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that. there is no evidence of kremlin meddling in catalonia that's the message from spain's prime minister in response to the russian involvement in the region's independence referendum. u.k. prime minister in a speech. to the attention from the struggling briggs. it's. also this our team use our facing pressure from the u.s. justice department is forced to register as a foreign agent in america we take a look at what it means for our. seven pm this evening here in moscow welcome to r.t.
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international my names you know neal good to have your company our top story this hour spain's prime minister said there is no evidence that russian government interfered in cats alone is independence referendum now that comment came in response to claims in the media that moscow was attempting to meddle breaking down the story for us here to see it sure can. as if we haven't seen enough attempts recently to try to drag russia and certain events unraveling in the west lately we've seen attempts to try to implicate russian activity even in the catchline crisis despite this year's long standoff between barcelona and madrid really newspaper headlines from around the world have seen galore excitement about potential russian meddling yet again for instance a big spanish newspaper el pais certainly seem to have dedicated lots of attention to russia despite this being obviously a national crisis we've seen also this week in brussels some spanish officials
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trying to talk to their e.u. partners on this topic discuss the possibility of russia have been carried out some kind of decent destabilisation activity when it comes to the cattle our friend i'm and the events that unraveled afterwards however we have seen high ranking officials such as the high representative of the you for foreign affairs frederica love you really as well as nato secretary general even not comment on these issues following those meetings and of course the spanish prime minister himself marianna rahowa said that there is no proof i have no data which can be used as evidence on the involvement of the russian government nothing well we've heard similar message come from the spanish foreign minister as well so now with these high profile comments being made by spanish politicians hopefully this topic will have exhausted itself and speed will be able to move forward in actually solving the biggest
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crisis to touch this nation in a generation meanwhile of britain's prime minister has joined the bandwagon making russia a major topic of a twenty minute speech mentioning the country no fewer than eight. chief among those today of course is russia but it is russia's actions russia's illegal annexation of crimea so i have a very simple message for russia because we know there's a strong and prosperous russia russia has the reach and the responsibility russia can russia does not the british p.m.'s message comes on the back of a tough week for her domestically theresa may continues to be hounded by m.p.'s over her breaks into negotiations which are seemingly yet to yield any real positives for the u.k. so much so that the e.u.'s chief negotiator says he won't rule out a no deal scenario meaning brakes in talks could collapse entirely the pressure is also building and may with rumors that up to forty m.p.'s are preparing
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a letter of no confidence against her that number is just eight short of the total needed to force a new leadership election within her conservative party now we discuss the p.m.'s predicament with party veteran and former government minister peter lilley he believes her speech wasn't just directed at moscow it was as much a message to europe because it was to russia saying we are the major security power in the european continent we have the best armed forces and the greatest ability to deploy them we want to continue to be allied with our european neighbors when we leave but they've got to remember if they want us to be helpful and firm and stand by them they don't want to weaken us or we can their relations with us. we do deal with the second half war she was saying that we won't call a deal relations with russia we certainly don't want to return to the cold war we recognize that we're actually the opposite ends of europe and for hundreds of years
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we've been natural allies heman we don't like each other's regimes we are natural allies. after facing months of pressure from washington r.t. america has been forced to register as a foreign agent in the u.s. and has more and more means for the child. just think about it r.t. america is now officially a foreign agent in the us eighty years after far came into being our us branch registered under the foreign agents registration act which dates back to the times before the second world war back then the purpose was to make sure that no minds of u.s. citizens are influenced by organizations funded by nazi germany whatever was the purpose of the u.s. department of justice in the twenty first century they said at deadline for r.t. america r.t. america chose to meet that deadline because nobody wants to be in trouble with u.s. law enforcement so let's just take a look at some of the things that our us branch could now be obliged to do all the
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time for example that is attaching a public disclaimer to every piece of information that gets sent out or filing a copy or a version of it to the us department of justice within forty eight hours of transmission and i'll tell you that it will take a long time to adjust to the still reality and even to figure out whether it is to speak on the issues with freedom of speech and didn't go completely unnoticed take the committee to protect journalists that's a new york based ngo they were very critical of the ultimatum said by the u.s. department of justice and here's bits of their statement compelling to register under far as a bad idea we're on comfortable with governments deciding what constitutes journalism or propaganda and you may well argue that the u.s. authorities are applying double standards here take china as. america that is
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operating in the us without any issues then the us version of al-jazeera was there for a few years all perfectly fine and i won't be lying if i say that here at r.t. we are waiting for more critical reaction both from individuals and n.g.o.s. when it comes to russia's retaliation it is still work in progress the lawmakers are working on it but we just heard. the russian foreign minister once again say that steps and response will be taken. measures mean adequate measures you may come up with a difference in the president's already reaction will be swift and strong so let's be patient the question now is which media outlets will be affected by this retaliation previously russian official said that it could be american based media or media organizations that are directly funded by the u.s. government think voice of america or the likes of c.n.n. the video channel that is operating in russia called current time and also radio
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free europe slash radio liberty dow here's something important in order for these news outlets to become foreign agents in this country russia's old legislation requires amendments and currently the m.p.'s are sorting this out we also heard from the vice beaker for the duma he says that according to the drafted amendment news agencies will not be touched but if a news organization is not a news agency but it's from any other country not only the u.s. or if it gets funding from abroad it may find itself on the list of foreign agents in russia. a little bit more but prone to this the pressure in r.t. began after u.s. intelligence claimed dirt channel was an instrument for meddling and manipulation in america back in september the justice department demanded we register as a foreign agent social media then began blocking or adverts on google on twitter they did the head of testimony in congress despite having no problem with r.t.
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prior to them unless we've spoken to believe the measures against r.t. america among to a deflection tactic. on willingness to acknowledge domestic problems west delve a little bit further into this and noble. he uses that anymore which you know you could do with with possibilty say the b.b.c. america b.b.c. world of foreign agents because they put forward. british points of view all see america put forward a point of view that is slope towards what will she finds importance and it's dangerous if you stop people having freedom of speech you know it's russia today who's going to watch it and go well that's completely unbiased no no me tutor's i'm biased it's russia today so anybody with an ounce of brain will look at it and go yeah well out discount that amounts because that's coming from
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a point of view point to do and sorry but that i can point to that is the us establishment perhaps opposed to a genuine plurality of voices in the media environment are there not enough are ready enough mainstream media voices i think there. is never enough media voices everybody should have a voice it doesn't matter what your opinions are within. legal constraints that you know you don't. propose attacking anybody physically zero zero zero zero whatever as long as you're a reasonable points of view you should be allowed you know to have your points of view unsupported across all say you know i will see as i watch c.n.n. or so what's the b.b.c. you know i watch with a critical mind i know what's things to put ups i don't agree with that nothing all
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right then but that's from the perspective you know we're all grownups we're all adults what they're doing is that infantilizing all of us what they should say is all right says this if you don't like i say if you don't like what the say in what c.n.n. what's the clinton usenet way. the foreign agent you know it's going to make life difficult not just for the challenge but for journalists going about doing their job do you think this is a concerted effort to push r.t. out of the u.s. all together because i'll just remind our viewers ray it's already been removed from you tube premium package in the us blocked from advertising on twitter this is the latest. yes well frankly i think it's a disgrace what if you think you know al-jazeera allowed people what shelters the rest still online you know they're not blocked you know there's very little i agree with. but people should have the right to look at these reports and people people
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are intelligence what they're saying is you all to stupid enough to fall for propaganda actually let people decide if he talks absolute hogwash then people will hear the people will want you. doing now is to close in your problems nations should speak on summations we can take the viewpoint we can take the british viewpoint we can take the american value point we can take it processional shelves once you stop people being allowed to actually read and watch news media then you'll have things on a very very very slippery slope we have is that slowing as expect from the european union frankly where you know that there's the point of but the repercussions on the news as to what happens if this happens to r t who is next the committee to protect journalists they have already criticised the measure they've come out against that
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do you think that other media rights groups politicians you know this is the chance to come out and speak out about a media organization which is coming under attack like this. yes absolutely absolutely everybody should now come out and say look you might not like what artsy americans say well. the fact is you need to protect the rights of people so how free speech free speech is all that matters is you know this is the important thing let people say what they like if danity it's if they're lying then they will be found out you have to let them have their say and once you stop doing so that's the face step two it's that solitary innocent life from strasburg vests are you can't any pay rate fence thank you. a british teacher's in trouble for saying well don't to his pupils the details when we return.
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here's what people have been saying about rejected in the sixties. the only show i go out of my way to find you know the really packed a punch. is the john oliver of r t america is going to say we are apparently better than. the c. people you've never heard of love back to the night president of the world bank ok
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. seriously send us an e-mail. you're back with r t international thousands of people in yemen help line the capital streets in protest against the saudi led blockade of the country last week riyadh introduced a full blockade on yemen closing all access by air and sea the saudi vague coalition entered the civil war in twenty fifteen supporting the us the government against rebels its blockades have left millions starving and has led to what's being called the deadliest brink of cholera in recent history however after pressure from the united nations human rights groups the saudis claimed on monday they would roll back the blockade to a partial one again. very human rights watch say that claim is
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a form of quote cruel fiction explaining that ports that riyadh will reopen are not enough to provide essential supplies of food and medicine so the arabia says it will continue with the partial blockade until it's convinced there's no flow of weapons from iran going to rebels who the civil war in yemen is seen by middle east analysts as a proxy war between so. iran jacqueline bouvier takes a look now at whether the current cold war between the region's most powerful countries could lead to full scale conflict. the rivalry between middle east powerhouses saudi arabia and iran is nothing new yet it's becoming ever more tense with fears growing of a full blown war a missile launched by yemeni rebels directed at riyadh earlier this month has already got the saudis talking about direct aggression and war the coalition's commom considers this a blatant active military aggression by the iranian regime and could rise to be considered as an act of war against the kingdom of saudi arabia jordan you know the
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mites in position of the public people more powerful than you have been able to do anything against the iranian people you're not strong enough to do that's where we look in the region conflicts can often be boiled down to saudi arabia and iran countering each other by proxy the saudi military campaign against the who is the rebels in yemen backed by iran saudi backing of sunni rebel groups in syria while iran's supports the assad government both of those conflicts are exactly panning out well for saudi arabia so how would they fare in a direct conflict with iran let's break it down. looking at a global military strength rating the two countries aren't far apart on the list with iran at twenty first and saudi arabia taking the twenty fourth position. and all riyadh's aviation outstrips tehran's iran wins out when it comes to tanks and naval assets by a long run. it's probably no surprise that the saudi kingdom has
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a massive defense budget coming in at over fifty six billion dorf in the islamic republic's six billion and change. but when it comes to male power iran has significantly more citizens fit for service and the event of war you have a very rash ruler in saudi arabia i'm talking about the crown prince. you know he's just about ready to do. so if you look at what happened with the lebanese prime minister it was basically forced to resign. that gives you just an indicator of the health of the hard but he is willing to go but i personally would be very very surprised if saudi arabia lost the war on iraq i would completely rule out iran launching a war on saudi arabia or starting. guarantees or chance of winning i think it would go away with
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a war but i think saudi arabia believes it doesn't have a chance of winning a war against iran the rhetoric might be a boiling point at the moment but there's still no sign either side is ready for open conflict. a british school teacher has been suspended after praising his students joshua sutcliffe congratulated his marts class by saying well don girls but that upset one pupil who identifies as male the teacher insists he apologized immediately and say yes it was an accident the student in question. came in did very well and then i said rather than girls started really well and i was met with a fierce rebuttal. and i sincerely apologize. i then found six weeks later that i was going to be under investigation for mis gendering within the community and initially for one day that transpired to be two
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days and then three days and then it's now been six days where i've been sat in a in an office not being able to teach my math lessons well joshua also to listen he believes he's being singled died by the school over his religious beliefs. i think i've been bullied really for you know for who i am within the school setting up a bible club and then it being shut down with an iron fist really having so many people coming along to the bible club and being interested in the bible i feel like i've been discriminated against within the community and i think that's a trend. nationwide is that christians are able to. live out their faith in a professional setting well the instance a big talking point in britain right now as to whether this school is highlighting a sensitive issue that needs kerfoot humbling or simply overreacting. this particular teacher accidentally missed gender by calling
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a trans boy pupil a girl it was not intentional he hadn't meant to cause a phone so i think that his suspension is disproportionate i think that the school should obvious to the point out to him that he made a mistake which of course he doesn't recognize and then get his assurance that it won't happen again i think that is the end of the matter is absolutely stupid he called the girls girls because he thought it was a class of girls made an honest mistake and apologized that should have been the end of the matter this whole transgender agenda he's getting much much too much influence in the british media and in british society there are very small minority i feel sorry for anyone who thinks they are trapped in the wrong body they should be treated with respect and tolerance but where is the tolerance for this man he's a christian but of course you're not allowed to be
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a christian anymore are you in modern britain i don't see that he's done anything wrong actual and the majority of people in the u.k. i'm sure will agree with me. ok switching gears now the venue for next year's football world cup final has finished its make over for the biggest showpiece event in sports the grand reopening of the luzhniki stadium in moscow welcome to argentina to russia for a friendly match over the weekend it finished up one nil to the south americans striker sergio or grow grabbed a late goal well with anticipation building fast for the tournament r.t. spoke exclusively to the president of the argentine football association close to get his impressions about moscow on the twenty eight thousand feet for world cup. and when i think when moscow is prepared it's a beautiful city in many ways very safe but the most important thing is that you
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feel the hospitality with which it is ready to host the world cup another important thing is that it's very calm out here despite all the reversion to create a better infrastructure for the tournament. but for us it was an honor to be the first national team to play a very openly oh such a symbolic stadium we were very excited about this would undoubtedly it is one of the best stadiums there is i have been travelling a lot i've seen a lot and i was always amazed by how modern and well constructed stadiums are you know this is one of the backyard. it happens because of the important role that russia plays on the international stage today but if i think that this is the reason russia has been criticized for them we have competed in many world cups sometimes playing on american football pitches there are cases when the stadiums are painted right before the game but here seven to eight months prior
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to the championship and we see that everything is ready for the world cup you can see that the work began as soon as they announced it was hosting the event is the first thing you notice. as a little. girl has already started but in the lead up to the world cup after the draw when when everyone learns in which city the national team will be playing everything here as well as in the other countries taking part will change. after the teams arrive the atmosphere will get more intense but when they will start playing everything will be completely different. every city will be filled with fans with plenty of emotion the world cup is something special there are people who attend every tournament to support their team and enjoy the moment. we will be able to feel that i was in the middle of bowls yeah lots of excited fans are readying for kickoff next year here in russia under the former is one of them and he's here in thirty minutes time with all your global news headlines stay with r.t.
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same wrong. loads just don't hold. me. to shape our. cuts to the ticket and it. equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. scene years ago i traveled across the united states exploring america's deadly love affair with the gun bad guy trying to get to one of my family members he would have better a lot better and i think they are inheriting whatever my my baby says my book was
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published in the year two thousand more than hoffa million americans have been killed by falling into the us how to thought to me as i did this is a middle school we go through drills and we put ourselves in real scenarios it was interesting to see who actually got hit by the gun i just saw it to return to the subject to track down each gun owner who i'd met and photographed those years ago i don't know this but we are not. america has or this is the kaiser report the award winning docu drama
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follows two incorrigible journalists through the underbrush of truth. stacey who would have worried has it won. you know when you put out there in the sky you just got to keep the propellers you know going is that one of those polls that you always are on twitter where you're like hey which is the best show on the internet is it max kaiser's kaiser report is the well down or i have the best polls on twitter by far that's max kaiser follow me on twitter trying to get the two hundred thousand followers only a few thousand yet to get to two hundred thousand if i get there i promise everyone that i will put out a huge shout out to everyone thanking them. ok you know before i get into the headlines about interest rates rising in the united kingdom i did want to get to this bit queen futures contract if you have any statement to make on it i notice
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that you're always making statements to people like coin desk and coin telegraph and coin coin coin coin this and coin that dot com but what about kaiser report we should have exclusives here going to telegraph is an excellent phone look at this often quote me on these matters of importance now the c.m.e. the chicago mercantile exchange will be launching a futures con.


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