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tv   News  RT  November 16, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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thousands of protesters rallied in cities across france mounting a challenge to president macro lens controversial labor a full number of buildings have been vandalized in paris. also media outlets funded by the us government are notified they may have to register as foreign agents in russia the move mirrors similar requirements imposed on r.t. america in the us the deposed catherine leader hopes about his region's independence push and the turmoil it triggered in a rare interview on artie's brand new talk show he opens up to host alex diamond about his feelings when violence erupted on referendum day. was a tragic day to. see directly the failed state. school
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by town there are a lot of injuries and worth of injuries. but i welcome you watching r.t. international where it's just turned eight o'clock in the evening here in moscow. math thousands of students and trade union members have been marching in cities across france protesters are voicing their anger over president my crohn's labor reforms and the changes were signed into law in september and are widely seen as a raiding workers' rights and handing power to employees in paris demonstrators have vandalized buildings there were let's get the latest from there too because charlotte devinsky joins us from the french capital charlotte good evening to you plenty of demonstrations throughout the day although things do seem to be calming down a bit now. yes that's right. thousands of people turned out to the streets here in paris to voice
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their concerns and their anger against president khan's plans to change the working conditions here in france around forty five thousand people here on the streets of the capital and there were other demonstrations on this national day of action that was called by some of the biggest unions in france they worried about what they say the erosion of working whites would be under this new directive by mr and they say that one hundred twenty thousand jobs the risk now like many of the protests we see here in paris this protest was no different in the sense that it was actually marred by a small group of people who decided to start wreaking havoc on the streets of paris smashing some of the buildings up as they walked past them in fact we were actually stopped at some point during the protest as people were targeting specific buildings i need to say that this is a small group of individuals who are not linked to the trade unions but what we saw
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is them smashing up buildings like banks building societies and places that rent apartments here in paris and it was seemed to be very targeted very angry stopping the crowds and in fact when they saw that we were trying to film they actually blocked our camera and threatened us and said you know you're not allowed to film us doing this because they concerned about the police being able to work out what their identity is well apart from that we've been speaking to some of the protesters about what this protest was really about why they're angry and what they think of president micron's idea to reform the code to provide the working directive this is what they told us you can see that all good of us all don't you think that the way mccrone passed the law makes a coup to order in attack a democracy. and a democracy. you didn't ask the people who the story's about that it falls on that there's not going to happen where very. because this law is not for employees they
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simply lose all of their right. to liberate. and destroy all the security of workers he wants labor costs to be at a minimum and we're here to denounce this policy which is not in the interests of workers they also want to school measure. well the people here are hopeful that the fact that the code you provided and the fact that although my point has signed this and given his approval it still needs to be debated by the parliament here in france and they're hoping that by holding protests like this by showing how many people are unhappy and concerned about these changes that they might be able to get parliamentarians in france to change their mind and to not support this law as it's debated in the parliament at the end of november for the moment they're holding their breath and hoping that they can continue protesting like this to make sure that their voices are heard loud and clear.
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charlotte that we shall have been ski for us there live from paris thank you. now the russian justice ministry sent letters to two major u.s. funded media outlets and their subsidiaries to notifying them that they may soon be designated as foreign agents the move comes in response to r.t. being forced to register as a foreign agent in america. as the details well the new legislation targets u.s. funded outlets including voice of america radio free europe and its other regional branches this comes only a few days after r.t. america was forced to register as a foreign agent or have all of their assets frozen russian r t have been regular topics of discussion at various hearings in the us discussing alleged russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen election but until this very day there has been no evidence. substantiate any of these claims under the foreign agents
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registration act will now have to disclose its finances provide regular reporting on its activities all within forty eight hours they'll also have to add a disclaimer on all of its work the ministries latest decision is a mere response to washington's recent crackdown on r t and its measures are similar to those required under fair and clearing disclosing finances and providing evidence of editorial independence as news of russia's response went global amnesty international was quick to react and released a statement on the issue saying that the legislation strikes serious blow to what was already a fairly desperate situation for press freedom in russia but the organizations concerned wasn't extended to r.t. america when they were initially targeted by washington we reached out to several press freedom watchdogs for comment and they didn't appear to be so outraged to say the very least their responses ranged from not being on forms on the topic to only being able to comment on domestic issues but this is the first time that russia has
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specified a list of companies that could possibly be designated as foreign agents but we're actually still waiting for the official announcement well we discussed russia's reaction with the host and also british journalist neil clark when we heard last week that all you have until the following monday to register as a foreign agent in america there was silence from groups like amnesty and other groups that are supposed to be being free speech and free media and yet what russia very reasonably says reciprocal measures in response to these magnets from the us then all of a sudden these so-called impartial western pro human rights organizations come out and say this is outrageous this is terrible russia is pumping down on free speech so really it's very very transparent you only have to look at what's happened the last five days to see. the racket pocket c. well u.s.
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authorities wanted the media war and russia giving it right back to them i presume they live radio free europe voice of america on this russian list one can only presume that the russian kremlin and the russian government they understand that these were well known as propaganda outlets well before that is decision so obviously it is just for. a spanish parliamentary session has once again brought into focus the divide in the country over catalonia is independence one catalan m. payment rig has suggested the spanish prime minister be arrested for his actions against the troubled region it comes during a sustained crackdown by madrid against catalonia is to post leadership. senior minister will let you have made your prisons into our nightmare but i assure you now we will make our ballot boxes your nightmare minister you have beaten us with
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sticks who will be you with our votes and i hope one day with the mr a whore in a power of the. wealthy beating his new show here on r.t. former scottish first minister alex salmond spoke exclusively with the ousted cattle and president carter's speech demand for rare insight into the independence referendum thinks the man was sacked as the cattle and president and is now facing charges of sedition and also rebellion spain issued an international arrest warrant after he fled to belgium where he is currently on bail was speaking to r.t. speech the man recalled the region's referendum day and told and examined how he views the future of catalonia. let me take you to that the extraordinary day in the first of october. tell me what your emotions were that the in the one there was the celebration of. millions of your fellow country people coming out to exercise or
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vote for self-determination on the other hand was that the violence that we all saw the television screens from the state police or what will the conflicting emotions that you felt that as president of catalonia when that famous day there was a day of the victory of catalonia and the other hand of course there was a day of the extremely violent. i couldn't imagine the the direction like that from the democratic stately european union it was a tragic day to day because i see directly the violence in the face school in my hometown there are lot of injuries i was of injuries by the start of the next week the spiral is judicial system all rolled into actual and took away the constitutional prize catalonia had gained well this mistake in fact start
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a new era in the end of his era that will start a catalan republic because in these conditions is not possible is not possible there is no future at all and to remain a spending these conditions what is your message to the people of catalonia we must to be confident resilient because we will. we will succeed finally democracy will prevail. now british lawmakers are rooting the prime minister to open a probe into alleged russian interference is u.k. researches claim that over four hundred twitter accounts were used to meddle and sway voters on breaks it one example highlighted was an alleged russian tweeter whose profile didn't fit someone usually into british politics but who posted all the tweeted nearly one hundred post mentioning breaks it our london correspondent
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polly boyko looks at the facts behind the allegations in recent weeks and days the british media has been heavily focused on the lack of progress at the braggs it talks and the problems facing to resemble a government the russian interference story has drawn the fire away from all that. and now media outlets can pour over the question of how many trolls does it take to incite a revolution not many according to everyone we approached to discuss this story in london do you think four hundred twitter accounts from from russia was enough to change the outcome of the referendum here in the u.k. well i think it could i think it could sort of and the could be a lot more yeah so you think it's only the tip of the iceberg yes i think it's just the tip of the iceberg i believe there is something at the bottom of it and i'm
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being very careful with my own. where there's smoke there's fire usually. the idea that four hundred twitter people will affect. millions as it were mostly mostly people who don't read anything on twitter is absolutely laughable the idea that four hundred social media are capable of swinging an election in the yuki or anywhere else is just ludicrous in fact. it's almost comical it seems russian interference is interfering in everything these days because i did on a conference about women in leadership at the summit and this has come up as one of the topics why is it a topic for women in leadership well it was more about the world we live in today the unsettled nature of it and the topic of you know breck certain trumpet power what the hell are we going to do. with the topic of. russian that state
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interference at some level was discussed no one i spoke to had anything to say about evidence that maybe because there isn't much of it do you think the prime minister is wrong to be putting the emphasis that she put on this last night on russia now. now you're going to do to accuse them of meddling. well i think she probably has evidence to indicate that that was the case probably there's also britain's head of cyber security karen martin has said that russian hackers have attacked british media telecommunication and energy sectors when asked for proof he said he couldn't get into precise details the prime minister's spokesperson has said that downing street didn't have any evidence of successful interference in british electoral systems and this was the way the foreign secretary put it on.
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the. loose. but that doesn't matter because if you ask a member of the public care if russia did meddle the answer is most likely to be done for questions of foreign affairs like faraway russia where people in the u.k. are prepared to suspend their disbelief to simply accept what they are told if the russians are blamed often enough people will say ok we accept you don't have the us anymore what to these are mean and other leaders are doing across the west is trying to divert attention from their on responsibility for for the enveloping crises political crises are taking police at home and abroad too in this context they don't need evidence russia is seen as an easy target well theresa may did feel
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she had to offer some clarification on the matter following her scathing attack on moscow during and banquet with parliament members. they don't care to look at the speech i gave on monday they will see the examples i gave of russian interference when not in the united kingdom u.k. independent party member nigel sussman believes that social networks have fallen victim to a crackdown on democracy in the u.k. it seems to me like a control they want to control everything back to the mainstream media that's the real concern here i think we've got a real issue of democracy at risk. you know i've campaigned in general elections one of the. key tools that i had available to me was social media and that's because i didn't have you know the kind of huge amounts of money that some of the larger parties have so this is one of the very few outlets that is available to me if that source is cut off then i think you've got
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a really serious problem perhaps that's why they want to put down on it perhaps they don't like the fact that people are finding their own voices well in another twist now in another story following his shock resignation lebanon's former prime minister accept an invitation to paris from president macron find out what lies behind that offer after the break. quite for many plops over the years so i know the guy even so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the super mommy killed and spending to the twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else only because i want to share what
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i think what i know about the beautiful guy great so what more chance for. me it's going to. thanks. again me for my lebanese prime minister has accepted an invitation from the french president to come to paris saad hariri caused a political crisis in lebanon after flying to saudi arabia where he unexpectedly
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resigned from his post lebanese officials say they believe he's being held against his will by riyadh well the lebanese president's official twitter account posted that the government's next steps will be decided upon after hoodie's return from paris. has made clear that france's invitation i was not an offer of political exile political exile. i spoke with crown prince mohammed bill sammon and prime minister saad hariri we agreed that i would invite the prime minister in his family to france for a few days is also a gesture of friendship in the willingness of france to contribute restoring calm and stability in lebanon you know that the french sort of is very curious i mean it's quite a thunderbolt what's happened just yesterday is that mr macron has offered hariri some sort of x. are they not using the word excel of course but they're stressing this is an offer to him and his family to come for just a few days that may well be
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a euphemism for to come here indefinitely we just don't know there are more questions than answers at this point france would be the obvious country to make such an offer you have to understand that there's a history of course a colonial history with france and lebanon but also that hariri is had a home for a number of years in paris so this seems to be simple to quote a smart move so this all started on november the fourth when he arrived in riyadh in missouri initially surrounded by police and detained he had his phones taken away from him when he was told on that day that the saudis were very displeased with his one year premiership in lebanon when negotiate effectively nothink the meal e-mail a speech which more or less said that i'm resigning and i blame hezbollah for that and then just a couple days later after that you were on the record and did a live interview with lebanese television saying that he would be back in lebanon within a few days i think that reassured a number of people in lebanon that that things could be things could calm down if we move on to just recently just yesterday the patience of the lebanese president
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michel own snaps and he went public and stated that this was international law being broken he believed the lebanese prime minister was being detained by the saudis so the french have come in an interesting moment we don't know for sure if he will go to paris with the reuters or citing elise sources who has said he will certainly be there but there's a question mark over how long it will be some news agencies are. using the words for a few do certainly i can tell you there's enough people in lebanon who are eagerly waiting for him to come back to beirut. to kick start negotiations which of not really moved forward for a whole year now with hezbollah. well riyadh has long been a supporter of harare whereas lebanon's president is an ally of hezbollah the militant group with ties to to iran and although the country's leadership has shown a united front so far the resignation risks worsening the sectarian divide there.
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now then a british right wing daily newspaper has been caught instructing its journalists to paint the u.k.'s opposition leader jeremy call been in a negative light the revelation came after one of its reporters accidentally forwarded his editor's note to the labor party when asking for comment on a story so let's get more details now from and see children joins us from the u.k. last year slightly embarrassing tell us then. a few more details about exactly what was said. well andrew you know a bit of a journalistic folk to say the least and just one example of really many of these days of how the press can twist and turn stories to try to get a certain angle this particular latest example includes the daily express journalist who apparently was instructed by either an editor or a producer to spin a story about national debt in the u.k. in an anti-labor or anti jeremy corbin manner specifically this was published by buzz feed who had received
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a copy of an e-mail that they ended up publishing this e-mail read quote needs a reaction from the taxpayers alliance but let's definitely also put the boot into corbin who wants to plunge us into into even deeper debt so as the readers are very clear that labor is not the solution and quote and even more curiously this journalist apparently did while trying to reach out to the labor party press office for comment for this piece ended up probably or apparently accidentally including that email in the request for commentary so perhaps not very surprisingly the labor party press office did not end up commenting for this particular piece and the piece did come out it didn't actually end up mentioning jeremy corbyn or the labor party however did include a video with an anti jeremy corbyn headline as well as a really big photo of him splattered across that article perhaps to connect the visuals with this originally intended angle like kerry thanks nasser that was and
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see children of the first in the u.k. . videos of people smashing nick coffeemaker spreading online in protest over the manufacture of pulling its ads from a t.v. news show. thank you. so what's the reason well people began filming themselves destroying their machines after the make a keurig dropped its ads from the ality show on america's fox news channel keurig took issue with host sean hannity defending republican senate candidate roy moore who faces several accusations of sexual misconduct including one woman who says that she was fourteen at the time but he was sided with hannity forcing the coffee company to apologize for what it described as taking sides the decision to publicly communicate our programming decision virus recount was highly unusual this gave the
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appearance of taking sides in an emotionally charged debate that escalated on twitter i apologize for any negativity that you have experienced as a result of this situation and assure you that we will learn and improve going forward. sean hannity in fact gave away five hundred keurig coffee makers to thank you supporters and you also called for alabama to make their own decision at the polls when they vote for their representative in the u.s. senate we spoke to political analyst charles alltel he thinks that companies should be careful if they want to weigh into politics i think it's a big mistake for publicly controlled companies to start meddling too aggressively in the political minefield particularly in a country like the states which is so sharply divided you have to understand that you know the hard right and the hard left you know represent only a portion of the target market there's a a large percentage in the middle that doesn't like either party it does
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a like politics intervening every day on television in every aspect of one's life trying to meddle in what a voter might want to do in the ballot box which is really none of the business of a company or encouraging one's employees to support one candidate or another that's just not a province that i think makes any real sense for for profit companies just doesn't . you're watching thanks being with us tonight our programs continue after the break. so. i would see him we don't have any protection for whistleblowers at all if you do have but i. think the public sector as well as in the private sector that
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information would have to be can be made public and that actually puts pressure on the parliament to become more on this in. their business in favor off the public. with this manufactured consent to step into the public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous merry go round be the one percent. to ignore middle of the room sick. leave. the real news is really.
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ratings and sell you take. sometimes in life it's good to take a step back and rethink the decisions choices you made or or. i have yet to make sure i really take one more shot of tequila right now so i have spent all my tuition money on that vegas stripper name jazz about maybe and most importantly should we really leave all our nuclear launch discretion up to just just one person one this is that is exactly the kind of self examination that was taking place in the united states congress this week when the senate foreign relations committee held hearings on the us president sole authority to launch nuclear weapons yes unlike most other nuclear powers around the world even in russia we here in the
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united states actually leave that great doomsday decision in the hands of just one person the president of the united states and given the recent w w e style promo wars between u.s. president donald j. trump and north korea's kim jong un over twitter many are just a tad nervous that these two how shall we say overcompensating leaders have their small finger on the nuclear hair trigger so for the first time in forty one years hearings were held and media showboating ensued as senators and retired pentagon types testified to the various scenarios and fears that come with leaving the power and the world in the hands of just one. retired general robert keller commander of u.s. strategic command from two thousand and eleven to two thousand and thirteen told the committee that he would group you a launch order from the president if it did not meet the requirements of proportionality and assess of the under the law of armed conflict but when asked
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what would happen then after the refusal the general simply stated i don't know it would be a very interesting constitutional situation i believe. well you know one thing i do know is that the only way to fix this irrational system of nuclear responsibility here in the u.s. is by watching the hawks. get the. real deal with. the products if you. like you know that i got. this. week six. or the watch of the hawks i am i rolled into.


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