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tv   News  RT  November 11, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EST

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lattimer putin says the u.s. is that tacking free speech by forcing r.t. to wear just as a foreign agent adding a tit for tat response from russia is on the table. riyadh's power play in the middle east intensifies as saudi arabia bombs together in defense ministry while also being accused of declaring war on lebanon. cia was the blower john kiriakou was removed from an e.u. parliament panel at the last minute simply for co-hosting a radio show on russian media outlets but they feel like they can't even risk even attend general association with the russians or with anything russian. and the u.s. military steps up its efforts to militarize space splashing the cash on you all
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we're told warfare capability. a very warm welcome you are watching r.t. international broadcasting to you live from the russian capital and mccarran our top story this hour attacks on r.t. in the u.s. are equal to attacks on free speech that's according to president vladimir putin he was answering reporters' questions on the last day of the apec summit in vietnam did fifty of soonish that exclude him and those who are doing this in the u.s. have always been proud of being the world's number one democrats and freedom of speech has always been the main value it here to buy them there's no democracy without freedom of speech and attack on our media in the u.s. is make no mistake an attack on. freedom of speech itself mr putin also promised
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that the russian government will come up with appropriate retaliation such retaliation may affect american or american funded media that are operating in russia this is a reaction to a very recent decision by the us department of justice to set a deadline for our team america our u.s. brands to register as a foreign agent and we were forced to obey because otherwise we would have been in trouble with the u.s. law but in any case as a foreign agent our t. america will now face and norma's challenges and difficulties something our editor in chief called unbearable conditions for a media organization aimed at destroying r.t. this brings us to why we're seeing all this hostility against russian media in the u.s. that's because of accusations of russian meddling in the u.s. presidential race according to american journalists are traveling with donald trump
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on his plane mr trump did bring this issue up during his few chats with a lot of our putin at the apec summit and here's a quote from donald trump that they shared every time he sees me he says i didn't do that and i really believe that when he tells me that he means it i think he's very insulted by it going back to vladimir putin's press conference here's how he addressed the many russia related investigations inquiries hearings that are simply nonstop in america i think that everything regarding the russian dossier in the u.s. has to do with only going internal political standoff it's simply parts of the desire to use anything in the fight against the current president despite this internal political standoff in the u.s. vladimir putin said as he did many times before that. moscow is ready to turn the
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page and look into the future for the benefit of both the russians and americans despite the poor state of relations between moscow and the west at the moment the second day of the apec summit to see some positive moments for example the russian and american presidents released a joint statement on the situation in syria they both confirmed their determination to defeat eisel in syria all insisting that syria is a sovereign country the president's also agreed that can be no military solution to that conflict while adding the final political settlement should be found through the geneva negotiations format as the director of the no source think tanks encourage the two sides are at least working in the right direction what we see from the very short statement that are very short details very few details we have is that the that the americans and the russians have agreed on key issues a to have the geneva process still center stage and also when it comes to
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future elections they would be supervised by the united nations syrians outside syria and i'd be able to participate in this so that's some sort of progress but at the same time it's good to have them agreeing on something rather than having this summit going on without them agreeing on anything which would be a huge disappointment a much anticipated formal meeting between the two presidents never transpired yet the pad did bump into each other more than one.
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the. saudi led air strikes have hit the defense ministry in yemen's capital sun are civilian casualties or fear just some of the buildings collapsed riyadh has intensified its bombardment of yemen in response to a healthy rebels' ballistic missile fired towards the saudi capital
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a week ago oh. oh oh of course over. oh. right after last saturday strike saudi arabia blamed iran for it saying to wrong supports who is the fighter is the latest senior u.s. air force officials that the ballistic missile was made in iran to run denies the accusations. morphemes are dismissed. that's been demonstrated in. their partner extras that depict that to me that connects the dots to iran in terms of supply. missiles and their capability from what i am going to enter although we do not even have the ability to transfer missiles to yemen it's the missiles and they've managed to increase the iran analyst and director of the international center for human rights are the shares are azadeh a believes yemen prove civilians are paying a high price for the gains saudi arabia and iran are playing in the middle east.
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both countries are trying to be the kings of the middle of iran and saudi arabia. already declare that it out of iran is impossible so i can't predict that they will come up with a result but that's the best strategy for civilians in yemen and even in the in the area well as mentioned the conflict between the two regional superpowers is escalating not just in yemen lebanon is also caught up in the rivalry while there and nurse or it is obvious that saudi arabia has declared war on the entire nation of lebanon not just has been largely in lebanon. the leader of hezbollah actually went on to claim that the lebanese prime minister is actually being held under house arrest by the saudis calling it an unprecedented
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in for intervention in lebanon's internal affairs and that's because lebanon's outgoing prime minister hasn't been seen since last week when he announced his resignation in the saudi capital and what's more surprising is that harare's own party back in lebanon who is in opposition to has also think the same thing that he was forced to make that resignation speech by saudi arabia and that he's being held there against his will putting the question of his whereabouts aside there's also the focus of his resignation speech that's something that's also very important to note in that he specifically ardently attacked iran accusing the country of planting discord and destruction and interfering in arab countries also warning that the hit their hand of influence in the region would be cut off and in the wake of all of that saudi arabia and three of their allies actually urged all of their citizens to leave lebanon immediately and that's a very frightening and open ended situation you know why should they leave what's
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going to happen there and here's where you sort of need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture in the region and that's when you have to look at saudi arabia and iran specifically the two countries have of course been locking horns for years and while there's no direct conflict between them it's always been through proxy wars and love it on is in fact a prime example of that hariri the prime minister who resigned his living leadership was supported by saudi arabia whereas hezbollah who wields massive power in the country is backed by iran and that leaves lebanon caught up in between those two major powers not only its broader strategy to confront iran because iran definitely does not start with a borderline inside of iran has its own border line they could go and fight their war there if they want to but the fact that. actually the reason where they give get out or their attention against iran increasing. tension and the war mongering
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rhetoric against the lebanese government and specifically only against hezbollah they're actually warning the president they are warning that the foreign minister they are warning the speaker as well that if you do not stop or by other words if you do not abide by what we are telling you the intervention direct intervention in the pull of a nice political spectrum then we will start a war to liberate the lebanese people from the grip of hezbollah. yemen has of course been engulfed in their own civil war for two years now and in that case saudi arabia supports the government that was ousted in two thousand and fifteen where iran backs the who's the rebels that are fighting the very government . again same sort of situation they're backing opposing parties saudi arabia is and iran is pro assad so it's everywhere in the region and all these proxy wars are sort of coming to
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a head it's the fear that this could push the region into a potential potentially bigger and more direct confrontation. the us congress has rejected plans to create a six branch of the military a special space corps the proposal has been passed by the house of representatives back in july but congress wasn't so keen and excluded it from the final seven hundred billion dollars budget for the upcoming year is amended the bill so that any american military space activities will be controlled by the u.s. air force but reports force commanders love the idea. little did you know this week may well go down in history the pentagon's announced it's weaponize ng space job one for an air force and an air component is to gain and maintain air superiority freedom from attack and freedom to maneuver unlike space superiority it's not an american birthright yet
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a resource that plan for the fight for it and when it the hints were all there almost a decade ago one hundred and seventy eight countries voted on the u.n. resolution to prevent a space arms race only two countries abstained the u.s. and israel washington also blocked a joint russian chinese effort to ban all weapons in space after all who is to say what is a weapon. any object orbiting or transiting through space can be a weapon if that object is intentionally placed onto a collision course with another space object this makes treaty verification impossible yet they keep saying that everything they do has a peaceful purpose take the x. s. y. and the spacecraft.
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a jet that could put satellites into orbit on the cheap probably means if you can take a satellite into orbit it can also take a hostile satellite out of orbit who is going to stop them there. last year the us put several mysterious satellites into orbit not your usual kind of ones that watch earth know these apparently monitor other spacecraft friendly neighborhood watch. the u.s. is not seeking to weaponize space our goal is to work with all responsible spacefaring nations to ensure a safe secure and stable space environment the u.s. air force is x. thirty seven b. which has spent almost two years orbiting the earth its purpose is classified its
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mission is classified its budget is classified. then you've got the various kinetic bombardment and global strike projects that the pentagon is reportedly pursuing they'll probably say that those a peaceful to sue peaceful in the pentagon's space budget was doubled last year from five to ten billion and next year it's going up this year's budget increases the eighteen budget proposal increases what the air force is is proposing to spend on space by twenty percent and we're shifting to space as a war fighting to me just think of the message these sends ready set arms race. well to back off this show frank stay with us.
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i think kid. the old situations are coming i have the stand pulpit on the stand that i shot if they are not in favor of it made toys coming good to live that it's good to the bordeaux for the shot but of the other side i think if they came back the old impression ofcom from patients that's a mistake on the western side too especially by the americans but also on the other side. what politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president for injury. or something i want to press
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. you to go on to be press that's what before three in the morning can people that i'm interested always in the waters of my house. sitting. hello welcome back we can now show you live pictures from the polish capital warsaw where thousands of far right activists have gathered for their annual march this event held each year on november the eleventh independence day and draws nationalists from other countries including sweden hungary and slovakia live pictures we're showing you right now on r.t. international this is slow burn up we want god to phrase from a religious polish song the organizers of the event are calling the gathering the world's largest far right march they expect one hundred thousand participants to
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turn out the event also includes a conference where american white supremacist richard spencer was scheduled to speak but he was banned from process occasion by the government. and living on earth prominent whistleblower asked to speak at the e.u. parliament found his invitation cancelled at the last minute due to his links to russian media john kiriakou co-hosts a radio program on the russian media outlet sputnik he's also been a frequent guest on this channel or kiriakou worked for the cia the cia for fourteen years in two thousand and seven and in a televised interview he revealed that the agency had been waterboarding al qaeda suspects he spent two years behind bars for whistle blowing we spoke to here to react to who described it has how he was removed from the e.u. parliamentary panel. i was invited to speak on two separate panels at the european
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parliament and the first one included a representative of the bernie sanders organisation people for bernie unfortunately that representative said that she could not appear on a panel with me because i'm associated with sputnik radio and she didn't want the appearance of bernie sanders appearing to endorse the russian media i laughed when she first said it because it was so ridiculous that i thought she was joking and then she walked away and one of the aides handed me updated schedule and my name was was not associated then with the first panel that's politics in america right now isn't it where where everybody blames the russians the russians the bad guys for absolutely everything and and they feel like they can't even risk even a tangential association with the russians or with anything russian for fear of being branded by their political opponents it's ridiculous it smacks of the one nine
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hundred fifty s. to tell you the truth i wish that i had better understood what was happening as it was happening but like i said a moment ago i thought it was a joke in the beginning and before i could even process what was going on to object the decision had been made to remove me and it wasn't until i was doing the television interview that i finally said to the m.e.p. wait a minute did i get thrown off that panel and he said well we didn't want to make a problem with the other guests and that i thought wow ok well american politics rears its ugly head even in brussels. and now for a bit of sport football world cup host rushes it just never we never really know to one of the tournament favorites songe and tina and a friendly at the newly revamped luzhniki stadion for more details we cannot cross live to artist anya well can see is that so daniel how is the match.
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well those funds hoping for gold for us that the luzhniki stadium tonight will really be disappointed the only winning goal coming in the eighty sixth minute as you say from argentina social good scoring i asked them he said suspiciously from my position where the attack appeared to be off saw all the replays along with the show what exactly happened clear of how the final shot and why this really cold weather they turned out all must have a look at the stadium able hardly dry and we thought worst mistake the stadium it's got the stands roof vents conditioning you name it it's been put in place through a venue worthy of hosting the opening and closing matches of the world cup next year the fun's didn't let us down and they made a fantastic display at the start of the game the russian tricolor sporting across the stands as well now as for the football this good news and some bad news will start with the last hour russia really does struggle to get control of possession
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throughout the game judge sauls has won limits of the midfield looked strained on the attack this smaller from the corner in the doing very well in the domestic league really struggled so isolated really struggled to make a threat on the walls in tinian goal that it wasn't supposed to for some pretty fantastic work from the keeper hugo organ fires for c.s.k. moscow russia could have conceded far more than they did and now let's take a look at the ground the context of the good news in tina revoice world champions why south american somethin's the rock force on the walls russia around sixty fifth that team is still coming together reeling from a poor performance in the confederation cup many people predicted them to be in the fall wasn't far easier than one half on not really wasn't the case they came out fighting in the second off created some good songs from counter-attacks even threatening the all isn't seen to go on a couple of occasions so really some positives that's like the way all the dross and see forced out of stuff is just off the my. from watching the four of us on the
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seat stick from the public from firearms over last months years they have a lot to improve on both the positives to take away as far as the team looking so bring on space in st petersburg just in a couple of days' time. one thing about football fans is they were brave any kinds of weather to make it to their match you can warm up now that's done your whole can thank you very much. over forty years after the end of the vietnam war and the u.s. has released a series of new videos of its military operations in the country the footage shows american aircraft dropping phosphorus bombs and napalm during the bombing campaign in northern vietnam the videos were filmed in the one nine hundred sixty five some ten years after the start of the war. during the vietnam war american america faced criticism for its use of chemical and fire logical weapons but veered off also became a testing ground for other sorts of weapons even going
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to do you think. and and and and and. and. the kurds or people repel or produce the food affects of wondering song in which haunting sounds said to represent the souls of dead were played in order to protect the superstitious snipers. who heard. her. a
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former nurse in germany could turn out to be the country's worst post-war serial killer recent toxicology tests reveal more than one hundred of his patients have been poisoned peter oliver has details bills h. drug to patients in his care over a six year period in the hope of being able to bring them back and being seen as some kind of reviving angel he was arrested in two thousand and five and jailed in two thousand and eight on charges of attempted murder the main motivation behind this was so that mills h. could step in and save the day bringing people back from the coast of death but he's also admitted in a cop twist that he also did this for kicks there was tension there and an expectation of what happened next it took a while before the crew scale of his crimes became evident following be widespread media attention his incarceration gathered one woman became suspicious that her
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mother may have actually been one of his victims a further investigation led to nils age confessing to having killed thirty by lethal injection that saw his initial seven year sentence increase to life in twenty fifteen police admitted that major mistakes were made if the clues had been duly investigated at the time even in golden horse hospital the deaths of many patients in our opinion could have been prevented by august of this year the forty year old was implicated in nineteen murders making him one of more than germany's worst serial killers trying to get to the bottom of just how many he may have murdered investigators have so far examined one hundred thirty four bodies and currently toxicological tests are being carried out in five separate cases to look for the drugs that were favored by mills h we also understand that further bodies
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are. to be a. field as poland and. prosecutors say they've linked. to one hundred and six cases. to admit they may never know the true number of people he murdered. on the back of the top of the hour with the latest headlines to me that. one hundred years ago russia was consumed by revolution and unprecedented violence is not an understatement to say the russian revolution. was a defining moment of the twentieth century how did it change russian. we all willingly accepted the risk of being shot wounded taken prisoner but noone was signed up to be friggin poisoned by our own people of seeing stuff that was
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nuclear biological and chemical products the said do not the truck tires all types of styrofoam polystyrene batteries trucks there was a complete denial i think at all levels of government that there was any connection between berm pits and what these brave soldiers were suffering from to compensate every soldier marine airman and sailor that was on the ground that are complaining about illnesses from exposure from the berm pits would really literally send a v.a. broke and they don't want to pay it so the wady in decades a lot of those soldiers will die in time and they will have to pay and. called relevant to the middle finger to be used to model is. delayed and i hope you don't . i fear that we may see the iranians taking the first steps towards restarting the nuclear program which will only further ratchet
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up tensions and further increase the risk of war that's the big danger here this is not just about killing the video this is automatically putting the united states on it out towards a military confrontation in the region. hey remember gold. yeah well you know it doesn't get a lot of buyers out there and now on google we see that the search for buy bitcoin is zooming ahead of buy gold and other stuff big data analysis max it's almost like you knew my headline before i even got to it that is my first headline in fact the headline reads by big queen overtakes by gold as online search phrase add big
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queen to the list of things denting gold's appeal bull yon's rally faltered in the past two months as the dollar strengthened and global equities set new records while concerns over breaks and catalonia as push for independence fail to drum up notable haven demand now between surge is attracting investor interest toward the cryptocurrency and away from the metal the biggest online vaulting service said this is in the united kingdom and they say that crypto currencies have kind of dented the appeal of gold right well the able to grow up online with apps the app a condom a then a stand technology and they understand bitcoin and they're flocking into bitcoin and right now but going to market cap is about.


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