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washington post just ten mega donor individuals and couples contributed nearly twenty percent of the one point one billion raised by super pacs by the end of august in that presidential election cycle of last year the new gilded age of politics is here in washington and around the world it is not going anywhere which is why we are watching the hawks. but you get the. real look. at the bottom. of. what they like you know that i got. with. this. week so. welcome everybody to watching the harks i am tyrone ventura and tabitha wallace so if you will you marry again we're going to take our
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money go somewhere. that there's a mock receive apparently that's the democratic party that just needs to rebranded as the party of business why you just make a billionaires party of them why don't you just be honest well they already are the party of business let's let's let's who are in it they're not you know all both the major criticism is country of the party of business at the end of the day he's going from goldman sachs to major wall street firms you have this guy who is you know made is billions and i am shares yeah so you know excuse me if i don't exactly consider him them or are better into politics i'm not smother them with you know call but look you know look i you said the interview he said the interview with them was i'm busy you are my money and i don't take that away from you probably worked very hard for your body throughout the course of your life but let's also take a step back and remember something that you were born. into
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a culture where you know you have the right skin color rather race gender you did all these you did you were already ahead of the before you know you haven't got started so let's try to take away from know how hard it was learn your money but at the end of the day remember that we all can't be billionaires we all can be millionaires goes with one hundred million dollars some of us in society actually need help. why we're so let's get rid of the wealth and income and that's what they were adopting what's kind of hilarious about that is that here is a man who made his money. preying on the hopes and dreams of middle class working class americans with timeshares you can live the life i have as a billionaire for a fraction of the cause just pay for it later put it on put it on credit. so excuse me if i don't exactly take his lines it's doing that now the washington post also i think was really interesting is while you have you know someone like him going i'm
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not going to give money to your campaigns if you don't do this well the washington post reported that more than four hundred millionaires and billionaires will reportedly ask congress not to cut their taxes on a letter this week in response to the g.o.p.'s latest tax plan and congress now some people who who have signed into that are ben and jerry's ice cream founders ben cohen and jerry greenfield fashion designer eileen fisher billionaire hedge fund manager george soros and philanthropist stephen rockefeller center you have rockefeller. soros. there we go here all these people who also manage that i don't mean a tax break we don't need well you don't need a tax break you obviously have millions to give away to political campaigns and get a write off on it you get to write off your sexual assault settlements i mean what else do you know it's really interesting because you. going along with that the old
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the whole idea of you know cutting taxes for the rich is always that will the reinvested gary coleman head of trumps national economic council sudden an interview with c. and b. c. this week i don't believe that we've set out to create a tax cut for the wealthy everything that our tax system is mr system is meant to encourage investment that's always the excuse you hear you know you cut taxes for the wealthy trickle down economics they invest more i guess they invest in campaigns is really where that extra money goes doesn't actually they can truly just stack the game in their favor as opposed to the rest of us but what's interesting is one of the other signers of the letter robert bob crandall a former american airlines c.e.o. said i think a tax cut is absurd i have a big income if my income gets bigger i'm not going to invest more i'll just save more and that is really true most ek and anybody follows economics realizes that most of the super wealthy they just save money they save money and they have money . that's how you get to be that way with most dying while.
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it's. in april of two thousand and fourteen the city of flint michigan changed public water source to the flint river and failed to include corrosion deterrent. liquids to which which will cause the lead to lead from old pipes into the water supply as of now november twenty seventeen the remaining lead pipes in flint won't be completely replaced until twenty twenty but a recent study from daniels grossman and david of university of kansas and a west virginia university show that we don't have time to wait using public health records birth and death certificates the researchers compared fetal death rates and miscarriages and flint to fifteen other michigan cities from two thousand and eight to two thousand and fifteen those cities that had not changed their water supply and compared them with the data suggests that influence fetal death rates rose fifty eight percent and thirty rates fell by twelve percent in that time of course
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the michigan department of health and human services a mediately complained that the study was flawed and they would have to do their own study of the study which really explains the problem at the heart of flint the state local government responsible for the problem just doesn't want to be responsible for any solutions or the effects as flint activist melissa mays told rewire there have been far too many miscarriages to count it's sad because we have no idea what the heavy metals percentage products bacteria and whatever else we have been and are still being exposed to present to our bodies well our sons have low sperm counts how long how many young women will not be able to become mothers because their eggs are poisoned we just don't know and the state of michigan just wants to sweep it all under the rug like it's all in the past who. gives me more angry than hearing that once again the people of flint because oh guess what there are a poor community they don't have a lot of money in the people in the community of flint so let's just you know just
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look at how they don't give a lot to kim campaign. yeah here's the good flip it still doesn't have clean water and people were poisoned period i don't understand why that's an issue that you actually have to ask people to care about the price. it's very strange to me so the michigan department health and human services while on the one hand is saying oh no babies were harmed during our poisoning out here lead poisoning poisoning marianas yeah i like whoops but they've also revealed this year and another report that grand rapids michigan which by the way has the largest population of children in the entire state has the highest amount of of children living there that they children there have tested high for lead three out of the last five years. so let me get this right so the risk you're going to part of held for someone who
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poisoned flint knows that i could watch poison poison first place there are no saying the children of flint or the babies in the mothers were miscarriage and i go there because if you look over here in another part of the state the children there have really high levels of lead but we're not seeing the same what well they're like we have this problem elsewhere but it's fine they're fine it's only about the last three to five years three in the last five years that they've shown that they have really just blows my mind why is that it was terrible i want to ask you though this really though which interesting you brought up to me earlier today this really comes down to the right to choose it really does not and i know people put those two things with those things together. choosing when to head when to have a family or if to have a family is a fundamental right whether it's written down or any kind of magical you know scripture of democracy or not how choosing not just what to do but choosing one to have that child choosing how to do that that's a huge fundamental right but economics can dictate how healthy you are. refer to
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lety or if you have to live in a neighborhood likely in a city like flint where your only chance of drinking water in your bathing in this stuff is really bad. so poverty sort of dictates how your fertility is taken care of or what access you have to these things and one of the things that i thought was really interesting is that the study's authors david. assistant professor of economics at university of cantor kansas actually had this to say about why we should take this also seriously it's a lesson. i think children in america is expensive and resource intensive and we want people to have the number of children they want when they want to have them right that we as americans are very much about individual americans getting to make the choices that are the best for their family and this is a one of the most fundamental ones and the idea that hundreds of families wanted to
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have a child during this time period and couldn't is really very very sad. well you know there's so much wrong that took place in major institutions and in the flint story and one of them i think is the is the media going to bet on it and you had you had media is like our like our tea democracy now few other places out there that did actually follow through. with it but not the mainstream they barely picked up on it was interesting as a second part of the study that we're talking about with the miscarriages looked at google trends to see when residents of. you know actually searching for information regarding lead like when did they start going and saying hey drew a while there's less water. the e.p.a. memo citing concerns well lead water was leaked in july of two thousand and fifteen in the lead contamination was confirmed in september of that year but this study confirms that an increase in concern about lead did not occur until september.
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you know until september twenty fifteen followed by a large spike in searches ingenue. twenty sixteen when the national media by only began to pick up on this story i had of the finally right there yes but that's really what it is is that they did they weren't even aware that this is a problem the truth is any amount of. no child nobody here it is twenty seventeen we've known lead shouldn't be there we should be taken care of and i would like my tax dollars to go to people on our right as we go to break or quadrant don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook and twitter see our poll shows that are too dot com coming up we talk to a great student loan swindled for journalist matt taibbi and then our teams david bell rings as the latest on the los angeles march against sexual harassment and abuse in the movie business stay tune in the.
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fight for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the super mommy killed you know a round of spend spend be true to the twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else going to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game a great chance with. the base it's going to take. the s. .
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and. the the. movie those you don't consume don't judge even and i can do little jokes doing the things on the person in that are equal to just listening to what he calls the stance me going on in jindo. because we don't need and show him the movies that do those of you know this and this is the time so .
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we often hear that the children are future and nothing equips our children better for a successful future than a quality education so as master card would say college degree is truly purposeless mel well that's certainly what college administrators in the financial institutions that they do business with would tell you but what aren't they telling you well for one thing economists have largely reached the conclusion that the student loan bubble is the new subprime mortgage fiasco threatening to set off the next financial crisis and when the student debt is caught up in the bubble the draconian terms imposed by law by loan providers are now causing not only financial turmoil but measurable psychological harm as well to go in-depth on what exactly makes this all a scam earlier we spoke to journalist and author matt someone who knows a thing or two. about financial scams and the bubbles they bring. but it's a multifaceted scam i mean it was a probably the best bet to it is that most people who enter into financial aid agreements are teenagers who never made a serious financial decision in their lives and they walk into the financial aid
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office and they with their name on a doubt apply and in many cases they don't know the difference between. receiving it doesn't dollars and financial aid and what they actually means terms of paying it off down the road they don't know they're going to be paid much more think that once you figure out interests. and after that there's a series of things that make this into a scam is sort of a bottomless well of funding for student loans which makes the price of college go up everywhere because almost everybody who wants to go to college now can go to college. but the problem is once you get out those loans you can't declare bankruptcy you can't get out of them is the one kind of debt you cannot discharge and as soon as you miss a payment or get into any kind of trouble she's a crew at a mind boggling rate and there are people who reach old age the security age
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without ever having touched the principal while just breaks my heart just a stream way of starting out as someone has you know answering in the middle ages myself i might my student loan bill has somehow magically gone up over the years even though i haven't gotten any more education and that's all part of this sort of you compared it to the big story scam like what took place in the in the movie the staying just how disastrous how vast matt is this wendell and how many institutions government and private are involved in this. yeah i think it's a it's a gigantic scam that basically encompasses every aspect of the education industry it includes the privates. colleges includes public colleges it includes the. the government government bodies that do the lending whether it's sally mae or the new newly formed navy and it. includes private lenders
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includes a collection agencies. but the critical aspects are in a noted states studies show that having a college education doesn't really guarantee mush in terms of getting a job but not having a college tuition pretty much is dooms you to a lifetime of the lowest and most menial work so everybody must go to college if they have any hope of getting a real job even though the education doesn't guarantee any kind of actual payoff in the end so people end up paying enormous sums of money for an education that turns out in the end to be not what worth much more than a minimum entry fee to the american economy. howie i want to this is something that was interesting well you know when i was reading your article about it and other articles in reference to this is it struck me as is is how dangerous is it for our education system in our kind of future as a society when we when you have teachers and faculty who are either on purpose or
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forced to think more like businessmen than educators. you know you know over and over again oh she says you know oh it's it's you know the incentives are all wrong everywhere throughout this process colleges have to rethink you know what the money did a bit because we have to be thinking about we have to be thinking about how that how they're going to keep their endowment hide how they're going to keep. you know the funds coming in for construction. and how they're going to keep prices high enough and one of the ways that they do this is to continually lobby for more people to have access to the to the educational system that's why you continually hear about new loan programs and both parties although don't shop is turned out to be an exception. that everybody seems to be in favor of more lending for students but what you don't hear about is debt forgiveness or lower prices for college that's
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not the road that people are taking to help kids get into school and help kids get education with their what they're doing is they're helping them get lending so they can pay for an overpriced education so that everybody makes money and yet you know . what there's so much about that as we look for it's al it you know all of the people who are sitting there with this debt load that in some places as a same as a house. are these student loans going to burst is this market going to burst the way that the mortgage crisis and that dead but in that there are the two the two are pretty similar at the swindles it's you're investing in your future you can afford this it'll be fine and then suddenly you're left with your credit is shot even even if you pay on time because you have such a debt load it if that market bursts could that be the push maybe for the you know loan forgiveness or could that be the reason that we actually start looking at this market. it's possible the two situations are very similar
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and a couple of ways one is the sort of endless availability of credit you know priti you thousand and eight pretty much anybody who wanted to get a house you get a house you could walk into a company like countrywide it. no id no proof of employment and get out there was no problem with it and it's kind of the same street situation with education now. if you get into a school it's moralists doable for everybody to get the funding to go it may take a little bit of you know some machinations to work it out but pretty much everybody gets the one difference is that the government has virtually unlimited power to collect on those loans so the default rates aren't quite as high as they were in mortgages where people just walk away from their homes and banks for closing the properties and doesn't happen to us and in this case the dead never goes away you can't just walk away from your student did it follows you to the grid for pretty
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much literally. so yes yes that bubble could collapse but it's less likely than it was in two thousand and eight i think the youth the more likely it the destroyed change here is just political i mean you saw this with the campaign of bernie sanders people want free higher education and i think that's going to become more of a thing going forward. as allegations of impropriety turned legal charges and growing calls for action hollywood continues to reel from perhaps the largest string of scandals that have storied century long history promising a perfect storm that will likely subside any time soon widespread outrage in the form of a take back the word workplace large took place this weekend fueled by the trending need to hashtag get an avalanche of encourage meant for voiceless victims to step up and speak out this is prompting a catch up effort by public officials like manhattan d.a. sidebands is reportedly preparing us. charges against harvey weinstein and leading the state and federal law makers beginning to publicize similar problems in
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legislatures and government offices around the country are to use david miller joins us to bring us more on where we currently stand. amid more allegations of sexual assault and abuse from famous celebrities including everyone from louis c.k. to harvey weinstein survivors of sexual harassment sexual assault and sexual abuse took to the streets of hollywood on sunday to take part in tag me to a march and rally and this comes after multiple women came forward to accuse harvey weinstein hollywood producer of sexual misconduct also twenty high profile men in a variety of industries including doors to k. to that list after a male model claims sexual assault after an incident in one thousand nine hundred eighty one to kay has denied these allegations and claims that russian bots are spread in the story however some of the most disturbing allegations do come from weinstein to quote army of spies in new york reports of weinstein use a team of lawyers and private investigators including former israeli intelligence
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officers to subvert and intimidate his accusers article describes tactics that were allegedly used to gather information from weinstein as accusers and one example a private investigator posed as a women's rights activists and then meeting with rose mcgowan the gallon has emerged as one of the most vocal in hollywood about sexual abuse and harassment in the industry she wrote on october twelfth on twitter why is the rapes are in new york times earlier reported that weinstein paid a financial settlement of one hundred thousand dollars to me gallon in one thousand nine hundred seven over an incident at the sundance film film festival and inspired by hashtag me to campaign supporting and empowering survivors of sexual abuse to speak out hundreds of women to gather at hollywood's dhobi theater has take me to survivors march included women marching with protest placards and signs all detailing personal stories. of abuse and messages of support for survivors the
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march followed a take by the workplace march earlier in the day and then they moved along in unity along the hollywood walk of fame to the c.n.n. building for a rally and you also angeles county district attorney on thursday announced the establishment of a task force to investigate allegations of sexual assault in the entertainment industry also the men and d.a.'s office as per perry in a criminal case against the embattled movie mogul to present to a grand jury this week and this is according to multiple sources filmmakers actors and fans and step forward in the wake of weinstein's out and offered various answers but until a zero tolerance policy is established as is the most case in the most american workplaces victims will have to rely on the american justice system reporting from washington d.c. david miller r.t. america. twenty five million u.s. children ride on over four hundred eighty thousand school buses each year traveling a combined four million miles and what many don't realize is that in twenty sixteen
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the coalition for clean air found that twenty three to forty six of every one million children might develop cancer from inhaling diesel exhaust while traveling to and from school in those buses but that threat may be a thing of the past because automatic manufacturers are and its thomasville buses division revealed the julie this week a completely electric school bus that has one hundred mile range with one battery and more could be added to extend that stand that range the bus will also have one hundred one hundred twenty volt and u.s.b. ports for students to charge devices and s.s.d. as the future becomes more technologically driven there's really can carry eighty one students is silent create zero emissions and could save tens of thousands of dollars per year every bus in fuel costs with cleaner sources of electricity right around the corner it looks like electric school buses will be keeping the air cleaner for generations to come whether they will make the kids easier for the bus drivers to deal with that. might take a little bit longer and it will but that is cool that is really cool i'm really
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happy to see something like that especially when you see that innovation and now you're seeing it. is putting out a brand of trucks that are all you know electric for the tesla semis coming out which is good old. i mean every time you look at it you know the idea to look at school bus especially for public school buses is that for every one of those kids that's a car that isn't on the road that you're not so if you have eighty kids you're looking at anywhere from sixty eight cars that are on the road in the morning and if we're making them safer for the kids it's the school buses are not the same with this thing when we're well but then the other thing is there was a of the one thing i didn't hear anyone mention is one of the going to put seat belts in the school bus for anyone who rode a school bus that number as well so like metal box on the street is very bizarre why we made it through childhood to be sure you know where you them how lives are those are show for you today remember everyone in this world we are now told we love the ups would tell you all i love you i am tired old winter and on top of the wall of people watching those hawks out there and have a great day everybody. presuming
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africa is going to be a come to our house i think it's going to be the twenty first century winter in the crypto world because they're already on a mobile phone already exchanging and dealing on. light years ahead of america europe india africa baby that's one thing about moving to africa i want to be part of the revolution in africa. with hopes and. i put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you want to be president. some want. to go on to the
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press it's like the for free in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the house. it's the cradle of jazz. this is america the america we have been good knows this jazz feel. the city of climatic testify is alligators on the loose of poverty and crime are used by the least toil members of my family close my version of street racing in the heat of the night this is new orleans saw from the best place in the world.
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here's what people have been saying about redacted the night i was there was actually just full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know a lot of the really packed a punch to sleep yampa is the john oliver of marty americans do the same we are apparently better than two thousand and six and see people you never heard of love right back to the night my president of the world bank paid pundits write me seriously send us an e-mail. good morning everyone i don't have good not that's right. up.
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there is no evidence of kremlin meddling in catalonia that's the message from spain's prime minister in response to claims or prussian involvement in the region's independence referendum. u.k. prime minister. in a speech her critics say is this idea to the attention from the struggling brings it negotiations. on coming off also this our team use are facing pressure from the u.s. justice department is forced to register as a foreign agent in america we take a look at what that means for arctic. sea.


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