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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  November 9, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm EST

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he's coming from an idea i think that we have to see that we have to discuss how to improve our capacity to alleviate that suffering so many human beings. here's what people have been saying about rejecting the night is yours exactly just full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to punch you know what it is that really packs a punch to sleep yeah mr john oliver a hearty america is doing the same we are apparently better than two thousand and six and see people you never heard of love back to the night my president of the world bank paid. for me seriously you sent us an e-mail.
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wiki leaks says that the cia wrote code to impersonate russia's kaspersky lab antivirus program. that in there putin says that the united states is attempting to create problems around next year's presidential election in russia in response to moscow's perceived meddling last year. and the u.s. justice department has demanded r.t. america register as a foreign agent by monday the channel's bank accounts could be frozen if it doesn't comply. but also saudi arabia and kuwait ordered their citizens out of lebanon immediately after the resignation of the saudi plan to the lebanese prime minister.
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very good evening to you my name is neil harvey you're watching r.t. international where we start this hour with breaking news because wiki leaks is claiming that the cia's created a computer program that impersonates the software of the russian antivirus companies kaspersky loved let's get more details on this story on correspondent david morgan kaleb good to see you what else then is in these revelations. well we've got a new batch of documents from the vault eight of wiki leaks this new batch of documents that's been released showing some of the internal workings of the cia particularly in relation to software now what was released is a program called a hive and essentially this is a major component of cia infrastructure and malware and it provides a covert communications about how the cia operates and what kind of software and malware that they're using now one thing that was revealed in these in these
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documents is that a century the cia had a program to imitate kaspersky laboratory now this is a huge popular russian software company and it's recently been subject to scandal u.s. authorities have actually banned. any government agencies from using kaspersky laboratories citing concerns about national security this happened back in september and was recently reported by the wall street journal that russian hackers had stolen u.s. cyber secrets from the national security agency by using software that was developed by kaspersky laboratory this is actually what was said by elaine duke of the homeland security department of the united states they risk that the russian government by their action on its own or in collaboration with conspiracy could capitalize on access provided by kaspersky products to compromise federal information and information systems directly implicates u.s. national security. now there has been
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a response to these allegations from casper laboratory they said quote the company has never helped nor will help any government in the world with its cyber espionage or offensive efforts they made clear they had nothing to do with any hacking or stealing of information to that effect and now we see revealed in this back and batch of wiki leaks documents that the cia specifically has a program developed for the purpose of imitating this popular russian software company essentially making activities look like they're being done by kaspersky laboratory in fact there are three examples of source code that's used to build a fake certificate for antivirus software to make it look like it originated with kaspersky laboratory so quite an interesting development all these allegations have been leveled against kaspersky laboratory this very popular and very large russian software company and we now see that the cia had
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a specific program designed to make it look like activities were being done by kaspersky to imitate and leave essentially false digital fingerprints for kaspersky laboratory a very interesting development yeah absolutely and we will stick with the story a little bit more money things for now kelly more pinera new york. is a new series of wiki leaks publications on a huge traunch of leaked cia files that details the revelations in the previous. seven which reveal b. agency had its own expletive filled abilities in phones and t.v.'s and had the ability to bypassing christian on messaging springing forward british intelligence was on the show and i think safe to say most people would be trusting the cia any time soon but we shouldn't be surprised should we this is kind of what they do that a spy agency are you surprised by any of this or the scope of operations.
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not at all no i mean intelligence agencies have had this level of capability even in the analog era it was just much more targeted much more resource intensive of course with the internet it's opened up huge new opportunities for them to master the internet which is one of the phrases that came out of the snowden leaks a few years ago but in this case of course the wiki leaks cia vault seven and vault eight revelations are fascinating because they thought seven revelations last year were field that for example the cia could actually make a hacked look at it like it or come from russia under the bridge from china under marble and under many many other countries so it's actually really mucked up the whole concept of forensic hating any hack attacks that go on around the world so i suppose it was inevitable it would move on to looking at corporations that were had a gold standard of providing protection around the world for companies and also the
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american government by the way to spur ski is a highly reputable it's been operating for a couple of decades it has about four hundred million users around the world including until very recently the american government so if they're going to do that whole countries of course they're going to do it to competitive competitors her corporations around the world to get the thing i glean from all of that is if anybody you q.'s in no one else of having carried out a hack i won't believe it because you just never know how much smoke is involved in a smokescreen why would the cia choose but it's been a fascinating few months with kaspersky in the doghouse big scandal over there and now we've got the cia revealed as being able to impersonate kaspersky but why. there seems to be quite a lot of history i mean obviously the cia would be interested in a very successful russian based company that offers protection on the internet but it goes back a bit further because i think it's two thousand and ten the very first proven cyber
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warfare weapon was deployed and this was against the iranian domestic civilian nuclear development capability and this was at the time when the americans were drumming drumming up against the war against iran and there was an attack made against their civilian nuclear capability and in this case this virus which was called stop stuxnet it was deployed against the centrifuges that. richly raney him and nobody knew where it came from it seemed to be very weaponized state level and it was actually kaspersky that unveiled who had developed it and it was the americans and the israeli intelligence agencies so ever since then there's been sort of daggers drawn between these two competing sides and kaspersky has been very much in the crosshairs of both the american and the israeli intelligence agencies and so it has evolved since then where we have kaspersky saying you know we can do this we can prove that some of these hacks are not russian they're american when it
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comes to russia gates and america and the presidential elections so they needed to discredit them and i think that this new application of a virus a state level very aggressive virus that will discredit a very profound brand around the world is exactly what the americans would want and the israelis as well but also would want. fascinating insights there i think much appreciated your time former british intelligence officer is my guest thank you honey. now the united states is trying to sow divisions in russia ahead of march's presidential election that's not my view it's according to vladimir putin he added that it comes as retaliation in his opinion for moscow's alleged hacking and right now it's thought this in the crosshairs but if. there are serious concerns that in response to our perceived meddling in the u.s. election they want to cause problems during the presidential election in russia the
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olympic games are due to be held in february when is the presidential election in march there are concerns that someone wants to sow discontent among sports fans and the athletes that the government is somehow responsible for the violations. so the statement actually came when putin was asked about fresh waves of doping allegations against russian athletes on thursday for example we had the results from four russian skiers an old who participated in the sochi olympics and they were banned for life from the games and that's a repeat of exactly what we saw last week when two other russian skiers were also accused of violating doping rules now the accusations continue to flow and are all centered around the idea that this was a state sponsored scheme now something that something that moscow has of course repeatedly denied including putin himself the key allegations behind the idea that this doping was state sponsored revolve around the idea that the samples from the russian athletes were in fact tampered with however putin highlighted the fact that
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when those samples were sent off just after the sochi olympics when they were sent to a lab in switzerland they were received and no complaints were leveled at the time was that into the future just a few months following the sochi olympics acting on the instructions of the are you see we handed over all those symbols to elysium laboratory which is essentially under what is control so there were no complaints whatsoever on receiving those samples so the samples have been stored there for two or three years and only then did questions arise the voyles might have been opened or simply been doing with the samples has been scratching old biting them there so the fact that these accusations are emerging again right now isn't a coincidence in the president's is given that the presidential election is just over one hundred days away and that starts just one month after the beginning of the winter games so that's essentially sort of encouraging a really tense climate in the run up to the election ok so where does the united states come into this well putin sees this as an answer by the u.s.
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for the allegations that russia interfered in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election sort of an eye for an eye reaction and that's made possible by the fact that the i.o.c. the international olympic committee is highly dependent on sponsors and. those buying ads and of course the bulk of that cash is intact coming from the u.s. according to putin who an author ended up with calling for improvement to the anti-doping system in the sportswear or world clearly he sees a number of inconsistency as their. sports not the only field where russia is under pressure the u.s. justice department has ordered r.t. america to register as a foreign agent by monday and if the broadcaster fails to do so its bank accounts could be frozen the controversial legislation was adopted more than seventy years ago prior to world war two to counter a nazi propaganda in america the russian embassy in the us said in a facebook post the measures against russian media could be in breach of international freedom of press principles. pressure put on russian
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media shows that the us keeps moving along the path of deliberate worsening of relations between russia and america with you the latest demands as an effort to quote a source of alternative information and then an acceptable breach of international principles of the freedom of the press we call in organizations which monitor the situation in the us with regard to media to react accordingly it will be interesting to see how the c.e. reacts we expect an appropriate assessment of the situation from the unesco goodwill ambassador for freedom of expression and journalist safety christiane amanpour and pressure on russian media doesn't end there u.s. lawmakers are now considering a bill proposing that cable and satellite providers are required to carry video content somehow linked to the kremlin that means providers could decide for themselves whether to show such content or not what's important to note here is the belief yet to be approved russia has promised
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a similar response with some top politicians proposing a tit for tat answer if the bill gets adopted journalist and writer neil clark believes that the pressure on russian media is down to its recent success. sure this is absolutely outrageous i think we could quit mcafee's of what it really is mccarthyism on steroids now and it's a signal from the escalation in this cold war launched by the us against russian media r.t. as a growing audience share in america and around the world in r.t. puts a different narrative out to the war party narrative on issues like the syrian conflict for example so i think the war mongers in the us are very angry that artie's been so successful and i think it would be wholly wrong for the head of r.t. america to actually comply with this and to and to say that he's a foreign agent or r.t. a foreign agent to be wholly wrong what i think their response to this should be to carry on i also think it might be a good idea for the russians to say that if this goes ahead that from monday all american journalists who work for c.n.n. have to register as foreign agents in russia or they'll be arrested so you can play
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this game. i q eight has just told its citizens to leave lebanon immediately this only hours after the same morning came from saudi arabia to its citizens it follows the resignation of the saudi backed lebanese prime minister who was in riyadh when he made his announcement i can speak now to beirut based journalist martin j. martin quite frankly i'm really surprised by these developments why saudi arabia and kuwait started warning their citizens to leave lebanon. ok looks like we may have lost the connection with martin and we was able to hear me just a few moments ago but just try again following saturday's lead in.


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