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scored in that fixture and face woke up seeing generally smock allowing it to forty five club goals won the palme d'or and scored forty goals for england in creating for finals themselves i sat down with an edge and self to talk with the ninety nine will cope. if you've joined us on the show once to interview a fright because it's a pall mall in korea overlaps with the one to keep coming through littles watching us knowing the wimbledon guy. on quince was in the mix so yes liverpool everybody knew about you within the club then you come on in school you firstly go
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against wimbledon. you're always comfort in. your own ability but did you belief the for a minority ninety seven. ninety ninety eight. did you foresee the journey that you would then go on well it's always hard sets of to say it. but throughout my life i always succeeded in every you know game i played in. you know schoolboys in my you know every big game i always. succeeded really i call into the national school of excellence and then go in saying to the same. you know i was without sound in big had i was the bass player in the train from twelfth right the way through probably and then you know and then obviously you mixing it with the big cases once you start trying and want to get the price of the training session you
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then start to fail and then you might be when you score and then all of a sudden you forget about good enough you think right this is just playing alongside stan collymore will be filed this is brilliant and you forget about it and i think in life was always found is if you have a great experience at something. or when i'm failing you just do the. you just parts of it and the next step playing for england whatever it might be you just fail as if it's an inevitable step and you can do it you don't even think about can i do it you think about doing it we were. going through this. knowing. that there was the potential you could go through a group who was just concentrating on liverpool but remember member the play is back in those days. you look at it now people should look at this is we keep. in mind is when you go into
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a wife. mickey poem breach sharing your poll found yourself. out of the school in twenty plus go through very different sorts of if you school twenty goals this you know and you're an english strike you'd be in the english. you couldn't get in with in those days. because always going all the time. it didn't mean you're going to be in the england squad that depth at that point so i was looking at these players thinking you know how my of a going to get and same as a as a young kid but as i haven't been in the political six months i start to think you know walk. when i was made to be for england and in and around the time there was such a good phailin about england we had just come off a brilliant you know your ninety six in our country football was bows and you know we had to go to england same without someone implies there was just you know get in the england same was was huge was everything and to get the call opens to get my first cap was it was it was such an honest such pride you know on you know the
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thoughts of my family i'm a myself it was it was it was brilliant at the time. that group of players because the nationals you know david beckham was most famous flight on the plane and know that you know him very well when i first joined the england squad on the white down with colin robbie fowler statement none of them and then as soon as you and so the hotel it's lights at night most people in bad they get in see gives me a little bit of a toll and that night night wilko it was was the wilco for me it was my you know i was ten years old or something and. in those days were with it's a way rose and to say catherine and so if to announce at all michael ware every set it was just wow on the i'm amongst the elite now like anybody does us if i was for the first few you don't fail normally new environment and you want to gain the respect i think is is is the show is i want to gain the respect of all the the the
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top players. i don't really fail even when i went to the will call me and rio ferdinand with the youngsters we hung out together still didn't fail. i think in football what people don't realize is. there's a lot of respect and you call a. dime's and then driving a ferrari the next day because the likes of yourself. and that's right you know you have to earn your stripes so even when i was in the night night nine i will cope i still felt a little bit. pulse of on the pitch impossible to try to pitch but in and around these are the same you pros and still a little bit in all of them i'm respectful of them and didn't want to do anything that they could think he's getting above his station in terms of getting the cool i mean it's a big scene from when did you find out that you were in the final squad we were in on a pretty will cope. you know get together let's say training camp all the families
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were that the most a band and i think it was a twenty three month squad in the would have been twenty seven twenty eight players it was going to be a few go and we all out all little five minute time slots to knock on the gaffer's room i think if i'm honest by that time i was pretty from really goldenberg i don't know yeah sure i thought i was i thought i was going to go and then obviously the rumors come around that dowsers not go in and that causes wreck the room and all the times of input box on our ideas thinking oh my word that's you know a bomb shell of a can get left out then anyone can get left out and then my time came and and the manager just said to me said you go and. you're probably not going to stop you know to start with you're going to play you know a role in this will be coming off the bench you know i'm not ruling out you stand at some point further down the line but it's going to be share and sharing them to start with but you're not coming for the ride it's not an experience you you know
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you're going to be this will go the first game i came on and we were in a low for a day so it was a bit of a dad game and obviously you know as a center forward you want to go on and change a game or you want to go in impress but the next game was my big chance rumania we were game half an hour ago i was warming up behind the goal when we had one nil down i was just thinking this is you know it's warm everyone's going to be tired and i'm just balance and ready to come on and i kept looking and i was stretching but i wasn't really sure i was just looking at the bench think and he's going to call me have. yes. when i was ordered out i was y. e n n y n n it felt like because i saw ill give me half an hour and it just felt as if he's going to give me a long going to twenty or however many and it felt like an eternity until he actually but when i got. the ball just dropped and i hit him and i went into the far corner and i was just the score in vehicle and eyes and go in
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a world cup haven't schooled phailin paul of the squad and paul the tall and now. it was obviously then going to be a toss of a call and whether i stayed in the table whether teddy sheringham would keep his place alongside alan scherr. let's fast forward to the group. did you feel that this was something special or do you just treat it like you know the game at the time i just thought it's another game if you'd asked me to name five players in the audience saying the same i wouldn't have to do it i just had this what i thought was normal view. and it wasn't intentional i just thought the inevitable you know is that he said is he slower than the other one i was faster than anything i was going to school no matter what. i don't even think. i just assume it's just another game and i always score goals so i will score. just you know just play me
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and i'm you know and i was just a ball of excitement really i had no favorites all i had no idea apart from the were playing argentina no idea about that players any strengths weaknesses and i just went into the guy probably as bad as anybody in the in the in terms of knowing who i'm playing against. but just. saying the as an advantage on anyone i would just fail and i was just you know totally comfortable and confident in my ability. to a world class go. where did. that moment when you pick when i first took the ball back and played the bulls may i was around the line on the fifth and i had no idea how deep the walls or anything the picture i just had to defend are right next to me about as close as you are and i thought if i can just take it in my stride then i'm away from him and then i'll let you know
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football changes and pick it's you know pictures like i have a split second. with the outside of my right for an almost wriggle free of him and then i looked up and i can remember thinking there's only one place to. look out a thing is and i obviously out a run of on him who is never going to be able to stop me it's almost like just point a mannequin in front of you when you when someone is so deep and they're giving you the chance to get a run on the it was just impossible i couldn't go past it so i just set off obviously ronan i took it to the side and then i saw scholes in my in my outside. but obviously just got there first and i will go down to profits here where i am i going to give it to him at that point a score and a thaw as i've run a wire sync and that was a good goal. i didn't know why this is how i felt. that was a good go and i didn't think anything other than it was a good goal which we want now and everyone's jumping on me and i remember lift and
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i had no idea where anyone was on the stage and i remember being in the hall fired on after everyone jumped on me i lifted my head as i won't go back into position potentially have a look to the crowd the first person i saw first people as a woman that all my file and i was thirty thousand people and i just saw oh my word that's the most surreal moment abba the and as i've jogged back a thaw that was actually a brilliant go it was only until after the game we got knocked out fields of today's walk out we get to see our families glenn hoddle was you know not keen on anyone into favor but now we're not we got to say our families underneath the stars stand by the posts and i think the moment doubts that you know your life my of change now i think to the wider audience to the world than you know my name was probably in their memory and that was probably the biggest life changer in life
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changing moment in my life through that seventeen year old kid that came into the liverpool team always full of confidence to the man now. as an employer. through that still as a big small station so i really appreciate you joining us through your memories. were brilliant months and. join us after the break because we go behind the scenes the world's oldest international football fixture it's scotland it's england and it was played in one thousand seven hundred stay with us. should this have come due diligence to pursue as i live he he didn't feel confident .
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need to. be done. we have many things in this world this isn't enough for everyone and why some people's wants to take our things all the power just for themselves since that is the most human. that's already entrenched. octopuses us giant squid penetrating every facet of the economy and it's being financed by money that they can borrow.
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zero percent and buy anything without any. regulations bumping into them whatsoever so that you apply that to maybe five or six times companies five years from now you can just five or six companies to share prices will be exorbitant like there are a google or amazon of this or berkshire hathaway stock prices over two hundred thousand dollars a share. feel . awful. yes well this is how the. multiplicity.
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scotland against england is the world's oldest international fixture i went to holland and paul king glasgow to talk to england fans about going to russia next year especially after fans cross the masai at last year's year i was. france two thousand and sixteen a tournament remembered as much for the violence involving russian english under the fans as the brilliance of nations like wales in iceland was this a throwback to talk or write or a sign of things to come across russia next summer. lot
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of. scotland versus england the old east international fixture a fixture stakes in rifle and national pride and on the horizon for england fans of potential world cup two thousand and eighteen game we have russian adverse aris who this time would have fun teach. you to learn from and i know to why would you go to the world cup next year in russia and i'm going to be honest with you i mean two minds one. i've been with club unconscious or previously and i'll be honest review if you sold me the safe know is done done and c.g.i. three england fans that turned up nice and early nice to see you wearing the three lions on your shirts not intimidated i'll see that you've got your spurs on also cross some one flag which is a little bit result will give you that you just russia will keep next year lots of stuff being talked about in the european championships last year you see england scotland fans mingling to die. when you go to russia would you go so we'll show you
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fright and what you will get enough and i. get enough of my london as it were for ficken to. be fair we have been charged by the only thing stopping us the money anyway is the money would you go to russia have you any concerns after last year you thought place. i would say i would say i am not so confident i go now that i was for the from. i mean i was a bit concerned about that with everything that goes on in the world but yeah i would say i was over the content but i'll go and spoil every now and go all what we found is what we're told before we go it's quite often a different scenario when you actually arrive there are three times the problems on each visit and obviously when each visit up in subsequent i'm questioning whether it's worth it basically thoughts about call pools of russian football fans or german football fans or we have a little bit of a nasty following it so i'm in russia next year you're going to ambassadors any thoughts flew into germany we see no trouble right place but brilliant vastly same
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that we don't want a german fans and in the day after the game we look in the press and it's all about the england singing songs and we were saying how well behaved in an only son in the us the question would you expect the same for him know all russian fans or is there a difference there and i often am also. and i know looking for it and i mean i want to expect it will not come from the general russian population the world traditionally when i place the vast majority of normal minded things that's important and support is welcome people expect yeah yeah yeah definitely traditional we just say much the same as us every english found that there are going you know into the day these people are just and they're probably for the fans like us again today they've got a bad name for themselves because these people are broadcasting what they do to all these people particularly english but you can't hold the same brush they've got a world called they're going to enjoy as much as we're. scotland or brazil ukraine or france england france if always traveled in large numbers but the army heading
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east next summer will be smaller apathy with the team all fees over safety look certain to keep a significant number of time. michael owen never got to they face the most celebrated price in world football but you know what i did the trophy that somebody will pay like held there i am in the fray for a museum a very exciting. now just before the free for world cup trophy embarked on its journey around twenty four cities in russia from kaliningrad in the west of live off stock i went to the paper museum in zurich and found a treasure trove of incredible quite incredible football memorabilia. and didn't like to see the easier it can the thief world football museum and your boy got all the fellow englishman and curator of the museum here absolutely
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fantastic venue how long is the free for world museum being out there and what's its purpose ok it we opened in february twenty sixth and its purpose is to show people just how many countries around the world play football and to celebrate the culture of football the history of football so that people remember events from the past but also celebrate the present so we've got here of course it's incredible the one thing on now to these yellow blue green whites and raids it's every shirt of the two hundred eleven associations that ply football but only five colors the shirts represent a unique football culture in each country there are the heroes there are the great memories the great games the the cubs the national teams each each of these countries high's that culture and it's a unique culture ok we live in a global world now and obviously the top clubs get all the publicity and everything
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but just remember that there's two hundred eleven football cultures around the world each of them unique what we try to do for each world cup is to. just bring to life with that world cup with objects from the time so none of these are replicas so this is a shirt that was worn by a year ago by jury. this was the medal that was given to the runner up. yemo star billy who was the top scorer in the in the world cup with eight goals that's his medal that's a silver medal for winning it so it's trying to bring a flavor of each well cup bring the world cup alive i'm getting very nervous i'm not sure any englishman since the great bobby moore have been incredible privilege this is the original bites of the safer world you see there you're a white company on could be a moment the football association it's of the champions of nineteen thirty six it's a late champions nineteen thirty four and europe was champions in nineteen fifty
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but that's the original by its. the actual beautiful trophy above or is an exceptional record has to be said this must be one of your prized possessions in the museum it totally is it's own it is my favorite thing because i think the english association with the jewelry make up i've loved it and you know from an artistic point of view it's perfectly proportioned as well especially with this original base because that's how designed it if you look at the dimensions of the trophy they all fit around the base and in those it's very specifically designed and so as a work of art i love it i think it's beautiful so of course the history of the struggle is quite incredible. pickles the dog famously found it again going to ninety three. so quite traumatic when it was stolen in one thousand nine hundred sixty six it was they tried to get a ransom for what they did was they stole they took off the top that little. bit at
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the top comes off and that's what they sent to the football association with the with the ransom note luckily it was found a week afterwards so you know but then it was ironic because the brazilian said well that would never happen in our country we value the trade or not you're here and then. it was stolen from so you know that it was said that it was melted down in one nine hundred eighty three that the thieves would just wanted it for the gold i think. i'm not sure that that's a tree because it wouldn't melt down too much of a value which was much more historical in the sense of any value to some beauty magic exactly and there were two other trophies stolen from the brazilian federation one of them just had no value in terms of the properties or the metallic properties and so i think it's possible they were stolen to order i don't know that much of the mill to down but this is one of the mission to find the original we're
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seeing jewelry my small beautiful like she's a real. statement from free for commissions for the nine hundred seventy four world cup. give us the stats on ok there were fifty five designs submitted for this trophy this was the winning design by a tourney in land in italy and it was created by a sculptor called silvio gaz anita it's thirty six point eight centimeters tall it's just a little bit over six kilos in weight it's solid gold what they've done is they put a mixture of silver and copper in about twelve fifteen percent of that is copper and silver that gives it its strength now tell us about the protocols because we know that. we saw a little bit earlier on that brazil won it three times and kept it i think fifty were very upset when they had to hand over the jewels or makeup to brazil and they valid at that point they would never let it out of their sight so when this was
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made the regulations were changed the winner takes the trophy but three for takes it back almost straight away and so what does the beckenbauer get what did marriage only get so this is what if they've lived to be talked to they get it from their arms and somebody else gives you a replica yes so you do get a replica i mean the replica is identical it's called a winner's trophy and for every tournament a new winner's trophy is made and so the winning captain so philip lom in two thousand and fourteen got that they kept it for you know for a short while i think till the following day and so they get the hotel for the national team bank waits and then you or somebody from free for comes along says thank you very much reporting that luck in the view here is the winners trophy and you know that you keep for good so you don't have to give that back and so for for all of its existence it's spent one month at the location of the world cup but then
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. in between for the forty seven months in between world cups it was stored in the bank vault in zurich it's not just the cup it's a it's a it's a design it's it's a beautiful piece of art and so it's one of the most recognisable pieces of art around the world so you know when you think about it like that you think of the mona lisa and that's the star exhibit in the louvre in paris well this is almond elise this absolutely invaluable piece of art is a central feature of this museum. god thank you so much for having us here it. will be easy and it will be rick i felt like if you do every year old football be in deep everything today. holding the troth very really appreciate your rooms on the stone cold thank you very much you're welcome any time. next week we'll be following liverpool among tissue ninety five is that
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you're in champions league action in moscow will it be a security nightmare we'll find out really come on phoenix wake. they call me a useful idiot i mean you called me a useful idiot a useful idiot useful idiots go expressing my opinions on t.v. there's two things missed doing it behind his record is the same strategy we attack persons instead of talking about what's next why stop will feel banned me from getting this close to the white house i'm with a group called pink why not ban the color pink one outstretch dildo right i should
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be sent to the town one because i want to try to break me on the wheel but out with a long time of this sort of nonsense you don't scare me and i'll continue to voice my opinion i'll continue to speak out in good company i'm in good company you going with me you want to do this because we are free thinkers. prescribe medication is widespread on the us market and a frequent cause of death at that point in my life i just felt like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit some sight was all who was made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effects why . was this chemically altered what i did was done on
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a cocktail of lethal drugs. just because something's legal doesn't mean it's safe to put it bluntly. we have sued several funerals if you like the whole focus. of the post and depending on which cycle it but. only survives. from. was. was. was
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a. saudi led coalition airplanes carry out an air strike on the ministry of defense in the yemeni capital of the. us air force claims a missile that was launched at saudi arabia from yemen on saturday was iranian made this is despite tehran's denials it had supplied any such hardware to rebels in yemen. wiki leaks founder julian assange says u.k. prosecutors have admitted to deleting e-mail exchanges concerning his case. broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our national and sean thomas in the glad to have you with us saudi led airstrikes have targeted the defense ministry in yemen's capital sanaa local media and eyewitnesses say.


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