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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  November 9, 2017 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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when lawmakers manufactured them sentenced to public wealth. when the ruling classes to protect themselves. when the final merry go round lifts only the one percent. during the whole middle of the room signals. the real news. would. prescribe medication is widespread on the us market and a frequent cause of death at that point in my life i just felt like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit suicide watch all who has made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effects
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. was is generally all to what i did was done on a cocktail of legal drugs. just because something's legal doesn't mean it's safe. yes i've got a very wide grin on my face because that saudi prince. we tell them it just good and now yet all is well confiscated a slave put on an air b.n. b. so tell the middle riyad. up. they all. say. yes. well this is how the.
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i. was. that. wiki leaks says that the cia wrote code to impersonate. antivirus program.
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in the putin says the united states is attempting to create problems around next year's presidential election in russia not in response to moscow's perceived meddling last year. the u.s. justice department. registers as a foreign agent before monday the chinese bank accounts could be frozen if it doesn't comply. and saudi arabia citizens out of lebanon immediately after the resignation of the saudi bank the lebanese prime minister who made his announcement from riyadh. good evening money you're watching r.t. international and we'll start this hour with breaking news because wiki leaks claims that the cia's created
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a computer program that impersonates the antivirus software of the russian company kaspersky lab let's get more details on this story now from our correspondent kelli what else is in these revelations. well at this point we have a new batch of documents from wiki leaks vault a now this new batch is known as hive and essentially it reveals the source code and development logs used in cia malware infrastructure very very interesting now at this point it is revealed that the cia had a method for actually impersonating the russian company known as kaspersky labs now just recently it was reported that in two thousand and fifteen this company kaspersky labs had stolen cyber secrets from the u.s. national security agency with with software that they had developed however they've denied any wrongdoing u.s. authorities have actually barred anyone from any any u.s.
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government officials from using kaspersky anti the antivirus products in their activities citing national security concerns but it's very interesting to look at this report now we're seeing from wiki leaks in the latest batch of documents that the cia actually had developed a method for impersonating kaspersky labs with software so quite an interesting development shows that there could be more to this story than was an initially reported a lot of questions are being raised but as of now this new batch of documents from wiki leaks has just been released and it appears that the cia did have a program drawn up in order to impersonate this russian software company intriguing development in the story that killable been bringing is rather today thank you. you know this is trying to sow divisions in russia ahead of munches presidential election this is according to putin he added that it comes as retaliation for
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moskos alleged hacking right now it's sport in the process. but. there are serious concerns that in response to a perceived meddling in the u.s. election they want to cause problems during the presidential election in russia during the olympic games are due to be held in february when it is the presidential election. there are concerns that someone is just so discontent among sports fans and the athletes that the government is somehow responsible for the violations. on the check if you can just be this you don't know if you will your much better informed on this story but i did hear that. the winter olympics coming from south korea and then shortly followed by the presidential election not an obvious connection to me what's going on well that statement actually came when putin was asked about a recent wave of doping allegations that are again being leveled at russian athletes on thursday for russian skiers who participate in the such
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a games all of their results were and all that and their medals were revoked and they were of course banned for life from the games and that's a repeat of what we saw just a week ago two other russian skiers were also accused of violating doping rules and the accusations continue to flow all centering around the idea that this was a state sponsored scheme and that's something that of course moscow has repeatedly denied including putin himself again today now the key allegations behind that the idea that this is a state sponsored scheme centers around the fact that it's alleged that the samples from the russian athletes were in fact tampered with however putin highlighted the fact that when those samples were sent off right after the olympics to a lab in switzerland no complaints were leveled at all of the time there was a bit of smiling going on there from putin and indeed from somebody in the crowd no wonder how much he was making fun of the u.s. really with the whole thing does america fit into all of this what america is in here as well because the fact is emerging putin see if this is an answer by the
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u.s. for the unproven allegations that russia. interfered in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election essentially a start of an eye for an eye reaction and that's made possible by the fact that the international olympic committee is really dependent on sponsors and those buying advertisements for the games themselves and the bulk of that cash is in fact coming from within the united states so that's all the connection there with the u.s. and couldn't also called for the anti-doping system in the world of sports to be improved in general because obviously he sees a lot of inconsistency is there ok it's interesting stuff many thanks jackie. but sport is not the only field where russia is under pressure the u.s. justice department has ordered r.t. america to register as a foreign agent in dubai on monday and broadcast the fails to do so as bank accounts will be frozen is possible i should say the controversial legislation was
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adopted more than seventy years ago that was before world war two to counter nancy propaganda in america the russian embassy in the us said in a facebook post the measures against russian media could be in breach of international freedom of press principles. pressure put on russian media shows that the us keeps moving along the path of deliberate worsening of relations between russia and america we see the latest demands as an effort to quell a source of alternative information and then an acceptable breach of international principles of the freedom of the press we call an organization which monitor the situation in the us with regard to media to react accordingly it will be interesting to see how the c.e.o. reacts we expect an appropriate assessment of the situation from the unesco goodwill ambassador for freedom of expression and journalist safety christiane amanpour. and pressure on russian media doesn't end there u.s. lawmakers are now considering a bill proposing that cable and satellite providers aren't required to carry video
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content some are linked to the kremlin providers could decide for themselves whether to show such content or not it's important to note here is the bill is yet to be approved russ's promised a similar response with some top politicians proposing a tit for tat response if the bill gets adopted journalist and writer new client believes the pressure on russian media is down to its recent success poor this is absolutely outrageous i think we could quit mcafee's of what it really is mccarthyism on steroids now and it's a signal from the escalation in this cold war launched by the us against russian media r.t. as a growing audience share in america around the world in r.t. puts a different narrative out to the war party narrative on issues like the syrian conflict for example so i think these are war mongers in the us are very angry that artie's been so successful and i think it would be wholly wrong for the head of r.t. america to actually comply with this and to and to say that he's a foreign agent or to a foreign agent to be wholly wrong what i think the response to this should be to
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carry on i also think it might be a good idea for the russians to say that if this goes ahead that from monday all american journalists who work for c.n.n. have to register as foreign agents in russia or they'll be arrested you can play this game. saudi arabia's ordered its citizens to leave lebanon immediately after the resignation of the saudi backed lebanese prime minister who was in riyadh when he made his announcement. in his speech saad hariri attacked iran and has been lawful so in conflict in arab states and you also feared being assassinated lebanon's former leader was known for close ties to the saudi government which will be rainy and backed hezbollah are of hijacking lebanon's political system comes amid rising tensions between tehran and riyadh. of this growing concern the proxy war between the two reason rivals could turn into a direct confrontation against the explains. recently barely
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a day seems to go by without saudi arabia making headlines and it almost always boils down to its arch enemy iran it is a game of chess that spans an entire region on every front in every country the saudis see iran's evil influence. the who's the rebels in yemen who saudi arabia has been bombing for many years fire a rocket at riyadh that the saudis could only describe as a rainy and aggression. iran's role and its direct command of its hooty proxy in this matter constitutes a clear act of aggression the coalition's command considers this a blatant active military aggression by the iranian regime and could rise to be
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considered as an act of war against the kingdom of saudi arabia the saudis also ready to throw that allies under the bus to create an excuse to denigrate iran. q the lebanese prime minister holding a successful meeting with the arraign eons and then going to saudi arabia and out of the balloon without warning declaring his resignation while launching into a tirade about evil reigning in influence plunging the region into chaos and destruction. were never iran is present it plans discord and destruction of interference in our countries in lebanon syria. yemen well i would like to say it was the iran and its followers that they would be losers in their. wake up because in the past and they have time from the region because. you lose
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a poor and gain an opening then there's the blockade of cattle. a trade embargo severed ties ultimatums and warnings punishment some say for cata daring to deal with the uranium and then there's syria the saudi sponsored rebellion is dying their jihad just allies are losing an asset is winning this isn't what riyadh planned i hope that and expect that during the interim period of the of the transition period said will exit because he has absolutely no role to play in the future here and while syria. may have unexpectedly chick mated riyadh here in the saudis around picking up attacks on iran on other fronts truly this is an international game of chess with nations and populations at stake
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ironic given that last year saudi arabia's highest islamic cleric banned the chess saying that the game causes and mateen and hatred between people and even when played on a giant geo political scale well it looks like he was right. political analyst but they ask about believes that saudi arabia is attempting to change the narrative in the region with its provocation saudi arabia is isolated in the me in the emerging new release they lost in syria because of the feel of the dash project they lost in iraq i was just back from by god and the talk in baghdad is about not vulcanization but that about iraqi national unity they lost again with the blockade against gaza.


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