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tv   News  RT  November 8, 2017 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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full of systemic deficiencies at the u.n. security council russia slams a probe into a chemical attack in syria. these are live pictures from the pro independence rally in the capitol on capitol barcelona the region's currently paralyzed by a general strike the scene protesters blocking roads in protest over the jailing of top politicians. do not underestimate. and do not try donald trump sends a stark warning to north korea on these asia tour in china where he's pushing beijing to take a tougher stance against pyongyang. and russia's investigative committee rejects the conclusions of the mclaren report on alleged russian state sponsored
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doping saying that there is no proof that athletes violated doping rules on. good evening and welcome my name is the ill harvey this is our international. russia has slammed a joint report by the un and a chemical watchdog on the deadly sarin gas attack in syria in april saying that it is full of systemic deficiencies the country's deputy envoy to the u.n. addressed moscow's concerns to the security council. but macabre through sure does the work of exists in international structures to school reveal systemic deficiencies as regards to syrian chemical weapons reports the results of their investigation of incidents involving the use of poisonous substances are deeply
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disappointing the report issued two weeks ago concluded assad's government was behind the attack which left more than eighty people dead it also stated that sarin gas was that was used and that it could be traced back to government stockpiles the mandate of the investigation expires in a week but moscow and washington are calling for its extension but on different terms on the scale of more pain explains. the russian ambassador spoke to the meeting of the un security council and he was less than enthusiastic about the report he pointed out to many problems with the report in many aspects of the way the investigation was done relying on third parties as being rather on satisfactory . investigators carried out their work remotely the report is full of admissions inconsistency isn't discrepancies of very mediocre quality there's a question as the samples collected. and whether they're from syria it is unclear
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how the sarin was transported to the new visit. would be crucial to proof of sarin was and define who's responsible for that in other words it was the judy so asked to find this out well immediately after hearing the report from the o.p.c. w. we heard from nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the united nations now when she spoke she praised the joint investigative mechanism or the gem of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons the o.p.c. w for their report and then she went on to urge the council to pass a new resolution prolonging their work investigating chemical weapons in syria the gym's report not only identifies those behind the chemical attack it also explains how it reached its conclusion it makes note of any irregularities it found in the information obtained from the investigation many developments are in the works
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others talk of a new resolution russia and china working together with the united states to draft a new resolution but as of yet it's not clear what's next for the o.p.c. w or the joint investigative mechanism as they continue their work in syria. russian military experts presented their own conclusions saying that the attack could not have been carried out by syrian jets his nom were within range also they said no fragments from an aerial bombs were found. russian explosives experts maintain an improvised devices being used which should be placed on the pavement at the time of the attack the west was quick to point the finger at damascus long before any official findings were released the head of the joint investigation said even if experts had visited the site of the attack it would have changed nothing in their findings and conclusions you said that the body takes great care to ensure its methodology is technically sound that's not the view investigative journalist rick sterling says they've got
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a very shaky conclusion and even their report indicates that but also before the attack even. so how do you have a big good look at the floor. they acknowledge in the report that they cannot confirm that there were syrian chair over at the time of the incident if nobody zero showing syrian jets the syrian air force says they were not going to take you and they were apparently another count and actually the u.s. radar tracking that syrian jet fighter says there's no closer than five kilometers from conflict so in addition to that any investigation an essential component of it is looking at motive who has a motive or a chemical weapons incident in syria obviously it's the opposition and the syrian government has every motive to prevent or never to have that happen. saudi arabia has detained dozens of royal figures and ministers in what is calling
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phase one of an anti corruption push these arrests do not represent the start but the completion phase one of our anti-corruption push. eleven princes four ministers and many ex ministers were detained by the saudi and corruption body the us president expressed his approval for the call to virtual move despite the fact that one of his former business partners was reportedly among those detained with more details his artie's jacqueline for good reasons ritz carlton became the impromptu site and luxurious prison for some of saudi arabia's most wealthy and powerful over the weekend it was a serious fall from grace for those rounded up including princes ministers and business people who had to make do with sleeping on the floor in the five star hotel. it's all part of an unprecedented anti-corruption purge decreed by the king and put
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into motion by thirty two year old prince mohammad the sweeping arrests are thought to be the young saudi heirs gamble to stamp out political rivals and clear his way to power and on that way he is ready to shatter decades of royal traditions by breaking saudi arabia's addiction to oil will not follow a contrary ever to be at the mercy of commodity price volatility or external markets we have developed a case of oil addiction in saudi arabia and his rise to power principal hammad has also forged a close relationship with the trump administration. so it perhaps came as no surprise when trump gave his backing to the so-called corruption purge on twitter i have great confidence in king salmon and the crown prince of saudi arabia they know exactly what they are doing. some of those they
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are harshly treating have been milking their country for years so who exactly is as donald trump claims milking saudi arabia dry one person is sixty two year old prince all what we'd been told all an internationally known businessman holding shares in several u.s. companies like apple twitter citigroup and time warner funding early enough trump himself has ties to bin talal who reportedly helped bail out the tycoon turned president twice in the ninety's but their relationship seemingly fell apart in two thousand and fifteen you are a disgrace not only to the g.o.p. but to all america withdraw from the us presidential race as you will never win don't be prince our will lead to lower ones to control our us politicians with daddy's money can do it when i get elected apparently that doesn't always apply decide is pouring money into america trump is now pleading for the gulf states national oil company to float its shares on the new york stock exchange so while term criticizes those arrested for milking saudi arabia it would seem the us
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president has nothing against milking riyadh's coffers to fill washington's. the u.s. and north korea have traded insults again pyongyang has called trump the lunatic old man before adding washington's not fit to act as a judge of human rights that after president drugged described north korea as a. no one deserves during his stop in seoul as part of his asian tour as usual tom didn't miss a chance to stick it to north korea on twitter he released the warning video accompanied by a rather dramatic soundtrack. response of. the strong force. our spots how do you run this danger to get. you. caught up with. the.
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president trump is now in china for the next much anticipated leg of his trip for the visit has already proved fruitful it's been reported that the u.s. and china have signed some twenty trade deals worth an estimated nine billion dollars the chinese side is dubbed there may warm up though before a big a ceremony on thursday night to smear a car looks back at trump and cheese previous meeting. as donald trump arrives in china on his five nation asia tour it's now the chinese president's turn to roll out the red carpet just six months ago the chinese leader came to washington and the two hit it off bonding over chocolate cake but trump couldn't help but be a bit theatrical during the dinner topping the magnificent dessert with a show of washington's military might we had the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you've ever seen and president she was enjoying it so what happens is i
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said we've just launched fifty nine missiles heading to iraq and what were you having to syria yes heading toward syria trump loves his weapons so much he thinks they're the solution to every problem and when the threat is as serious as north korea all the other countries in the region must be armed to the teeth and prepared to respond well that's the idea he's been trying to sell on his asia trip so far in both japan and south korea prime minister the band is going to be purchasing massive amounts of military equipment as he should south korea will be ordering billions of dollars of that equipment we make the best military equipment by far we make the greatest military equipment in the world the f. thirty five fighter which is the greatest in the world the greatest in the world missiles of many different kinds whether it's planes whether it's missiles we make the best the greatest military equipment by far in the world be purchasing it from
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the united states. thank you very much. now trump is counting on the chinese president to back him up as he puts pressure on pyongyang president xi where we will be tomorrow china has been very helpful we'll find out how helpful so on but he really has been very very helpful well it's often said that diplomacy is merely seduction in another guys so the question is will trump's efforts to seduce the chinese. leader kerry over and will he be able to strike a sweet deal for the u.s. set me up high on r t washington d.c. . mark allman director of the case crisis research institute in oxford believes that the weapons trump is pushing allies the buyer bound to leave china concerned his willingness to sell and indeed his insistence that japan and south korea must buy sophisticated american anti missile technology is something that worries trial
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in particular to a lesser extent russia because of course these kind of anti missile systems based in south korea or japan might provide defense against north korea but their radars would also reach deep into the people's republic of china and be an intelligence threat to china itself so one reason why china would like to calm the issue is so that particular south korea could avoid being pushed into buying american military equipment and intelligence gathering equipment that could provide the u.s. with eyes into china itself as well as provide a kind of defense against any possible maverick north korean missile launch. russia's investigative committee has rejected claims that the country been running an elaborate state sponsored doping program that said that the world anti-doping agency had provided no proof to back the fines a very port by canadian lawyer richard mclaren artie's but i guess the of reports. well they carried out an extensive in-depth investigation involving more than seven
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hundred athletes their coaches various medical personnel and they question them about the allegations in the mclaren report and a number of them they rejected firstly they rejected the claim that some of the samples were switched and this claim was made in the mclaren report it said it said that some of them are normal or some of the samples indicating that perhaps they were mixed with salt and distilled water in order to hide banned chemical substances in these samples while the investigators stage their own experiments and they found that depending on how intensely an athlete trained what he had drunk his unique physiological exchange process as well many samples could be found as anomalous the second claim that they rejected was that themselves were tampered with were opened them manufactured by a swiss company and they're made to be incredibly difficult to open if not
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impossible to open and close without leaving any sort of mark and back in march there was an experiment that investigation which found that these a urine bottles come out damaging the integrity of the bottles themselves or even destroying them so that claim doesn't fly either the other claim that they rejected was that there was a state sponsored massive national doping program in russia investigators say the evidence that they have is that there is no evidence that mclaren report hasn't offered any of a mass duping to stem but the investigators did say that they don't deny that there may have been individual cases of athletes using banned substances but those seven hundred questioned many of them said that they did indeed buy performance enhancing drugs which. they believed to be legal from grigori chunk of he's the former head of the russian anti doping agency on whose testimony much of the mclaren report was
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was made and here's what they had to say matthew that's what caught our doping while taking the drugs i'd bought from roche and give it said the tests would always been negative if we used these drugs later he took them off me and never gave them back my athletes was disqualified for two years even though we deny using prohibited drugs later i remembered i bought some drugs from rob chink of during the testing period now i suspect the drugs he sold me were banned. of allegedly claimed that the athletes that these were illegal substances but after doping tests they were marked as positives nevertheless grigori washington himself investigators claim they have this phone call on record on tape he called the current head of the russian anti-doping agency and offered money a bribe in return for a database of all russian athletes doping results. it was concluded that
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flushing cough who is now in the u.s. and works with professor mclaren telephoned a former site i had and asked her to sell him the database of russian athletes test results the former senator had told russian investigators about this and now the committee has records of their conversations earlier this month of course to russian athletes skiers both were banned for life from competing in the olympics due to positive results in doping tests but the questions being asked here now is that if the investigation is still ongoing why athletes are already being banned for life. now university in germany has banned certain religious practices it's controversial will be the full story after the break.
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in terms of foreign policy donald trump has already earned himself the title the low expectations present this title is now being put to the test during his tour of asia because the u.s. is status quo power in the asia pacific region. challenging china.
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certain religious practices have been bound by prestigious university in germany the move was reportedly prompted by complaints about students praying too loudly in the library and using the bathrooms that to wash their feet. in a statement hamburg university's president said that certain events had raised questions as to how to deal with religion in study research in everyday life at the university thurman goes on to say that the new approach came after consultation with experts from various fields of study. the new code of conduct at the university of hamburg bans religious celebrations on site and says that any ritual should not destruct other students wearing religious symbols is permitted unless they impede communication we spoke with students at the university and they had mixed reactions. the reason a class of religious freedom is permitted i think this statement is clear for
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everyone and this shouldn't be in doubt it's basically our say that regarding the full body covering i don't really stand by it in my opinion it's a restriction for women and often it can be a question for christian is presently he personally i don't think it's problematic to wear a full covering because i think there is the other extreme example well or young student shows why too much skiing is a muslim living in germany in a christian democratic country and i think it's good that i'm able to practice my religion with the university itself says it's against any discrimination chairman of the religion is for students who are christian jewish or muslim is one part of their identity so if this is one part of their identity. to have it also in their normal life i think the right way to handle this situation is to have more a deal to talk really with those people. were there are
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misunderstandings with. speculation is rife that the u.k. minister for international development is about to get the sack after it came to light she held an official meetings with key israeli officials during a holiday if confirmed pretty would become the second cabinet minister for in just a matter of days and see if the reports from london. more scandal potentially indicating that to resubmit hasn't necessarily been keeping her house in order now the latest right rumors around westminster are that international development secretary pretty patel is potentially about to be sacked by theresa may following what has been described as a cover up scandal following revelations that she had met with israeli officials of leaders or actually held twelve meetings while being on vacation back in august as well as held two more meetings in september without appropriately disclosing this
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information to theresa may herself as well as the foreign office and the british government this has led to lots of archy's ations of rebellious behavior acting in defiance with existing process as well as calls to not just sack her but also u.k. foreign secretary boards johnson we shouldn't be applying a special. and if a particular target has to go i find it difficult to see how he can stay in those. course lives supplies above all true britain's troop deployment and i find it difficult to see how he can stare at them well of course johnson is obviously no stranger to controversy but his latest blunder came following comments that he had made involving a case of a british citizen being kept in iran that could potentially prolong the amount of time this british citizen has to stay in jail in iran lots of questions about whether or not that behavior on his part was appropriate and all of this calms as to recent may's house of cards really seems to be tumbling left and right because
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of course we have been seeing most recently the scandals and accusations and investigations looking into the potential sex sexual harassment involving cabinet ministers as well as of with independents owing to his blocking roads and stopping trains in major cities all in protest over the jailing of regional leaders druidic uses the rebellion and sedition due to the independence that the ration illegal. was. i was in schools or roads have been blocked by the protests in boston the police have clashed with demonstrators officers trying to remove them from the motor wife just as also cut off the regional route through sharon and connecting spain to france and you run the train station hundreds of protesters broke through a police cordon. i. honestly
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. i. was. and that is your right up to that thanks thing with international the latest news headlines at the top of the am. i going to let we're going to do what's.
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right. i was i was near you. in case you're new to the game this is how it works the economy is built around core. perforation washington washington. the media the media. and voters elected a businessman to run this country business because power too must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. here's what people have been saying about redacted in ny this year was actually just full on austin for the only show i go out of my way to lunch you know a lot of the really packed a punch at least yam is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are
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apparently better than blue nothings but i see people you never heard of love right back to the night i'm president of the world bank hey i'm going to write me seriously send us an e-mail. a plate for many clubs over the years so i know the guy i mean so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money kill you narrowness and spending to do the twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else on here because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game but great so what more chance with. the base it's going to take.
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greetings and salutations. for anyone paying attention to their daily diet of news consumption watchers i think it's fairly easy to see the right now there is a war taking place in newsrooms across the united states now there are many front lines to this war but at its very heart are two of journalism's biggest corruptors and greatest adversaries money and popularity. money just won another major battle with the news that the billionaire owner of local news websites d.n.a. info and new york's the gothamist of joe ricketts was shutting the doors on the new sites in a move that looks directly motivated by as journalists having the audacity the odd death yesterday to join a union in a letter ricketts announced the end of the publication saying quote d.n.a.
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info is at the end of the day business and businesses need to be economically successful if they are to endure and according to ricketts they also had better not be unionized in september he penned a blog a very subtly entitled why i'm against unions at businesses i create and when she waxes poetic leave that i believe unions promote a corrosive us against them dynamic that the strong is the spirit decor businesses need to succeed so while more and more news outlets are failing due to the whims of billionaires and not enough advertising dollars a journalist popularity and politics is winning the fight over truth and credibility thanks to social media platforms like twitter as glenn greenwald of the intercept points out that one of the least talked about ways social media is harming democracy is the way they are used by american journalists to endorse factually false claims that quickly spread and become viral and thus can never be
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adequately corrected. the quest for money and popularity are probably going to suddenly bring about the death of the first amendment long before any tyrannical government takes over which is why we are and always will be watching the hawks. if that's. what they like. because we. would raise the debt. limit so. well the watch of the hawks i am the robot interrupt and the wallis simpson.


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