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tv   News  RT  November 12, 2017 9:00pm-9:30pm EST

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so when you want to be president and you. want to be. actually going to be if you want before three in the morning people. interested in the water's edge. they should. a proxy war between two of the biggest powers in the middle east iran and saudi arabia has escalated directly affecting other countries in the region. hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets of costello and are outraged at madrid's crackdown on. leaders who were behind the region's independence. also this hour a highly anticipated formal meeting between donald trump and vladimir putin fails to materialize but the did chart on the sidelines of the apec summit site agreed to cooperate on syria. also this hour the u.s. justice department demands that all t.
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america register as a foreign agent by monday if it fails to comply with the channels could be frozen. a welcome to washington national live from moscow with me daniel hawkins just gone five am here in the russian capital. joining us this. now the geopolitical rivalry between two of the middle east's main powers saudi arabia and iran has been destabilizing other regional players yemen and lebanon. in the latest developments saudi led air strikes targeted the defense ministry in the yemeni capital that was back in march twenty fifteen that saudi arabia first began its incursion into yemen by launching an air campaign against the rebels who
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are backed by iran yemeni civilians have also been affected by the latest saudi led bombing here's what they told us is the shuttle. and then a second rocket hit my house was destroyed i'm just an ordinary person on the bus driver i'm not a military commander not an agent of the state why did they do that to me my house didn't hold a single bullet to the fear that i had so i want them to watch this i have nothing this is just a house. that i would feel if you knew my had been lacking or injured our houses were destroyed this is the result of aggression how is this in the area or fact this is the result of aggression how how is this in the area were affected by the strike. has intensified but bombardment of yemen in response to a missile fired towards the saudi capital we can go to the fighters saudi arabia was quick to blame it on iran saying to iran directly supports the who things later
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a senior u.s. air force official claimed the ballistic missile had been made in iran. markings on the business. that's been demonstrated. there are pictures that. to me that connects to iran in terms of supplying. missiles and that capability i am going to that we do not even have the ability to transfer to yemen. and they've managed to increase the range. a lot is what i gather they have takes a closer look at the current tensions between two of the biggest players in the middle east. recently barely a days seems to go by without saudi arabia making headlines and it almost always boils down to it's enemy iran it is a game of chess that spans an entire region on every front in every country
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the saudis see iran's evil influence. the huth the rebels in yemen who saudi arabia has been bombing for many years fire a rocket riyadh that the saudis could only describe as a rainy and aggression the saudis also ready to throw their allies under the bus to create an excuse to denigrate iran. q the lebanese prime minister holding a successful meeting with the iranians and then going to saudi arabia and out of the blue without warning declaring his resignation while launching into a tirade about evil raney an influence plunging the region into chaos and destruction. were overrun his presence it was discordant destruction and
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interfering through our countries in lebanon syria. yemen where i would like to be iran and its followers that they would be losers in there. you lose a poor and gain an opening then there's the blockade of cattle. a trade embargo seva ties ultimatums and warnings punishment some say for cata daring to deal with the rain ians and then there's syria the saudi sponsored rebellion is dying that. the hardest allies are losing and asaad is winning and while syria may have unexpectedly checkmated riyadh hear the saudis around picking up attacks on iran on other fronts truly this is an international game of chess with nations and populations at stake ironic given that last year saudi
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arabia's highest islamic cleric banned chess saying that the game causes enmity and hatred between people and even when played on a giant geopolitical scale well it looks like he was right. now the unexpected resignation of the lebanese prime minister has only added to the tensions there's been speculation saudi arabia could be holding saad against his will riyadh has denied these claims himself has just given his first interview since quitting and he said his freezer leave saudi arabia whenever he wants a home and look how look i'm free and rubio if i wanted to leave tomorrow i would leave tomorrow all lebanese people need to know that i did resign i know it's not an order it we're resigning any prime minister i know that but i did it because i
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wanted to send them into shock positive shock so lebanese people would realize that our country is in danger. now meanwhile saudi arabia and its allies kuwait the united arab emirates and bahrain have all of their citizens to leave lebanon immediately with our stylists for their take on the current situation between saudi arabia and iran. riyad is rolling out an entirely new plan no to create chaos in the region where a recount and lebanon not geve little blue is an easy shot it's a low hanging fruit there is a great momentum right now as i'm speaking this week in saudi arabia to try and create some sort of military strategy against iran to destabilize around or or any of iran's proxies in the region saudi arabia is isolated in the ne in the emerging new we believe they've lost in syria because of the feel of the dash project they'd lost in iraq i was just back from baghdad and they're talking about that it's about
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not buckin as they should but about iraqi national unity they lost again with the blockade against cut there they are losing the war on yemen which is horrifying we then saw thousands of civilian casualties and supported by the u.s. congress for that matter and using american weapons and uki weapons and now they're trying to change the narrative they're bringing the run they're trying to ratchet up a confrontation involving level which is caught in the crossfire and it still is the same old story is saudi arabia against the run and countries see in the middle east states are going to be caught in the crossfire. of a spain where on saturday night a massive crowd turnout in barcelona demanding the release of catalonia is jailed former leaders them astray sion was held on testimony as national day it attracted almost a million people. i. think . that if we are here to have a free country at risk and with
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a push to mourn here he and all of the catalan government are in our hearts. i went to all of the demonstrations because i long to my grandsons to have a life that we didn't have. we're here to defend our politics defend those currently in prison and to defame democracy and here we do find our human rights far as flower culture for them for our children and they fear. of the spanish prime minister is now in barcelona he's attended a presentation of his party's candidates for the upcoming regional election he's also vowed to end what he calls separatist havoc the whole hosting the gathering was full of people supporting spanish unity waving both national and catalan flags . earlier this week of course prone to violence protests spark clashes with police activists try to block railway stations in the cities of barcelona and zero.
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this came after a general strike brought much of the region to a halt again in protest over the jailing of the region's former leaders madrid accuses them of rebellion and sedition and has an old castle. of independence. are several members of the deposed leadership fled to belgium where they're now waiting to see if they'll be deported back local councillor mess traveled to brussels to offer support but were confronted by a spanish unity rally we spoke to. a spokeswoman for the european partnership for independence she joined us from one of the pro dependence protests in the castle on capitol. hill. thank. you for a. ride back on you. and. you. know. i would rate it's very
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good to point that out for this day. to make believe that they are the ones. when they are the ones bringing nevada and i know. you know good and bad the way. they. do why no. national trait is. that they promote the south so many nations under you my son writes in that i legitimately dance my little guy. says the shuttle r.t. america has been given until monday to register as a foreign agent in the united states that comes on the orders of the us justice department now a forty america fails to do so its bank accounts could be frozen the order was made under legislation adopted over seventy years ago before the second world war to
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counter nazi propaganda but the question of our looks at the reaction to the move. we are a news channel but at the moment we are in fact as the news of the mounting pressure on r.t. as this week coleman eats it and an ultimatum sent to us by the u.s. justice department r.t. america has been required to register as a foreign agent in the united states by monday with been left with no other choice but to comply but artie's editor in chief says the channel is being forced into conditions and wish it simply cannot war with. me just imagine you work in the media and have to sign everything you do with foreign agent or produced by a foreign agent how does it feel for any media outlet to disclose its personal data its contract to have to declare any interviews that you do to ministries and institutions this can be called part of the job these conditions are aimed at
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destroying us as mass media at the moment russian lawmakers are drafting tit for tat measures targeting american finance media in russia well there is a list of candidates that might be headed by vote and among them are c.n.n. and voice of america radio liberty and its korean time television channel but the crackdown on r.t. and the us poses some very uncomfortable questions. those who are doing this in the us are always been proud of being the world's number one democrats and freedom of speech has always been the main value at here to buy them there's no democracy without freedom of speech and attack on our media in the us is make no mistake an attack on freedom of speech itself. the pressure has been mounting on r.t. ever since we were accused of somehow making us voters to strunk over hillary last year but can one channel really will that much power or is this just in
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a town to say i fell alternatively. i was staying in the united states to get us president donald trump has said better relations with russia would be key to solving world crises like syria and north korea he was speaking the day after the apec summit in vietnam we have to get to work to solve syria to solve north korea to solve ukraine to solve terrorism and i feel that having russia in a friendly as opposed to always fighting with them is an asset to the world and an asset to our country not a liability getting along with other nations is a good thing not a bad thing believe me. a formal meeting between the russian and the u.s. presidents had been highly anticipated though it never actually happened apparently due to showing problems nevertheless the two leaders did briefly catch up on the summit sidelines and even released a joint statement on the situation in syria. let's take
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a look what was in that statement they did both confirm their determination to defeat islamic state the president's also agreed there can be no military solution to the syrian conflict they added a final political settlement should be found through the geneva talks format and also stressed syria is still a sovereign country however putin and trumps common views on those issues immediately sparked a backlash. on burden claim trump was intimidated by the russian president while former intelligence chief james clapper dubbed the friendliness naive and even a threat to america. very naive and again for perilous to this country to make an assumption that russia is going to behave with. the best interests of the world or the united states in mind the following his meeting with from the other trump took to twitter to address his critics he underscore that russia's help is necessary in resolving many of the world's
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conflicts when will all the haters and fools out there realize that having a good relationship with russia is a good thing not a bad thing they're always playing politics bad for our country i want to solve north korea syria ukraine terrorism and russia can greatly help. i'm michael patrick flanagan president at finding out consulting and former congressman thinks partisan politics lies at the roots of the attacks on the us president. i think the agenda is that brennan particularly is a d.n.c. guy not a professional intelligence guy he's a d.n.c. guy was put in the job and they he has a desire to see the democratic national committee succeed and if trump succeeds they can't it's a zero sum game for them and so i when these things come up they talk about oh trump is wrong trump is naive trump is bad on these things and they use and they burnish their credentials to try and make their point there they are finding it
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recently at least that they have fewer and fewer people standing next to them going yeah they're right those these two are pretty much alone now saying these sorts of things because we cannot go on with our minute anime's around the globe as these two apparently want us to have and having a permanent enemy of the russians is insane and i don't think trump is interested in doing that as a dealmaker he wants to wants us to proceed successfully in the world wants the world to proceed successfully and look at his goals it's not territorial ambition it's not making money for the clinton foundation it's solving the crises in syria in ukraine in north korea and elsewhere and doing it with not only with russian cooperation. dozens of people have been killed and hundreds injured as a result of a violent earthquake at the border region between iran and iraq on sunday the exact number of victims is still unknown so far multiple sources that report a death toll ranging from sixty people up to several hundred but the powerful tremor of seven point three magnitude was centered in eastern iraq and all reports
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of severe structural damage in that area will bring you more when we get that information coming in. in other news colossal bribery and fraud has engulfed the u.s. navy that's according at least to prosecutors in the so-called lead case is now revealed the true extent of the scandal. well let's take a look closer the initial inquiry took place more than four years ago when twenty eight personnel including two admirals were indicted now it's transpired four hundred forty navy staff are under investigation and includes more than sixty admirals and scores of officers all of them are suspected of sharing secret information in return for bribes such as alcohol and prostitutes that entity's of the majority of people implicated are being withheld to avoid jeopardizing the investigation the release of such information would likely reveal sensitive details about the breadth and scope of the criminal investigation and pending cases. now
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these revelations are being described as the worst corruption scandal in u.s. navy history yet some surprise that handing over classified information to a foreigner is being treated as fraud. as the details but what did they do well allegedly they were seduced by leonard francis aka fat leonard he offered them booze parties luxury hotels and cash in exchange for information about where u.s. navy ships were going in the pacific ocean he did this in order to earn contracts now fat leonard aka leonard francis is in a san diego jail so giving away military information launched an inquiry into corruption now these navy officers admitted to giving away ship schedules and they pleaded guilty to bribery but leaking and giving up classified government information under u.s. law isn't called bribery it's called espionage why is the espionage act not being applied to corrupt navy officers christian saucer took some photos with his cell
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phone in a classified area of a u.s. nuclear submarine nobody paid him anything and he didn't leak them to anyone he simply lost his cell phone well he ended up getting sentenced to a year in prison now his mother thinks her son got a raw deal in two thousand and nine there was no cell phone ban on submarines at that time technology was new and didn't catch up maybe hadn't caught up yet and i really have no doubt in my mind that it was a twenty two year old guy that wanted to get out of where he worked yeah we were ready took pictures and so forth were allowed and now when it comes to whistleblowers who reveal u.s. forces killing civilians or the n.s.a.'s massive surveillance it doesn't take long for them to be charged with espionage.
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months later i started working at the agency where you were at the time were did you. saw it looks like photographers without malintent and whistle blowers get hit with stiff penalties but if you're a good ole boy in the u.s. navy brass and you trade military secrets for sex and cash well it looks like the stiff penalties just don't apply caleb mop and are seeing new york.
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hundreds of moral can football fans have clashed with police in brussels following their country's qualification for next year's world cup when russia. was violent when riot police want to kind of at the crowds in an attempt to bring them under control police claim twenty two officers were injured water a number of cars were torched in the clashes. and of a sort of the revolution that led and throughout the week all he's been running in nine hundred seventeen live to find out how exactly events were unfolding minute by minute one hundred years ago now some of the latest off feeds opposing sides on the revolution a coming fight then of course none of petrograd of the city and are now trying to recapture holdouts in the suburbs. but. we're talking about october because soviet russia adopted a new hour on the twenty fifth of october nineteenth and they used in most of the
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world is a short recap of what happened in russia all those years ago. it's october nineteenth seventeen and russia is fast approaching one of the most radical turning points in its history the country had been turned upside down by the february revolution and exhausted by the first world war. arrived in pain tsar nicholas the second living in exile in siberia with his family following his abdication seven months ago the provisional government occupying the russian monex main residency the winter palace moderately liberal and aiming to create a new constitution then their friend emmy's the petrograd soviet group formed workers and soldiers the two institutions are supposed to share power but in reality are competing for it and that's where the bolsheviks and vladimir lenin come in. it must be explained to the masses that the soviet to work his
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deputies is the only possible form of revolutionary government place power in the hands of the proletariat and the poor a structure of his injury. the bolsheviks promises essentially boiled down to this power to the soviets piece to nations lands of peasants and bread to the hungry it took them just two days to come to power on october twenty fourth and twenty fifth they swiftly seized post offices key railway stations the state bank the port and other strategic locations across the city at a quarter to ten pm a blank shot fired from cruise aurora signaling the stars of the storming of the winter palace biter revolutionaries occupied the new bolshevik government was formed. with lennon at the helm. in the last leg of his asian top donald trump landed in the philippines on sunday but he
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didn't get the warmest of welcomes on the capital streets. i had to protest against the visit protesters burned u.s. flags and police used water cannon to push the crowd back. from me for now we're back in a just on the half an hour to have more news from around the world stay with us you know.
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i fear that we may see the iranians taking the first steps towards restarting a new program which will only further ratchet up tensions and their increased risk will be one big danger here this is not just about killing the deal this is automatically putting the united states on of course of the competition. i think. the old. coming and the stand pulpit. is they are not in favor of the nato is coming. to the border for the show but on the other side i think if they came back the old oppression of confrontation that's a mistake of the west especially by the americans also on the other side.
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act had. a clip of plea state that the abuse related to contracts awarded to k.b.r. represents the most blatant and improper contract of abuse i have witnessed due in the course of my professional career it's suspicious on how we got to move big contract because dick cheney before he became vice president was c.e.o. of halliburton he left. with twenty million dollars worth of stock options from nine eleven till two thousand and nine and those stock options quadrupled in price he made about a billion dollars off the war there's a great future he. defended the woman who is no longer about being interviewed and the american enterprise institute he says he would be a disaster as the fans who are we going to waste it she goes oh number. of units one for. his work for home for the nation hundreds of millions of dollars
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next to the. u.s. military contractor k.b.r. is under legal fire today over real fires in iraq the firm is charged with causing illnesses from massive burn pits used to incinerate garbage there. the veterans who are now suing k.b.r. because of their what they believe service connected health interests say that k.b.r. short sighted didn't install center raters when they should have had burned all this hazardous waste when it was a guess the o.t. regulations to do so and as a result they're sick of all the contracts that k.b.r. and. received require them to comply with e.p.a. regulations the allegation is that k.b.r. rather than complying with the contract complying with these environmental
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regulations disposing only of what should be disposed of using incinerators doing it the right way for reasons often related to profit margins was disposing of dangerous toxins in a way that directly impacted the health of soviet troops. seeing stuff that was nuclear biological and chemical products this said do not buy truck tires all types of styrofoam and polystyrene batteries trucks quite a bit of different stuff. that should have been segregated out it was mine it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out if you're k.b.r. employee and you're throwing. biological medical waste into the. into the burn pit tires and anything else. did that is known to be a toxin. then you're you're careless and you're you're putting people's
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health in jeopardy and that's exactly what a lot of these k.b.r. contractors were doing. for me to accept. is if i don't.


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