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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  November 16, 2017 7:30am-8:00am EST

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well for the watch of the hawks i am i robot her and on top of the wallace and i do not have the power. yes the power to launch nuclear weapons is not in your hands but it is in the hands of the dr a little right behind you right now one president donald trump. i don't like up and i don't like if you're in the hole here's the very unsettling thing about the power and we're really are the exception to the norm for for new powers in the world the us as of september twenty fifteen sits on about forty five hundred nuclear warheads nuclear missiles all in the power one man that's legally the president at his discretion can decide if it's defensive this is beacon logs from everyone just. not you're happy about that yeah i think it's very disturbing because we're supposed to have a say their idea of democracy is that one person can put us in the situation one person can't and that's sort of where we're in the problem of the problem now is
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that we've always had leaders who seem to at least give lip service to the idea that it was a team effort and now we have a leader who it's not a team effort it's all about him and that's i think what scares people is there's this not time you know not a teamwork kind of atmosphere of a really dangerous thing and that's where the according to the union of concerned scientists is the president is not required to consult with any advisors before issuing the launch order no one in the defense department congress or any judicial branch can lawfully prevent the use of nuclear weapons once the president's order is given now in january gen january senators ed markey is a democrat from massachusetts and representative ted lieu a democrat from california introduced s. two hundred eight or six six nine which is what we're talking about now and see for it restricting the first use of nuclear weapons after twenty seventeen so this would prohibit the president any president from this point forward from launching a nuclear strike without a declaration of war from kong. out to very well be nice if we actually got
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congress to declare war in the first place from we have all these military adventures i mean that when we've been having a war or. resolution as much as i like the idea of a doesn't have much bangs when congress never decides to the clear war sort of the problem is not that we threaten it a lot but we don't have a system in place to do that in a way that. the other thing that's interesting you know it isn't to me what really gets me about this isn't just that it's donald trump office it's that we allowed this to happen we'd never have these conversations before now we've never sat back and so should we really leave this authority in the president's hand when you know other nuclear powers around the world britain prime minister does have the launch authority but the ministry of defense can lawfully appeal to the queen to overturn it parliament could also call for a vote of no confidence which require the ministers immediate resignation india pakistan councils saying you know you have ten times councils decide and i think
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there was you know impressed and i actually it was interesting it was a little piece of information i wasn't aware of until we looked at the story that it isn't just a lot of report making that decision which is a little scary even in you know even in a country where you know our perception is that you know just warmongering ready to destroy the world i mean not a great allies here in the united states. that there is actually this this system in place that there's no even bottom or putin doesn't get to make that decision on his own and here comes your trunk should not be able to make that decision on their own so that part of democracy is like wow russia is doing democracy better than we're doing tomography on nuclear war. that's a little scary but i would i do want to see it retired general robert colored commander of u.s. strategic command from twenty eleven to twenty thirteen had this to say if there is an illegal order presented to the military the military is obligated to refuse to follow it the question is the process leading to that determination and now you would arrive at that so. there you go here's
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a side of the we don't even know what the system is and place we don't even know what that is but that they have a duty to stop it if we like basically the general saying look if we think it's illegal and suddenly you know the dude says hey a warrant should was included no. they can do that but even a murky democratic server massachusetts i don't have confidence that the military chain of command would reject him or by the president to launch a nuclear weapons in a preventative nuclear war situation so even then it's kind of like. would they really or would they just replace the guy was of the mill and find a new guy. and another case of toddlers with weapons wisconsin just became the thirty first state in the us to have no minimum age requirement for hunting with a firearm the bill which passed the legislature in july and was signed into law by governor scott walker this week also removes restrictions on how many weapons an
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adult supervising a child is legally allowed to carry previously a person had to be fourteen years old and passing hunter safety course in order to hunt alone children and children ten and up could hunt but only if they participate in the state's mentoring program which requires an adult to be within arm's reach at all times and only allows one weapon between the two assembly bill for fifty five states a person may hunt in this state without obtaining a certificate of accomplishment taking away the ten years old restriction republican state representative rob stache told the bill's sponsor stated that quote what this bill means is that parents would now decide if and when their child is ready to participate in a mentor and hunter program and not the government which i think is an odd statement since the mentor and hunting program is like a government program. what also seems odd is a complete lack of forethought and deceit the well setting up a system that is begging for abuse by hunters looking to bag extra games so is this another act of pointless lobbyist filled legislation or
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a real issue for parents. you know wow i never realized before you brought me this story to the the risk. you know that there was thirty five other states besides god so that said well whatever age the kid is i mean what's when so scared of kids with go. i mean that kid you know this is one tabitha waller so you know they're older there's i'm going to be very young eight hundred percent and i was definitely under a time when this was taken but that's in wisconsin and that was the rules that we used to have in them something as a wisconsin native and someone who grew up around a lot of hunting because we're in a rural area we live fair and we're all. is that you know we had systems and play well and i think the biggest question that everybody asses like who would be to allow kids under ten yeah you know like you know five year old running around in the woods trying to hunt deer is ridiculous to me and who lobbied for wabbly the n.r.a. everybody yeah and then the safari club white tails of wisconsin wisconsin bear
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owners association because you know five year old something bears and there was constant fire over a home herds rangers and clubs and educators they all lobbied for less government control over the farmers now who was against what was some hunters education instructors association oppose this bill because it removes the firearm requirement which is necessary for tremendous ship of young hunters yeah wow yeah so the idea of the mattress and the way it used to be and a lot of people are also pointing out the fact that you still have to have a license to run to drive both in wisconsin and you have to take a boater safety as i did to drive about if you're fourteen years that you have to take pretty as i say anyway since you're going to see more yeah and so what you're saying is that kids are it's less dangerous you need less restrictions on a gun than a bow. and it puts into the house this whole idea of the mentorship program in wisconsin which is one of the it's a really important thing when you're talking about hunting and if you don't know if you're against the second amendment or you're against hunting i just leave the room
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. because i that's a whole other part of that argument or for the circular i will never cover hunting there's a conservation level that when you live in you grow up it's nice to say we shouldn't hunt deer and bambi and all of that when you don't live in a rural environment and you don't have to feed a family of four when one hundred seventy pound about the average for a deer a white tail deer that you catch can can give you up to sixty pounds of meat for a family again if you're at the again or anything just a whole nother thing but here's my thing about the mentoring program the so important also with the boater safety these programs are put in there so that you have someone there at all times teaching them the safety watching the gun if both people if it's a ten year old and the adult who's supposed to be watching them are both hunting that means the adult is paying attention to his gun not the other one and in the case of deer hunting you can't two people wouldn't be right next to each other both trying to hunt the same deer so it takes away the idea of the child or the person
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you're mentoring needs to be within arm's rant so they've taken that out so now this kid can be anywhere at any point. what do you think is the real motivation for others you know to lobby for it but like. i think the motivation is strictly about ways to people can game the system game the game system gaming the game system i like that but what the what you do is you want to have extra you want to money tags as you can have for a family so that you can tag as many deer i think what's going to happen is adults are going to sign up their kids. bring em to the watch and that kid's never going to go out with a gun and never going to explore you the x. box and their love and then they're going to go out and put their kids tag on and say oh i got a second deer because you're only allowed one unless there's this is it's going it's going to do is have conservation issues and i think it's safety issues and i think it takes things it's going to take tags out of the hands of people who really do need that plus at the end of the day i mean seriously i'm pro i'm very much for
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the second amendment i'm not so much for you know given the seventy or no running around with a gun all right as we go to break card watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook and twitter see our poll shows at r t v dot com coming up author and journalist dick russell enters the hawk's nest to discuss the recent j.f.k. assassination document dump and what secrets are better covered than we celebrate the my lives of a truly forgotten master the state to want. to. thank you it's the cradle of jazz. is america is the america we have. to know this jazz feeling. a city of climatic contest to
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was the results on to feel a urgency or a bounce or a i shall thank our leader the world lol you will notice all the brits so are we told her a i. played her in the lower out her alone are lower thanks
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to our. thanks to. the tank thank you thank me here in the united states in just under a week on november twenty second will be observing the fifty fourth anniversary of the assassination of president john f. kennedy candidate as a nation was one of the darkest of most controversial moments in u.s. history and has throughout the decades since spark more questions and debate than answers and acceptance this isn't due to the intense mystery in official secrecy surrounding the assassination and one of its central figures lee harvey oswald in late october president donald j. trump after bowing to pressure from u.s. intelligence agencies continued the veil of secrecy after releasing some but not all of the remaining redacted files on the assassination author in journalistic russell has spent more than half his life investigating the death of john kennedy and he spoke with us earlier today about what he and fellow researchers at who what
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why dot com have and have not uncovered in the recent release. oh yeah i would say there definitely is i mean there is no smoking guns quote unquote that have been found yet. and you know what's what's really unfortunate about it is that still a lot of these files from the cia and the f.b.i. are being redacted that president trump has has allowed the intelligence agencies to continue their review and decide what now i'd still be a matter of national security after fifty four years so that seems pretty ludicrous to me but at any rate what's come out so far has some very interesting material especially to those of us who've been studying what probably really happened for a long long time one thing that came out actually this summer was that the mayor of dallas earl cable at the time. whose brother was charles cable who had been number two in the cia under allen dulles before president kennedy fired them because of the bay of pigs disaster earl cable turns out to been
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a cia asset nobody knew that all this time and it was he who was in charge of president kennedy's motorcade route that day so you know it does raise some questions other very interesting memo came out from j. edgar hoover that he had sent right after it was killed by jack ruby and what hoover was saying was that this seemed inexcusable because you know if the warnings that the f.b.i. had given the dallas police department well there's nothing further said than that but what kind of warnings with the f.b.i. have been giving i mean something about jack ruby you know somebody's going to kill oswald it's really very curious and and also that that ruby they said we had links to chicago and organized crime or so the rumor was but that memo ends with hoover saying we've got to get something out to the public to convince everybody that oswald was the lone assassin so you know it makes you think about certain things we can get into some other specifics about the cia documents too if you like the interesting how much the you know with every new release it seems we you know over
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the years of everything related to that assassination it not only answers a few questions brings us a little bit closer to the truth but that opens the door to about money. more each time yeah you know and one of those questions is the involvement of the former soviet now so former soviet union u.s.s.r. and cuba some back in sixty three and even today there are people still trying to tie the killing of kennedy to the soviet union in cuba what in these documents either proves or refute that claim. i would say so far it raises a lot of questions and indicates that this certainly was not the case even though it was made to look that way by certain people in other words the question that arises from these files is was oswald set up or was he setting up a scenario where the blame would fall on the russians and the cubans and this is all through a trip that he made to mexico city or allegedly made we're not even sure it was him at the end of september one thousand nine hundred sixty three little less than two
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months before the assassination supposedly he went to the cuban embassy seeking a visa to go to cuba and to the russian embassy where he met with among other people a man named kostikov who turns out to be part of the department thirteen or assassinations unit of at the time of the k.g.b. so i mean yes that looks very suspicious on its face but here's what happens the the news of this is sent by the mexico city cia station chief winston scott directly to washington on october ninth and it goes interestingly to the cia's office of counterintelligence which is run by james angleton a very suspicious figure in all this there's a new book about him by jefferson morely just came out but what happens then is that the very next day after this cable arrives the f.b.i. for some unknown reason yet takes removes his name from their watch list as a person of interest and that's very interesting i mean did the cia suddenly say
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something to to the f.b.i. like we're working with this guy in some way so don't worry about him anymore i mean it certainly raises that question then on november fifteenth about a week before the assassination. in the f.b.i. guy in new orleans and a felony warrant a breeze he sends a memo to angleton zz office and he says just want you to know basically that oswald is now he's but he's not in mexico anymore and he's living in texas so it's all very weird i mean the mexico situation has always been very strange and involving people like david atlee phillips who was the cia's operations officer in with cuban affairs in mexico at that time and has definitely been linked to some very shady stuff and unlike what happened to this the legend tape and photo of oz well that was sent turned out not to be oswald right after the assassination is now called the mexico city mystery man. phillips was involved with the cuban exiles and with this group called alpha sixty six out of miami and
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a man named antonio veciana who is still alive and has finally came out and said identified philip specifically phillips is dead as his case officer who at a meeting in dallas in august of one thousand nine hundred sixty three late late august brought lee harvey oswald to that meeting with him but you want to didn't know it was oswald until the assassination happened and he sat on this for many many years and finally talked about it and talked about philip's under a pseudonym to the house assassinations committee it's really incredible when you look at the intelligence community fingerprints on this you know. this marine you know this kind of little marine as they've been told told us to review was the fact or came back in the middle of the. is that you know in researching this and spending the time that you have looking at the assassination is that the reason even to this day fifty years later we're still seeing the cia and intelligence communities saying no no no we need to keep getting this from oh no not all of them yet no no no let's keep it redacted you know are we seeing more of these kind of
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cia intelligence fingerprints on oswald with the release of each new file. yeah i mean and a lot of it as as i say i mean there's they released a file on david phillips several files actually but most but the whole period from the early one nine hundred sixty s. is not there i mean it's redacted so we're not going to learn much about philip's during that period george joe an e.t.s. who was in charge of this cuban exile group a very suspicious group called the d r e in miami they're still withholding all this stuff on what was going on the journey to it was working on with those people at the cia's jim way of station so you know the fingerprints of intelligence on ours will go back even before but certainly to his alleged defection to the soviet union in one nine hundred fifty nine when the question is was he sent there by the cia or some other intelligence agency. to claim to pass radar secrets to them because he'd been workin observing the you to spy planes so was oswald sent at that point into russia and his file was controlled for years by counterintelligence
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which is in charge of all that kind of thing by angleton group and the cia and there's a lot of questions you know was where they watching oswald at that point or using him to try to ferret out a mole within the cia i mean there's all kinds of of really weird questions that arise from all this but the fact is they've been and the f.b.i. to i mean the f.b.i. after oswald came back from russia in the summer of sixty two they interviewed him on a number of occasions i mean they were very interested in him and then all of a sudden in october of sixty three after this cia cable goes out of mexico city they just started are not that interested in him anymore although they did meet with him again this agent james hosty before the assassination really had oswald request so you know the fingerprints are. really all over this young guy and you know the suspicion is who was he really certainly wasn't a lone nut gunman you know and i don't think although there's still an effort even in the media now to make it look like it was the cubans or the russians if anybody was behind him they don't ever get into the fact that it was much more likely the
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intelligence agencies the mafia and perhaps some extreme right wingers that's what the soviets by the way believed right after the assassination there were they did a study of this and said that they believe the extreme right wing in in the usa was responsible interesting now a lot of people would say look it's been over fifty years why are we looking at this why is that important it could just do damage now that we don't have to go through so let me ask you mr reza why is it so important for all of us to keep researching this assassination even after all these years. you know it's because we really don't know what happened and it was a turning point in american history i mean after that since that time a lot of things changed and if the president of the united states j.f.k. who had made a lot of enemies among some very powerful people could be gunned down you know in broad daylight and the truth of that be withheld to this day then what kind of country are we you know as i look back to i'm giving
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a talk this weekend in dallas at a conference and you know i read kennedy's american university speech where he he talks about the importance of nuclear disarmament it was really coming to something incredible in one of the great speeches of all time you know with with nikita khrushchev of the u.s.s.r. at that time and you know it was it was compare that to today and what we've got going on with all this talk of nuclear war with north korea i mean you know there was there was true statesmanship back then kennedy was was changing in office he realized through the confrontation of the cuban missile crisis that you know things could be over the whole world could blow up and he was responsible and he did everything he could after that happened to make sure that the. i was never going to face that kind of crisis situation again we lost a truly great man in j.f.k. and you know the truth has not been told about it and the american people are still interested and deserve to know what i think they don't most definitely do and so the leads to my next question i'll ask you know what is the next you know what is the next step in assassination or assassination research you know what is there
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another milestone that we're waiting for is there anything down the line the we can kind of who are interested in this can look forward to when in terms of being revealed or coming out. well we're not sure what's still going to come i mean there were so far the documents have been released that have been withheld you know since . since the nine hundred sixty three under three different three different times over the past few weeks then there was a huge release on november ninth of thirteen thousand and some documents so those are being poured over very carefully by researchers including the who what why news organization that i've written a couple of pieces for about this and i'm sure they're going to find out more this week and the people what people are looking at at the conferences that are going to be going on in dallas that are held every year so we really don't know and i just hope that eventually these redactions are going to go back in so that those missing pages about keep people that we've known about for years that could well have played a role in this like david atlee phillips david morales george joined eighty's with
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the cia and others are finally going to be released and we can get some kind of bigger picture of what was going on back then. only one cat has traveled to space and survived and now she may finally get the respect she deserves jail parker a world renowned sculptor has teamed up with producer matthew surge guide to raise enough money through kickstarter to create just sat through a few days that honoring the first and so far little only cat to go into space and survive in one thousand nine hundred sixty three the set is stray found on the streets of paris eventually found her way to the french government where she went on to be trained with fourteen other cats in compression chambers hygiene training center affairs is. even had permanent electrodes wired straight into her brain to monitor a neurological activity then on october eighteenth one nine hundred sixty three at eight o nine am stern faced a fetus that was shot into the atmosphere on of all the nique a.g.i. forty seven rocket the flight lasted a full fifteen minutes reached
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a height of one hundred fifty six kilometers and brought us that back home safely she went on to work for some months with the french space program until she passed away and we honor her today nouvel on though and said we honor you man maybe we're back after super secure. oh for the it was hard to watch those are i was really what it was up will get a where to go right that is our job for today remember everyone in this world we are told not to so i tell you all i love you i am tired world winter and i'm top of the wall and keep on watching those hawks remember the great everybody.
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always make may do stu's i mean do suicide maim do suicide if what you know but the american flag is inducing suicide because you look at that you say oh it's a farm a caucus a. quick . it's the cradle of jazz. the america is still america we are. the oldest jazz feeling. a city of climatic contest
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this hour's headlines stories and media until it's funded by the u.s. government are notified they may have to register as foreign agents in russia the move mirrors similar requirements imposed on r.t. america and the us. also ahead of the deposed leader talks about his region's independence polish and the turmoil it triggered in a rare interview in our teens the new talk show he opens up to host alex salmond up on how he felt those violence marred referendum day was a tragic day today because you see. the filing by faith. schools by compound. a lot of injuries a lot of injuries. we look at the possible consequences.


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