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tv   News  RT  November 11, 2017 6:00pm-6:27pm EST

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thank you. i'm going. to write. hundreds of thousands in barcelona demand the release of catalonia has jailed former leaders as the region remains in deep political crisis. a lot of your putin says the u.s. is attacking free speech by forcing our teacher register as a foreign agent adding a tit for tat response from russia is on the table. the u.s. military steps up its efforts to militarize space washing the cash on new orbital where warfare capability. and unexploded rocket is filmed on the streets of yemen's capital just a day after saudi led airstrikes hit the defense ministry there.
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a warm welcome to the program you're watching our to international coming to you live from moscow with me. massive crowds have turned out to protest in barcelona demanding the release of catalonia jailed former leaders the demonstration was held in catalonia as national day attracting i walking seven hundred fifty thousand people. thing. thing thing the rally was led by relatives of the police politicians who were jailed by madrid for their role in the region's independence referendum last month speakers at the stage read out letters some of the politicians wrote from prisons earlier the region's decade. ration of independence was formally unveiled by madrid local
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journalist evil we know it can chin sky has been following the protests for us hundred thousand people today gathered in barcelona to demand their release of political prisoners they came from all over the cut along and we don't want to think that the longer one of them thought that there was actually released yesterday there is freedom they were saying that they will and their children to grow up in democracy. here's a quick recap of what's happened in catalonia over the past month or so on october the first the region held an independence referendum marred by a violent police crackdown an overwhelming majority voted to break away from spain and independence was declared on october the twenty seventh later that day madrid stripped the region of self rule and ordered snap elections and last week eight former catalan ministers were jailed on charges of sedition and rebellion the following day madrid issued
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a european arrest warrant for the region's sacked leader while on friday the catalan parliament spokesperson was released on bail. attacks on r t in the us are equal to attacks on free speech that's according to president vladimir putin he was answering reporters' questions on the last day of the apec summit in vietnam. if you do lose students to those who are doing this in the us have always been proud of being the world's number one democrats and freedom of speech has always been the main value it here to buy them there's no democracy without freedom of speech and it's not going our media in the us is making a mistake and attack on freedom of speech itself mr putin also promised that the russian government will come up with appropriate retaliation such retaliation may affect american or american funded media that are operating in russia this is a reaction to a very recent decision by the u.s.
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department of justice to set a deadline for our team america our u.s. brands to register as a foreign agent and we were forced to obey because otherwise we would have been in trouble with the u.s. law but in any case as a foreign agent r.t. america will now face and norma's challenges and difficulties something our editor in chief called unbearable conditions for a media organization aimed at destroying r.t. this brings us to why we're seeing all this hostility against russian media in the u.s. that's because of accusations of russian meddling and the us presidential race according to american journalists that are traveling with donald trump on his plane mr trump did bring this issue up during his few chats with a lot of our putin at the apec summit and here's a quote from donald trump that they shared every time he sees me he says i
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didn't do that and i really believe that when he tells me that he means it i think he's very insulted by it go on back to vladimir putin's press conference here's how he addressed the many russia related investigations inquiries hearings that are simply nonstop in america i think. everything regarding the russian dossier in the us has to do with only going internal political standoff it's simply part of the desire to use anything in the fight against the current president despite this internal political standoff in the us vladimir putin said as he did many times before that moscow is ready to turn the page and look into the future for the benefit of both the russians and americans despite the poor state of relations between moscow and the west at the moment the second day of the apec summit did see some positive moments for example the russian and american presidents released
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a joint statement on the situation in syria they both confirmed their determination to defeat i still in syria while insisting that syria is a sovereign country the president also agreed there can be no military solution to the conflict while adding the final political settlement should be found through the geneva negotiations format british i mean p. re french says resolving the crisis will prove hard especially if russia and the u.s. remain at odds both to talking about is getting closer together and we're going on diplomatic solutions to problems not just in the middle east book around the world the fact is if we have an america. that does nobody any good if all of the sides involved understand that america and russia and the rest of the countries from the west all are actually on the same side eventually they have to be a rapprochement and they have to understand that they will have to work together it's not going to be because these things that are particularly in the middle east
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force it will have to happen and it's a good sign and america and russia how can truly understand. a much anticipated formal meeting between the two presidents never transpired yet the pair did bump into each other more than once.
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plans to create a six branch of the u.s. military a special space corps have been rejected by lawmakers the proposal had initially been passed by the house of representatives back in july but lawmakers have now decided to exclude it from the final seven hundred billion dollars budget for the upcoming year the bill was amended so that any american military space activities will be controlled by the u.s. air force but as more august and reports air force commanders love the idea. little did you know this week may well go down in history the pentagon's announced it's
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weaponize ng space job one for an air force and an air component is to gain and maintain air superiority freedom from attack and freedom to maneuver unlike space superiority it's not an american birthright yet a resource that plan for the fight for it and when it the hints were all there almost a decade ago one hundred and seventy eight countries voted on the u.n. resolution to prevent a space arms race only two countries abstained the u.s. and israel washington also blocked a joint russian chinese effort to ban all weapons in space after all who is to say what is a weapon. any object orbiting or transiting through space can be a weapon if that our jet is intentionally placed onto a collision course with another space object this makes treaty verification
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impossible yet they keep saying that everything they do has a peaceful purpose take the x. s. y. and the spacecraft. a jet that could put satellites into orbit on the cheap probably means if you can take a satellite into orbit it can also take a hostile satellite out of orbit who's going to stop them there. last year the us put several mysterious satellites into orbit not your usual kind of ones that watch earth know these apparently monitor other spacecraft friendly neighborhood watch. the u.s. is not seeking to weaponize space our goal is to work with all responsible
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spacefaring nations to ensure a safe secure and stable space environment the u.s. forces x. thirty seven b. which has spent almost two years orbiting earth its purpose is classified its mission is classified its budget is classified. then you've got the various kinetic bombardment and global strike projects that the pentagon is reportedly pursuing they'll probably say that those a peaceful to sue peaceful the pentagon the space budget was doubled last year from five to ten billion and next year it's going up this year's budget increases the eighteen budget proposal increases what the air force is proposing to spend on
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space by twenty percent and we're shifting to space as a war fighting to me just think of the message the fens ready said arms race. video has been released of an unexploded rocket reportedly fired by saudi forces lying in the streets of the yemeni capital the head of the bomb disposal team claims the rocket was likely targeting a police academy in the area it comes just a day after saudi led airstrikes hit the defense ministry there and it's feared there may have been civilian casualties as some of the buildings collapsed this is how locals describe the events and then a second rocket hit my house was destroyed wasn't i'm just an ordinary person i'm a bus driver i'm not a military commander not an agent of the state why did they do that to me my house didn't hold a single bullet to the fear that i had weapons so on. i want them to watch this i have nothing this is just
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a house and i'm the whole purpose of you that i was created you knew my head in leg were injured our houses were destroyed this is the result of aggression how how is this in their area are affected by the strike. riyadh has intensified it's been barred mint of yemen in response to a missile fired towards the saudi capital a week ago by cruelty rebels now saudi arabia was quick to blame it on iran's saying terrans supports hooty fighters later a senior u.s. air force official said the ballistic missile had been made in the ram denies the accusations. integrated markings on the business. that's been demonstrated. architectures that take that to me that connects the to iran in terms of supplying. missiles and that capability of someone i am going to end it which we do not even have the ability to transfer. the missiles and they've managed to increase
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the missiles range and iran analyst and director of the international center for human rights are the shares are azadi believes yemen proves civilians are paying a high price for the game saudi arabia and iran are playing in the middle east both contraries are trying to be the kings of the middle is he wrong and so and so with . the unsolved long only to declare that iran is impossible so i can't predict that they will come up with there is a loser and but that's the best strategy for civilians in yemen and even in the area. football world cup hosts russia's narrowly lost to one of the tournaments favorites argentina and a friendly at the newly revamped luzhniki stadium daniel hawkins was following the match for us but the brutally cold wet weather here on the fire the spirit states
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and. to see this spectacle of football at a new look. at some of the cells those hoping for a goal first would disappoint of the one goal coming out of the games. rosa speciously pouts from up olds from an offside position but russia despite struggling in would feel that especially attack pushovers in the second off they did play but they created some solace from counter-attack sort of plays and threatening the audience on goal as well so low there is much to improve on before next year certainly there are some positives to take away as well now we came to the stadium a few hours before the game to have a look around and see what preparations are on the way for the wall cup next year. the. last time i was here earlier this year the whole place was
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a building site now luzhniki has been the fabric revamped totally upgraded new pitch new seats new roof conditioning the way it has really been with. him the people ranking zoology team is full in the world russia is sixty fifth not the favorite in this game for many the chance to see measurements in action messi i will receive all of these simply miscible some of those we can use now to play here in russia it's gearing up to be a real festival. coming up in the program we'll tell you how a former nurse in germany could turn out to be the worst post-war serial killer in the country that morning after a short break. and
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. i think. the old situations are coming out of the stand pulpit. and that i'm sure is they are not in favor of the nato is coming good. to the good of the board for the ship but of the other side i think you think a bank the old oppression of confrontation that's a mistake of the rest. of the by the americans also on the other side. i see here that we may see the iranians taking the first steps towards restarting the new fears over which will only further ratchet up tensions and further increase the risk of the war that's the big danger here this is not just about showing the deal this is automatically putting the united states on the course of a. welcome
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back to the program over forty years after the end of the vietnam war and the u.s. has released a series of new videos of its military operations in the country the footage shows american aircraft dropping phosphorus bombs and napalm during the bombing campaign in northern vietnam the videos were filmed in one thousand nine hundred sixty five the same year the u.s. formally introduced compact combat troops there during the vietnam war america faced crystal became a testing ground for other. played in order to protect the superstitious snipers. a former nurse in germany could turn out to be with the country's worst post-war serial killer recent toxicology tests
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revealed more than one hundred of his patients had been poisoned peter all over the details bill was a drug to patients even over a six year period in the hope of being able to bring them back and being seen as some kind. reviving angel he was arrested in two thousand and five and jailed in two thousand and eight on charges of attempted murder the main motivation behind this was so that mills h. could step in and save the day bringing people back from the coast of death but he's also admitted in a car twist that he also did know what would happen next. it took a while before the true sgt following the widespread suspicion is that her mother may have actually been one of his victims lethal injection that saw his initial seven year sentence increase to life in twenty fifteen police admitted that major mistakes were made if the clues had been duly investigated or to time even in
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golden horse hospital the deaths of many patients in our opinion could have been prevented by august of this year the forty year old was implicated in one thousand murders making him one of more than germany's worst serial killers trying to get to the bottom of just how many he may have murdered investigators have so far examined one hundred thirty four bodies and currently toxicological pests are being carried out in five separate cases to look for the drugs that were favored by mills h we also understand that further bodies are to be exuded as far afield as poland and turkey prosecutors say they've linked germany's noxious nurse to one hundred and six cases. to admit that they may never know the true number of people he murdered people over r.t. . washington has been urging iraq to pull shia militias backed by iran out of the
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country now that their anti i said mission is over the u.s. congress is currently considering slapping saying sions on the militias however the response from baghdad has been harsh and it seems several other countries are also not exactly on the same page as washington. you need rogers and me to go a little while but you're right. that it bit over. country and the region no party has the right to interfere in iraqi affairs. if you go borrow watch the european allies and others might face the world. miss a meal really goes to me.
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that's a robber you can find us on any minute. that's already entrenched. that's. just giant squid penetrating every facet of the economy and it's being financed by money that they can borrow. zero percent and buy anything without any. regulations bumping into them whatsoever so that you apply that to maybe five or six giant companies and five years from now
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you going to have just five or six giant companies the share prices will be exorbitant like they're google or amazon the. stock price is over two hundred thousand dollars a share. one hundred years ago russia was consumed by revolution and unprecedented violence is not an understatement to say the russian revolution or bolshevik was a defining moment of the twentieth century how did it change russia.
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through the night. i was away for like one week and there were like five mass shootings we started two new wars the half of hollywood that weren't yet accused of sexual harassment have now been called out for women out there a meeting or some of the former d.n.c. chair suddenly realize the democratic party is as honest as an alcoholic mall santa trying to finish up for his ten hour shift yes i'm the real sad little boy yes but my flying reindeer will bring you a full size porsche just like you want for christmas now i get to buy lab three hundred ten i got to go. as
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a ride former d.n.c. chair donna brazil came out with a new book in which she reveals the entire primary election was indeed a rig financially that is not enough just financially just financially the book is actually in title to hacks and when i. when i saw that title i was very self-aware of her. impressed yet you don't see donald trump putting out a book titled sack of words. or canadian prime minister justin trudeau putting out a book titled i'm a fan bloated oil covered virus inside a backstreet boy skin suit. yes donna brazil is one of the democratic establishment hacks but still she has decided to reveal some interesting truths about our corrupt system she she said there was an
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agreement between the d.n.c. the hillary campaign and the state democratic party that allowed hillary and her people to both build their campaign coffers and run the d.n.c. a year before bernie sanders was knocked out of the primary here's how brazil explained the money laundering individuals who had maxed out their twenty seven hundred dollars contribution limit to the campaign could write an additional check for three hundred fifty three thousand four hundred dollars to the hillary victory fund money in the battleground states stayed in that state but all the rest was funneled directly to the d.n.c. which transferred the money to the hillary campaign three hundred fifty dowsett dollars per person per year before bernie was out of the race this is how hillary was able to bring in not money to compete even though the enthusiasm for her campaign was about the level of enthusiasm for having zero zero but cheap tumor.
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