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tv   Documentary  RT  November 13, 2017 6:30pm-6:58pm EST

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change russia. it's the cradle of jazz. the america we have. this jazz feel. climatic. alligators on the loose of crime. family. murder of street racing. the night this is. the best place in the. six. returns for morning practice a busy day ahead. and help the group prepare for tomorrow's.
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day. harshit. would you then like. our share. king issues will not only is there on. weekends it. just doesn't b.s. you build a. business. that was only about. invite you. and the pentagon was becoming.
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a time of this. time with hope. and above all mama socialism you can get a life it's the abaya of your lips of say the ninety been controlled by that i should stand this would seem to count as so. i can call my mind and call to have a town in the one should not overshadow. for a month or so coverage america let's all take this risk to dismiss it out here and in the way it's to go show like a problem on my side to see if halfway along my path will clack natural gas stations you. build from the council. if you want. a. parent stay at the school but no one came to visit. the.
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gong is quite upset a daughter she could borrow a fun to call him of. her. kids. or a mama. mr. mom. they are similar cars still are. shot. so. how. do. you do something. you. think.
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oh is it ha. ha. was the man was he. what he has been like any other school girls john and her friends like nothing more than to get together and gossip . well given what it did say was she's telling them about her training sessions with the junior girls what they've mentored him hold her little sure show you one if not then who are. not.
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this evening off to classes prepare for tomorrow's exam. personal belongings out encouraged only one tablet is allowed for every five pupils all the students are practicing for the coming graduation party garlock onset it's.
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just a bundle. some of them are so much fun time. oh yeah. that off before you only out fully all day about what you're from your job i'd be a good. boss a help this is. so much fun there's a. point here that i want to sing your song. sail. common culture i'll note it. isn't. clear. than us on the on what you miss out.
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on us male. i will say look a bit of the. genius those of us here this is those ladies out there that hear. see avoid us with all their fuel for gold home. so. tell us. the home you know was charging the phone on. mama. a million hot one hundred pounds a hot mom. the most unusual
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one. after lengthy negotiations with the school board joan was allowed to come with us to the show and temple. she'll soon have a choice to make. to continue our training at the school pool go back home to her mother.
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we're going to. show all. those women goalball you'll want to know one. of all your wall. can be. known solitons is. no me pink i love the. sumit so much that's. on the little song. gold hi-lo that.
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she sing tongue. bottom of. the top. one. of. the least kusama team you will not soon show all. women and children into don joe sure it's true blood on the elite. team you. call b.s. you know what you don't which is a to see me. all watch what items from the. field so much homilies sure. some might say mom was handling in
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a chill. on the home with notional shooting him back to. back. africa zooming in africa is going to be a come to power house i think is going to be the twenty first century winner in the crypto world because they're already on
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a mobile phone already exchanging and dealing on the currency so are any light years ahead of america europe india africa maybe that's one thing about moving to africa now any part of the revolution in africa. at play for many flips over the years so i know the gaming sorry guys. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money just kill the narrowness and spending to do the twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy played great so will more chance with. the base he's going to. i fear that we may see the iranians taking the first steps towards restarting the new
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program which will only further ratchet up tensions and further increased risk of the war just a big danger here this is not just about killing the deal this is automatically putting the united states on it was a military confrontation reaching. its . you know the million remediating improve your memory of the u.s. president wraps up his five nation tour of asia offering to mediate an international disputes and promote seeing u.s. ons exports also this hour the french government pushes for tougher laws in sexual consent tougher man is acquitted of raping an eleven year old girl and a landmark deal between moscow and flemish forces helped bring dozens of russian
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speaking children safely home from syria after that parents joined islamic state and.


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