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tv   News  RT  November 16, 2017 9:00am-9:30am EST

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look suspicious. media funded by the u.s. government are notified they may have to register as foreign agents in russia the similar requirements imposed. in the u.s. . also at the start of the deposed leader talks about his reach and independence push on the turmoil it cratered in a rare interview in our brand new talk show he opens up to host alex salmond about how he felt as violence marred referendum day. was a tragic day. the filing. by. jewish. look at the possible consequences for team russia after the world anti-doping agency
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refuses to lift its suspension ahead of the winter olympics. just after six am in los angeles three pm in lagos in the evening here in moscow this thursday november the sixth welcome to r.t. international we begin with breaking news the russian justice ministry has sent letters to two major u.s. funded media outlets and their subsidiaries notifying them they may soon be designated as foreign agents the move comes in response to r.t. being forced to register as a foreign agent in america well samir account joins me live now in the program with the details tell us which outlets have been notified and why well the new legislation targets u.s. government funded outlets which include voice of america radio free europe and its
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regional branches now this is a real mirror response to washington's demand for our teeth. to register as a foreign agent or have all of their assets frozen now amnesty international released a statement on the issue yesterday saying that this legislation legislation strikes a serious blow to what was already a fairly desperate situation for press freedom in russia but the organizations concerned didn't seem to extend to r.t. america we reached out to several groups for comment and they didn't appear to be so outraged at the u.s. press association said that they weren't informed on the topic to report anything of substance the national union of journalists in the u.k. and ireland apparently can only comment on domestic issues saying as this is an issue about washington that it isn't appropriate for us to comment on the details but the ministry's measures are very similar to those of farah including disclosing finances and providing evidence of editorial evidence but this is the first time
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russia has specified the companies that could very well be designated as foreign agents but we're still waiting for the official announcement. ok with the opted for a no a similar account thank you for the balance. the world. has blocked russia's body from being reinstated after a lengthy scandal called it compliant the decision comes less than three months before the winter olympics get underway. as far as possible please ask each should be allowed to do so in international sports competitions but in the meantime the greed of compliance for the russian noted your ph in chief has been fulfilled in many ways but there are still two issues which remain unfulfilled however what i also said it is cooperating with the russian agency in dealing with doping violations are meeting the roadmap requirements across the relevance for
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a serious in the during. the russian doping scandal has been playing out for years already every time we think has died down there it is again but despite the outcome of walter's latest announcement it appears to be pretty upbeat about the future and the steps needed going forward according to the world anti-doping agency was only non-compliant based on two points out of twenty criteria one being the refusal to admit to state sponsored doping claimed in the water back to mclaren report the other for failing to give wada experts access to close labs as they wanted to test a russian athlete being only two points short of fulfilling the road map to continue to spend and has seen russian officials make their feelings a very clear first up the russian olympic committee chief alexander as you call. those boards water or food to have relevance to restart his work the mclaren report itself created a clash of opinions it was contested by the russians who claimed that the report
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lacks sufficient proof to be deemed it legitimate and wander itself did speak out when they cleared ninety five out of the ninety six russian athletes accused of various doping allegations in the report their reason being yes you guessed it lack of evidence and hence their cases were closed the russian sports minister has said his disappointment to these two demands are obviously of a political nature we want dialogue not addict out however russia has made it. clear there is a doping problem and has since become one of only five european countries that have criminalized doping austria france italy and spain being the others president putin had a clear message on the issue in russia when he spoke out some of the main thing is that we have to listen to the results of the independent commission despite flaws in its work we have to listen to one of those demands because we have to admit that we have confirmed cases of doping use which is absolutely unacceptable this means
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that the anti doping control system which we had until now hasn't worked and it's our fault we have to be frank and admit it. one of the reasons why russian officials could be implying that politics is embedded in this latest decision is possibly down to the timing and the upcoming impact games with the opening ceremony on the ninth of february twenty eighth. that leaves little time to resolve the problem and left the olympics committee under increased pressure as well ultimately they'll have to decide whether to ban team russia or not the worst case scenario for russia and its athletes would be a blanket ban and we can't ignore the fact that in the last couple of months some negative press has reared its ugly head once again suggesting that russian athletes should take no part in the winter games but the i.o.c. and water say the decision on restart it will happen no impact on whether russia's athletes will compete or not the final decision will be made by the i.o.c.
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the international olympic committee on the fifth of december but for now russian officials are angry having performed and the a miracle to meet nearly all of the roadmap criteria in a short space of time to them this latest decision would likely come as a bit of a slap in the face. r.t. . your mention team russia being dealt a number of blows this november six russians. yours have been banned for life for doping violations while the former head of the moscow anti doping law who was the first to allege a state sponsored doping program has put forward new information on the claims i'm nuts led to some officials calling for russia to be completely bombed from the twenty eighteen winter olympics the experts we spoke to though stressed the need for a case by case approach. i think the most important thing is a case by case decision and that means that every athlete that is
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proven to be clean should be to discuss any older decision like the quality of ban as it was decided that against russian paralympic members is not illegal and i think we should aim at a proportionate decision that russia is not putting up its hands and saying we accept the mclaren reports finding that there is state sponsored doping it's held the line throughout the whole to ing and fro ing that we've experienced over the past two three years it's always said we want hard evidence that there is state sponsored doping the rest of the warders accepted it it's accepted it basically without hard evidence but russia has quite rightly in my opinion said if there is state sponsored doping it's up to mclaren the burden is on him to provide evidence of this and this has signally not been forthcoming that really is the sticking
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point. is saying we want russia to admit that there is state sponsored doping rusher is saying we want evidence and i can't really see a resolution to that problem. now a spanish parliamentary session has once again brought a divide in the country over the issue of castle and independence sharply into focus one catalan m.p. in madrid has suggested the spanish prime minister be arrested for his actions against a troubled region it comes to ring assisting crackdown by madrid against council known as the police leadership. so you know many still you have made your prisons are not mad but i assure you they will make our ballot boxes in your nightmare minister you have beaten us with sticks but we will be you with our votes and i hope one day with see mr a whore you have be. debuting his new show here on r t former scottish first minister alex salmond spoke
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exclusively with castle on president carter's push them on for a rare insight into the independence referendum pisa model was sacked as the catalan president and his knife facing charges of sedition and rebellion spain issued an international arrest warrant after he fled to belgium where he's currently on bail speaking to r.t. cars puts them on record the region's referendum day and told alex salmond how he views the future of castle here let me take you to that the extraordinary day in the first of october. tell me what your emotions were that the in the one hand there was the celebration of. millions of your fellow country people coming out to exercise or vote for self-determination on the other hand it was the the violence that we all sort of television screens from the state police or what will the conflicting emotions that you felt as president of catalonia when that famous day
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there was a day of the victory of catalonia and the other hand of course there was a day of the extremely violent. i couldn't imagine the direction like that from the democratic state in the european union it was a tragic day today because i see directly the violence in my face school in my hometown there are lot of injuries oh of injuries by the start of the next week the spanish judicial system or rolled into actual and took away the constitutional prize that catalonia had gained well this mistake in fact start a new era in the end of his era that will start a catalan republic because in these conditions is not possible it is not possible there is no future at all and to remain a spain in these conditions what is your message to the people of cattle we must to
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be confident resilient because we will win. we will succeed finally democracy will prevail. ok the pictures you're seeing just in the corner of your screen right now that is thousands rallying in paris and it across france against president mccraw labor reform laws now live reaction which i do can ski from the french capital after this .
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what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to be. that you'd like to be close with what before especially in the morning can people get. interested falls in the waters of our. first city. right now these are actually live pictures now are from that in other cities across
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france the pictures not great at the moment but what we were seeing a few moments ago where police in full riot gear there they are just going up to another street in the french capital where crowds have been corrugated thriving developments their high charlotte what is happening in front of capital city. well what we have a thousands of people who have decided to join this small watch which as you say was set up by the trade unions some of the three biggest trade unions in france cooled on their members for a day of national action and this is one of a number of protests taking place across france what we're finding from people is that they're incredibly angry about what they describe as being the liberal reforms of mr mack on the mr michael has made changes to the code to define and to violate this is the working code in france and he signed those into power using some
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extreme power is just a few months back now this is one of the protests what they're hoping to do is change the mind of part of the terry and we'll have to debate those changes coming to the end of november before it will actually become part of the law in front of people say they're unhappy about these changes they say it will mean one hundred twenty thousand jobs being lost in the civil service this will see the rouge of workers' rights where is mr mack on and his government say that these changes are needed to make france competitive in the world but for the moment a couple thousand people on the streets of paris and people taking part in protests across france on this national day of action organized by three of the biggest unions in france please to keep track of developments from paris for a charlotte dubin ski live from the french capital. british lawmakers are urging the prime minister to open a probe into alleged russian interference u.k.
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researchers claim over four hundred twitter accounts were used to meddle and sway voters on briggs that one example highlighted was an alleged russian twitter whose profile did not fit someone usually into british politics but who posted a retreat to nearly one hundred posts mentioning breaks in our london correspondent polly looks at the facts behind the allegation in recent weeks and days that british media has been heavily focused on the lack of progress at the braggs it talks and the problems facing to raise their maze of government the russian interference story has drawn the fire away from all that and now media outlets can pour over the question of how many trolls does it take to incite a revolution not many according to everyone we approached to discuss this story in london do you think four hundred twitter accounts from from russia is enough to
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change the outcome of the referendum here in the u.k. well i think it could i think it could sort of and there could be a lot more yeah so you think it's only the tip of the iceberg yes i think it's just the tip of the iceberg i believe there is some of the books movies and i'm being very careful with my own. where there's smoke there's fire. for us i did use. the idea that four hundred twitter people will affect. millions as it were mostly mostly people who don't read anything on twitter is absolutely laughable the idea that four hundred social media coats are capable of swinging an election in the yuki or anywhere else is just ludicrous in fact. it's almost comical it seems rushed. and interference is interfering in everything these days because about a conference about women in leadership at the summit and this has come up as one of
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the top oh why is it a topic for women in leadership well it was more about the world we live in today the unsettled nature of it and the topic of. trumping power what the hell are we going to do and the topic of. russian interference at some level was discussed no one i spoke to had anything to say about evidence that maybe because there isn't much of it do you think the prime minister is wrong to be putting the emphasis that she put on this last night on russia no. no you are too old to accuse them of meddling well i think she probably has evidence to indicate that that was the case probably there's also britain's head of cyber security kiran martin has said that russian hackers have attacked british media telecommunication and energy sectors when i asked for proof he said he couldn't get into precise
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details the prime minister's spokesperson has said that downing street didn't have any evidence of successful interference in british electoral systems and this was the way the foreign secretary put it on. the. loose. but that doesn't matter because if you ask a member of the public care if russia did magill the answer is most likely to be. for questions of foreign affairs like faraway russia where people in the u.k. are prepared to suspend disbelief to simply accept what they are told if the russians are blamed often enough people will say ok we accept you don't have any more what to these or me and other leaders are doing across the west is trying to divert
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attention from there on responsibility for for the enveloping crazies political crazies are taking place at home and abroad too in this context they don't need evidence russia is seen as an easy target for treason may felt she had to offer some clarification on the matter following her skewering attack on moscow during an annual banquet with parliament members. and the speech i gave on monday that was the examples i gave of russian interference when not in the united kingdom. the former lebanese prime minister has accepted an invitation from the french president to come to paris some of her has caused a political crisis in lebanon after flying to saudi arabia on expectedly resigning from his post lebanese officials say they believe he's being held against his will by riyadh the lebanese president's official twitter account posted that the government's next steps will be decided upon after her release returned from paris
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and many were mccraw has made clear that france's invitation is not an offer of political exile. new i spoke with crown prince mohammed bill sammon and prime minister saad hariri we agreed that i would invite the prime minister in his family to france for a few days is also a gesture of friendship in the willingness of france to contribute restoring calm and stability in lebanon. that the french sort of is very curious i mean it's quite a thunderbolt what's happened just yesterday is that mr macron has offered her riri some sort of x. are they not using the word exile of course but they're stressing this is an offer to him and his family to come for just a few days that may well be a euphemism for to come here indefinitely we just don't know there are more questions than answers at this point france would be the obvious country to make such an offer you have to understand that there's a history of course a colonial history with france and lebanon but also that hariri is had a home for
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a number of years in paris so this seems to be simple to quote a smart move so this all started on november the fourth when he arrived in riyadh in missouri initially surrounded by police and detained he had his phones taken away from him and he was told on that day that the saudis were very displeased with his one year premiership in lebanon when negotiator effectively nothink immediately made a speech which more or less said that i'm resigning and i blame hezbollah for that and then just a couple days later after that you were on the record and did a live interview with lebanese television saying that he would be back in lebanon within a few days i think that reassured a number of people in lebanon that that that things could be things could calm down if we move on to just recently just yesterday the patience of the lebanese president michel own snaps and he went public and stated that this was international law being broken only believed by lebanese prime minister was being detained by the saudis so the french have come in an interesting moment we don't know for sure if he will go to paris with the reuters or citing elise sources who
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has said he will certainly be there but there's a question mark over how long it will be some news agencies are using the words for a few days certainly i can tell you there's enough people in lebanon who are eagerly waiting for him to come back to beirut and to kick start negotiations which of not really move forward for a whole year now with hezbollah. well riyadh has long been a supporter of harare whereas the country's president is an ally to hezbollah the militant group backed by tehran and although the current crisis risks worsening the sectarian divide in lebanon middle east analyst ziad nasr say he's the government appears to be pulling together in the face of pressure if not he is not there somebody else will lead the government and all the ledger players in lebanon will still be in the government and the saudis are trying to dictate their opinion on the lebanese government and today we find the lebanese actually united you know
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position to a dictate from outside you know it's a shame that lebanon has to who'll be forced to become a battlefield between the saudis and the arrangements in fact if you do that look at what the saudis are trying to do is on their confrontations with this with the iranians whether in syria and iraq and yemen they seem to be losing these and they're just trying to open a new front a moment and that's what the general belief onselen has is which is why they're submission was not accepted. well those are new stories for now but more can be find as always on our web page r t v dot com and i'll see you again in thirty five minutes time with more global headlines. every single minute there's a new drug for some fabulous days like shake the legs and then they make up then they get a grant from some corrupt congressmen in america billions of dollars and the side
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effect is always make may do stupid sack me and do suicide to me i'm just so sad when you know that the back and flag is inducing suicide because you look at that you say oh it's a farm a caucus a. place for many plots over the years so i know the guy even so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the funnel school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the super mom each kill the narrowness and spending to do the twenty million and one player. who gets an experience like nothing else not to me because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy great so will more chance with. the piece more nudes.
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welcome to worlds apart once deemed a noble way of stripping the corrupt of the protective cover of secrecy licky has by now wolf into
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a full blown weapon of mass destruction practiced as early as it is denounced at a time when digging and releasing sense a different from ation is to preferred political tactic is there still room for chani and whistle blowing to discuss that i'm now joined by rudolf elmer a former swiss banker turned tax haven whistleblower mr elmer it's good to talk to you thank you very much for your time. now back in the early two thousand when you tried to share with the public some of the compromising material on the practices of your former employer that it was a fairly rare thing to do but now that everybody's laking usually for self-serving purposes but. also saying that it is for the good of the public why do you think this phenomenon of flicking has caught on to such an extent. i do think. there is a public interest in it in general. is also interest from
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a money point of view. in respect off. let's say increase the newspapers but there is also a interest in it in respect of power i mean. the powerful organizations and people like to money pull a. society with information. it tests changed in that respect that. main industry or can use information make it public for instance as i did with e.q. leaks and talk to the world so there is a inflation information which definitely needs to be looked at it very carefully what is true what is fake as much money palatial going on and
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people that means me have to be aware of it ok and mr o'mara i'm sure you would agree with me that the accusations of attempted money placed on a flying both ways and you know to illustrate that i just want to mention that there was a an article in the atlantic magazine recently which referred to wiki leaks the organization that you cooperated with as a radical transparency organization i found these phrasing very interesting i know you have your differences with wiki leaks but just as a matter of principle do you believe that there is such a thing as transparency radicalism or perhaps even transparency extremism yes there is. i still believe that certain information shouldn't go public we still have to. respect privacy all. people and organization. it is really
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a matter all of you see it in the public interest. that the public interest is more important that the interest of the company. to keep the information. away from the public. that's that that's that's important to do value with that. information how it gets public and what sort of information gets public but speaking about we kill leaks do you think they they could be indeed accused of be.


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