last visit some were saying it was a success what are your assessments for this visit. i think the summit meeting between president xi jinping of china and president of the united states of florida april was a success it stabilized the relations between the two countries and also pave the way for more improvement in the bilateral relations of course there are many challenges between the two countries including the trade imbalance and many other issues however we sincerely hope that president donald trump's visit which will start very soon to beijing will be crowned with success and present present on
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trump we have a good chance to talk about all the differences and make a joint effort to make sure that china u.s. relations become more stabilized a more constructive in the days and weeks or months or years to come now of course it was our last visit april in florida as you were saying that her trump and the jingping enjoyed some amazing chocolate cake after which though volleyed about fifty odd tomahawk missiles into syria given his recent remarks very hot remarks around north korea could we expect something similar this time a lovely piece of chocolate cake and suddenly a very direct move in foreign policy. i think president obama trump is. very controversial president but i think from the chinese perspective we need to deal with the presidency of the united states very seriously so whatever rhetorics or other things which are present on the tram may result to china need to stand on
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its own principle and do the right thing as far as the situation on the d.p. r. k. korean peninsula is concerned i think peace will be absolutely the prerequisite and we do not want to see anyone resorting to war or believe to a confrontation because that will be not only destabilizing that may even lead to a calamity in the world therefore i think and i believe the chinese leaders will also talk to president obama trying to do the right thing that is to avoid war and stand firm for peace you've got you've got various world leaders who have all been saying the only way to deal with north korea is through peaceful dialogue or donald trump apparently standing very much alone and isolated saying fire and fury don't have star so you don't know us we can destroy you all of this very very fiery rhetoric it wasn't that long ago that china actually said if america were to strike
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our regional neighbor pyongyang china would stop the u. s. your thoughts. now i think the president on trial has been normal in recent months for using very inflammatory rhetoric about d p r k and i personally believe these rather rick's very threatening in nature threatening war warmongering for example is not helpful at all it's not constructive and i don't think china will support any military action launched by the united states against d p r k and i think china is doing the right thing calling for peace calling for negotiation calling for diplomacy and calling on all the parties concerned including the united states to work for peace. and fight against a war war is not going to work the korean peninsula war will result in calamities hundreds of thousands of people me lose their lives and we want to stand very
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for peace and i think china's doing the right thing and we all need to do the right thing in the war on the korean peninsula donald trump during his asia tour talking about democracy freedom human rights the united states being beacon of light and prosperity at the very same time to shoot weapons arms deals to japan and south korea is that the way you forward peace in that part of the world. i think ever since president. need to know why allows the united states has been selling huge amount of military weapons to many countries in different parts of the world at this time again and south korea and possibly to other countries or regions in this part of the world that we believe this is not trucked of this is not helpful and i think really to promote peace and stability selling more weapons probably will only enrich the arms dealers in the united states rather than the
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people in these countries in our part of the world therefore i think we need to call on the united states and call our president on the tram to do that right thing scaled down the sails a weapon to other countries really to the concrete thing to work for peace selling more weapons may actually make whatever military confrontational which may happen even more bloody causing more loss of life and that's the wrong thing to do at this very particular moment when peace as at stake on the korean peninsula writer victor gao international relations expert joining us live here on r.t. international today many thanks for your time and thank you for your insight thank you very much thank you you thank. it is r t international the russian football team are set to play a friendly game with argentina twenty fourteen world cup finalists already in moscow preparing for this game other team conducted
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a training session at the new spot tax stadium which will host matches for the upcoming fifo world cup one of the players that's grabbed the most media attention is the argentinian captain messi the game between russia and argentina will take place at the newly rebuilt luzhniki stadium. football fans prepare for the upcoming fifa world cup r.t.s. launched a new program hosted by former england striker stan collymore it's in the latest episode he interviews former english football star michael owen is a quick preview and do stay tuned with r.t. this friday for the full show. i just had this what i thought was normal this
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view going into games and i wasn't intentional i just thought i never looked at you know is the he left is he slower than the other one i was faster than anything i was going to score no matter what. i don't even think. i'm just a shoe it's just an older guy i always score goals so i will school. just you know just play me and i'm you know i was just a bowl of excitement really i had no favorites all i had no idea apart from the were playing knowledge and saying no idea about that play is any strengths weaknesses and i just went into the guy probably as well as anybody in the in the say in terms of no no i'm playing against.
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the full program here at national this friday trying not to miss it we are back in about half an hour with more of your wednesday well to things.
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in terms of foreign policy donald trump has already earned the title the low expectations president this title is now being put to the test during his tour of asia because the u.s. is status quo power in the asia pacific region. challenging china. i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch put a funnel school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each of killian erroneous and spending two hundred twenty million album fly a. book it's an experience like nothing else on a because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy a great so well paul chimes for. and thinks this minute.
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i'm counting on humanitarian aid on the one hand and. on hearing and then ringing around. planning. before. you knew just remove one of the names for a. is. it a. little slow entering don't always were burning before the old church in you is
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a little. bit here without world version you know. very. little ability to flirt with an exploding very. focused. since. this concept of burning trash and war is not new it is all this war itself the difference here was that this war was lasting for a decade and included tens of thousands of troops and personnel to support the invasion of iraq and the war in afghanistan. where they were alleged rash and these huge open air heads. they burned everything creating this black plume of smoke that had been just bursting are settling over is small the word of five cities. and you had people living in
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barracks right next to this clune people working right next to it and now working with it with no protection whatsoever. for receiving more blast to the fire and we're going to have to make it instigate this way is a catastrophe in the making. at the start of the war in afghanistan the military commanders on the ground realized that they had a big problem with the trash that was accumulating from the war each soldier was accumulating approximately nine pounds of trash a day on the battlefield they didn't know what to do with it so they came up with the idea through centcom which is central command decided to create and burn.


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