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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 11, 2017 2:30pm-2:51pm EST

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currently influencing british politics after this week. i believe the israeli embassy in london is very active in the show in this country is that i was really impressed he is above the lou they can interfere they can actually tell the ministers what to do with the can influence the parliament they have a very strong and just you know few months ago there was a huge scandal diplomat in the israeli embassy telling the minister what to do and saying that we can't be could anybody we. heard of the israeli embassy in london in london was then sacked he was by. a huge scandal after a lot of criticism. of the government and also a lot of discussion in the media a lot of actually arguments so in the end he had to quit and that his government would throw him so because they don't want more problems but it did the same attitude could tell you you know mr bethell actually it was it was clear she
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maintaining a completely different line of contact with israeli officials ministers just reminders of the significance of pretty battell a cabinet minister visiting the elite israeli illegally occupied part of syria's golan that you know it is a golan heights it is occupied by israel and next these lands all the hearts britain did not recognize that is really an extension of that why she went there and where is the m i six why they did not actually discover this and why they kept you know silent about these contacts you have got is it with all these different people why do you think giving away six was incompetent here didn't visually have the surveillance of a british cabinet minister or m i six didn't know that a cabinet minister was on the illegally or. it is it is if we don't know this is you know sit back if we know and they keep silent it's. even worse so i believe
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definitely be should know she is a miniseries she's a company member and then al qaeda linked militants that are in the golan heights ring this place yes they are there are you know it is boiling area there is a war there and there are some. islamic state members who actually infiltrate that region there and even if it is a contact between the israeli and these terrorist group and the other side believe the photos because that would mean that the british cabinet minister was in effect supporting. linked militants trying to overthrow us or the same regime make them there we don't know maybe without without knowing there are you know members of al qaeda or members of the state so it is a breach security breach to be honest and beside it is that diplomatic breach between its government breach so why she was allowed i'll tell you because she believes that there is really are the closest ally of the british government
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influence the british government and they thought this is a legal thing if there is a me celebrated that bill for a declaration with binyamin netanyahu instead of commemorating this kind of the clinician which caused a lot of wars in that part of the world and she said we are proud to establish so why our cabinet member you know we didn't go that far with the israeli government over there is really minister maintain contact with them behind the back of the government i believe it is actually it is not because this is this is the british government the british government the conservative government is completely taking the israeli side ok well saudi arabia at the moment. where is refusing to say whether he is working with israel at the moment and what any plans it has but let's just go to yemen first because you know save the children we had them all on this show saying the only way that aid could come in through is this port in yemen and now there's
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a blockade. the problem is. the yemeni launched a missile a ballistic missile against the heart and it was actually intercepted by. me size which saudi arabia has a lot in its arsenal but how do we have they decided to actually to strengthen their blockade of all the older women and see completely so in order to punish him and for that under the pretext that they don't want that the yemeni whole thing is to receive missiles from iran advanced missiles from iran but you know there are sure of course denying that it is merely a early prince mohammed bin said a man in yemen he said clearly he's the crown prince of saudi arabia he said clearly you know we launched this war because we don't want another hezbollah in. yemen it means
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a thing is in his will or in yemen i don't think there is and hezbollah yes there is a horse and those horses are in particular part of yemen they are yemenis you know silicon valley we know that there are certainly in beirut because there are m.p.'s in the lebanese part of the nutley under the as well about what do you think that dog trump would have had to ok the elves went from this air apparent to the saudi or talk as regards the threats being made very clearly to lebanon after the southern exit of president hariri the situation in lebanon is deteriorating and yemen is heading towards you would escalate it could be a war that american talking start talks for the first time about that marrying. nineteen eighty three when a suicide attacks against the base in beirut killed two hundred and forty many's so this start talking about his beloved spearhead of terrorism. in the whole region
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and the stabilizing the whole planet so it seems now that the saudi joining the camp and we heard prince mohammed bin that crown prince saying clearly visible law is training and smuggling missiles whose is in yemen and there are threatening the stability of saudi arabia and we have to cut them at the head of the sneak in lebanon so i wouldn't be surprised actually that if saudi arabia and israel launch a war against hezbollah in lebanon because how the saudi actually will go and bomb hezbollah they have to go either through syria or through israel and this is the only way i believe. really fought with defacto major support but then what does i mean i want to get onto egypt in a second here. aside from any mediation what is iran syria
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iraq. going to do in the face of this kind of surge that's going to definitely there is a strong alliance now this strong alliance consists of iran syria iraq. and could be turkey beside his partner and if the. cutter even yeah but if this war and the war erupted in lebanon it will be and major brought and we don't know yet what this is you know the position of russia the position of egypt in this war so there may be an outcry. sleezy says he is opposed to war with iran or as well or yes he you know but he don't have the power anymore resurgent to give them the egypt has a very clear policy they don't want to interfere in wars in the middle east when the saudi put pressure on them to join them on the war to join the coalition saudi coalition the war in yemen you know sisi presidency as you know well i would not
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repeat the biggest mistake in the sixty's when egypt sent troops to yemen and more than twenty five thousand egyptian soldiers were killed so he doesn't want to send troops because he said civil times and even said that said that and hosni mubarak the egyptian army to protect egypt not to involve in other people territories and we have to remember egypt has a huge problem and it's worse than borders would leave here and they have a huge war taking place in sinai and the top of that you know egypt is actually about towards a war against if you will be or because of that another dam which will divert a little bit although all yes so this is a problem egypt is around as well i mean with russia and china were arguably failed in any kind of international responsibility when it came to the destruction of africa's richest. libya yeah if russia and china don't do anything when i
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do see the. conflagration especially as you say to prevent to recuse itself as well out of this this possibly complicated battle. it is very complicated pattern look at the stories in libya nobody managed to control the situation in libya the american the british the french they sent warplanes need to warplanes they destroyed libya and then you know left and the country is in a huge mess nobody can actually rectify this. very briefly are we could we see blowback if groups were hit in lebanon on the streets of london could this wide i mean we're talking about asymmetric war the problem is you know. now we have terrorism. and you know end up in the shape of. islamic state or isis so if there are going the american base saudi maybe another country
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going to bomb hezbollah to put on the terrorist list how can you guarantee that it has a book you want me to be accurate i would be a terrorist and i would bomb long but i would. i would bomb new york so it was out there a lot out of your own to do to put me that there is less i am already on the terrorists less you are bombing me so i want to defend myself this is the problem so we will have a sunny terrorism and she had terrorism can we afford that this is the problem why those people are igniting war on terrorism just finally how did we get to a position where it appears that the iranian revolutionary guard corps can decide who the british foreign secretary is everyone's waiting for their response over the . sentencing of a british subject in iran because of something boris johnson said you know i think the iranian are very wise and they are very we'll calculated people they are not actually rushing their decision and i believe they will use diplomacy and i wouldn't be surprised if they released this british citizen in order to try to
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avoid a problem with the british government but that doesn't mean that the british government will be a friend of iran so it could be after very least they could join the american if they have a plan. or a road map to bombardier and i think the british will will be important and they will join an american adventure against iran or against hezbollah this is for sure i don't believe that any british government will take any disease which could predict the american the plans or american wars they join the american in afghanistan the join the american war in iraq and the british you know second biggest also in the biggest troops after the american to iraq and afghanistan so i wouldn't be surprised if the british government did the same if there is a problem or a problem or a war against hizbullah lebanon. thank you after the break forty six years ago to the day of the release of fear and loathing in las vegas we speak
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which illustrate a real step with the documentary filmmaker jerry levy about political cartoons of fighting the security guards with dress codes and from the headlines of the current prime minister on the ropes and the potential prime minister in the wings of all the civil cover up about to have going underground. one hundred years ago russia was consumed by revolution and unprecedented violence is not an understatement to say the russian revolution will also be called a top was a defining moment of the twentieth century how did it change russia. thank you all. thank.
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you all this is not a good. the book. welcome back by the ticket taker right forty six years ago today people first read those words from hunter s. thompson as iconic novel fear and loathing in las vegas later adapted into the cult film starring johnny depp thomson style of writing blended fact with drug addled
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fiction perverse political reality with gross monstrosities and frenzied excitement in what became known as gonzo journalism ralph steadman visualize those stories traveling with andress thompson illustrating is twisted ideas and painting as political attacks ralph steadman and documentary filmmaker carrie levy came on the show to talk about their new book critical critters but rough also had a few stories about one dress thompson the vietnam war you would you lived in america during and i went over there for the great moment of u.s. foreign policy the killed maybe a couple of million dollars because of a weak president or him and. i didn't know i was going to meet undertones and i made a difference to me because i. i never thought anyone like him was around i mean a hundred times as not of fear and loathing in las vegas but how did he influence your work because your work is well known used papers influenced the politics in this country i did i'm just going to convince you well. i think i influenced him
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and the funny thing about him he had other why he done it personal i had a i had a little bit of time. no hope you know and i look like not and i'm not going to allow that to look at him because he's in a. zero. sum and in. english and yes. oh. because of any couldn't there is some purpose i said. you know we look at me and we look for each other for three days before we looked up in the press room and he said do. i mean you look at any reese's. well i have i said you bet. well i did once nearly missed in one hundred fifty two. and i won twenty one
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but to bob on it two shillings you see and. the replay the bet yeah there's no well maybe you want to race and i said ok so we watched the race and it won it in a pretty unit is white when you put it delicately something so ok i'll put a dollar on something kind of a moment just come on that one but i knew right and i put it on this one and last i said that's why i don't bet you see because i was going to be a sale i like that one and if you don't buy it you know we wins it's just kind of life you know it was more interested in the stories about the at the authority stuff i mean with a period of time when only goldens or journalism could get through establishment media bias yeah we actually got into the press through the press through the press room. and be friended the security man and i'm watched things from under that on like they're. stuck i was held and so i was on to
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they held him restrained and when we watched the. one thousand nine hundred two a nineteen ninety six seventy and i mean i seventy could god they'd simply walk on the seventy four second you're going to the j.f.k. assassination woodward you know no that was after you had before but watching what particular now we we were watching the political negotiate the convention. i did drawings i said from from under the armpit opposite purity meant like i was like that and i was going it what i was going to draw and so forth and that's how i did that i mean i did it with a sense of restraint had to be restrained i had to be restrained in doing it and so i'm doing you know drawings that i went under said ok do
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i like to meet my friends at the. pendennis club and conducting. this well with there's a friend of mine we have a stop that filthy scribbling by the way put together it's filthy how woodrow. we got there and then i thought it is a couple of scribbled you know and then it was a go getter the wife of one of his friends and i subjoin that and see the. island perrier how i'm petty and. given that he took it into moving us all richard nixon's wife i guess. it's a good thing that when you were down there political cartoon as an odd thing is an art in america as you found it during the vietnam war do you think you changed it ruffled a few feathers with it or i don't i know i did you realize clearly in the political cartoons we see in british papers today you're right and you know i don't see in
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them i would say they give you i will see no no i see things i think i recognize that. i'm of see it suddenly i see things that i've done in a funny sort of way and i don't fit as they all say in many interviews most of the political cartoons of the day that they are you are dead but i mean do you think your guardians are to visceral for the british newspapers of the room no why should they be allowed we're not i mean i'm very up to find the filthiest yet the most disgusting manifestation of human thought if i can come up with that and they are new of the dirty water technique is beginning to look like that you know that i could then if i could only find recognition in some of the people that are walking this planet today in the dirty for the filth if you like the slimy from where this book was created some sort of would you believe it i mean the newspapers the
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media are owned by a very few people on the way out use paper owners are on the way out people would have you wouldn't do a cartoon a group of murdoch it. why not and keep your job why not you might be restricted with the law and be nice to do anything brotherly lettering filing is is diapers as they go on in american diapers you know it's not play. what he's been doing up all the throughout his bread i hardly started with him he was falling everything you know the whole nest was now mine what he put some one in the nest i mean that's another one i haven't done yet i think i just thought of it that the the inside of a nest of trouble and what he gets up to in his nest. is a pretty foul thought it's too late for this book the times you know everybody's wish very hard to get anything new getting thirty eight probably not.


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