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tv   Cross Talk  RT  November 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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saudi led coalition airplanes carry out an air strike on the ministry of defense in the yemen old yemeni capital of sanaa. u.s. air force claims a missile that was launched at saudi arabia from yemen on saturday was iranian made that despite a promise that had supplied any such hardware to rebels in yemen. founder julian assange says that u.k. prosecutors have admitted to leaving e-mail exchanges concerning his case. my colleague takes the helm and next hour for an in-depth look at today's top stories but for now it's cross talk where they tackle the dysfunction gripping both political parties in washington stay with us.
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hello and welcome to cross talk we're all things considered. politics that's what many are saying after the d.n.c. chair donna brazil claimed bernie sanders was cheated in the primary but the rigging goes further the g.o.p. establishment didn't embrace then nor now are both parties at war with themselves. cross talking parties in crisis i'm joined by my guest him black in washington he's a political analyst commentator and host of the tim black show in new york we have steve malzberg he is a conservative political commentator and in cairo we cross loria he is an independent journalist former wall street. journal correspondent and author of how
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i lost my hillary clinton with the forward by julian assange all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciated our joe let me go to you first dear the huffington post refugee as we speak right now tell us quickly what happened because it has kind of a tangent to what we're talking about today rigging we're going to talk about rigging the election the media is rigged to joe tell our viewers what happened yes i wrote a piece for a consortium news about a week ago in which i showed that the crowd the true sources for the russia gate story were both paid for by the democratic national committee and the clinton campaign in the case of the steel memos so that the source of the information that we have that it actually was the basis for the most part of the january sixth intelligence estimate by three agencies is actually opposition research and the by the dent paid for by the democrats and also the computers was searched by a company that that they paid for not by the f.b.i.
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crowds and the article goes on to show the consequences of this the consequences of this being a new mccarthyism and also the tensions in geopolitical situation between russia and united states that are part of this russia gate story unfortunately i did then blast that last few days ago i posted the same article but some updates with the man of food and pump and dump of this indictment onto the huffington post as a contributor there i post directly to the website twenty three hours later it was taken down i was never told why i've never heard a word from the huffington post i wrote to them and asked them please tell me what the reasons are and in the absence of any response from them i could only conclude that this was not an editorial but a political decision to remove that article basically a word that i rarely use and don't like to use because it's been over use and misuse the censorship but i can't think of any other word to describe what happened well that's what happens in liberal meet. right now we have
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a different opinion here you know steve it's i think you know maybe it's a little bit of a stretch but i think i know how bernie sanders feels when it comes to the d.n.c. during the election you know i got i called i wrote e-mails i got no response you know you know this whole donna brazil thing you know she comes back you know amazingly so. and really she's acquitted herself so very badly in the media her presentation i think most would agree but let's not worry about presentation let's worry about substance and she's come out and made these claims i mean they seem to be credible on some it is documented and then she goes out and backtrack some quite humiliating public performance so i would say steve go ahead well i mean i can't figure that part out to be honest with yourselves but it's got to be though a metal to this madness is several books that's what it was in itself off you know what she has she has thrown him she has thrown the party and the clintons under the
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bus i mean what is revealed in this book and nobody is denying any of this bernie sanders you bring up bernie sanders i'd like to hear bernie sanders as as our guest here mentioned censorship call it something bernie sanders like let's move on that bothers the heck out of me i really got to tell you but what happened is that the clintons controlled the whole process it was dishonest we knew it was dishonest because of the wiki leaks dump and then debbie wasserman schultz had to step down and donna brazil is now saying when i took over for did i find a mess but here's what debbie wasserman schultz here's what the clinton people did here's what hillary yourself did i mean here's what obama did she has torn the party apart and because we don't have adonis media it's not a big story when this is a huge story to him it's like stockholm syndrome they can't let go they simply can't. well i had go and you know sometimes that doesn't really bother me
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because they really took a fall and then last year in the election i mean it when your enemies are in a circular firing squad don't get in the way the thing is is that i hope the media is taken out in the process the liberal media as this swamp is being exposed for what it is and the shamelessness of the of the mainstream media not to call what he sees and what we all see is self-evident go ahead tim. absolutely agree with you peter is what we're witnessing right now is donna brazil she's making these allegations and i believe all of them would like in the progressive community we were already on his page six months ago and then months ago a year ago this is that new revelations the problem is like you said it's the media it's the corporate owned media who do that want to get these facts out it's our job to see to pound them and make make sure that people know that yes this really did happen the the d.n.c. was co-opted by hillary clinton it's a fact the joint fundraising agreement that this separate memorandum that was about
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a clinton organization that gave them a logistical control staff it control control of the purse strings couple peter you know can do all the money if you can still don't muddy tim tim so i want to ask something as maybe a lot of people in washington would like to know they answer the following question six months ago you were a nut case you were a conspiracy theorist for saying all these how did you transform yourself into a normal person on this program i want to know your secret place. but how brother look at absolutely right i was caught a rush by i was quite a member of the g.o.p. i've never voted republican to all of the what they think it here can but yet you have that there and the fact is they're not thinking that's the problem here let me go back to joe in cairo i mean not being able to let go of this narrative but why is it is because they have nothing else or you know if we look at donna brazil the . they're afraid that the floodgates will break open ok you raney m one the komi
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thing you know move there before in his previous in carney it's all out there that there's a conspiracy a real conspiracy and the whole thrust of the media is completely upside down if there had been collusion or conspiracy between the trump people and russia we would have heard about it a long time ago it would have been. so joe they thought what is it they don't have an a to alternative or if they start let's give an inch it's going to completely fallen. apart right in front of them and you will continue their humiliation almost one year on go ahead joe i think the democratic party establishment elite. feel that they are class interests are under assault yes well with the bernie sanders campaign that they see that they need to blame someone else they can never look at themselves and understand that their embrace of the neoliberal policies from the book clinton days has led to this backlash and says in
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american society months workers they're getting fed up they want a new progressive era the way will happen in the late at the end of the one nine hundred century when the major trusts took control of the political process with all the money that they poured into it and then we had a whole raft of laws that try to curb this influence from corporations into politics and including the companies couldn't pay out of their own coffers anymore that was all over thrown with citizens united and with the deregulation of clinton and bush. and reagan we have now a new trust based essentially so a new progressive air is on perhaps the seeds are there and i think that the democratic elite which is tied with this big money is very worried about that now as far as the rank and file democrats they have a kind of quasi religious faith in their party and their leaders and in the blame that's being assessed completely on russia for having devastated their chances in the last election when you're dealing with someone who's delicate who's a zealot when term end there. a religious belief that they would not be open to any
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kind of reason or any other any facts that would make force them to think i think that's why they often again story was taken down i don't want to be forced to think about what they believe and i almost religious way yeah because you know barack obama is the you know he was their great saint ok and hillary clinton was their god and god failed them go ahead jim you want to jump in yeah i want to say that they call that a cult done to zero says this in an interview that was a cult like situation morning joe got her to admit that and what's a cult that's a worshipping that is an. admiration that jim jones makes people drink the kool-aid well a lot of democrats have drink and they have drank the kool-aid when it comes the hillary clinton it is time to turn the page on it joe peter has done it i don't know get her go ahead see because i was going to say you know the democrats have gotten so have to be here also she go ahead jump in steve. no doubt she also claimed that she was treated poorly because she was black she felt like
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a slave she was treated poorly because she was a woman by clinton and heart people the clinton people i mean this is huge news again which will never be talked about look this is no surprise the media first of all they're politically aligned with the clinton philosophy and they love the clintons the clintons could do no wrong your amy and gave the connection to the dossier all this is being ignored by the media and when you look at the wiki leaks stuff you sort of mainstream reporters in the liberal media writing to john podesta oh is this ok it's ok well anybody of a hack or back from republican to hell i was with them for a week i mean this should be no surprise to us and it should be no surprise that you know it's very interesting with donna brazil you know pulling that the sexism card at me i guess now as a result all for all four of us consider ourselves good feminist because i find that kind of behavior of horror and fear i'm serious here right before we go to the . break here. what is donna brazil future is she going to be able to reincarnate
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say come back again for the third coming twenty seconds before we go to the break i think she will be coming back i think this is what this is all about she did not like getting pushed out of the party even though she has this little ethics board position she's letting them know ok i've got some. she's returning back to the democratic party that's why she's still in this. to get muscle well i'm us as i said earlier i don't think it's necessarily a bad idea for the country but for the democratic party if they continue down the same course i think they're going to get the same results and in the next midterm elections ok gentlemen we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on parties in crisis and stay with our. show here yeah amazon that's already an entrenched long awfulness that's octopuses
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us giant squid penetrating every facet of the economy and it's being financed by money that they can borrow in perfect perpetually at zero percent and buy anything without any trust regulations bumping into them whatsoever so then you apply that to maybe five or six times companies and five years from now you going to have just five or six giant companies the share prices will be exorbitant like they're google or amazon these are berkshire hathaway stock prices over two hundred thousand dollars a share. it's the cradle of jazz. we have. this jazz feel. a city of climatic contests trophies
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of alligators on the loose of poverty and crime are used by the least twenty zero zero members among friends close mouthed the murder of street racing in the heat of the night this is new orleans saw from the moment the best place in the world. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or something i want to press . you to try to be for us as a white woman for freedom or can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters about our. question.
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welcome back to where all things are considered i'm peter about to remind you we're discussing parties in crisis. ok joe i want to i want to shift gears a little bit here i don't want to just keep pounding on the democratic party which i really enjoy doing by the way but let's talk about the republicans here they have a very kind of different kind of problem though i think it's very serious here we have a base. came out for donald trump. districts in counties that were long blue came out red and there is the basis for a movement there but i see the establishment again i have just as much distaste and abhorrence for the republican establishment as i do for the democratic stablish went because they're in cahoots ok they just want to maintain power here this is
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the real dilemma for the republicans because i don't see that they're making much progress on. adding to what they achieved last year i think they're good can fall into a deep freeze what do you think go ahead joe i think both parties are in a very deep crisis and i'm enjoying every minute of it i want to see them destroy each other with the scandals that are engulfing them i'm completely nonpartisan because i can't stand either party and as a reporter i just follow the facts and that's why i wrote that piece about the huffington post took down they couldn't accept that i'm not a trump supported by any means but i don't see a bright future for me the priority the problem is what's going to replace if it does break down getting big money out of american politics is the key but it goes back to seven hundred fifty eight peter when george washington ran in the virginia house and he spent ninety percent of his campaign money to buy a hundred sixty gallons of booze to give out to voters and then we soared andrew
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jackson with his patronage and. and the big trusts oil steel and railroads took over the party then it took over politics in the late nineteenth century and gave us william mckinley who spent four million dollars of corporate money to bring us the overseas american empire the beginnings of it so there's a real and it's dangerous in some ways and it's going to be chaotic but i think it's hatched to happen and it is happening that both parties are losing legitimacy trump is doing a great job and witnessing for the republican party and now all of this internal fighting with within the democrats were brazil and clinton and what not and the fact that they we now know that the clinton campaign of the n.c. paid for the essence of what is the russia gate story opposition research that their credibility is is eroding by the day and we can only welcome this of course we don't know if you know well if you don't you're already joe that you have represented here and if you watch c.n.n. and miss them b.c. you wouldn't get that ok it takes critical eyes that people that are not just going
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into that kind of a zombie peavy ok steve you know one thing i'm going to give you a hypothetical steve. what if they'd been better maybe if the clinton people had broken their bad habit of lying and cheating and stealing that they've been doing for decades let's say that had been put in check last year would have been better that bernie did get the nomination and then trump i mean there is the most stark difference that i think we could have had in our lifetime as different agendas and i would have welcomed that and i would have welcomed an honest election not a rigged election i agree that the rip a g.o.p. primary wasn't rigged but the establishment certainly did everything it could to hurt their most popular candidate and that is a form of bringing so my hypothetical how would you answer that i think of it would have been a much more competitive race i think that bernie would have been a better candidate and i would say larry by all accounts democrat and republican accounts she was an awful candidate and she thought that she was entitled that she
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thought it had it she had. coming and she didn't listen to the advice of those around her and so she were i think bernie it would have made it more competitive i do have to disagree that the that that donald trump is is ruining the republican party i'll tell you that donald trump has reinvigorated the republican party i mean he look what he did last year year you know a little over a year ago now what's going on now which was also alluded to correctly is that a c. republican establishment it's the mcconnell's it's the ryans it's those people it's mccain it's they can't stand trial they don't want him to succeed donald trump is doing everything correctly he's doing what he promised he would do when he read and i think that. accusing donald trump of being a party to this you know problem within the republican party is not accurate ok joe if you would you just drop is doing oh look here you know go team in washington let's go to came in washington go ahead tim. just say that donald trump is doing
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everything correctly he doesn't really get anything done other than executive orders what does he do it correctly that look on the to do that hasn't had ordered public but to make that statement oh my god what did he get done what did he play as well legislation he's laid out a lot of people and he's been effective because he's the president. steve i have know you've gotten a lot of stuff that there has been legislation passed but if it but what hasn't passed is not trump's fault it's the establishment republican fault yet all leadership's fault they're studying him he's not doing it is doing what he's supposed to be doing ok joe do weigh in go ahead was it like a are going to go to cairo then it's going to hiring him go ahead go ahead joe yes i mean trump did not do what he promised he he did cynically manipulated the desperation of a lot of american working people throwing a lot of racist racist comments to to bring them along and he's not delivered on any of that he's his legislation has failed because the american people don't want
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to and that's been made clear in town halls he's awful health insurance plan this ridiculous tax plan and to say that it's not his fault that he's hurting the democrat the republican party look at the results of the recent election in the u.s. many seats were lost to democrats ok and the lack of you know those who hang on guys who stayed stage were ok you guys orders are in crisis both parties are and i think that they are in crisis i'd like gentlemen with think of two thousand and sixteen i think all of us would agree on the following that it was a change election a lot of people are very very sick and tired of the establishment parties and what we saw to a great degree was a protest vote now the problem is how do the parties react to that and i think both parties are not the establishment of both parties are not ok i think there are figures in the democratic party that are more progressive guy i'm a conservative guy really conservative i have i kept a really good relationship with a lot of progressive's i see a lot of find
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a lot of common ground with progress is on the issues as well it's this establishment republicans and the establishment democrats i can't i can barely on speaking terms with them ok because they're fail their signature is failure failure failure ok it's time to shake up the discourse and change narratives tim you're a progressive i think i think we could agree right. absolutely well yes you can agree and it's nice to meet you muffed my friend look peter i look at it like this big money interests is the problem it's not anything other than that it's one of sixteen wall street all the elections thousands of the fifty five million dollars spent by wall street so then we got back deregulation this is what goes on in america that's the real problem but go about it to donald trump and back to the democrats look we just saw what the democrats are capable of doing you've got to give him props on what almost fifteen d. a ses democratic socialists were elected that's the bernie sanders motto of course bernie said this could have won this thing if he was given an opportunity that's
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why a lot of us is so bitter with the democratic party we had a shot with bernie and we see that bernie's message of populism is resonating across the country speed job anyway in what how do you react what i want then why doesn't bernie speak out good point. i'm sorry peter i think you have a very good point i saw bernie the other. day the other night and all he said always said was we have to move on where is he where is he where is this great socialist sticking up for its principles and saying this was a week we were robbed how dare they bring justice nothing he couldn't care less joe let me go to joe you know what hang on let me go to joe here because i'm going to say kind of maybe a harsh thing here but where is the integrity in politics now you know it's the you know when we were growing up you know you remember how people made fun of gerald ford is the you know he was a bungler and all that i mean i heard his speeches on n.p.r.
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god forbid i ever listen to that station again this was like ten years ago he sounded like an intellectual compared to what what people say today you know you think you know there's i don't see high caliber people donald trump is in a category all its own i've already said in this program in twenty years time there will be a graduate course called donald donald trump studies ok because it is that vast and complex and deep ok but joe answer my question about this caliber of politicians because i don't see it's there. well i think to certainly to the discourse was a lot better years ago but i think that integrity in politics has always been in short supply not only in the united states but around the world so you're you're asking a lot there for integrity but not for leaders running for office to recognize the needs of the electorate where the actual majority of the people have a say and that they're not lied to manipulate it and that they their interest and looked out for i think that sanders at least his rhetoric was that he was going to
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do that and that's why he was popular so i think popular is a more progressive ism is the only another progressive era we're in a new gilded age it's even more unequal the unequal than the first gilded age and i think there's going to be a new progressive era that has to come about already not a states is in deep deep trouble and that can only come about by by the voices of the interests of the investment yard americans being again addressed on so many different levels ok and the destruction of the neo liberal policies started from the eighty's and ninety's steve how does trump deal with what joe just said there because there is a progressive wind in the country as i'm unable to turn it into an electoral successes here particularly since they were the election was rigged in the in the democratic party that is for me moving forward it is hillary clinton's malfeasance and illegal activity immoral activity that is really really gives a highlight flashes a light on the terrible moral status of american politics she and
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she alone and her husband. well look here here's what i think has to happen i think that the focus of the investigation has to turn to the clintons and everything you just mentioned or another special prosecutor has to be appointed you know there's this school of thought out there that's gaining some steam that this is all a bait and switch that trump appointed mahler and the fix was in they were going to make it seem like they were going after trump in collusion but they were really good eventually get to the clintons i don't know how they're going to get to the clintons but they have to if the clintons are held accountable if the clintons are punished legally or otherwise yeah it will put a whole new light on the political system and it will be a warning it will be a big big warning but to let it go on as as just well you know it's only the clintons here we go again leave them alone and nothing happens that will be a horrific thing for us politics steve i think you and in the most logical and
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sensible note on this program we've run out of time gentlemen many thanks to my guests and watch in the new york and in cairo and thanks to our viewers for watching us here r.t. see you next time and remember the last time. i'll. see you my. colleagues please. yet the emotions of the.
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i fear that we may see the iranians taking the first steps towards restarting the beautiful ground which will only further ratchet up tensions and further increased risk will be one big danger here this is not just about killing the video this is automatically putting the united states on a course of military confrontation and reaching.
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