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tv   News  RT  November 9, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EST

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in syria. the. iranian president warns saudi arabia that it will. look at how the middle east has become a chessboard for the. cia director. meeting with the n.s.a. . on the program. well i don't buy that mindless drivel without any factual evidence and
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that's basically what they are what their situation. and prosecutors reveal the true extent of a us navy with hundreds of. trade. secrets for money home. life from all of us here a very warm welcome to you this is. a significant day for syria as the islamic state stronghold in the country at the city of. liberated that is according to government forces of the city where syria and iraq backed militias joined forces to surround. which is situated very close to the borders of both countries.
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forces from four countries participated in this joint operation to liberate the city which saw heavy clashes over a number of days in that. daniel holkins has more on the story joining me live in the studio now there must be many people in syria right now daniel just breathing a collective sigh of relief it's a big day for syria rory a big day for the fight against islamic state this settlement was one of the last major eisel for holes in the south of syria in the euphrates valley on the border with iraq why is it significant as
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a key border crossing it will prevent the flow of weapons and fighters from iraq to syria and vice versa just two years ago rebel russell controlled more than half of the country and now it's confined to just a few desert regions villages and scattered outposts across syria and iraq now what's unusual about this operation is that it was captured by an amalgamation of different forces the russian air force was one of the key factors in this conducting major operations throughout the region in the lead up to the assault. if you look at some of the forces on the ground the syrian arab army without militias backed up by hezbollah advanced from western syria here along the border with iraq and from the south we had the popular mo. but as
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a shooting it's from coming from al qaim which was also recently liberated by their archaeology from seoul they crossed the border to support their syrian i was from the south meaning the city was fully surrounded from these regions now eisel of course is not defeated as an ideology is there remains as an inspiration to terrorists as a militant group which can launch attacks in syria and in the west but as a battlefield force as a caliphate a self-proclaimed state it is in its death throes now many people are also asking what comes next of course as in the northern parts of syria as we saw in the south there are now various forces pitted against each other the syrian army with its allies the russian with russian backing the s.d.f. an amalgamation of kurds and arabs backed by washington and they're all in the southern region. they've got different interests the syrian army has declared its intention to liberate all areas because in many areas of syria have declared
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effectively autonomy they're carrying out the elections their own local policies it's not clear also where washington's thoughts on this will happen how they will continue to support the syrian democratic forces or not there's a lot of negotiation reconciliation and compromise to happen with a lot of potential for local fighting local conflicts that break out in syria as we've seen recently in iraq for example the phase against the fighting i still may be coming to an end but that area. that's a huge. territory and yeah i would say. it looks like the almost washed up for a small doesn't mean they can't commit acts of terrorism but it doesn't mean they controlled territory anymore i think one thing that syria has in its favor is that . the eastern part of syria as a lot of syria's oil such as it is from. the for seeable future islamic state is
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one of many militant groups in that country and given that i think that the civil war will continue so i do think that assad's power of the syrian government's power is expanding throughout the country but i don't expect him to have all of the country under wraps because there are still remain you know tens of thousands of prepared to fight against the syrian army and its militia and are staying in the region between iran and saudi arabia has escalated after a missile attack near the riyadh it was carried out by who the rebels in yemen iran's president is now warning saudi arabia he did so want to wednesday that it will not achieve anything by threatening the might of iran after saudi arabia laid the blame for the missile attack on terror on. you know the might and position of the republic people more powerful than you have been able to do anything against
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the iranian people you are not strong enough to do that some concern that the ongoing and underreported proxy war between the two regional powers could turn into a direct confrontation is r.t. is what i guess the recently barely a day seems to go by without saudi arabia making headlines and it almost always boils down to its enemy iran it is a game of chess that spans an entire region on every front in every country the saudis see iran's evil influence. the huth the rebels in yemen who saudi arabia has been bombing for many years fire a rocket riyadh that the saudis could only describe as
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a rainy and aggression iran's role and its direct command of his hooty proxy in this matter constitutes a clear act of aggression the coalition's command considers this a blatant active military aggression by the iranian regime and could rise to be considered as an act of war against the kingdom of saudi arabia the saudis also ready to throw that allies under the bus to create an excuse to denigrate iran. q the lebanese prime minister holding a successful meeting with the iranians and then going to saudi arabia and out of the blue without warning declaring his resignation while launching into a tirade about evil reigning in influence plunging the region into chaos and destruction. were of iran his presence it was discord and destruction attested to
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by interference in our countries in lebanon syria iraq yemen i would like to say to iran and its followers that they will be losers in their intervention in arab if. you move wake up as it did in the past and their homes in the region will be consuls you lose a poor and gain an opening then there's the blockade of cattle. a trade embargo seven time all to me tims and warnings punishment some say for cata daring to deal with the rain ians and then there's syria the saudi sponsored rebellion is dying the hardest allies losing an aside is winning this isn't what riyadh planned we hope that and expect that during the interim period of the of the transition period that will exit because he has absolutely no
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role to play in the future is here and while syria may have unexpectedly checkmated riyadh here the saudis are ramping up attacks on iran on other fronts truly this is an international game of chess with nations and populations at stake ironic given that last year saudi arabia has highest islamic cleric banned chess saying that the game causes and miti and hatred between people and even when played on a giant geo political scale well it looks like he was right. independent political analyst pepe escobar saudi arabia has provocations come from a desire to change the narrative in that region saudi arabia is isolated in the ne in the emerging new we do least the last in syria because of the feel of the dash
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project the last in iraq i was just back from baghdad and the talk in baghdad is about not vulcanization but that about iraqi national unity they lost again with the blockade against got there they are losing the war on yemen which is horrifying we dance of thousands of civilian casualties and supported by the u.s. congress for that matter and use the american weapons and nuclear weapons and now they're trying to change the narrative they're brave in the run they're trying to ratchet up a confrontation involving lebanon which is caught in the crossfire and it still is the same old story the saudi arabia against iran and countries in the middle east states are going to be caught in the crossfire and that sort of horrific situation that is collating very very fast. in the wake of clashes and during the g. twenty this summer the german left party is now considering filing a legal complaint against the police commander who was in charge of the operation
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against protesters it claims he broke german law and allegedly permitted the use of combat weapons during the protests is our correspondent peter on a. where the g. twenty goes riots do tend to follow but the thousands of police that struggle to keep the peace this year in homburg have been accused of going too far and using a weapon that they're not allowed to. was. was was going to was this is the bit of kit in question the zed p one multi-purpose pistol during rioting that started on the sixth of july and run through till the eighth this particular weapon was used fifteen times to fire
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a rubber bullets and sixty seven times to disperse tear gas canisters the police say it's a pistol and therefore they are allowed to use it however government documents that were leaked to the press here in germany seem to show that it is classified as a combat weapon and therefore shouldn't be deployed at public events the h.k. sixty nine an h k one sixty nine are considered grenades which are classified as war weapons by the war weapons list the company that manufactures it also doesn't classify it as a pistol when contacted by r.t. humbard police doubled down on their insistence that they were well within their rights to use the m. said p. one the facts have not changed and remain a sphere low and there is a pistol in the cordons both sides are eighteen part four of security in order act
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the operation was carried out in full compliance with the existing hamburg regulations it was understood before the summit the police hadn't intended to use rubber bullets or tear gas but after rioting raged out of. troll they changed tack the decision to employ the m. said p. one has seen lawmakers from the opposition left party consider legal action against the police chief for breaching the wall weapons act this. is what you. need and he used. the we knew it when we see that. it was police. against the german. to use it. and i think that is an abuse which. repercussions from the violence seen at this year's g.
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twenty continue to rumble on long after many have forgotten what world leaders actually gathered at the g twenty to discuss in the first place. cia director mike pompei or has come under fire for meeting a former intelligence official over the alleged hack of the democratic party back in twenty sixteen u.s. intelligence community has been laying the blame for about how cold the way along on moscow. met with william binney a former national security agency official turned whistleblower binney believes the alleged hack of the democratic national committee was in fact an inside leak carried out by a d.n.c. employ you also co-author a memo straight to the president on this issue back in july for a moment let us remind you about the d.n.c. hack announced by a security or cyber security working for the d.n.c. in june twenty sixth in it was blamed on two russian linked groups the next day an
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anonymous hacker goosen two point zero claim responsibility for the attack something unconfirmed by the d.n.c. later he also took credit for a breach in july and at the end of that month we can leaks released thousands of the democratic party's e-mails my colleague neil harvey spoke to william binney who believes a hack from abroad could not have been involved. i didn't believe the intelligence agencies were telling him or the president the truth so i went through the technical data that we is the veteran intelligence professionals who have technical experience all of the technical data that we had available and could look at the analyze and from that was very clear that it was a local download because of the speeds and all i mean we've even tried to transfer data across the atlantic through the web. and see what speeds we could achieve the most we got was like twelve megabytes per second and you needed at least thirty eight megabytes just to pass the data not counting housekeeping so that meant that
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the capacity was about one fourth the one eight what would be necessary to transfer that data to somewhere in europe for example and when you spoke about wi on the lies the data is that meaning i was reading about an expert forensic case or is the person who was analyzing the data for you well he was looking at the data yes and so were about five or six other people. and i was looking at the output of that trying to assess that. just to verify and we also tried to test it in the real world not in the speculative world trying to do the transfer to make it something that would be compatible with that there was no substantive evidence anywhere if they could produce some factual evidence that we could look at and analyze find but so far they produced absolutely nothing it was back in twenty thirteen and william binney was a welcome guest on american news channels when he exposed privacy violations in the n.s.a. spying program then c.n.n. described him as a whistleblower with a dramatic story now they just call him
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a conspiracy theorist when he himself says the channel uses labels instead of actual evidence. they have a problem of course because they've been asserting this kind of. speculation of gender driven stuff for over a year now and and it would be kind of difficult to to back off that so but i mean to me it basically shows the shallow weakness of the argument when you have to throw labels at people instead of dealing with any factual evidence in fact the f.b.i. knows a lot more about this than are telling anybody so it is n.s.a. but they're not saying it either so and they're not telling that that's this is information i'm getting from other sources i don't have it substantiated but they need to come forward and say exactly what they've gotten so far they've not done that well plenty of news still coming away on the program today here on out saying the presidents of russia and america are set to get together within twenty four hours a story to the bright. lights
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of many clubs over the years so i know the gang sorry guys. always and only about what happens on the beach or the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money. spend spend be true to the twenty million album. it's an experience like nothing else want to be true so i want to share what i think from what i know about the beautiful guy like three to one more chance for. me it's going to. live live. live
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. it is already international and there are question marks over a potential meeting between president putin and his american counterpart the whole trumpet this friday in vietnam and the u.s. secretary of state denied any such meeting was on the cards right after the russian president's office confirmed the meeting details with earlier patrik journalists have been attacking pretty much anyone who can shed some light on the second meeting between donald trump and vladimir putin and a history that is how crucial it is there is no need for any additional explanation here and there you have it finally a lot of our putin's foreign policy adviser mr you were told reporters that
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the two presidents will meet on friday nov tenth here and done on vietnam at the apec summit twenty seven thing although he couldn't give the exact hour that is still something that's being decided the first time the two presidents met was at a different summit the g. twenty in hamburg and back then the talks went on three times longer than it was originally expected that was when secretary of state rice still or soon said that no one could make the leaders stop including melania trump bilateral relations were in a terrible state they still are of course but things did come out of it like the progress in the syrian cease fire and the deescalation zones will trump and putin bring up syria this time most likely yes the enormous difficulties in how washington and
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moscow are getting along with each other allegations of russian meddling sure ukraine plus north korea donald trump has been on tour around east asia so there is no doubt that the two presidents will have many things. say to each other and hear from each other i guess about the north korean crisis so we're all waiting for it to happen his story second meeting the top nominee for a main highlight of the apec summit. twenty seventeen. colossal bribery and fraud in gulf in the us navy that's according to prosecutors in the so-called leonard case who have now revealed the true extent of the shocking scandal four hundred forty personnel indicted including over sixty admirals and hundreds of offices all of them are accused of sharing secret information in return for bribes such as booze to women something that's being treated as fraud not as
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espionage the identities of the people implicated though they are being kept under wraps to avoid jeopardizing the investigation the release of such information would likely reveal sensitive details about the breadth and scope of the criminal investigation and pending cases. and explains how the terms espionage on corruption appear to have been well mixed in this inquiry. but what did they do well allegedly they were seduced by leonard francis aka fat leonard he offered them booed parties luxury hotels and cash in exchange for information about where u.s. navy ships were going in the pacific ocean he did this in order to earn contracts now fat leonard aka leonard francis is the san diego jail so giving away military information launched an inquiry into corruption now these navy officers admitted to
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giving away ship schedules and they pleaded guilty to bribery but leaking and giving up classified government information under u.s. law as it called bribery it's called espionage why is the espionage act not being applied to corrupt a navy officers christian saucer took some photos with his cell phone in a classified area of the u.s. nuclear submarine nobody paid him anything and he didn't leak them to anyone he simply lost his cell phone well he ended up getting sentenced to a year in prison now his mother thinks her son got a raw deal in two thousand and nine there was no cell phone ban on submarines at that time technology was new and didn't catch a navy hadn't caught up yet i really have no doubt in my mind that it was a twenty two year old guy that wanted to take it out of where he worked yeah we were ready to took pictures and so-called were allowed to now when it comes to whistleblowers who reveal u.s. forces killing civilians or the n.s.a.'s massive surveillance it doesn't take long for them to be charged with espionage.
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months later i started with agents. were you aware at the time were due to. so it looks like photographers without malintent and whistleblowers get hit with
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stiff penalties but if you're a good old boy in the us navy brass and you trade military secrets for sex and cash well it looks like the stiff penalty is just don't apply caleb mop and art see new york thanks for sharing your thoughts they with us here on oxy international my colleague nicky aaron taking over your thursday worldwide news headlines in about thirty one minutes. we'll willingly accepted the risk of being shot wounded taken prisoner but noone signed up to be friggin poisoned by our own people i've seen that was nuclear biological and chemical products the said do not truck tires all types of styrofoam
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all polystyrene batteries trucks there was a complete denial i think at all levels of government that there was any connection between berm pits and what these brave soldiers were suffering from to compensate every soldier marine airman and sailor that was on the ground that are complaining about illnesses from their exposure from the berm pits would really literally send a v.a. broke and. they don't want to pay it so the waiting decades a lot of those soldiers will die in charge and they will. get the bill for the b.b.c. . delayed tonight hope you. can
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manage. those who don't consume don't tell you that in talking to them taking their own stand on the person in that article going into something into what he calls a stance move on the managing don't see don't be done selling the old movies up to those old wooden ministers on this is old times out acid old.
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i am x. kaiser this is the kaiser report yes i've got a very wide grin on life race because that saudi prince we tell them it just going and yet all this wealth confiscated a sleeping on an air b.n. b. in some ritzy hotel the middle riyadh. yes max well let's talk about the latest at the time that we're recording this prince albert lead been told is under house arrest under writs arrest you might say he's at the ritz in riyadh sleeping on a mattress and he's a major shareholder of twitter citi group and fox disney all these sort of companies but the interesting thing about this is it comes only days after he had dissed bitcoin as fraud and part of the reason why he said it's fraud is that
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governments don't control it so he then goes on to provide a use case for why one would want big coing read some of the headlines here saudi crackdown.


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