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those years you guys i don't know the answer but we're not for us. this is our to you headlining right now the world anti-doping agency blocked russia's own anti doping body from being reinstated amid a lengthy scandal calling it non-compliant the details and reaction coming right out. of the news this hour the search for alleged russian meddling in the u.k. builds momentum with researchers claiming social media accounts influenced. the kremlin blamed for an attack on britain's energy grid. and president former lebanese prime minister to france but says it's not an extra in the wake of abrupt resignation. if you were if you're watching this. here in moscow i want to welcome to the news
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on r.t. international first a breaking story for you the world anti-doping agency has blocked russia's own anti-doping body from being reinstated after a lengthy scandal calling it non compliance is going live to our to the she's across development. so in essence what's been concluded yeah well colleen this is only happened a few hours ago and the world anti-doping agency has said that the russian anti doping agency is still noncompliant with the world anti-doping code and i'll just put some context into that now in order for restarted to have gained the thumbs up they were expected to take all the boxes so that was twenty criteria that was outlined that outlined for resorted to comply to well according to they haven't complained on two of those points the first one being that they denying the allegation made by the mclaren reporter is that state sponsored doping didn't exist
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in russia and the second is russia apparently did not give water experts permission to go and investigate and test one of their athletes so they didn't comply. on two of those points and there were twenty in total but you say this decision is only a couple of hours old what's been the reaction from russia and so far there's as you can imagine there's been lots of reaction are give you two so far we've got alexander as you cough the russian olympic committee chief he said all road demands were met by those points referred to have no relevance to restart his work and i've also got a quote from the russian sports minister who said these two demands that russia allegedly failed to meet are obviously of a political nature we want dialogue not addict at. ok is about to be more reaction in the coming hours and of course this traces back a long way in a direct how did it get to this point well it got to this point i'll just do a bit of background for you and recap risotto was banned back in twenty fifteen by the following them report they were accused of state sponsored doping which russia
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denied and said that the report itself lacked proof and evidence one of the conditions for result is reinstatement required russian authorities including the ministry of sport and the national olympic committee to publicly accept the findings from mclaren the mclaren investigation which they obviously haven't now russia did make it clear however that they had a problem in terms of doping in fact president putin he spoke out and was very clear in his message let's have a quick listen. the main thing is that we have to listen to the results of the independent commission despite flaws in its work but we have to listen to one of those demands because we have to admit that we have confirmed cases of doping which is absolutely unacceptable this means that the anti doping control system which we had until now hasn't worked and it's awful we have to be frank and admit it.
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as you can imagine there could be very serious consequences following this latest revelation. games are coming. chang the opening ceremony is in fact in february twenty eighth so the timing of this is crucial for russia from their perspective it doesn't leave them a lot of time to solve the issues and also let's look at the pressure the added pressure on the committee as well they are going to have to decide whether or not they ban the athletes so that could obviously be the worst case scenario both for russia and its athletes let's not forget they've been training for years a winter sports athletes for next winter games are now in a precarious position a kind of iraq will it get back across reaction and come back to you later thanks very much for that for now. now will widen it out a bit now with me in the studio alan moore russia support specialist and host of capital sports on moscow's capital f.m. and here we are again what. what's what is decision likely to lead to well
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worst case scenario which is the most likely scenario is that. in three weeks will be. from sending us to the winter olympics in south korea that's the most likely scenario best case the are use or you will see who will meet in. under several feet if they will kick the can down a little bit i maybe leave it to the individual federations like they did with the summer olympics but that's very very unlikely it does look like a blanket ban will be put in place and that created a very messy situation for the summer olympics didn't it got instinct then that the i.o.c. is just going to let all the pieces fall into place and that's it for russia for the winter games exactly look i do believe that because of the civil war that's going on at the moment in which in sports you have water who are desperate to hang on to their relevance you have the i.o.c. who are. trying to trying to keep the shoulder road you have these individual or
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the independent national organizations like usada you card and they are trying to take over the whole show. no. they're not going to do any better they want their piece of the pie so good instinct i do believe that bush is going to face a full bar like in the paralympics but if it's like last time you had people wanting to make it look like they were being decisive without ever actually taking any decisions exactly look as an era said and has been pointed many many times russia has taken money of the boxes and one complaint has been to the winter olympic athletes have not been tested enough you know just because they've not been tested in russia or north however when to compete outside they're very very very heavily tested however the names of who has been tested and the results of those tests are not published in these international federations like say by author and so on i'll give just one example in swimming. all the swimmers are tested outside
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of russia as well so you get if you move the horses who is based in usa she has been announced that she has passed test and so on so there is that kind of balance that the testing be done in russia is only a small part of the huge picture because when for example spartak moscow played in severe three of their players were tested after the game so you know that's not the sponsor authority that has them and what you make of the russian sports minister is playing the ball this movie is politically motivated because russia has admitted that there's been a problem with doping taken steps in order to try and solve it but really the sports chiefs like all the politicians to stand up. and i think you do and i mean look everyone has said from the reputed to have a cloak of two here in syria we have said it many many times yes there is a problem it is a global problem but russia is doing its best to try and fix it. it is political i think i did there's no way we can look at russia unfortunately is the whipping boy
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it's caught in the middle of this civil war in sports it's caught in a greater geopolitical battle and russia is a very convenient scapegoat. he is right however let's just look at how sports is at the moment and if they are going to be this nontransparent and this biased is even worthwhile. taking part maybe should do what the usa are doing an organizer all alternative work up there which is what was suggested last time of the summer olympics so as i mentioned earlier on as the athletes caught up in this they've spent years dedicated to their sport pushing their bodies to the limit in order to get metal wear to represent their country they're hopeful but gone now pretty much i mean there's tens of thousands of track and field athletes who are bound but let's just look ok so the senior athletes who've been there for twenty years like who are our age are already but younger and they're not going to get to two to reach the highest point of their careers in the olympics but think of the children who you know are they're being told we have to compete clean don't dope
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and so on under be educated no more than i do to continue worlds of being educated be clean be clean be clean and coaches been trained to be clean be clean be clean i did what they have no future so there is there is no hope on the horizon right now but fingers crossed something will something good will come out of the meeting in three weeks on and let's hope that we've got something more positive to talk about after that happens because crossfire or animal for now thanks very much. next britain is stepping up its search for alleged russian influence in its affairs after u.k. researches claimed over four hundred twitter accounts trying to sway voters on brecht it i wanted to that was highlighted was an alleged russian tweeter whose profile didn't fit someone who's usually into british politics but yet posted all retreated nearly one hundred posts mentioning it our london correspondent looks at the facts behind the allegations. in recent weeks and days the british media has
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been heavily focused on the lack of progress the braggs it talks and the problems facing to raise their maize government the russian interference story has drawn the fire away from all that and now media outlets can pour over the question of how many trolls does it take to incite a revolution not many according to everyone we approached to discuss this story in london do you think four hundred twitter accounts from from russia was enough to change the outcome of the referendum here in the u.k. well i think it could i think it could sort of and the could be a lot more yeah so you think it's only the tip of the iceberg yes i think it's just the tip of the iceberg i believe there is something of the bush movie and i'm being very careful with my own. where there's smoke there's fire. for russia i
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want to broach the idea about four hundred twitter people will affect. as it were mostly mostly people who don't read anything on twitter is absolutely laughable the idea that four hundred social media are capable of swinging an election in the yuki or anywhere else is just ludicrous in fact. it's almost comical it seems russian interference is interfering in everything these days because about a conference about women in leadership at the summit and this has come up as one of the topics why is it a topic for women in leadership well it was more about the world we live in today unsettled nature of it and the topic of breck's certain trump and power what the hell are we going to do and the topic of. russian let's say interference or. some level was discussed no one i spoke to had anything to say about evidence that maybe
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because there isn't much of it do you think the prime minister is wrong to be putting the emphasis that she put on this last night on russia no. no you are too old to accuse them of meddling well i think she probably has evidence to indicate that that was the case probably there's also britain's head of cyber security karen martin has said that russian hackers have attacked british media telecommunication and energy sectors when asked for proof he said he couldn't get into precise details the prime minister's spokesperson has said that downing street didn't have any evidence of successful interference in british electoral systems and this was the way the foreign secretary posted it on. the. loose. but that doesn't matter
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because if you ask a member of the public care if russia did magill the answer is most likely to be done for questions or form of like faraway russia where people in the u.k. are prepared to suspend their disbelief to simply accept what they are told if the russians are blamed often enough people will say ok we accept you going to war what to these are mean and other leaders are doing across the west is trying to divert attention from there on responsibility for for the enveloping crises political crises are taking place at home and abroad too in this context they don't need evidence russia is seen as an easy target. the french president's invited the former lebanese prime minister and his family to paris saad hariri sparked a political crisis at home when he flew to saudi arabia and abruptly resigned more
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than a week ago president mccrone insists he's not offering political exile. mr noon i spoke with crown prince mohammed will summon prime minister saad hariri we agreed that i would invite the prime minister in his family to france for a few days is also a gesture of friendship in the willingness of france to contribute to restoring calm and stability in lebanon you know that the french sort of is very curious i mean it's quite a thunderbolt what's happened just yesterday is that mr macron has offered hariri some sort of x. are they not using the word exile of course but they're stressing this is an offer to him and his family to come for just a few days that may well be a euphemism for to come here indefinitely we just don't know there are more questions than answers at this point france would be the obvious country to make such an offer you have to understand that there's a history of course a colonial history with france and lebanon but also that hariri is had a home for a number of years in paris so this seems to be simple to quote
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a smart move so this all started on november the fourth when hariri arrived in riyadh in missouri initially surrounded by police and detained he had his phones taken away from him and he was told on that day that saudis were very displeased with his one year premiership in lebanon when negotiator effectively nothink immediately made a speech which more or less said that i'm resigning and i blame hezbollah for that and then just a couple days later after that you were on the record and did a live interview with lebanese television saying that he would be back in lebanon within a few days i think that reassured a number of people in lebanon that that things could be things could calm down if we move on to just recently just yesterday the patience of the lebanese president michel own snapped and he went public and stated that this was international law being broken only pollutes the lebanese prime minister was being detained by the saudis so the french have come in an interesting moment we don't know for sure if he will go to paris with reuters or citing elise sources who has said he will
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certainly be there but there's a question mark over how long it will be some news agencies are using the words for a few days certainly i can tell you there's enough people in lebanon who are eagerly waiting for him to come back to beirut and to kick start negotiations which of not really move forward for a whole year now with hezbollah. as for the situation inside lebanon middle east analyst says the government there appears to be uniting in the face of outside pressure it's not easy it's not there somebody else will lead the government and all the later players unlevel know will still be in the government and the saudis are trying to dictate their opinion on the lebanese government and today we find the lebanese actually united in no position to the dictates from outside you know it's a shame that lot has to be forced to become a battlefield between the saudis and the arrangements in fact if you really look at what the saudis are trying to do is on their confrontations with this with the
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iranians whether in syria and iraq in the amount they seem to be losing these and they're just trying to open a new front in lebanon and that's what the general belief on solution to this is which is why they are submission was not accepted in the u.s. senate reportedly agreed to ignore a budget cap to increase military spending next year here's what donald trump had to say on the nearly seven hundred billion dollars set aside for the u.s. economy the houses just passed a nearly seven hundred billion dollar defense package and it could not come at a better time.
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this is out say on the way the french president turns on his predecessors over radicalism in the country and we take a look at why some americans are taking a hammer to their coffeemakers more after the break. i've played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside out. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch all the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending two hundred twenty million on one player. so it's an experience like nothing else on to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so one more chance with. the case it's going to.
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thank you. thank you. thank you thank. you. thank you to prevent a possible radicalized it's been to visit one such area near paris ok in song to the housing project dominate the skyline there home mainly to low income families and generations of migrants that the state has failed to integrate so dinny is also where the trail of the paris terror attacks in november two thousand and fifteen led the police to thank. you years later proles says new president emanuel much call it says the state is
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guilty of feeling extremism in crawl says poor us suburbs that's good news these neighborhoods with close schools cuts aid for the oldest and youngest and other groups arrives totty solutions for all of that radicalization took root because the state checks out not corns would come as the reality of how severe the problem of radicalization is becoming sinks in there are now eighteen thousand individuals on the list of people flying the depth of being radicalized towards violence that's up almost twenty percent since last year and it's still growing of those four thousand believed to be most dangerous. there are eighteen thousand people in france who are a nation of violent radicalism watch lists and four thousand individuals are under active surveillance. calls a plan to stop out stream is in its fight powering money into housing improving
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public transport and offering subsidies to companies hiring huge storm targeted areas but is it too little too late to stop them from being radicalized and lost most of it i don't think that money in lieu could how all the things should be done as well money could help but this is not you know but did you read me this probably could help that there are people who already have money and they still can be terrorist money alone one have people forest produce terrorism. so our precious but no this won't change much because terrorism is everywhere across the country it might help on the one hand but on the other hand it does nothing. much is lashing out at french authorities for funding for suburbs and allowing extremists to wife which is fairly easy to do when you've been in charge for the last good the issue
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of deflate neighborhood spermicide decades is surely not the first president to try and stop this show with david spade own t.v. son to me paris. videos of people smashing their coffee makers are spreading online in protest of a coffee machine manufacturer pulling its ads from a t.v. news show. ok. filming themselves destroying their machines after the maker keurig dropped its ads from the hannity show on america's fox news channel keurig took issue with host the sean hannity defending republican senate candidate roy moore who faces several accusations of misconduct including one woman who says she was fourteen at the time but the u.s. sided with hannity forcing the company to apologize for what it described as taking sides the decision to publicly communicate so programming decision fire on twitter
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account was highly unusual this gave the appearance of taking sides in an emotionally charged debate that escalated on twitter i apologize for any negativity that you have experienced as a result of this situation and assure you that we will learn and improve going forward on our show on how he announced that he was giving away five hundred to keurig coffee makers to thank his supporters he also called on voters in alabama to make their own decision of the polls when they vote for their representative in the u.s. senate political analyst charles will tell things firms should watch their step if they want to weigh in on politics i think it's a big mistake for a publicly controlled companies to start meddling too aggressively in the political minefield particularly in a country like the states which is so sharply divided you have to understand that you know the hard right in the hard left you know represent only a portion of the target market there's a a large percentage in the middle that doesn't like either party it doesn't like politics intervening every day on television in every aspect of one's life trying
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to meddle in what a voter might want to do in the ballot box which is really none of the business of a company or encouraging one's employees to support one candidate or another that's just not a province that i think makes any real sense for for profit companies just doesn't . now your up to date i'll be back at half an hour with more of the details in reaction to a developing story in that decision against reinstating russia's anti doping agency a worry for russia nothing to having to compete in the next winter olympics just a few months away now this is all to international. guys are. looking forward to.
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this is what happens to pensions in britain. you watch kaiser report. here's what people have been saying about rejecting the night. of the only show i go out of my way to. get the silly packs apart oh yeah it's the john oliver of artie and mary is the same we are apparently better than. i see never heard of love jack tonight president of the world bank. seriously send us an e-mail.
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hello and welcome to the very first up a sawed off the simon chill i'm looking forward to you joining me every week as we beat a whole host of politicians stars of stage and screen business personalities and fools leaders and of course those who want to be any of the above as robert said i was some poor the gift to get us to see ourselves as others see us this program will give people with something to say a platform to see it i mean tend to find out that the past now he's behind the public figures and i'm not interested in catching people out of statistics or laying them lol with previous quotations i want to hear from people with ideas and answers some with something positive to contribute and left of change their mind about something then so much the better each week i'll be reading your tweets and your e-mails so please get in touch i'll also be joined by i'm a shake will be out in a boat in villages towns and cities across these islands speaking to you about the
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important issues of the day. on this very for sure we have something very special for you this week i've been to brussels but i conducted an in-depth from highly personal interview with the president of catalonia carlos bush among two months ago he was virtually unknown now as one of the most famous politicians and all of europe because push him on is the president in exile he has fled to escape criminal charges believe me it's powerful stuff but first to put the slanders me well out of your courting of donald trump deal on the show last most often this will be a prominent an issue unlike a chance to in the midst of their westminster chaos and confusion but this determined lady said no i'm of course referring to buying or selling a kennedy q.c. welcome home let's see you state your case. half of the population in this country is female and so we should be proactively pursuing changes in the institutions
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which govern this country that means we have to change parliament and we have to equal numbers of men and women in there all parties should be required to have all women shortlists as seats become available and we should start this between now and the next election to kick start this change the game should be at least half of parliament female this is all.


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