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tv   Boom Bust  RT  November 9, 2017 1:30pm-2:01pm EST

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released and still there is no no the least hint not nor seem to vote. has happened to their children. well you know. these images. have become kind of iconic image of the sufferance is all this year in people. so it was believed does that the president trump while looking at these terrible pictures was slowly pulled their teeth or that instant air strike against the syrian air base from which supposedly the hearing planes had taken off to carry all of this is talk. well actually it was kind of a trigger didn't point in the whole story and there was absolutely
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no explanation at all i see this is a hopeless kishen one day so i spoke with one experts here in the hague and obviously he was a exeter he was not pleased with my questions and at some point he told me well don't you understand that it is all a ball the information that came alexander do you think you will hear me alexander i believe. i think alexander is lost on him at this point unfortunately just have to wrap up our interview that was always on the show representative. many thanks about when you step down.
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greetings and salutation. an important milestone has passed us this week arc watchers can you can you guess what it is like i can give you a hint it was three hundred sixty five days in the making it will be considered one of the biggest turning points and events in modern world history if you're still haven't guessed what i'm referring to so take a look at my final here. which republican candidate has the best chance of winning the general. declared bunker right now and donald trump.
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america is. america but a very very significant portion. of democracy. feels like the end of the world that your voice analysis. work and the way you're not having a terrible terrible train also you're not dead and you haven't got the help this is your life now this is our election now this is us this is our country it's red. like. yeah i'm talking about the election of one donald j. trump as president of the united states hawk watchers this week on november eighth we mark the official one year anniversary of the night u.s. citizens chose donald trump over hillary clinton jill stein and gary johnson to be the quote unquote leader of the free world and what a jam packed three hundred sixty five days it is ben we've seen political discourse
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devolve into namecalling finger pointing paranoid zina conspiracy mongering and that is just on the democratic side of the country we've seen republicans finally get the ball in their court by having not only the presidency but the congress and the supreme court in their grubby little hands and still find a way to consistently fail there based on their long time campaign promises it's been quite quite quite the year but despite all the exasperate in the broken promises the new way of looking at the ism the embarrassing twitter wars the fake news the tapper is tapping the blitzers wolfing the military industrial chest thumping the kim jong un the protests the all right temper tantrums an anti was adolescent a. we are here in the united states are well we're still standing the world hasn't ended and thankfully thankfully there are still those of us out there in the darkness watching the hawks. but you
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get the. real thing. as if you were to pull out of. what they like you know that i got. this. week so. welcome everyone to watching the harks i am i robot interest at the top of them all and so one year later we're all going to. make it we've made it you know we're i don't think the sky is falling you know at night yeah. well i think what is it with probably the most hilarious about that is every single person and they're crying and talking about how all my got to be awful for everyone is white. and the end of all this and then which you know oh i have to go and get my
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abortions you're probably not the person that has to really worry about that you're not the person who doesn't have the money or the access or is hours and hours and hours away from that in their own state so i think it's a little bit to be like it is going to be what is around the people you're going to happen to not be the one half of privileged elites complaining about another half of privileged elites it while everybody else on the bottom is like you both have kind of it's going to others over over and over again you know our choices were terrible this year heard last year but what you're tell want to ask you though what what are your thoughts now on the one year anniversary of the election like you were at the job at sunderland you know when hillary failed to come out of hiding the night yeah what are your thoughts on a year as donald trump as president. i mean i'm not surprised but i was surprised when i got elected because we all kind of knew it was is going to be
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a thin margin i wasn't entirely surprised that he got elected and i'm not entirely surprised that his agenda has not moved to smooth this smoothly we talked about it beforehand this idea of i'm going to do we have a structure that cost money i'm going to do tax breaks like we were in today that takes money and i think that is one thing where he just kind of has this idea as a businessman that you can always get cash somewhere and that's not how the business of the country works so you know it's a lot like you said to you it's this idea of within you've got everything and you still couldn't get any of your agendas through. i mean the biggest to me the biggest failure was the health care thing because it's like you know you turn to congress and say hey we've been trying to repeal obamacare for years biggest thing to write about and they didn't have a plan in place to do it or here it is if they say that's my problem so you're one of the five that just has a boilerplate plan that doesn't fit everybody and nobody wants to work on it and the other side came forward with what we got away we have a much better plan but they still even with all the power in the world they couldn't come up with it another why it's amazing to me that it seems like the
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longer the donald has been president it seems like both political sides and political discourse is pretty much just fall and to be his style of political discourse the democrats are basically just like oh oh good russia oh you don't know about me i do want to get through very quickly those we have space but we'll start with friends what they thought of donald's first year in office i mean some of the responses were pretty great mahmoud henry rogers said no world war three he has defied expectations mobley said despite all of his all of his rhetoric he's just another deep state public with puppet like all the rest. of. the actually. outstanding job mr president mainstream media looks like a job i can't let i give you room with any of them because i feel like everybody on all sides defray some people you know basis disappointed. democrats are well we'll
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get into that a little bit later but people can see this. and i still are saying i'm as another step up to the truth. keeping in mind that the challenges we face over time tend to keep the founding fathers develop mechanisms for changing the nation's constitution amendments are a two step process with either two thirds of congress or a national constitutional convention proposing one and then three fourths of the states have to ratify it as different as the nation's twenty seven ratified amendments all are some guaranteeing basic liberties and justice one outlawing alcohol one allowing it once more they all have one thing in common they were opposed to the people by a two thirds vote in congress but after an under reported vote this week in wisconsin state house we're actually one step closer to changing that after hours of debate the most constant state senate voted to make the state the tour twenty eight out of thirty four required to call for a national convention let's turn to our tease david miller for some answers on why was constant legislators felt compelled to do this is the national debt the biggest
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threat to national security with all the recent terror attacks and calls for reform the gun control the mainstream media is not reporting the major concern for many states and now add wisconsin to the lives all makers there have made was constantly each day to requests in the press to the national convention to mend the country's founding document the us constitution ronald reagan said quote it is clear that we must rely on the states to force congress to act on our balanced budget amendment fortunately our nation's founders gave us the means to him in the constitution through action of state legislatures according to the balanced budget amendment task force in two thousand and seventeen the gross national debt for our nation was one hundred seven percent of the g.d.p. and during the height of were two the national debt reached one hundred twenty two percent of the g.d.p. now after the war because the reduction of government. spending and the growing
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economy the national debt did drop to thirty six percent of the g.d.p. and one thousand nine hundred eighty eight on the b.b.c. for usa website for the last sixty years the world's richest nation borrowed money to fund the cost of this national government as the national debt has increased each year since one nine hundred fifty six william h. fruit the president polly column corporation and economic research firm claims that congress over the virus thirty years spent more each year than it has received in revenue borrowed money from foreign entities which had given them significant influence over foreign and trade policies looted all the federal trust and pension funds to pay for its deficit's also instructing the federal reserve bank to print money to pay for our government on june eleventh of two thousand and nine the economist magazine warned the world of the mounting u.s. debt on that day it stood at eleven point five trillion dollars today the seven
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point seven trillion more than according to be before us a dot org since two thousand the gross national debt has increased fourteen trillion dollars and congress will borrow at least another nine trillion from two thousand and seventeen to two thousand and twenty five in order to change the constitution process for ratification the constitution would have to be amended the convention does not have the power to him in the constitution only to propose in the memo and amendment that states across the country are now calling for and now with a president and a congress they cannot agree on anything from health care to gun reform control many are questioning whether they can agree to a balanced budget and balanced budget that many are calling a threat to national security in washington d.c. david miller r t america. who i understand why people look at the u.s. deal the magical bit and say this is a threat to national security that is the reason we should be running this but we have been a wonderful generation. well politicians of kind of kick the can down the road
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somebody had it's like you know you can't fight terrorism. without money you can put it on the obit card. over and over jerk for having student loans my credit terrible because i try to get an education the u.s. goes to war and we're like. at the same time to have i don't know if it's really. realistic or good about idea to say oh we're going to have a constitutional convention. you know change the amendment to the constitution we're going to do about it when there's no money oh it's unconstitutional that you don't have about that you haven't ballots balance the deficit. what if there's no money what if something's happening or you're going to run this like it's unconstitutional it doesn't seem a place for it and a lot of opponents have that they have the feeling that they make a really interesting point is that if they have control of the white house only because of the congress how is the whole thing why do you need
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a congressional why do you need a constitutional amendment just to do your job congress should just do its job and balance the budget that is their job they shouldn't needed to be a constitutional issue just to do it looks also remember that let's say look bill we need to so there are twenty years six more potential states that they can bring that they're going to get the two they can ask to have you know let's say that let's say all that happened right and they say yes we will have all let's also remember that then every single amendment in the constitution basically comes wide open for change so he had it isn't just oh we're just going to have this convention and talk about the one thing no no no it's going to open the door which means every far right and far left. you know what idea is going to come out in the open to be like no i want my six hours let's talk about really trust wa grandmother and i had cruz with being able to would rewrite the constitution at will essentially do we really want this cast of characters it would be written by a lobbyist i mean i am right and you know i want to just throw in one quick thing
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just to finish off two they don't respect the constitutional amendments as they are they don't respect the first amendment or the second a member or the fourth or fifth amendment as it is so why would they were respect an amendment saying hey i'm sorry budget all right and we're going to break hard watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered up facebook and twitter see our poll shows that are t.v. dot com coming up tabitha wallace gives us her report of the most controversial new books of the years she breaks down on the brazil home and then we bring you the second part of shaun stone's new interview with jenny my on her new documentary on human trafficking stay tuned to. get a very wide grip on life.


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