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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  November 15, 2017 12:30pm-12:50pm EST

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really it's like. the plot of. the day like you know that i got. with. this. country more civilians maybe we give them a way out that way we could retake the city and there was a life but the b.b.c.'s you know has this kind of pact unleashed a greater threat to the outside world one that is and they will build times than the kind of spread far and wide outside of syria because after being trained because yeah i mean originally in the park it was like you know that's the big fear is the foreign fighters you know these guys were fighting to leave and not all of them were locals as it's that the colonel dillon didn't maintain he continues to maintain that only for foreign fighters left and that those four are in s.t.s.
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custody the problem is drivers who were there are say are giving a very different story and what they're saying is that there was a very large number of foreigners in there for france turkey azerbaijan pakistan yemen saudi china tunisia and egypt to name a few so you have the people on the ground saying that's not what happened. and you have and it's very specific to be like from there you know it's not like my words all of them were speaking a couple different language ways nobody was sitting there saying like that there was something amiss about this and the wasn't televised there's no media there because the kurdish let us. actually cleared rock of media before it happened so no media was there to watch those no media was there to see them going out we have conflicting stories on the ground this is why you have media in place right out i mean look u.s. defense secretary james battle. the one that. such
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a bad ass he stated back in may blah blah blah he stated back in may our intention is that the foreign fighters do not have the fight to return home to north africa to europe to america to asia africa are not going to allow them to do so. but clearly you did right i think. clearly you did and this colonel ryan bill and you mentioned he's a spokesperson spokesperson for operation hair resolve which is the great u.s. coalition over there that of fighting isis in syria. he actually says we didn't want anyone believe it comes down to syria because they're the ones fighting and dying they get to make the decisions regarding operations where you could have bloody over the years when did that what it is somebody told us that they get to decide what to do in their own country that's a little wear that is a little weird ideas of george michael the last we hear isn't live with them half a mile of a natural gas facility another six point area because of this proximity for cancer
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risk due to years of corporations ignoring environmental regulations while trying to fight them with was obvious on capitol hill there's a little being done to mitigate the damage and what damage has been done well african-american children at twice the rate of white children and with lower rates of health insurance coverage the impact of air pollution on poor communities of color is exacerbated by this but this isn't just an issue for the african-american community or other communities of color it's about all of us and to we fight together against the political and the literal poison that's being forced to or that we're all being forced to ingest we're all on the road to ruin. this is just broken our. because it's one of those things are it's like you kind of get the idea you know it's there in the back of your head because you always see them building the biggest most like polluting ugliest factories always in the poorest neighborhoods and i want to learn about that is that those are also the people that
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are employed out those factories are by and large relieved you hope ok if you're going to build this you know massive people in smaller stack being the least are giving people in the in the neighborhood a place to work there it's killing them that's killing them and everybody around. that's really breaks my heart you know and you brought up asthma you know it's important to remember as it was huge the toll cost of blood dealing with asthma the cost of asthma some twenty two thousand and seven was six billion dollars. billion while. the clean air task force e eighty found the ozone smog from the natural gas industry pollution is associated with seven hundred fifty thousand summertime asthma attacks in children and five hundred thousand missed school days among adults this pollution results in two thousand asthma related emergency room visits and six hundred hospital admissions and one point five
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million who reduce their activity is totally damage it like if you only want to look at the world black and white here's a little mercenary it's like a mercenary profits cost benefit analysis this is killing you pollution does not make a healthy work force to come in like pull your lever and keep you one percenters moving and making money that somebody had pulled the lever but if you're poisoning that lock. in your drive a racism and do it we're going to bothers me because it's so obvious i mean we like i said it's systematic oppression is easy to see when you see in the police it's easy to see here but when you point it out and you know i'll probably get in trouble because it's all part of the russian conspiracy about you now says you know every time you try to healthcare just you know there was no racism before the russians can get it with a little i just found this out. so when you look at numbers like african-americans are are exposed to thirty eight to polluted air thirty eight percent more than caucasian americans there seventy five percent more likely to live in
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communities that are next to industrial facilities. and these are things that can affect them due to noise odor traffic and chemical emissions and historically speaking these communities were targeted baltimore in the. places were targeted because you figure and a primarily african-american community or a community of color they don't have a lot of political capital pushback and the other even though they also have cheap labor that could go on for generations if you wanted to but it really comes down to this they don't have the power to fight the e.p.a. isn't down there caring about them they're well they're busy with lobbyists up and down the law to be able to lobby to get this stuff not in the know and the worst part about all of this is horrified as you are about the idea that there's all of these poor communities communities of color being poisoned like this just for a job keep in mind we're pushing in dust more industrialization back into the
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united states and less e.p.a. controls in fact there are entire what is bothering to keep anybody in check for areas that the report only looked at air quality also ongoing trauma from pipes are fixed i'm telling you if it was a white community this wouldn't happen the reason those factories won't go as quickly in places like wisconsin is because they will have to actually pay attention to things because state to watch the whole. exploring america's deadly love this i tried to get to my to my family really let the rise and as college administrators and their enablers and government finance students in a debt trap of massive proportions rolling stone controversy. secretly away sums of money just to listen in recent years it's unrelated to they are down there and when they were pressed about. hearings what
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this is actually said was well we're not the only school that's doing this and they produced evidence. other security systems were great the same thing and were similarly weren't huge sums of money so this notion. that the schools and universities are running out of cash actually it's fiction. what there are what they're saying is typically that the scam goes something like this they will tell public officials that the amount of money that we have as a share. of our spending is decreasing. or they'll make up some kind of statistic like that that one actually reflect there really could not reality but will it will sound like they're running out of money you have to listen very very closely when you hear about what university systems are talking about how they're running out of cash cash the probably not telling the truth about now wow wow and so really i mean the only option i think going for
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everyone what do you feel is the only option or is it obviously we want you know public funding for higher education we can work that out most other countries in freethinking educated societies have that were the exception we need that obviously but what are some of the other things that other advice could you give to those you know eighteen nineteen year olds who are looking at like i got to go to college. also i don't want to spend my life paying off a huge bill. yeah i think long and hard before you sign in and out lie about you know any kind of financial aid a great even a small amount of money can turn into a massive amount of money in no time at all i mean i talked to a schoolteacher in may who told me a story about wanting to commit suicide and actually making a decision the decision to do so. shortly after he fell behind that his student loans that he didn't have a whole lot of student debt you only had i think was twenty five thousand dollars
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in debt to begin with i talked to another woman who borrowed eight thousand dollars a veteran in the ninety's and she's now well past one hundred thousand dollars in debt she's passive security age they attach are social security payments. or they were done with her years of quiet but steadily building support the united states military and her president donald trump has taken them all in approach to aiding saudi arabia's war on yemen under the pretext of both curtailing iran's toxic influence in the region as well as stomping out local exists affiliates the saudi led alliance with the help from the us navy and special forces has fueled what was originally a minor civil war leaving thousands of civilians dead and millions displaced in other words exactly what has been taking place in syria for the past five years just into a smaller and much less prosperous country but even as the trump white house ramps up its yemeni operations hope yet remains that at least some in washington have
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avoided the coolie as artie's ashley banks reports on this week's vote on a congressional resolution that knowledge ing u.s. involvement in yemen. the resolution passed by the house of representatives publicly acknowledged the pentagon has been sharing information and refueling warplanes that saudi arabia and other allies are using to attack who do you rebels the resolution also states u.s. military operations are authorized to fight only al kind of and other allied terrorist groups in yemen excluding shiite muslim rebels what's a not included in the resolution is a call for an end to the u.s. of support and the yemen civil war the resolution says quote today congress has not been active specific legislation authorizing the use of military force against parties participating in the yemeni civil war that are not otherwise subject to the two thousand and one authorization for use of military force or the two thousand
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and three a u n as in iraq democratic representative wrote qana said quote what our military is not authorized to do is assist the saudi arabian regime in fighting the who teams and many cases the saudis have a line without a fight the hooty is undermining our very counterterrorism operations. qana has been calling on congress to exercise more oversight over u.s. military operations overseas specifically and yemen however that has been met with opposition by republicans as a result of the yemen civil war the united nations estimates at least ten thousand civilians have been killed since two thousand and fifteen on top of that half of a million people have contracted kolarov do to a lack of services of those who contract of the illness two thousand have died although people like qana did not see a stop to the u.s. his role in the yemen civil war during this past revolution about vote is seen as a victory for some and shows signs of growing frustration within both parties which
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could ultimately bring about change and washington actually banks r.t. . you know it strikes me that it's a really sad state of us affairs when trying to get us to help slaughter innocent people overseas is like pulling teeth from congress yes but i mean really you can't even do that one thing to do those one is trying to steal a hey guess what we're giving refueling in two groups who like al qaeda is on the same side of him saudi arabia is doing all those horrible things over there and bombing airport runways and keeping aid from reaching the country but maybe if we could just acknowledge that we're doing it if we just like just like can we just you couldn't get them to stop and i thought it really odd though there's something sort of ideologically intellectually not right about it and our involvement one the idea that it's a small group of rebels going up against this you know broil. and
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a number of government seems odd that we would be in there trying to quell that literally how we got or that's how we have freedom where we're standing up to a monarchy we're saying we don't want to mar nikki we don't want these things come how well will help the monarchy take down those dirty rebels trying to keep that. i guess there is a major intellectual bromberg goes and i believe that i will be considerable rebels are lined with our mortal enemies arroyo if we're good but somehow perks us citizen at home. i guess yes mohsen and now extinct plant known as the gloss a terrace the robust prehistoric forests was most likely the result of siberian volcanic eruptions causing greenhouse gases to warm the air and all the polar force was known to exist as far back as one nine hundred ten it wasn't until recently when it team of researchers from the university of wisconsin milwaukee traveled to the south pole and found the fossil fragments of thirteen trees that discovery
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meant they were able to pinpoint their age which proved this forest was around before the dinosaurs even more of but where the plants was is how they survived it turns out antarctic plants have the ability to convert from a summer season to winter within a matter of a single month controlling their growing seasons normally it takes three or four months for normal trade do that so they must the times of perpetual light and darkness at the pole almost impossible so as one of the studies leads you to be a wacky geologist eric gold branson put it quote there isn't anything like that today these trees could turn their growing cycles on and off like a light switch over ninety percent of the earth's species including these forests disappear and that mass extinction following maybe now their secrets to survival could help humans per life as well as a person or the geological history hopes so all right that is our show for you today remember everyone in this world we are definitely told that we would love the
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love story to tell you all i love you i am so i rolled winter up and on top of the wall and keep on watching those hawks will be a great day for you the. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president i'm sure. some people want to be. the two going to be press dislikable for free in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters about how. things should.
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it's the cradle of jazz. is america is the america we. know of this jazz feel. a city of climatic contest a phase of alligators on the loose of poverty and crime to use by the least swell members the mob frail clothes most murders of street racing in the peace of the night this is new orleans itself from me this is a case critics warn suppression. yes. it was good. luck.
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and it was going on in kim's only. does she don't consume the gel you can and i can do it on jellyfish there on the stand on the force and in that are equal going to change isn't into what equals a stance make going on in jindo moisture as well don't we don't use it only in the movies that do those all moving in a zone is a downside to us at all just the sitting on. the results on to feel. it's the boss or. else. you will miss it all the good. old.
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only a fraction old three hundred suspected militants were detained as they left. it can you say that no isis fighters leave the cities and go somewhere else can you say that pretty. and so you were clearly one hundred percent certain. russian lawmakers vote in favor of giving moscow the power to classify media outlets as foreign agents it is a move similar to the one made against r.t. in the united states and a u.k. think tank feels that volunteers attempting to help refugees crossed international
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borders are being treated as criminals by the e.u. we hear from one humanitarian aid worker who fell foul.


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