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tv   News  RT  November 9, 2017 4:00pm-4:31pm EST

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starting on thursday americans who visit cuba must now avoid hotels shops to work companies and other businesses on a lengthy list released on wednesday by the trump of ministration as part of a new policy it's aimed at cracking down on the communist run island government u.s. travelers will once again be required to go as part of organized tour groups run by u.s. companies and a representative of the sponsoring group must accompany those travelers this is a clear return to the stricter rules that existed before former president barack obama and cuban president raul castro restored diplomatic relations in two thousand and fifteen the new rules and list of off limit entities are intended to put in
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place the tougher cuba policy that president trump announced back in june. on wednesday president trump landed in china for the fourth part of his tour across asia considering comments he made the day before this portion of his trip is likely to be dominated by talks over north korea who. has more on that for us after stops in hawaii and japan president trumped arrived in south korea on tuesday while he was there he met with the president and spoke at the national assembly in which he spoke very critically of north korea north korea is not the paradise your grandfather envisioned it is they will. that no person deserves yet despite every crime you have committed against god and man you are
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ready to offer and we will do that we will offer a path to a much better future it begins with an end to the aggression of your regime a stop to your development of ballistic missiles and complete verifiable and total the nuclear ization although the relationship between north korea and china has some weekend still enjoy diplomatic relations so considering trump's speech in south korea all eyes are now on his trip to china for the next two days and by wednesday the spokeswoman for china's ministry of foreign affairs claimed that china has done nothing but follow the rules on the each china has been completely strictly and earnestly implementing the relevant security council resolutions in fulfilling do international obligations with regard to the activities that were explicitly banned by the resolutions we always follow through
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relevant restrictions in a strict manner as for the normal state to state exchange outside the framework of the security council i believe it should be continued smoothly a source of tension though beyond aggression from north korea trump has claimed on several occasions that china is a currency manipulator he's also said that china has stolen jobs from the u.s. through outsourcing with cheap labor but so far so good fact a series of agreements worth nine billion dollars between american and chinese companies was just announced in beijing. in greece. however some of those deals were already in the works and it's unknown how they
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could impact the balance of trade if at all. because of this tour is unfolding what should we expect from trump while he's in china well i mean he really does only have one day left of his time in china so i think the majority of it he'll be pound around with the president as he and his other government officials at certain government and cultural events obviously we're going to expect more talk on north korea that's going to certainly take center stage there but aside from the at the top of the list are really lots of business deals mean obviously wilbur ross announced on wednesday morning that there have been at least nine billion dollars worth of deals between american and chinese companies but we could even expect more than now by tomorrow within the next twenty four hours so north korea definitely tops the list here but we can also expect to see some more business all right unities what about the rest of the store well he only has vietnam and the philippines left after he leaves china tomorrow so again just going to be filled with meetings and conferences but it will be interesting to see if he brings up the
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south china sea conflict at all because that's kind of been brushed under the rug ever since aggression with north korea has sort of become a priority to deal with here but obviously we know that vietnam and the philippines feel very strongly against china's role in the south china sea dispute so it's all going to be a matter of days that he's traveling between all those countries but at one point or another there were going to have to address it so it will be interesting to see if it's private thank you very much. it's a massive store network that puts seventy percent of the u.s. population within three miles one of its locations it's c.v.s. the nation's second largest draw. store chain and it was beaten to the medications home delivery punch by amazon the online retail giant in fact delivered
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a knockout take a look at its stock on the leak of its approval for business as a pharmaceutical distributor in more than a dozen states nine hundred seventy two forty three on its october twenty sixth closing on the news bam up to eleven hundred ninety five on the twenty seven now it's resting at one thousand one hundred twenty eight sixty one highest we've seen joining me to discuss c.b.s. is next moves are mo the founder of the stocks which. last week. a good to have you the last we left c.b.s. it was absolutely terrified it went from a high in october of seventy six october high that is seventy six forty six on the twentieth on the twenty seventh after the announcement it took a dive to sixty eight ninety nine today ninety eight seventy a recovery or a holding pattern we spoke when the news broke and you were bearish on c.b.s. short term buy sell or hold what do you think investors and c.b.s.
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shareholders should do right now. well right now the chart is actually in a down trend why because it broke major support so any time a chart breaks major support it switch it switches trends so for c.b.s. right now if you're still long it then you're considering it as a long term hold right now in the short term i'm talking in the next few months c.v.s. to continue to trade lower next target is sixty five sixty bucks it certainly can trade down quite a while until it slips now the one thing i will say that is a rumor it hasn't happened yet but there is a rumor out that c.v.s. may buy and that would be a really big for the stock and it could explode if that happens however no one knows that it's going to happen and they had their earnings reports c.b.s. had their earnings report monday morning of ember six the stock dropped on the report and they didn't mention anything about purchasing so we don't really know if that's going to happen and if it does will it happen in two thousand and seventeen
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or not till twenty eight ok let's talk about jefferies cut the stock price target for c.v.s. health shares for eighty six seventy six it was due of courting to two uncertainty over amazon's potential competitive threat here do you think that was a wise move is it too early to really know the impact amazon is going to have on this. well i think it's going to have an impact on it and that's one of the reasons why the best thing that c.b.s. could do is have a vertical move a vertical integration into trying to capture some of that pharmaceutical business that clearly amazon is going to go after his on it hasn't started selling pharmaceuticals yet so again we don't know when that's going to start happening but they just came out this week they announced on monday that c.v.s. is going to start to do same day delivery or in certain areas and next a delivery that's going to help however that's not going to be enough what they really need to do is more acquisitions when they acquired care mark that was
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a good acquisition for them if they end up buying it at now that's going to be a great app was for them probably in the long term because they're really they're not going to be able to really compete head to head with someone like amazon a company like amazon so what they can do is make it more like engaging for people in other words they end up buying and you end up having insurance then with c.v.s. well you'll get reductions in co-pays you'll be incentivized to think of c.v.s. you'll think oh c.b.s. i'll go i'll go to get my drugs at c.v.s. or in my prescriptions at c.v.s. a c.b.s. is a very loyal customer base they're not going anywhere let's just say for example they don't even buy c.d.'s isn't going to go out of business anytime soon like you just said you know seventy percent of americans live within three miles of a c.v.s. unfortunately though it's going to impact the pharmaceutical business it's going to not just c.b.s. of the company still amazon's going to step in and whenever that happens and stuff like going to affect companies in the health care industry do you think that c.v.s.
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can ramp up in time though we don't know what the timeline is on amazon actually rolling this out but it's doing operations in manhattan for deliveries it's going to roll out what is it one or two day shipping here nationwide trying to get in there is it going to speed up enough for people to say have the automatic click that says i want to do this because amazon is so streamlined across all these sort of sectors can c.b.s. catch up for shareholders to respond and really have confidence this is even going to work it seems like a bit of a gamble. well that's what i'm saying right now c.v.s. is in a down trend that's what i'm saying right now c.v.s. is not a buy it's not a buy it on me that's why some of these some of these different companies have to have cut what they've said were the targets i even think seventy six is kind of on the realistic right now because of stuff like i said is down trending so they could drop before they flip around and what's going to make the company flip around i
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don't think doing the same day or the next day you know delivery is going to make this flip around that's what i'm saying they need to take a foothold and do something else more acquisitions they need to engage customers better and that's something that amazon does good very well but if c.b.s. runs a buy and they're going to one of the third largest health insurance companies so you know that would just be huge for them to think of it as the one stop place when you think of doing your in your insurance or your drugs or any of that kind of stuff i think for now the stock is down but like i said if the if they end up merging. and that comes out in december which it is rumored that that could happen yet this year the stock could explode it could go over seventy six it could go over eighty the manger support of the stock was eighty when it broke that it started training down and the way that stocks up when they start trying to down people get very very anxious and they sell so if you're still in that long you really truly believe that something big is going to happen and they're going to flip it around
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but as of right now that's not the thing i will tell you one quick thing like i said the last time i was here the market made another new high again today a stock that is not making new highs with the market it's not a good buy it's not even a good hold the nice thing about investing and trading is just what if you're in something and you're up you can sell it you can always buy it back but all that's true so. this is a serious topic as is unfolding continually we've got to bring you back in october to see if if your gasses turn out right on this thank you so much most are most founder of stocks l.l.c. thank you banks thanks for having me. thanks for watching be sure to catch the boss on directv and the united states you can find us on the arctic channel three two one and if you missed us on directv the bus on you tube youtube dot com slash from bus party thanks for watching c. next time.
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us. kids are. going on and he. does she don't concern you then doesn't do it on their own to stand on their own will soon in that equal distance as my son and what he calls this tells me. this little we don't know him doing. that to those old wooden menaces onus is. on.
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prescribed medication is widespread on the us market and a frequent cause of death at the point in my life i just felt like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit suicide watch all who has made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effects of. this is charlie alter what i'd. to move legal drugs. just because something is legal doesn't mean it's. wiki leaks says that the cia wrote code to impersonate russia. virus program.
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but the united states is attempting to create problems around next year's presidential election in russia in response to moscow's the seed meddling last year . the u.s. justice department demands that r.t. america register as a foreign agent before monday the channel's bank accounts could be frozen if it doesn't comply. to the citizens of lebanon immediately after the resignation of the saudi lebanese prime minister.


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