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reconsidered or eliminated but it should be completed with necessary point. well mr mccollum went on to say that he wanted to remain therm with the reins in regards to its but they stick a missile program and its influence in the middle east talking about the fact that there was no other option other than the two thousand and fifteen deal even if it may not be the best deal available and that seemed to relation to what we've been hearing from the us from donald trump over the last few months the threat posed by around it is indeed a threat there's no question about that a red is not living up to the spirit of the deal while donald trump is not the only person who has raised concerns about that agreement back in two thousand and fifteen the saudi foreign minister has also previously stated his concerns iran has not lived up to the terms. with regards to the behavior that is expected of you
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in terms of promoting stability in the region the instability and destruction well mr mccollum also warned about north exacerbating huge the tensions in the area coming off the back of a missile strike on saudi arabia just a few days ago by rebels in yemen saying that that ballistic missile came from. providence jollity pinski r.t. paris. and expect now to cover after c.r.b. is a political scientist and was a former advisor to iran's nuclear negotiation team have a good to speak to the two main proposals coming from among your tougher monitoring of iran's missiles capping tehran's regional as he discarded the head germany isn't this just echoing what we've heard from from donald trump is this the the good cop to trump bad call. i hope not
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unfortunately president mark ron seems to be sliding closer and closer to president trump and his disastrous. one sided middle east course of action one would expect the french president to play a very delicate balancing role defuse the crisis in the region. or stop playing kids clause with the saudis who are committing horrendous human rights violations you know this humanitarian catastrophe in yemen and now sabotaging the very delicate political process in lebanon of course one does not know what prison mccrone said to the leadership when it's unscheduled visit there but you know there has to be some synchronicity between his public and private statements and his public statements are pretty disquieting right now because their own they not only
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contradict his the statements category called support for the here in the a nuclear deal you know at the u.n. just a couple of months ago and so forth you know he seems to be at piecing iran's rial was in the region maybe he's trying to be a shrewd salesman of french arms to the region france as a naval base in u.a.e. as you know and trying to insert it in the regional security calculus more organically whatever it is i think that president barack romney is treading the wrong past is not really faithful to that need d.h. and all that's required to defuse this very potentially dangerous crisis in the region cover you know from your own personal experience how difficult it was what a painful kind of long drawn out process it was to negotiate the existing iran nuclear deal it was touted as a major success for peace in the region it's been like that for many years suddenly
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donald trump says he hates the deal and the questions are being asked what what has changed if anything why is it suddenly not a good deal. of course it is and you know it and european leaders have repeated the league on record backing the their agreement and warning you know washington not to scuttle it and we've had. no. foreign policy chief in washington lobbying for it just you know this past week but you know president micron is trying to harvest cake and eat it too and you know pelting heavily underside of these all shake terms that are really you know destabilizing the region with their behavior for example against terror and now lebanon and so on and the nuclear deal is very pivotal for regional
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peace and security and it is undermined one way or another and i include that the french way right now that really caused the. not so productive role during the nuclear negotiations as you may recall there was the element of french malfeasance the. length and the process and you know might have even torpedoed it was it not because of the american leadership in the nuclear diplomacy as well as russia but right now we are in a very you know very delicate situation in regional affairs and requires a neutral mediator not someone who kills side of one party and alienates the other prison marconi's actually tentatively do in iran very soon and the french foreign minister darian is going to iran
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a couple of weeks to prepare the groundwork for that so there's a macro should better watch what he says right now. it'll be interesting to see where the returns are not kind of rhetoric like to know if you think about microns comments about capping iran's head germany as he put it in the region the last time i looked saudi arabia is intervening a whole range of places certainly in lebanon in yemen why no mention for the saudis why the focus on on terror. well i think that the you know the reasons are very obvious france is catering to these super rich. and trying to you know more arms to the saudis and the u.a.e. and so forth and france. as vested interests that are clouding its ability to perform a neutral mediating role france also has extensive and growing economic ties with
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iran and if president mccrone who is an obvious aphis doesn't play as cards right he might jeopardize. growly iran friend france ties and that would be a pity because a lot of you know energy manufacturing and aviation industry is among the ideas in france current growing pause nuclear deal relations with iran and president make wrong on all the war one should applaud his intervention to diffuse the crisis he is inability to maintain the balancing act i think is a very risky factor that he should take into consideration. i think some really interesting insights for our view is that many thanks my guest caviar for c.r.b. political scientists former advisor to runs nuclear negotiation team. moving on to other news now friends and relatives are in mourning after
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a child was discovered among the victims of a collapsed building in central russia a citywide state of emergency has been declared after the tragedy also claimed the lives of three others to fifteen year olds are among the injured a gas explosion is thought to be behind the deadly accident relatives have been warning that residents are still trapped under the rubble witnesses adding that shouts from survivors could still be heard below the dam break rescue teams are on the scene and they're working around the clock to try and save those who are believed to be tracked. so the arabia and kuwait have both told their citizens to leave lebanon immediately it comes as lebanon's been rocked by the sudden resignation of its prime minister over the weekend saad hariri who is seen as a politician who is backed by saudi arabia was in riyadh when he made his announcement and the reason for his resignation he cited rain and influence in this
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country. she had were very wrong as prism to plant discord and destruction of. interference in our countries in lebanon syria iraq yemen what i would like to see which iran and its followers that they would be losers in the. wake of the scene within the past and their homes in the region. and following that announcement there's been speculation that saudi arabia might be holding her against his will riyadh has denied those allegations but the u.s. state department spokesperson calls further confusion that her latest briefing when she seemed to let slip she may know where hariri is in terms of the conditions of him being held or the conversations between saudi arabia and the prime minister hariri i would have to refer you to the government of saudi arabia and also to mr hariri office for some of the convictions of him being told the truth is you
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detention well. i'm not going to put that word but high and i'm not going to associate that word with that but where he is right now where you see as you have a nice room i was right it was i don't know personally where he is or if you have heard different reports that you were here but we're hearing right now where did the show meet he met him. i don't i don't think i'm committed to say that but i will double check on that in this martin j. thinks that the current crisis in lebanon has been created artificially by saudi arabia. it's a gender to try and destabilize iran and to and to create some sort of tension in the region and these are the first steps ordering studies which is a somewhat of a futile gesture given that are hardly any saudis in eleven of the movements but there are a few kuwaitis or quite a few who are to tourists what's the link you might be ask yourself to lebanon will start hariri a lot of people don't know is also
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a saudi citizen spent most of his life in saudi arabia and is considered to be a sort of a saudi porn to put it bluntly so they've pulled mystery over back to saudi arabia in a sort of panic last week a couple of times basically forced him to resign as lebanese premier as part of a bigger longer term plan to try and destabilize lebanon to shake tire lebanon so as to make a point to hezbollah and to the region that there's a new there's a new guy in town a new leader in saudi arabia who's got a new agenda to play out well as martin mentioned saudi arabia reason happy with the strengthening of hezbollah in lebanon a group sponsored by iran tensions between riyadh and tehran have been rising for a while with mounting concern for the direct confrontation could see breakout. as the explains recently barely a day seems to go by without saudi arabia making headlines and it
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almost always boils down to it's arch enemy iran it is a game of chess that spans an entire region on every front in every country the saudis see iran's evil influence. the who's the rebels in yemen who saudi arabia has been bombing for many years fire a rocket of riyadh that the saudis could only describe as a rainy and aggression. iran's role and its direct command of his hooty proxy in this matter constitutes a clear act of aggression the coalition's command considers this a blatant active military aggression by the iranian regime and could rise to be considered as an act of war against the kingdom of saudi arabia the saudis also ready to throw their allies under the bus to create an excuse to denigrate iran.
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q the lebanese prime minister holding a successful meeting with the rain ians and then going to saudi arabia and out of the blue without warning declaring his resignation while launching into a tirade about evil raney an influence plunging the region into chaos and destruction you lose a poor and gain an opening then there's the blockade of cattle. a trade embargo severed ties ultimatums and warnings punishment some say for cata daring to deal with the rain ians and then there's syria the saudi sponsored rebellion is dying their jihad just allies are losing an aside is winning
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this isn't what riyadh planned we hope that and expect that during the interim period of the of the transition period but it will exit because he has absolutely no role to play in the future is here and while syria may have unexpectedly checkmated riyadh here the saudis are ramping up attacks on iran on other fronts truly this is an international game of chess with nations and populations at stake ironic given that last year saudi arabia has highest islamic cleric battened chess saying. that the game causes enmity and hatred between people and even when played on a giant geopolitical scale well it looks like he was right. russia and syria have come under fire at a closed door meeting of the organization for prohibition of chemical weapons the
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meeting followed the findings of an investigation into a deadly sarin gas attack in syria in april the o.p.c. w issued a report two weeks ago it concluded that assad's government was behind the attack which left more than eighty people dead and also stated the sarin gas use could be traced to government stockpiles earlier we spoke to alexander shulgin the russian representative at the o.p.c. w. who was at that latest meeting. her. dream report of this seventh report has been established in full you couldn't do three go on to all the basic higher standards. than united nations secure.


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