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which monitor the situation in the us with regard to media to react accordingly it will be interesting to see how the c.e. reacts we expect an appropriate assistance of the situation from the unesco goodwill ambassador for freedom of expression and journalists christiane amanpour and pressure on russian media doesn't end there u.s. lawmakers are now considering a bill that proposes that cable and satellite providers are required to carry video content somehow linked to the crime that means the providers could decide for themselves whether to show such content or not what's important to note here is that the bill is yet to be approved russia's promised a similar response with some top politicians proposing a tit for tat response if the bill gets adopted journalist and writer neil clark believes that the pressure on russian media is down to its recent success. well this is absolutely outrageous i think we could quit mcafee's of it really is mccarthyism on steroids now and it's
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a signal from the escalation in this cold war launched by the us against russian media r.t. is a growing audience share in america and around the world in r.t. puts a different narrative out to the war party narrative on issues like the syrian conflict for example so i think the war mongers in the us are very angry that artie's been so successful and i think it would be wholly wrong for the head of r.t. america to actually comply with this and to and to say that he's a foreign agent or to a foreign agent to be wholly wrong what i think their response to this should be to carry on i also think it might be a good idea for the russians to say that if this goes ahead that from monday all american journalists who work for c.n.n. have to register as foreign agents in russia or they'll be arrested you can play this game. curators just told its citizens to leave lebanon immediately that just hours after saudi arabia ordered its citizens to do the same this follows the resignation of the saudi backed a lebanese prime minister who was in riyadh when he made his announcement this martin j. think that this is
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a manufactured crisis designed to destabilize tehran saudis have the they have gained some confidence in iran adjourned using mail. they're creating a chaos if you like a crisis which doesn't exists in lebanon and i'm moving ahead with it with a new plan to destabilize lebanon to to hit back at iran what we're witnessing now neal is the making of a new saudi king deputy crown prince some salmon is now preparing himself so they've pulled mystery over back to saudi arabia in a sort of panic last week a couple of times and i'm basically forced him to resign as lebanese premier that's part of a bigger longer term plan to try and destabilize lebanon to shake tire lebanon so as to make a point to hezbollah and to the region. there's a new there's a new guy in town a new leader in saudi arabia who's got a new agenda to play out it was
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a double whammy i mean there is also some talk about mr hariri his connections with some of these leading businessman that have been arrested so it was a two in one for the saudis if you like were tensions between iran and saudi arabia have been rising for a while and there is growing concern the proxy war between the two regional rivals could turn into a direct confrontation with more his arteries and i guess the recently barely a day seems to go by without saudi arabia making headlines and it almost always boils down to its arch enemy iran it is a game of chess that spans an entire region on every front in every country the saudis see iran's evil influence. the who the rebels in yemen who saudi arabia has been bombing for many years fire
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a rocket riyadh that the saudis could only describe as a rainy an aggression. iran's role and its direct command of its hooty proxy in this matter constitutes a clear act of aggression the coalition's command considers this a blatant active military aggression by the iranian regime and could rise to be considered as an act of war against the kingdom of saudi arabia the saudis also ready to throw that allies under the bus to create an excuse to denigrate iran. q the lebanese prime minister holding a successful meeting with the iranians and then going to saudi arabia and out of the blue without warning declaring his resignation while launching into a tirade about evil reigning in influence plunging the region into chaos and
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destruction. were never iran is present to plant discord and destruction of. interference in our countries in lebanon syria. yemen well i would like to say which iran and its followers that they will be losers in the. wake of the image in the past and they have time from the region because. you lose a poor and gain an opening then there's the blockade of cattle. a trade embargo severed ties ultimatums and warnings punishment some say for cata daring to deal with the rain ians and then there's syria the saudi sponsored rebellion is dying their jihad just allies are losing an asset is winning this isn't what riyadh planned we hope that and expect that during the interim
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period of the of the transition period bashar al assad will exit because he has absolutely no role to play in the future here and while syria. may have unexpected be checkmated riyadh here the saudis around picking up attacks on iran on other fronts truly this is an international game of chess with nations and populations at stake ironic given that last year saudi arabia's highest islamic cleric banned chess saying that the game causes enmity and hatred between people and even when played on a giant geopolitical scale well it looks like he was right one thing that saudi arabia has particularly opposed is the iran nuclear deal which came after painstaking talks between will powers now in addition to the saudis the french president has effectively called the deal in its current form into question
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will it do pinsky explains. well emanuel might call has been speaking in dubai on thursday where he's been talking about the future of the reigning in nuclear deal that was agreed back in twenty fifteen describing that deal as being insufficient for the feature this is what he had to say. in the situation we're facing now this agreement of twenty fifteen is no longer sufficient it should not be reconsidered or eliminated but it should be completed with necessary points. well mr mccollum went on to say that he wanted to remain firm with the uranium is in regards to it's been a stick a missile program and its influence in the middle east talking about the fact that there was no other option other than the two thousand and fifteen deal even if it may not be the best deal of bailable and not seem to relation to what we've been hearing from the u.s.
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from donald trump over the last eighteen months the threat posed by iran it is indeed a threat there's no question about iran is not living up to the spirit of the deal will donald trump is not the only person who has raised concerns about that agreement back in two thousand and fifty in the saudi foreign minister has also previously stated his concerns iran has not lived up to the terms of that agreement with regards to the behavior that is expected of you in terms of promoting stability in the region the instability and that's destruction well mr mccollum also warned about north exacerbating regional tensions in the area coming off the back of a missile strike on saudi arabia just a few days ago by rebels in yemen mr mccann saying that that ballistic missile came from a rainy and providence jollity pinsky r.t. paris. german opposition parties consider. in legal action against
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a commander in charge of policing the g twenty summit that occurred in hand back in the summer it claims that he broke german law by permitting the use of combat weapons when riots broke out with more he's peter. where the g. twenty goes riots do tend to follow but the thousands of police that struggle to keep the peace this year in homburg have been accused of going too far and using a weapon that they're not allowed to. was. was was going to. was this is the bit of kit in question the m zed p one multi-purpose pistol during rioting that started on the sixth of july and run
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through till the eighth this particular weapon was used fifteen times to fire rubber bullets and sixty seven times to disperse tear gas canisters the police say it's a pistol and therefore they are allowed to use it however government documents that were leaked to the press here in germany seem to show that it is classified as a combat weapon and therefore shouldn't be deployed at public events the h.k. sixty nine an h k one sixty nine are considered grenades which are classified as war weapons by the war weapons list the company that manufactures it also doesn't classify it as a pistol when contacted by r.t. humbard police doubled down on their insistence that they were well within their rights to use the m. said p. one the facts have not changed and remain as follows there is
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a pistol in accordance with size who eighteen part four of security in order acts the operation was carried out in full compliance with the existing hamburg regulations it was understood before the summit the police hadn't intended to use rubber bullets or tear gas but after rioting raged out combat of. troll they changed tack the decision to employ the m. said p. one has seen lawmakers from the opposition left party consider legal action against the police chief for breaching the weapons act there was strong regulations what can be due to students federal state of germany and what cannot be used and. it didn't really work but we see that. it was by police officers. against the german. it's lacy to use it so. i think that is an abuse which. is not really tolerated repercussions from the violence seen at
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this year's g. twenty continue to rumble on long after many have forgotten what world leaders actually gathered at the g twenty to discuss in the first place peter all of our. football legends including french superstars in a did sit down and lendl messi have gathered in moscow for the official unveiling of the ball for next year's world cup here in russia.
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the telstar eighteen ball will be used at every single game during it coming championship it's named after the first added as ball used in a world cup that was back in the late one nine hundred sixty s. and for the first. i mean here is a brand new panel shape is being used following months of testing and the first one to check people out on camera was one of the world's very best players maybe the best lino messi the twenty minute self kicks off next year is to be the first time for us to host what is the world's biggest footballing event. with football on t.v. how stan collymore is discussed another football symbol with the curator of the fee for world cup. football museum i should say in the latest episode of the show here's a quick preview the history of this drug is quite incredible in england it was
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pickles the dog famously found it again going to ninety three. so quite traumatic history when it was stolen in one thousand nine hundred sixty six it was they tried to get a ransom for what they did was they stole they took off the top but a little. bit at the top comes off and that's what they sent to the football association as a runs and like with the with the ransom note luckily it was found a week off the woods so you know but then it was ironic because the brazilians said well that would never happen in our country we value the traits that are not yours and then they spoke too soon and it was stolen from brazil and i think you are right at the day job you for the latest news headlines in.
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welcome to worlds apart of the vast international crises has created a situation in which humanitarian commitments increasingly look more like you told me and ideals legal obligations faced with meager budgets and the need to help more and more people it's easier to just look the other way or force the problem to a neighbor what does it take to well to discuss that i'm now joined by francesco a rock.


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