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tv   News  RT  November 8, 2017 6:00am-6:30am EST

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yes. full of systemic deficiencies russia slams an investigation into a chemical attack in syria accusing it of bias against the assad government. dozens of royal figures and ministers are detained in saudi arabia in riyadh called phase one of its anticorruption push. do not underestimate. and do not try donald trump sends a stark warning to north korea during his asia told which now sees him in china where he hopes to get beijing to take a firm a stance with pyongyang. and russia's investigative committee rejects the conclusions of the mclaren reports on alleged russian state sponsored dirty saying
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there is no proof that athletes violated doping rules on that. very warm welcome you're watching r.t. international broadcasting to you live from the russian capital and a carrot russia has slammed the joint report by the un and a chemical watchdog on a deadly sarin gas attack in syria in april saying it is full of systemic deficiencies mosco warns that if nothing changes the work of the joint investigative can mechanism will turn into an anti asong tool. just wish you the work of existing international structures reveals systematic deficiencies as regards the syrian chemical weapons report the results of the investigation of incidents involving the use of poison the substances are deeply disappointing. the
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report issued two weeks ago concluded a song from government was behind the attack which left over eighty dead it also stated that the sarin gas used can be traced to government stockpile of the mandate of the joint investigative mechanism will expire in a week now both russia and the us are calling for its extension but all different terms are to more pain explains russian ambassador spoke to the meeting of the un security council and he was less than enthusiastic about the report he pointed out to many problems with the report in many aspects of the way the investigation was done relying on third parties as being rather on satisfactory. investigators carried out their work remotely the report is full of admissions inconsistency isn't discrepancies of very mediocre quality there's a question as the samples collected by the parties and whether they're from syria
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it is unclear how the sarin was transported and using also a visit to iraq would be crucial to proof of sarin was and define who's responsible for that in other words he was the jimmy sask to find this out well immediately after hearing the report from the o.p.c. w. we heard from nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the united nations now when she spoke she praised the joint investigative mechanism or the gem of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons the o.p.c. w for their report and then she went on to urge the council to pass a new resolution prolonging their work investigating chemical weapons in syria the gym's report not only identifies those behi. the chemical attack it also explains how it reached its conclusion it makes note of any irregularities it found in the information obtained from the investigation many in the works others talk of a new resolution russia and china working together with the united states to draft
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a new resolution but as of yet it's not clear what's next for the o.p c.w. or the joint investigative mechanism as they continue their work in syria the head of the joint investigative mechanism said that even if experts had visited the site of the attack it would have changed nothing in their findings and conclusions he also says that the body takes great care to ensure its methodology is technically sound however earlier russian military experts presented their own conclusions saying that the attack could not have been carried out by a syrian jets as non were within range also no aerial bomb fragments were found russian explosives experts nodded that the chemical attack was likely improvised under the bomb had been placed on the pavement. despite russia's concerns the west was quick to point the finger at damascus alleging its carried out the attack long
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before both the report and its conclusions we spoke to investigative journalist who says the report has major flaws. they got a very shaky conclusion and even that report indicates that a number of various irregularities that is definitely an understatement side the report yet signal which that there were fifty seven victims transported to five different hospitals before the attack even happened. so how do you have a victim of an attack the floor it happens they acknowledge in the report that they cannot confirm that there were a syrian chair over a country it couldn't at the time of the incident if nobody you know showing syrian jets the syrian air force says they were not going to take you and they were apparently another town and actually that u.s. radar tracking confirms that that this syrian jet fighter serviceman has no closer to five kilometers from conficker so in addition to that any investigation an
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essential component of it is looking at motive who has a motive for a chemical weapons incident in syria obviously it's the opposition and the syrian government has every motive to prevent or never to have that happen. saudi arabia has detained dozens of loyal seconds and ministers and what it calls phase one phase and to corruption push. these arrests do not represent the start but the completion of phase one of our anti-corruption push eleven princes four ministers and many ex ministers were detained by the saudi anticorruption but one day the u.s. president has expressed approval for the controversial move despite the fact that one of his four look business partners was reportedly among those detained as aunties jacqueline explains reasons ritz carlton became the impromptu site and luxurious prison for some of saudi arabia's most wealthy and powerful over the
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weekend it was a serious fall from grace for those rounded up including princes ministers and business people who had to make do with sleeping on the floor in the five star hotel. gamble to stamp out political rivals and clear his way to power and on that way he is ready to shatter decades of royal traditions by breaking saudi arabia's addiction to oil . have great confidence in king salmon and the crown prince of saudi arabia they know exactly what they are doing. some of those they are harshly treating have been milking that country for years so who exactly is as donald trump claims milking saudi arabia dry all who reportedly helped bail out the tycoon turned president twice in the ninety's but the relationship seemingly fell apart in two thousand and fifteen you are a disgrace not only to the g.o.p. but to all america withdraw from the us presidential race as you will never win
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don't be prince our will lead to lower ones to control us politicians with daddy's money can do it when i get elected apparently about doesn't always apply to saudis pouring money into america trump is now pleading for the gulf states national oil company to float its shares on the new york stock exchange so while term criticizes those arrested for milking saudi arabia it would seem the us president has nothing against milking riyadh's coffers to fill washington's. no trump no war that was the message to the american president from protests within so ahead of his speech to the south korean national assembly in his address tried describes north korea as a hell that no one does while also issuing a stark warning to its leader. when i say to the north do not underestimate. and do not try. we will defend our common security our shared prosperity and our sacred liberty.
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and president trump has now landed in china for the next much anticipated leg of his trip and the visit has already proved fruitful it's been reported that the u.s. and china have signed some twenty trade deals worth nine billion dollars so american looks back at trump and she's previous meeting. as donald trump arrives in china on its five nation asia tour it's now the chinese president's turn to roll out the red carpet just six months ago the chinese leader came to washington and the two hit it off bonding over chocolate cake but trump. couldn't help but be a bit theatrical during the dinner topping the magnificent dessert with a show of washington's military might we had the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you've ever seen and president she was enjoying it so what happens is i said we've just launched fifty nine missiles heading to iraq and what were you headed to syria yes heading toward syria trump loves his weapons so much he thinks
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they're the solution to every problem and when the threat is as serious as north korea all the other countries in the region must be armed to the teeth and prepared to respond well that's the idea he's been trying to sell on his asia trip so far in both japan and south korea prime minister. ban is going to be purchasing massive amounts of military equipment as he should south korea will be ordering billions of dollars of that weapon we make the best military equipment by far we make the greatest military equipment in the world the f. thirty five fighter which is the greatest in the world the greatest in the world missiles of many different kinds whether it's planes whether it's missiles we make the best the greatest military equipment by far the world purchasing it from the united states. now trump is counting on the chinese president to back him up as he puts pressure
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on pyongyang where we would leave tomorrow china has been very helpful we'll find out how helpful so on but he really has been very very helpful well it's often said that diplomacy is merely seduction in another guys so the question is will trump's efforts to seduce the chinese leader carry over and will he be able to strike a sweet deal for the u.s. some marathon party washington d.c. . international relations expert richter gal says china needs to take trump seriously president or not trump is. very controversial president part i think from the chinese perspective we need to deal with the presidency of the united states very seriously so whatever rhetorics or other things which president obama trump may resolve to china need to stand firm on its own principle and do the right thing president on trial has been normal in recent months for using very
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inflammatory rhetoric d p r k and i personally believe rather rigs very threatening in nature threatening war warmongering for example is not helpful at all ever since president donald trump need to know why allows the united states has been selling huge amount of military weapons to many countries in different parts of the world selling more weapons this may actually make whatever military confrontation which may happen even more bloody causing more loss of lives and that's the wrong thing to do at this very particular moment when peace at stake. part is going on the ground has spoken to willem dafoe the spar star of a new movie called the florida project which the critics have called a deeply moving and unforgettable poignant look at childhood here's a quick preview.
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you know having long should be a basic right these people don't have that. they struggle and that's the world that we're talking about and this might be the only second week of the summer when there's already been a dead fish in the pool. water become stronger tourists. others above their money you. can there's something joyous about its portrait of childhood but at the same time always in the shadow you see the adults who are struggling and you recognize if these kids don't have different opportunities and if they continue to grow up this way though and. facing the same challenges sister parents. russia has lashed out at water and rejected claims of space. that story and more coming up
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after the break stay with us. here's what people have been saying about rejecting the night with the sixtieth full on. the only show i go out of my way to watch you know a lot of the really packed a punch at least yap is the john oliver of a party america is doing the same we are apparently better than nothing that says i see people you never heard of love right back to the night the president of the world bank will hate you because you're right it seems like you sent us an email. saying wrong well we just don't. get to shape our. just to. add to. that in detroit equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. welcome back nato has backed up donald trump's recent promise to boost america's military presence in afghanistan by sending three thousand troops to the war ravaged country artist daniel hawkins picks up the story. it's groundhog day for afghanistan an official announcement confirms another troop surge in the war torn country and while previous increases have involved american troops this time it's a combined nato job we have decided to increase the number of troops we will not go
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back in combat operations the current level this around thirteen thousand. the new level would be around sixteen thousand a role training a system of the wise advise reassure assist boosting security notas usual russian oil for sending troops across the globe a variation on its european deployments designed to reinforce the fences in the face of russian aggression europe is close to a more assertive russia we are implementing the biggest reinforcement to unclick to the fans responded in the proportionate measured way by increasing our military persons in the eastern part of the alliance a few hundred troops here a thousand there with nato expanding its troop numbers across europe see eastern borders every little helps now u.s. troops often make up the bulk of these missions but aside from the obvious places american soldiers can be found even further afield such as africa from jew booty to
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egypt there are over six thousand combat equipped troops in eleven different countries across the continent and if you didn't know the full extent of those the problem and don't even top us politicians sometimes seem to lose track of where exactly their soldiers are at any given moment but i didn't know there was a thousand troops in niger you heard senator graham there he didn't know we had a thousand troops in e.j. or did you know i did not nato was a stablished for something entirely different however its mission has changed they solve the think the nato members saw that it's all mission basically had become obsolete and that they had. undertake something else another approach if they want to remain relevant in the world and as we saw earlier when nato had more troops in afghanistan they stayed predominantly in safe areas even though some
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some of the nato members particular from germany were killed that's going to be the political. decision. with the hope of trying to show a. picture of unity of nato forces. working on the afghan problem when in fact just working our troops per se as i said earlier is not necessarily going to be any effective remedy enhancing security and stability sounds like a good mission and also an irrefutable justification for increasing military influence around the globe. russia's investigative committee has rejected claims of a russian state sponsored doping program is that the well done today thing agency has provided no proof of the allegations made in a report by canadian lawyer richard mclaren well it is my gas you have joins me now live with the details right what exactly has the committee said. well they carried
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out a huge exhaustive investigation during which they questioned more than seven hundred athletes as well as their coaches various medical personnel on the allegations made in the mclaren report and the first allegation that they rejected was that urine samples duping samples of athletes were tampered with were changed or switched they said the mclaren report said that due to the a normal as consistency of these make up of these doping samples that you know there's evidence that they were tampered with by way of pouring in mixing them with distilled water and salt which makes it much more difficult to detect. to detect various you know banned substances in these probes the russians said that you know if you go out and have a little carry out to study well you can name many samples as anonymous it all depends on how hard and i've actually trained and they're physiological characteristics and then mineral exchange rate as well as what they drank and how
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much they drank so that doesn't fly the second allegation that they rejected was that these urine sample bottles were in some way tampered with that back in march there was a study an investigation that found that these very specific urine sample bottles made by a swiss company marketed as tamper proof because it's very difficult to open them and close them without leaving any evidence behind doors the russians say it's impossible to do so without leaving any trace or damaging the integrity or destroying the integrity of the bottle the third allegation that they rejected was that of a systematic state sponsored massive doping program and well the evidence that they presented here is that there is no evidence that mclaren report to me merely sides . of the disc raced ahead of the former head of the russian and he duping agency and on that theme and that topic the seven hundred athletes we mentioned
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that we questioned some of them said that they bought performance enhancing drugs from roger nichols he claimed to have a channel from the united states from where from where he brought in the performance of non-singing drugs and he claimed the two athletes he said that they were undetectable and entirely legal the these were banned substances at the end of the day when the athletes went and submitted their doping samples they came back as positive and on the topic of grigori ruction and off the prosecutors investigators here in russia looking at the mclaren report have come into the possession of a. phone call during which we called off as the current head of the russian id duping agency money a bribe in return for a database of athletes duping results. was concluded that watching who is now in the u.s.
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and works with professor mclaren telephoned a former side to her and asked her to sell him the database of russian athletes test results the former saddam had told russian investigators about this and now the committee has records of their conversations. earlier this month two russian athletes skiers were banned for life from participating in the olympics ju ju ju two allegations that the used performance illegal performance enhancing drugs now there are some questions being asked because the investigation is still ongoing yet athletes are already being banned for life. thanks for the update downs r.t. is more advanced than. it was a day of general strike in council lonia where pro independence activists have blocked main roads and stopped commuter trains in protest over the recent jailing of regional leaders you can see live pictures from the protest in barcelona where
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people are waving cattle on the flanks madrid accuses them of rebellion and sedition and things the catalan declaration of independence illegal live pictures we're showing you now from the scene protesters have cut off one of the main motorways in the region of two row know the one that connects france and spain also pictures are marching online of hundreds of people breaking through a police cordon into two rows where a way station. i . will have to get to get in touch and share your views on the day stories by following guys on facebook and twitter i'll be back in about half an hour with the
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latest headlines during that. what politicians do. put themselves on the line. get accepted. so when you want to be president interim. or somehow want to. have to be like to be
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first to see what the before you the more people. interested in the waters of. the ship. even. if the conditional is to keep it as i live it here good for yourself and. lena really need. to be done. beyond overall global reach and we have many things in this world sounds this isn't enough for everyone and why don't some peoples of also take our things all the power just for themselves and to see other.
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islands. in minute caring and even on the menu and you. are hearing and then when the main or. many non-romantic. aren't angry. before. the.
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new testament one of the names for a home is. mostly older and don't always reverdy people in the old church and if you it's a little. bit here we know world version of it in a. little lower city player over the next forty feet. because this is such. a concept of burning trash and war is not new it is all this war itself the difference here was that this war was lasting for a decade and included hence thousands of troops and personnel to support the invasion of iraq and the war in afghanistan. where they were alleged hash and these huge open air heads. they burned everything creating this black plume of smoke that had been just bursting are settling over
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a small word of five cities. and you had people living in barracks right next to this clune people working right next to it and now working with it with no protection whatsoever. for receiving more blast to the fire and we're going to have to make it instigated this way is a catastrophe in the making. at the start of the war in afghanistan the military commanders on the ground realized that they had a big problem with the trash that was accumulating from the war each soldier was accumulating approximately nine pounds of trash a day on a battlefield they didn't know what to do with it so they came up with the idea
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through centcom which is central command decided to create burn pits to burn the trash that was being accumulated. over it is as were the military during the war collected all their waste in one central location and for the burying that they decided to burn it they burn everything they become us we think of what it takes to be back. on. moon moon. moon. why we would burn less human waste. trash. plastics medical. supplies. to name. anything that they wouldn't use anymore they would burn. at times they also had.


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