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tv   Cross Talk  RT  November 13, 2017 3:30pm-3:54pm EST

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am has been working at an orphanage there where children of suspected are still fighters were left stranded and thankfully though we are places that with the help of our viewers we have managed to reunite many of them with their families. were to take our bit more who was. searching. for them and you bring up most of. the work. that.
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you know. why france is considering changing the laws around sexual consent it does follow the acquittal of a man he was charged with raping an eleven year old girl he was unable to be prosecuted for right because there was no evidence that what took place was with that consent showed it dubinsky reports. who thirty year old man was acquitted of raping the eleven year old girl when he was twenty two years old
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this is a case it's been in the court system for some time in france and the fact that he was acquitted of raping this eleven year old girl has caused absolute controversy here in france people describing an eleven year old child as being innocent as being unable to give consent to sexual relations godless of what the situation was now some of the details of this case have been pretty horrific it turns out that the girl who is eleven years old at the time she became pregnant following that sexual encounter and then later gave birth to a child a child that's now in the foster system here in france well that's led to french ministers discussing a proposal to change the law to create a presumed age of consent in france but ministers say that that presumed age of consent could be as low as thirteen and that has caused extreme controversy here in france with many people unhappy that
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a child at the age of thirteen could be able to say yes or no to having sexual relations scandals proposal governments or media what do you have inside your head france will become a tourist destination for pedophilia thirteen years still too young why do we absolutely want our kids to grow up so fast let them be children fifteen sixteen years is an age reasonable for sex questions well it's not just the only case of its kind here in france just in the last few months another man was acquitted of raping another eleven year old girl another time we spoke to some children's charities who are absolutely outraged at the court system here in france could deem that a child that young could give consent for sexual relations now one other time when we spoke to them they demanded that there be an immediate change in the law but they suggest that that lowest age you presume consent should be fifteen and certainly not the thirteen that's now being scuffed by french ministers we got some
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reaction to the story today from people in paris. but see ridiculous lilo thirteen is the first stage of a teenager i personally think it should be the age of consent should be sixteen at least i think that's what it is world wide don't sway to a hospital or something cause i think thirteen is very young to decide on the issue i guess fifteen is the most reasonable age for sexual decisions. it is easy to manipulate a person of the age to consent that's terrible thirteen is young enough for. now the creation of a unified european army could soon be a reality twenty three member states have signed a new joint defense pact called pescadero and it's being promoted to you by france and germany our europe correspondent peter oliver explains what this could mean for the block. permanent security cooperation or pascoe is essentially in layman's
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terms a military agreement it would allow the free movement across borders across national borders of military hardware and personnel without them having to be stopped to be checked its architects say it's being drawn up in response to the threats posed by . and by russia it is worth noting though that two of the big boys at the european table in france and germany have very different ideas about how they see pescado operating in reality france well they say that they wanted to be a much smaller force a much more targeted force that fits with current french military operations that are in that are under way where is germany here in berlin they're saying it should be a more all encompassing group which its critics have said could make it less effective the whole idea behind tesco and what it may lead to a european army were expedited talks on these were expedited following the vote in
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two thousand and sixteen by the united kingdom to say that they were going to leave the european union the u.k. had long been an opponent of an e.u. army but we're expecting now hear from yen stoltenberg the nato secretary general a little later on to find out what he has to say about what federica mocker a need the e.u. foreign minister in all intents and purposes says is a historic day when it comes to european defense but over all of this has taken place in the context of nato and there is no real difference because the policies which have been. created and spirit very much confrontation against russia at the nato so i think it is because he is german the saudis are also having the possibility to do actively military action i think it will help to simply with the titans of the american film industry falling and movies been cancelled. just
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appears to be hollow words the worst kept secret the hollywood sexual harassment scandals couldn't get worse i can't remember anything like this ever happening before in the film industry it is a new one out every single day and the story is not done yet i mean we're still every day there seems to be a new disclosure well the latest personality to be accused to star trek back to george takei but he appears to be turning to the all too familiar scapegoat russia to explain the intense media coverage you know he will discuss the twist with samir kill. well it seems like the u.s. can't go a day without mentioning russia and now in the latest george takei star trek star who i'm sure you've heard of is now attacking russia after very serious accusations of sexual assault ok spelled out first rush blamed for this how come well this seems like quite the stretch but in a deleted post attack a actually tweeted that russian bots were amplifying the allegations and now in the
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same tweet he posted a chart which showed that russian trolls were almost exclusively targeting him so apparently these so-called russian trolls have nothing better to do than spread gossip but how do we actually trace it back to the russian bots in this case well the source the alliance for securing democracy is entirely dedicated to tracking russian influence on twitter but in their methodology they explained that the six hundred accounts that they monitor aren't necessarily controlled by russia they also mention that not all content is created by russia but the majority of the content is created by third parties so what's been the reaction to this are people convinced by what he had to say surprisingly no instead of ramping up the russian hysteria they actually mocked his claim so this is quite the refreshing change from what we've seen in the past.
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and i discussed the story with media analyst lionel he says that the allegations against russia. he should have said the cling on may have done it no he says russian box so let me get this straight they're going to get back at you by repeating something which apparently may or may not be true they're not making this up they're not live for so least specious idea that somebody is going to go through all of this work to make some stranger and some cryptic association with some has been star trak make any sense but it's great commentary.
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the presence of russia and turkey have wrapped up a meeting in the russian black sea resort town of sochi they were discussing the war in syria and improving bilateral trade links. was that their joint news conference afterwards brings us the latest. monday's meeting between poutine and there the gun lasted several hours but in fact they didn't share a match of it with the journalists and questions were not allowed either we know that many international issues have been discussed but mainly theories both russian and turkish leaders have pointed out striking quite satisfied right now with how the two countries cooperation progress into and violence in syria and that they both believe that the reason is solid ground created right now for a political solution to the more than six year long war in syria both sides have agreed that the focus should be on the effort he's able to provide long term
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stability and there is good that they are right now happy with how it is progressing but they still have to boost these actors before coming here a turkish president said that the states not considering a military solution to the syrian crisis should pull their troops out of syria russia u.s. and turkey all have troops on the ground who have been able to talk about that what exactly does that mean did the president mean with turkish foreign minister and he told me that this should only show that political solution is the only possible solution that turkey right now considering for a way out of the syrian crisis to have to say that the minister has been very positive in answering my questions and we even had kind of a personal chart after this interview that i have been doing facebook lives for the future not the sort of. person. you think.
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everyone was. very evident in here. so it's quite became a reason for a. relative as you remember the relations between russia and turkey.


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