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from. him. this is grow that hundreds of islamic state fighters may have been able to flee the liberated syrian city of raka penton says only a fraction of three hundred suspected militants were detained as they left. no license fighters leave the cities and go somewhere else and you say that they can't say would be one hundred percent certainty that russia nor make his vote in favor of giving moscow the power to classify media outlets as foreign agents it's a move similar to the one made against art in the united states and a u.k. think tank reveals that volunteers attempting to help refugees cross international borders are being treated as criminals by the e.u. we hear from an aid worker who fell foul of the authorities it's quite obvious that
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you don't do it for money i surely did it out of the humanitarian side of. this little girl. but i welcome you watching r.t. international just midnight here in moscow now it is suspected that hundreds of islamic state fighters may have been allowed to leave the liberated syrian city of rack it's been reported they left in convoys as part of a deal brokered to bring to an end the fighting in the area is how a pentagon spokesperson responded to the claims there were four foreign fighters that were identified and were detained by the syrian democratic forces out of the rest of me out of the three thousand five hundred civilians approximately three
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hundred were identified and screened as potential isis fighters as we see. if there were four detained but two hundred ninety six are missing now the colonel didn't go into detail when he was speaking however it is possible that they posed as civilians that's a common tactic used by the i still fighters they tend to pose as civilians they've done this in the past now there have been reports of a convoy leaving the city and it is being reported that it's possible there could have been a large amount of ammunition and i still fighters among that convoy now a pentagon spokesperson was actually grilled on this point here's how he responded we followed these buses as they departed and opportunities presented themselves to conduct strikes against any potential isis fighters that were had decided to flee then we would have we would have provided strikes that did not present itself and
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there were many civilians a report of that convoy so that did not happen you did can you say the new isis fighters leave the cities and go somewhere else can you say that they can't say with the one hundred percent certainty that every single fighter was identified coming out of rocca so the question now is where are these i still fighters going there no longer in iraq us so where would they be heading towards while one potential place the nearest location they could flee to would be turkey and the turkish government has voiced some serious concerns about that some have led to eisele terrorists leave rocker with their weapons instead of eliminating them from the city is this your strategic tactical corp now we see the results of this keep going to members will be the reason for the deaths of innocent people in every corner of the world including turkey europe and america now at this point we have the united states declaring victory in the city of raka but it's looking like quite
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a few isis fighters may have potentially escaped from rocka and begin setting up shop somewhere. else as the fight continues i was artie's kind of mocking that we also spoke with patrick henningsen he is if the twenty first century wired dot com claims and he says that i still fighters have been how would the u.s. led coalition on a number of occasions. i think there's a great great reason to be concerned about allowing hundreds of battle hardened and in this would be some of the most hardcore fighters of the ones the last ones to basically leave and this isn't the first time by the way but this is also isn't the first time that we have reports of. multiple reports on aug twenty fourth of u.s. choppers air lifting isis commanders out of dairies or as that city was falling in isis was being routed out of there is or so there's a number of these reports we've seen over the over the months and in many cases
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we're seeing reports from the middle eastern press of the sort of this collusion with isis so this should get a lot more attention in the western media and this is a really important issue actually. in other news this evening no make is in russia have voted in favor of forcing media outlets which are funded from abroad to register as foreign agents it is in response to similar pressure in christ and the america in the united states to try and get as more details. first of all we wouldn't be hearing this news from the russian parliament if it wasn't for the american department of justice which forced r.t. america to register as a foreign agent in the us the russian government promised to fight back and we can see that it's happening but to make similar demands for foreign media in this country to register as foreign agents russia's own legislation required amendments and they have just been approved by the russian duma and now the draft bill will be
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moved on to the upper chamber of the russian parliament for a final vote the amendment has it that a media outlet may find itself on the list of foreign agents in russia if it receives money from foreign countries i.e. their governments international organizations or foreign organizations for an individuals as well as russian legal entities which are funded from any of the sources that i mentioned above if a media organization becomes a foreign agent whatever it publishes has to come with a disclaimer plus it has to provide the russian authorities with regular reports on their finances something that was also discussed at the same duma session was a recent buzz feed piece titled secret finding sixty russian payments to finance the election campaign of twenty sixteen but the first thing that comes up on your mind if you're reading this headline is that it's
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a groundbreaking investigative report on russian meddling in the us election the article tells you about citibank money transfers intended for russian embassies abroad wow the problem is though that russia also had its parliamentary election back in september twenty sixth staying and there were polling stations opened at russian embassies around the world for russian citizens who couldn't vote at home and that required some money. russian officials did confirm that the cash in these transfers was spent on that but to read about this in the original buzz feed article you really have to scroll down and scroll down a lot so this bit of quality investigative journalism by buzz feed or maybe not was also brought up at the do a session earlier this wednesday. you are preparing to reporting now let's get the
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thoughts now where benedict he's executive director of the libertarian national committee and joins us now whereas welcome to r.t. thursley just give us your reaction then to these developments over the last sort of twenty four hours or so and firstly r.t. being called a foreign agent. thanks for having me and i don't know for sure how much influence the russian government may have had on the united states elections but what i do know is that the united states constitution is very clear when it comes to freedom of speech the first amendment of the constitution says in no uncertain terms that congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech or of the press and there are no exceptions for that there is no exceptions that would apply to a russian media organization to our t two a publicly funded p.b.s. organization here in the united states our constitution calls for free speech and
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when the united states passes rules or laws that inhibit free speech of other organizations that's a violation of our constitution and it's a dangerous direction to go so we are absolutely opposed to what the u.s. government has done recently requiring r.t. to register as as a foreign agent and let me just say this you know we send out a lot of newsletters i'm the executive director of the libertarian party and we send out email newsletters and other types of communications to tens of thousands of people and when i quote a story and fox news and evidently i get a lots and lots of complaints and responses say and how can you quote fox news that's a propaganda arm for the republican party and vice versa when i send something out in a quote c.n.n. or with the washington post we get lots of complaints how can you quote those news
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organizations thereby as they are just propaganda arms for the democratic party and the thing is in both cases you know people are pretty much right. most news organizations have a point of view they have a bias as it's no surprise. she may have a russian paez but i don't want the united states government deciding what is news and what is propaganda as far as i'm concerned there's not a big diff difference between the two and i don't want the government deciding and restricting either type of communication here in the united states the sense i mean i certainly take all your points there but do you sense whereas there's any backlash against this move to make r.t. a foreign agent tool certainly the impression i get will says sitting in moscow is that people don't really care you know that's what the government's going to do that's what the government's going to do oxys a foreign agent if you just fill it in what's been the reaction. i would
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say i probably get the same impression that you just stated. we you know americans i don't think we take a nuff responsibility for our own actions in our own situations i love america i'm an american i want to merica to be a great country but i don't want us to be hypocrites and it is hard for many americans to look inside and say hey we are violating our own constitution by doing this when when our own news organizations are out there are claiming or blaming russia for this election result of that election result it does stir up recent towards russia. you know it's not just in the media where these kind of things happen there have been many instances where it's constantly happening where american politicians blame mexico or mexicans for problems with the american economy so i think what we need to do is first look here in america what can we do
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to improve things of course libertarians want free speech free markets free trade peace throughout the world and not to blame russia for our problems but i would agree with you that that a lot of americans due to the political atmosphere here simply are content to blame russia and punish our t. because it is backed and has a russian point of view yes we need to tell you a number of democrats according to impeach president trump at the moment among other things they seem of attacking press freedom but the same time united. is a foreign agent i mean is the no the new people not see some sort of double standard here. well there are certainly double standards and like i said you know perhaps every press organization throughout the world and in america should register as a foreign agent to the you know something they could say could be influenced you
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know could be influenced by something overseas you know even our mainstream media organizations here in the united states a.b.c. n.b.c. c.b.s. fox news c.n.n. all of them are supported by advertising that means corporate advertising and they certainly have biases where they don't want to offend too many people so that they continue getting the revenue that supports their news now i'm ok with that i just think that we need to recognize a our media here is influenced by corporate advertising let's not be ridiculous and think that other organizations are going to be influenced as well ok well it's not really not until we have to wrap it up there i'm afraid that was benedict executive director of the libertarian national committee thank you. thank you. now in other news the lebanese president is accusing saudi arabia of a hostile act it does concern that ebony's prime minister who flew to the saudi
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capital and suddenly resigned in riyadh on saturday nothing just defies that hariri did not return after twelve days we consider it to be custody and detention violating the vienna convention and the convention libin these people need to know that i did resign i know it's an old do it with resigning but a new prime minister i knew that but i did it because i wanted to send them into short positive shock so lebanese people would realise that our country is in danger from beirut to tunis mockingjay has the latest. it's reading more and more every day like a really bad hollywood movie scripts where nobody really knows the ending we received a statement in beirut which i could got sort of attention that the president here michelle own is losing some patience with the situation with the standoff but he suggested that he can only accept the resignation of his diary if harry comes back to beirut and presents himself in person with that of course and i back to sunday was where the nation here was grip's by our live television interview which mr
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hariri gave whereby he said to the presenter that he expected to be back in beirut in a number of days in the last year while mr hariri has been prime minister in lebanon there was a great deal of pressure and expectation on him from the saudis in particular new crown prince mohammed bin salman to redress and we negotiate us the us the crux of this entire us here with france although it is unclear whether our report from a u.k. bane which involves exploitation and also smuggling which does not necessarily and one person mention the document is the former u.k. soldier over here rob larry headlines back in january of two thousand and sixteen when for them living in a sewer pipe in a tourist kalai jungle camp rob larry spoke to r.t. years ago i went over to help him in france the notorious
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jungle and i was building shelters that. befriended a young afghan girl and their father and she used to help me for many weeks and you know months building shelters. one day i found out she had a family who lived literally two miles from myself and i decided to you know with with you know a little bit gods and i decided to try and get still her family is quite obvious that you know i didn't do it for money it was quite. obvious i didn't do it for you know any political gain or anything out there it was quite will be she had a purely did it out of the humanitarian. desire to help this little girl the french government the other three judges in the cos saw this for what it was they viewed it as a stupid act by an ex soldier and that crime of compassion as it was described in
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the media could have landed him five years in prison but his punishment was reduced to a one thousand your a fine his drop again on the french authorities. i could only presume their agenda would be that if they were to stop aid workers are humanitarians going to hell then that would force refugees in the back off awesome away unless you've actually lived among refugees and heard some of the stories you can't really understand why they would want to come over you know two european shows refugees about which i've met these. you know these are escaping you know be you know real was let's look at what's happening with governments around the world at the moment let's take donald trump's america show it donald trump is trying to internalize america with itself coupled with the fact that donald trump is completely out of his depth with
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any kind of knowledge of refugees around the world so i think governments think by restricting humanitarian aid workers other volunteers are charities to help on the ground that kind of kid him selves in the kind of trying to sweep you know the issues under the under the capital so to speak the situation is going to grow while we realize that you know something has to be done. that the racial divide in the united states is being seized upon by group of rightwing activists they've been trolling school campuses with posters the clarion it is ok to be white although it is a move that is offending by the people and to this. but an identified bunch of people have been plastering signs and stickers like these in neighborhoods and campuses across america claiming it's ok to be white wow one of the vice of comparing the nation is in shambles blake really shocked that someone like had the
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guts to do this because it's like we try to promote diversity so much but see in the melting pot that is america everyone is always proud of their heritage you have the african heritage studies you have the hispanic black jewish heritage months cultural appropriation movements and so on but these people who want to publicly state that there is nothing to be ashamed of being white are hiding their faces so much for diversity harvard law school will not let that happen here we live work teach in learn together in a community that is stronger better and deeper because of our diversity we are taking this seriously and are investigating this incident this may be part of a concerted national campaign to form racial and political tension in our school and community but who would even come up with this crazy idea the ford chair and chat room the so-called troll kingdom these guys have been responsible for
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spreading trends and movements whose purpose was one thing only trolling and about two weeks ago they again initiated just that they asked their followers to spread this poster with very carefully crafted guidelines such as a no way coming in contact with the left keeping a polite not aggressive font and no vandalism among a few other pointers amazing that was in it for chan created another obvious trolling complying with the purpose of exposing many people's sensitivities making them act a little crazy towards a flyer. put it out there publicly to say hey we're going to told use people and see how they react the media knows it but it is to react anyway because they think that this act is so reprehensible well before five letters on a regular sheet of paper is just going to destroy the whole world well separately a writer in the new york times is questioning whether it's right for his children
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to be friends with white people is anthony bryan legan again he blames the media for exaggerating the racial conflicts in the country where i think the racial problem is overblown and often is really that many racial problems in the united states many of the problems that people think that we face are just pretty bad about people in the media like the guy who wrote the article in a new york and many others most people pretty much get along there is some separation of people but they just basically along cultural lines there could be within races as well so is not so much about this big racial division there is some racial tension but i think the media who wants to have that be the normal thing they push is some people unfortunately fall into it. america is pulling the plug on funding a program to clear wartime munitions in cambodia the country still listed with mines and other explosives to after the u.s. dropped more than two million bombs there during the war with neighboring vietnam
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officials in phnom can say say the move does come as a surprise and they insisting that washington has a moral duty to help clear the remnants which still have severe consequences for the population. they just decide to come to see me. i have no work to say but you know this very disappointed d'souza. they have no obligation where did drop a lot of bombs in cambodia kilmeny comporting people's destroyed mini's cambodian villages school or many facilities.
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within that during the first phase of the us dropped bombs people were evacuated from this village the second time they drop small bombs the blue and white plastic covered bombs which burn all the bamboos that was the second place during the third face when all of the people fled they drop bigger bombs such as b. fifty two. and we thought she was just born with that condition as we know now it was from those chemical weapons in the past we only drank water from the small pond. or even the skull was not. in the arm didn't for duval i had her before i didn't really get into the u.s. embassy announced it was because of the takers then i got my.
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another new saving there is a papal in the south african countries zimbabwe at the moment where the military has seized power and detained a long time president robert mugabe on wednesday there. reports of heavy gunfire and explosions being heard in the capital tanks have been stationed at key points across the ira after the military took over the state broadcaster that move has prompted speculation of a possible q but the military does say it is targeting corrupt individuals around the president this follows an intense power struggle within the country's leadership. with the crisis unfolding in zimbabwe let's take a look at who the key players are in the country first the president robert mugabe he's ninety three years old and has been at the helm for almost forty years next his former vice president known as the crocodile he's been mugabe's right hand man since the very start his most trusted and loyal supporter and was tipped to become
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the successor. that was until mugabe unexpectedly sacked him earlier this month for disloyalty disrespect deceit fullness and unreliability why would mugabe do that many point the finger at his wife grace rumor has it mugabe wanted to pave the way for the fifty two year old first lady to become the next president over the years grace has been ascending the political ladder thanks to her husband back in twenty fourteen she was appointed the head of the ruling party's women's league and despite enjoying some support for her charity work she's widely known in the country as gucci grace for her extravagant shopping sprees and lavish lifestyle. that doesn't sit well with many zimbabweans especially at a time when the country is suffering a financial crisis given mugabe's age she started openly pressing him to choose a successor stating her interest in no uncertain terms so i have said to the
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president you can also leave me in charge you can also give me your position given the job and that we did very well because i am good i can do a great job but the sudden appearance of military in the streets of zimbabwe's capital could very well crush those aspirations. so that brings you up to date don't forget if you have a chance how to get a website saying call mornings and half an. corning to the department of justice r t the channel you're watching now is an agent of a foreign even hostile power all the while the d.o.j. refuses to explain why this is the case critics warn party is a test case for a wider campaign of media suppression.
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of the fight for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money kill the narrowness and spend the city to the twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy a great so well chance with. the base it's going to. on the shores of the mississippi river new orleans louisiana. the city is known around the world for its jazz. the famous musician louis
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armstrong and sidney bishop the born here. in treme an african-american neighborhood. the bethel church is packed this morning . if you're a. hero right on thirty five was shot and killed during what appears to be a revenge that. they are fairly common in the area. the mother of the victim has already lost a relative in a shootout. should guns kill almost one person every day within the black community. leaving me to never. taurima the victim's brother his visit.
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here was murdered and out sound was of course you know further reguard our lives than to sit in the united states but. not at the start for it's always put in a better place doesn't help. putting to caribbean tradition if you must be joining. the funeral march turns into a celebration. dances jazz and alcohol companies good to see this town is less church. starts today. this little boy. going out like. a light.
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