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tv   News  RT  November 16, 2017 6:00am-6:31am EST

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from him but. a potential winter olympics blow as the world. refuses to live on russia as. we look at the potential consequences of that decision for the athletes also for. the deposed leader explains all in a rare interview in the launch edition of our new talk show details host alex salmond he felt us bonds marred referendum and. see. the file face. cooled down there are a lot of injuries. the search for alleged russian meddling in the u.k. builds momentum with researchers claiming social media accounts influenced the
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break said. live from moscow to the world this is r.t. international my names you know neal good to have your company our top story this hour the world doping agency has blocked russia's anti doping agency. from being reinstated after a lengthy scandal calling it non-compliant as far as possible police should be allowed to keep. international sports competitions but in the meantime agreed. compliance for the russian one to do ph and she has been fulfilled in many ways but there are still two issues which remain unfulfilled however want to also said it is
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cooperating with the russian agency in dealing with doping violations and meeting the road map requirements are. cross the developments for us here you're a cheater let me start with the fact that there's been a lot of positivity actually towards russia by wada praising the efforts that russia have made towards doping they said that there was a huge amount of work to be done and they all said the board decided if we receive and i'm sure we will the necessary information that the russian anti-doping agency would be able to resume its testing program and that was said by craig reedie the world anti-doping agency president well as you can imagine there's been lots of reaction and i've got a couple of quotes for you here alexander as you cough russian limpid committee chief he said all roadmaps demands were met by. those points one to refer to have no relevance to restart his work and the russian sports minister said these two demands that russia allegedly failed to meet are obviously of the political nature we want a dialogue not a dick taps now if we recap as to what's happened so
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a few hours ago the anti-doping agency is saying that is still not compliant to the world anti doping code what happened is that criteria was laid out there were twenty points ten criteria that we have to comply to and according to water there's two that they failed on so the first one is denying the allegations made in the mclaren report and that was of state sponsored doping the other being that the wada experts were not apparently allowed to investigate and test one of their athletes it goes back to twenty fifteen when that mclaren report came out. as state sponsored doping which russia always said and always denied in fact russia was very clear in saying that there wasn't enough proof in that report and there wasn't enough added evidence and one of the conditions for result is requirement reinstatement requirements was that the russian authorities publicly
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accept mclaren's findings and that's just. by the clash of opinions that we have there. actually if we go back to september twenty seven water did clear ninety five athletes in fact of doping due to lack of evidence and also the president himself president putin he did come out and say and acknowledge that there was a problem with doping he denied the state sponsored doping let's have a quick listen to what he said. the main thing is that we have to listen to the results of the independent commission despite flaws in its work but we have to listen to one of those demands because we have to admit that we have confirmed cases of doping use which is absolutely unacceptable this means that the anti doping control system which we had until now hasn't worked and it's our fault we have to be frank and admit it. could be very severe consequences with the
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olympic games coming up. really is on february the ninth and twenty eighteen not far away so the timing of this latest announcement is crucial from a russian perspective it doesn't leave a lot of time for russia to solve those issues and also if we look at the olympic committee itself it's putting added pressure they've got to make the decision on whether or not to ban those russian athletes and that would be the worse case scenario of course for russia and its athletes and also we can't ignore the fact that there is some negative press there has been some negative press that has been rearing its ugly head yet again over the last few months or as in the durham mentioned have been dealt a number of blows during november six russians skiers were banned for life for doping violations while the former head of the moscow on to doping lab who was the first to allege a state sponsored doping program has put forward new information on the claims and
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that's led to some officials calling for russia to be completely banned from the twenty eighteen winter olympics so all. to get stuck into here let's try to answer some of the questions with ellis cashmore sociology professor and specialist in culture media and sport studies you're very welcome to the program. an educated estimation because we don't know for sure what is being said out there want to hear nothing has been put forward in a concrete way but what do you think will be the most likely consequences if what is this edition is public. i think russia will be disqualified from competing in the winter olympics it's a simple as that. a couple of weeks ago i thought the question was in the balance now it would seem more and more. is digging in its heels of a one factor now we talk about the road map and there were twenty points of compliance that russia was expected to meet its met eighteen of them so we hear.
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the two remaining ones are one apparently russia is not allowing access to some samples that it has stored from an athlete or more than one athlete and for some reason it's saying that this this is strictly confidential and there are good legal reasons why we simply cannot allow wada that's the acronym for the what anti doping agency to investigate these the other sticking point and i think this is the main one you know and this is the one the killer blow russia is not putting up its hands and saying we accept the mclaren reports finding that there is state sponsored doping it's held that line throughout the whole to ing and fro ing that we've experienced over the past two or three years it's always said we want hard evidence that there is state sponsored doping the rest of the warders accepted it it's
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accepted it basically without hard evidence but russia has quite rightly in my opinion said. if there is state sponsored doping it's up to mclaren the burden is on him to provide evidence of this and this has signally not been forthcoming and at the moment it's gone all the way to vladimir putin and even he is saying no we until we show remorse about state sponsored doping we want some evidence it's been categorically denied from day one that the final decision ellis on russia competing lest we forget the winter games in less than three months it's not it's the international olympic committee do you expect a similar line from them. similar if not exactly the same i think what's probably going to happen is that. they have to really accept warders findings but they will say we will allow russian athletes to compete under
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a flag of neutrality and then they would just throw it back to russia and saying we're athletes it's up to you we're not allowing you as a nation to compete but we will individual athletes and that's a kind of a piecemeal kind of reproach manya i don't think that point was to be accepted no is it they want to compete under the russian flag i don't think so i think the probably well you know and i think the probably will be many athletes who would want to take that option simply because they've trained hard for for eight years so this is a fulfillment of a life dream for them so they don't want to be denied it so i think that they want the motivation to go will be there but of course the incredible pressures on them not to go there because they will be seen as traitors really. there's a lot of little bit to there's a lot of elements out there so they wouldn't be in favor no absolutely it would be a last resort i think for many athletes who do want to compete over the russian i think so professor ellis cashmore
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a specialist in culture media sports editor thanks for coming on the program and giving us your take this hour my pleasure you know. spanish parliament session has once again highlighted the divide in the country over catalan independence with catalonia is former leader is in exile in belgium and potentially facing extradition one catalan m.p. in madrid flirted with the idea of the spanish prime minister being arrested for his actions against the breakaway which. you have made your prisons. sure you know who will make. your minister. who will be. in our home one day see this is the wrong in the. media well debuting his new show here on r t former scottish first minister alex salmond spoke exclusively with our state council on president karla's demand for
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a rare insight into the independence referendum just to remind you put the model was sacked as president there's no facing charges of sedition rebellion spain issued an international arrest warrant after he fled to belgium where he is currently on bail here's a look at what carlos preached about how to say about that fateful referendum day on the future of castle in the. let me take you to that the extraordinary day in the first of october. tell me what your emotions were that the in the one hand there was the celebration of. millions of your fellow country people coming out to exercise or vote for self-determination on the other hand it was the the violence that we all saw on our television screens from the state police or what will the conflicting emotions that you felt as president of catalonia on that famous day it was a tragic day today because i see directly the violent face school in
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my hometown there a lot of injuries i was of injuries mr president you've challenge to see your avoid to accept the result of the december elections you've challenged the european union to respect democracy in catalonia you've said the united nations could see advantages in the success of a peaceful movement but you're a president of a country what is your message to the people of catalonia we must to be confident resilient because we will we. will succeed finally democracy will prevail. british prime minister theresa may has signaled a step in the hunt for alleged russian hackers as researchers claim over four hundred twitter accounts were used to meddle and sway voters on preg said one example highlighted was an alleged russian twitter whose profile didn't fit someone
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usually into british politics but yet posted or retreated nearly one hundred posts mentioning brags that our london correspondent polly boyko looks now at the facts behind the allegations. in recent weeks and days the british media has been heavily focused on the lack of progress the braggs it talks and the problems facing to raise their maize government the russian interference story has drawn the fire away from all that and now media outlets can pour over the question of how many trolls does it take to incite a revolution not many according to everyone we approached to discuss this story in london do you think four hundred twitter accounts from from russia is enough to change the outcome of the referendum here in the u.k. well i think it could i think it could sort of and the could be
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a lot more yeah so you think it's only the tip of the iceberg yes i think it's just the tip of the iceberg i believe there is some of the bush movie and i'm being very careful with my own. where there's smoke there's usually in for russia did this growth the idea about four hundred twitter people will affect. as it were mostly mostly people who don't read anything on twitter is absolutely laughable the idea that four hundred social media are capable of swinging an election in the u.k. or anywhere else is just ludicrous in fact. it's almost comical it seems russian interference is interfering in everything these days it just about a conference about women in leadership at the summit and this has come up as one of the topics why is it a topic for women in leadership well it was more about the world we live in today
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the unsettled nature of it and the topic of breck's certain trumping power what the hell are we going to do and the topic of. russian let's say interference. some level was discussed no one i spoke to had anything to say about evidence that maybe because there isn't much of it do you think the prime minister is wrong to be putting the emphasis that she put on this last night on russia no. no you are too old to accuse them of meddling well i think she probably has evidence to indicate that that was the case probably there's also britain's head of cyber security kiran martin has said that russian hackers have attacked british media telecommunication and energy sectors when asked for proof he said he couldn't get into precise details the prime minister's spokesperson has said that downing street didn't have
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any evidence of successful interference in british electoral systems and this was the way the foreign secretary put it on. the loose. but that doesn't matter because if you ask a member of the public care if russia did meddle the answer is most likely to be done for questions of foreign affairs like faraway russia where people in the u.k. are prepared to suspend their disbelief to simply accept what they are told if the russians are blamed often enough people will say ok we accept you don't have to tell us anymore what to these are mean and other leaders are doing across the west is trying to divert attention from there on responsibility for for the enveloping crises the political crises are taking place at home and abroad too in this context
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they don't need evidence russia is seen as an easy target were global news in ninety seconds they with r.t. . here's what people have been saying about rejected and this is. the only show i go out of my way to you know a lot of the really packed. yap is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same . apparently better than. the sea people you've never heard of. jack to the next president of the world bank very. seriously he sent us an e-mail.
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hello again the former lebanese prime minister has accepted the french president's invitation to come to par it's very sparked a political crisis in lebanon when he flew to saudi arabia and abruptly resigned the lebanese president's official twitter account posted that the government's next steps pended on her research return from paris all the money will mccrone stress that france's invitation was not an offer of political exile. i spoke with crown
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prince mohammed and prime minister saad hariri and we agreed that i would invite the prime minister's family to france for a few days is a gesture. friendship and the willingness of france contribute to restoring calm and stability in lebanon that the french sort of is very curious i mean it's quite a thunderbolt what's happened just yesterday is that mr macron has offered her riri some sort of x. are they not using the word excel of course but they're stressing this is an offer to him and his family to come for just a few days that may well be a euphemism for to come here indefinitely we just don't know there are more questions than answers at this point france would be the obvious country to make such an offer you have to understand that there's a history of course a colonial history with france and lebanon but also that hariri is had a home for a number of years in paris so this seems to be simply quite a smart move so this all started on november the fourth when hariri arrived in
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riyadh and was a real initially surrounded by police and detained his phones taken away from him and he was told on that day that the saudis were very displeased with his one year premiership in lebanon when negotiate effectively nothink immediately made a speech which more or less said that i'm resigning and i blame hezbollah for that and then just a couple days later after that you were on the record and did a live interview with lebanese television saying that he would be back in lebanon within a few days i think that reassured a number of people in lebanon that that things could be things could calm down if we move on to just recently just yesterday the patience of the lebanese president michel own snaps and he went public and stated that this was international law being broken the balloon the lebanese prime minister was being detained by the saudis so the french have come in an interesting moment we don't know for sure if he will go to paris with reuters or citing elise sources who has said he will certainly be there but there's a question mark over how long it will be some news agencies are using the words for
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a few days certainly i can tell you there's enough people in lebanon who are eagerly waiting for him to come back to beirut and to kick start negotiations which have not really moved forward for a whole year now with hezbollah. well speaking of france the country's president is blaming his predecessors for fueling the rise of extremism in the country to tackle it and money will micron's announce plans for an economic boost in some of the country's poorest areas to try and prevent poverty driven radicalization show dubinsky has been to visit one such area near a part of us here in santa the housing project dominate the skyline there home mainly to low income families and generations of migrants that the state has failed to integrate so is also where the trail of the paris terror attacks in november two thousand and fifteen led police.
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to years later roles he's new president emmanuel much call it says the state is guilty of the wing extremism in france's poor us suburbs but these neighborhoods with close schools cut aid for the oldest and youngest and other groups arrived the solutions for all of that radicalization took root because the state checked out not corns would come as the reality of how severe the problem of radicalization is becoming sixteen there are now eighteen thousand individuals on the list of people fly depth of being radicalized to wards violence that's up almost twenty percent since last year and it's still growing of those four thousand believed to be most dangerous there are eighteen thousand people in france who are on national violent radicalism watch lists and four thousand individuals who are under active
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surveillance calls a plan to stop out stream is in its fight powering money into housing improving public transport and offering subsidies to companies hire. targeted areas but is it too little too late to stop them from being radicalized. i don't think that money in loans could how all the things should be done as well money could help but this is not enough but did you read me this probably could help but there are people who already have money and they still can be terrorist you money alone want to have people forest produce terrorism. but you know this won't change much because terrorism is everywhere across the country it might help on the one hand but on the other hand it does nothing. much. lashing out at french authorities for bungling for supper and allowing stream of white which is fairly
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easy to do when you've been in charge for the last year the issue of to my neighborhood spermicide decades is surely not the first president to try and tackle . this case. something we powerless. videos of people smushing their coffeemakers are spreading online in protest over the manufacture of polling it sounds from a t.v. news show. yet people began filming themselves destroying their machines after the make or break dropped its sounds from the elysee show on america's fox news channel. occurring took issue with host sean hannity defending republican senate candidate roy moore who faces several occasions of sexual misconduct including one woman who
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say she was fourteen at the time but viewers sided with hannity forcing the coffee company to apologize what it the scribe does taking sides. the decision to publicly communicate so programming decision fire on twitter account was highly unusual this gave the appearance of taking sides in an emotionally charged debate that escalated on twitter i apologize for any negativity that you have experienced as a result of this situation and assure you that we will learn and improve going forward showing how to give away five hundred curried coffee makers to thank his supporters and also call for alabama voters to make their own decision at the polls when they vote for their representative in the u.s. senate political analyst charles or tell things firms should watch their step if they want to weigh in to politics i think is a big mistake for publicly controlled companies to start meddling too aggressively in the political minefield particularly in a country like the states which is so sharply divided you have to understand that
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you know the hard right and the hard left you know represent only a portion of the target market there's a a large percentage in the middle that doesn't like either party it doesn't like politics intervening every day on television in every aspect of one's life trying to meddle in what a voter might want to do in the ballot box which is really none of the business of a company or encouraging one's employees to support one candidate or another that's just not a province that i think makes any real sense for for profit companies just doesn't . more r.t. program start in just a moment and i'll see you in often hurston. i
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would see him we don't have any protection for the worst at all if you do have. the public sector as well as in the private sector that information would have to be can be made public and that actually puts pressure on the parliament more on this. in favor of the public.
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on the shores of the mississippi river new orleans louisiana. the city is known around the world for. the famous musician strong and sidney best born here. in treme an african-american neighborhood. the bethel church is packed this morning . if you're a. hero right on thirty five was shot and killed during what appears to be
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a revenge that. they are fairly common in the area. the mother of the victim has already lost a relative in a shootout. shoot guns kill almost one person every day within the black community. leaving me so i never. dreamed the victim's brother his visit. here was murdered and out sound was. you know i mean it hurt a racecar know it arrives to sit in the united states but. you know that's not support it's always put in a better state house bill. clinton caribbean tradition if you must be joining. the funeral march turns into a celebration. dances jazz and alcohol companies to see the stunt is
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less. starts to. this little boy. the son like. a man spin the cars and three times in honor of the neighborhood of the deceased the third district. mr rate has a priest by thirty percent this. i . new orleans.


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